Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Cabin: Michelle & Benjamin's Weekend Away Part 1

 This episode contains mature content and situations not suitable for young children. Discretion is advised....
 Michelle and Benjamin have just arrived at the cabin.  After a long day, a delayed flight and a what seemed like a long drive to get there they have finally made it.  Michelle stumbles a little and Benjamin is right behind her to keep her from falling.
*Michelle walking with her hands outstretched* "Can I look now?"
*Benjamin scans the room to make sure everything he asked for is where it should be.* "Hold on, hold on. Let me get the rest of our stuff set down."
Michelle waits while she can only hear the shuffling of their luggage.
*Benjamin* " can look now."
Michelle quickly pulls up her headband and takes a look around the room.
*Michelle* "Oh Wow! This place is gorgeous! This is where we are staying?  Oh! you didn't have to do all this."
*Benjamin* "Don't you worry about all that. I just want you to relax and enjoy all of it."
She turns back to look at the room again.
*Michelle* "How can someone not relax here it is wonderful! *she notices the skis and snow suit* "Wait a minute are we going to go skiing too?"
*Benjamin* "Well, that is up to you Darlin'. We can try to if you want or we can just stay in."
*Michelle* "I have never been before.  I would love to try and learn...."
 *Benjamin* "Then we'll go tomorrow after breakfast."
*Michelle with utter excitement* "Okay!"
She begins to take off her jacket but gets the chills.
*Michelle* "Brrr! Is there heat in this place?"
Benjamin hands her a glass of champagne.
*Benjamin* "Here this will warm you up a bit.  The heat is on but it is still warming up just give it a little longer."
 Benjamin walks around the bed to face her.
 *Benjamin he holds up his glass for a toast* "Sh*t! I don't know what to say!"
*Michelle giggles* "...same here."
So they just tap each others glasses and take a sip. The two move closer and lean into each other for a kiss.
*Benjamin* "You hungry? We can order some room service for dinner. They will bring it here. We can just stay in and keep warm tonight."
*Michelle* "Yes I am. Sounds good to me. I'm gonna go freshen up in the bathroom while you order."
*Benjamin steals another kiss* "Okay."
 Benjamin gets his phone from his pocket to call for some dinner. Michelle grabs what she needs and heads to the bathroom.
The door creaks open and she looks for the light switch in the dark room.
*Michelle in a low voice to herself* "Somebody pinch me!...I must be dreaming..."
She turns on the light and closes the door behind her. 
*Michelle still talking to herself under her breath* "Oh god! I am so freaking nervous but this place is amazing.....He is amazing!!  Okay,  Michelle.... you just need to calm down...." *she takes a deep breath and begins to undo her braids*
Michelle spends a good 15 minutes in the bathroom fixing her hair and making sure she looks perfect.
*Benjamin calls her from the other room* "Are you okay in there? Food should be here soon....."
He decided to get more comfortable while he waits for her and the food...
 *Michelle's voice trailing from the other side of the bathroom door* "Almost finished...I'll be right out."
Michelle turns out the light and steps out of the bathroom.
*Michelle* "Oh! I thought you said the food was here."
*Benjamin* "It will be soon. Come here...."
Michelle walks over to the bed. She hates being so nervous.
*Benjamin* "Well I ain't gonna bite...sit down. The food should be here soon."
So she plops down on the very edge of the bed.
*Michelle* "What did you order us for dinner?"
*Benjamin* "I'll tell you but you gotta come and lay down here next to me."
Michelle kicks off her boots and lays down.
*Benjamin pulls her up against him* "Much better..."
Her body is tingling from his touch and she doesn't know how much longer she can handle it. She wonders if those same feelings happen to him when their bodies are so close. To distract herself from her own thoughts she asks him again....
 *Michelle* "So what is for dinner?"
As soon as she asks there is a knock at the door.  They both get up and take a seat at the foot of the the bed.
Michelle hands him some silverware and his food. The two sit down to eat their dinner.
*Michelle* "Do you have any other plans for tomorrow besides skiing?"
*Benjamin* "No not really but, after you try out skiing you are not gonna want to do much. It's not easy....I fell on my ass a few times the first time I learned."
*Michelle laughs* "Yeah right! So you admit your not perfect at everything then huh?"
*Benjamin* " I was a kid when I learned but there are some things I have had more practice at...."
*Michelle acts like she didn't hear that last part* "This soup is really good. You made a good choice."
*Benjamin* "Yeah, it's my favorite dish off their menu."
*Michelle* "Oh! So you've been here before?"
*Benjamin* "I used to come here as a kid....My Mom loved it here. It was one of her favorite places."
*Michelle* "Awww! So this place is a nice memory of your Mom then, huh?"
*Benjamin* "Um...Yeah. She is the one who made the whole family pack up and come up here for Christmas vacation every year. She really loved to get away to this place."
*Michelle* "I can see now why you love to be outdoors so much. You seem to share that with your Mom, even when it's freezing outside."
*Benjamin* "I guess so. Both my Mom and Dad enjoyed it. After she died though my Dad has never come back out here. I think it hurts him too much even to this day." 
*Michelle* "That's understandable. I think it would be hard for anyone.  Is this your fist time back here since you were a kid?"
*Benjamin* "Yeah it is. I first thought about going somewhere where it is nice and warm but I thought it would be much more special if we came here. That way we can have our own tradition.*Benjamin puts his hand on her thigh* Maybe this time next year we can come back again..."
Michelle so taken by what he just said that she spills some soup on her shirt.
 *Michelle* "Ah crap!  I'm gonna go wash this before it stains."
Michelle goes and shuts herself in the bathroom while Benjamin finishes his dinner alone. Finally after what seemed like forever she opens the door.
*Benjamin* "Your soup is probably cold. Do you still want to finish it?"
She doesn't answer him. Instead she starts walking over to him. She has that lusty look in her eyes again like she did at at apartment that one day. Benjamin quickly stands up when he sees she is coming towards him. He is reading her cues all to well.
*Michelle* "I'm ready for dessert...."
Michelle slides one hand across his abs and runs her fingers through his hair with her other.
*Michelle* "I don't want to wait anymore......" 
Benjamin doesn't hesitate or ask any questions he just goes with it.
Until, Michelle reaches to unzip his pants, then he stops her. He senses she is nervous and this explains the sudden need to move too fast.
*Benjamin* "Whoa! Slow down, Darlin'.  We got a whole weekend ahead of us. I want to take it slow and remember every part of it."
*Michelle embarrassed* "Ugh...stupid me. I always ruin the moment."
*Benjamin* "No, no! Don't be silly. It's not ruined. Why don't you go in the bathroom gets yourself ready and when you come back out all you need to do is crawl into bed next to me."
*Michelle a little hesitant* "Okay."
He kisses her to reassure her that he is not upset with her. While Michelle is in the bathroom, Benjamin quickly disposes of the food service cart, strips to his underwear, dims the lights, and jumps into the bed. Michelle can hear the all commotion and when it finally stops she speaks.....
*Michelle* "Okay, I'm coming out are you ready?"
*Benjamin* "I'm ready..."
Michelle steps out of the bathroom and leans against the doorway.
*Michelle repeats herself* "Are you ready for me?"
*Benjamin* "Ready is an understatement.....*she feels frozen and unable to move* "Well, don't leave me hanging Darlin'..."
Michelle finally gets herself to move and walks over to him. Benjamin takes her by the hand and she crawls into bed next to him.....
  Much, much later into the night after the sheets have been tossed and turned. They stop to catch their breath and take a break.
*Benjamin breathing heavily* "Oh!Wow!.... Sh*t! That was amazing....I think I deserve an award for that..."
*Michelle also coming down from an orgasmic high* "Mmmmm...."
*Benjamin smiling with much satisfaction and relief* "You know Darlin', I don't think I can ever wait that long again but I am glad it led us here to this night."
*Michelle elated herself* "I'm glad we came here too. I think this much more special than all of the other ways this could have happened. Because now every time I think of our first time together, I will remember this night here and I couldn't imagine anything more perfect."
*Benjamin* "You've got that right. I couldn't have said it better myself......What time is it?"
*Michelle* "My guess is somewhere around midnight....I don't know about you but,
 I am not even sleepy yet."
*Benjamin rolls over onto his stomach* "It's all your adrenaline still going. You'll start to slow down here in a bit."
*Michelle* "What are you doing?"
*Benjamin* "I'm gonna go take a bath. You can join me if you want."
Benjamin grabs his hat and then gets up keeping his hat down in front of him, his hair is a tousled mess.
*Michelle laughs* "You dork....why bother with the hat? I could still see your ass when you got up...."
*Benjamin laughs too* "Yeah I didn't think that through to well. So you gonna join me? Or do I have to bathe alone?"
Michelle sits up in the bed and looks him up and down.
 *Michelle* "Mmmmm, I don't know? I might need a little more convincing....Is the hat coming with you?"
*Benjamin* "What you think I'm scared to go full monty in front of you?"
*Michelle with some sarcasm* "Well, Yeah....I kinda do....."
*Benjamin lets the hat drop to the floor, pauses long enough to see her reaction* "Now it's your turn..." *then he walks into the bathroom to start the hot water.*
A few minutes later they are both settled into the tub and relaxing in the warm soapy water.
*Benjamin* "Is the water warm enough for you?"
*Michelle* "Mmmm...Oh! Yeah it's plenty warm."
Michelle leans her head back against his shoulder and lets out a sigh.
*Benjamin* "What's wrong?"
*Michell* "Oh nothing....I just kinda keep thinking to myself that I'm gonna wake up from this really, really good dream I am having."
*Benjamin chuckles, he gets what she means* "I feel that same way Darlin' I feel the same way.... This night has been amazing and I'm not ready for it to end either."
*Michelle* "So, you still plan on taking me skiing tomorrow?"
*Benjamin* "We'll see I guess. That depends if we ever get any sleep tonight."
*Michelle* "Well, I would really love it if we could go."
*Benjamin kisses her forehead* "Lets just sit here a little longer then we can get out and go to sleep.
 You don't want to try your first time at skiing with hardly any sleep."
*Michelle* "Sounds good to me."
After a few more minutes of cuddling in the soapy suds Michelle gets up out of the tub and grabs a towel. He can't stop looking at her and it makes her nervous.
*Michelle* "What!?"
*Benjamin* "Nothing, Darlin'.....Your beautiful. Your perfect. I'm just taking it all in."
*Michelle* "Oh stop! You don't need to run those cheesy lines on me anymore...."
*Benjamin laughs* "I'm not! I'm just saying I like what I see..."
*Michelle looks down into the partially soapy water* "You know what?  I like what I see too...."
 Benjamin gets up out of the tub and grabs a towel while Michelle looks at herself in the mirror for umpteenth time.
*Benjamin* "If your trying to embarrass me it's not gonna work." *She gives  him a sideways glance* "Compliment me all you want Darlin'...."
*Michelle* "You have the most inflated ego..."
*Benjamin* "Yeah, but you like it...."
Michelle gives him the sideways glance again.

*Benjamin* "What's with it, with you and, that mirror?"
Benjamin walks up behind her and she turns to face him.
*Michelle* "Just force of habit I guess........ That's always the first thing 
I do after I shower." 
*Benjamin* "Why don't we change that. I got a new habit you can pick up....."
Looks like the room is steaming up again and it's not because of a 
bathtub full of hot soapy water. Looks like these two are at it again. So much for going to bed and getting some rest for tomorrow......
Time to leave them for may be a long night or morning??
We'll check back on them later and see what they are up to.



  1. Very nice and sweet love story. Great job on the cabin! Your lighting is superb. Your attention to detail is awesome. Job well done Miranda!!

    1. Thank you so much Georgia Girl :) I am glad to hear you enjoyed the story.
      Making that cabin and putting it together was so much fun. I hope I can stay on track and post the next part of their weekend getaway!

  2. FANTASTIC story telling, I loved it. You have to be proud of yourself, that cabin looks amazing and so realistic. I must say, that Benjamin is a smoooooth operator, lol. They make a really nice couple. Hoping they last...

    Looking forward to next episode. :)

    1. Hey Tracy :)
      Thank you....It means a lot to know you enjoyed the story. I must admit I am quite happy that I was able to pull that dio off and in such a short amount of time too. Luckily I had a lot of items on hand that I was able to use. As for Benjamin....well does pride himself on being a ladies man. I hope this weekend is good for them too. No telling what the future holds

  3. Your cabin is amazing. I love all the little details, too. Particularly the trash bag in the trash can. lol. I'm glad things worked out well for them. I hope they can continue on this positive path.

    1. Thanks Vanessa!
      Lol! yes with out the bag it would just look like a bucket cause that is what it is :)
      Things are good for them right now but I have no idea how it will pan out in the future.....

  4. Wow, steamy romance! So nice that they waited so long, but has she told him of her little scheme yet? I do like them together -- maybe she will be the one to tame Benjamin. Loved your cabin dio! What great attention to detail.

    1. Hi Phyllis
      Thank you and I am glad to hear you are enjoying the story. Michelle told him the truth awhile back it's in part 3 of Michelle's confession. I hope he does settle down with her I know it would make both their parents happy :)