Friday, April 11, 2014

It's Not What It Seems!

Sunlight is streaming in through the bedroom window. Laura quietly stirs awake. Sleeping in is always nice but not today...
Last night was by far the worst night and today can't possibly be any better. She sits up in bed and rubs the sleep from her face...She feels nauseous and sick to her stomach.
As much as she would love to stay in bed and just sleep the day away, she can't. She promised her sister they would eat lunch together. Michelle was anticipating she would have some good news regarding her and Luke's delicate situation but she doesn't.
Laura lays her hand down on Luke's side of the bed where he would have slept last night. She thinks she might start crying again but she doesn't, instead she starts to get angry....Angry that he let this happen and drive a wedge farther between them. Her mind drifts back to last night when they were so close to coming together, everything was right at their fingertips. Now they are even farther apart.....doubt has seeded in her mind and she doesn't know if she can trust him.

*****Last Night*****
Luke leans down to kiss her.
Laura breaths in and then pushes him back. 
*Laura* "Have you been smoking?!"
*Luke sighs* "Uh....Yeah...."
*Laura* "Why?....You know I am not supposed to be breathing that crap in..."
*Luke*  "I just needed to unwind a bit, that's all.....Let me go take a quick shower..."
*Laura* "Okay....but hurry back.."
Luke sits up and sets his phone and watch on his night table. Then strips the remainder of his clothes off and heads towards the bathroom.
*Luke* "Five minutes......I'll be right back."
*Laura* "Okay...*she smiles*...."I'll be waiting."
 Laura lays and waits....
Then Luke's phone goes off and it startles her. 
She reaches to grab for it, to look and see who it could be, especially at this hour.

Laura's mood goes from blissful to infuriated in a flash.
It's a text from Rufus. She almost deletes it but decides to read it first....
*Rufus' text message*
*Hey Baby! that kiss was absolutely amazing!!!   there is no denying what is still lingering between us. I can't stop thinking about it. I'm lying here thinking about  How you felt in my hands. The way you grabbed my ass and kissed me. like you were about to rock my world *sigh* Then there was that look on your face when I touched you. Oh Luke... our bodies so close..I was on fire Baby! Call me!! I'm waiting for you....
Laura gets up, quickly puts on her robe and flips on the lights.

Luke is still in the shower. She walks into the bathroom with his phone in her hand.
*Laura pulls back the curtain* "What the hell is this?!"
*Luke blinking water out of his eyes* "What is what?"
*Laura* "Is she playing a sick joke or did this really happen? Did you kiss her?"
When he doesn't answer her right away the look on his face tells her everything she needs to know.

*Laura* "You said to trust you! And I did....How could you do this to me?!"
*Luke* " was just a kiss......She is probably twisting it..."

*Laura walks back into the bedroom* "Just a kiss?! I'm calling this B*tch right now and telling her to back off!"
Luke gets out of the shower and grabs a towel...

*Luke* "No!...Don't you dare and dial her number!...You are not calling her....Give me the phone."
Laura sits on the bed still not giving up his phone.

He sits down next to her.
*Laura scoffs* "No!....And let you handle it?....all you did apparently was handle her ass!"
*Luke* "What?! Damn it, Laura! Give me my f*cking phone!..."

*Laura* "Don't talk to me that way!...." 
*Luke tries to calm down* "I'm sorry.....Now give me my phone so I can read it.....please....."

*Laura is shaking with anger* "Why do you need to read it? If you were there then you know what tell me the truth!"
  Luke gets up and grabs his jeans to slip them back on. He feels to vulnerable without them....He talks while he his getting dressed. Laura walks and sits down on her side of the bed.
 Still holding his phone tightly.
*Luke sighs heavily* "Babe, I'm sorry....I f*cked up..... I'm not gonna lie to you....I am the one that kissed her."
Luke turns around when she doesn't say anything.
*Luke* "Laura?...Babe?...."
 Laura doesn't speak...tears start flowing and she curls up and lays on the bed, tossing his phone aside.
A part of her was hoping that, that text from Rufus was a lie but she knew from the minute she showed it to him that he was having trouble denying it.
 Luke puts his phone away and climbs into bed trying to comfort her...

*Luke* "Laura....Baby, I'm sorry, Please just say something...."
*Laura sad and sobbing* "Just go....get out!..Leave me alone...."
*Luke* "Don't say that....Please....let me explain what happened. She is..."
*Laura cuts him off* "No! Ju..just go.....*trying to hold back tears*..I..I can't even look at you right now."

Luke doesn't plead with her again. He just grabs what he needs, shuts out the light, then heads downstairs. Laura buries her face into the pillow and as soon as he is gone she cries herself to sleep..... 

 Laura sighs and gets out of bed to make her way downstairs. She doubts Luke is still home. He probably left for work early and he did...
She looks over and sees the couch was pulled out into the sofa bed. Luke didn't even bother putting it back together. She sits down at the table.
 Laura grabs her phone and turns it on. She needs to call and cancel with her sister. She is in no mood to go out for lunch after what happened last night.
She grabs her phone then looks down at the sonogram picture of the baby. As mad as she is at him she still wants Luke there for her next Doctor appointment. Then something in her just clicks. She is not gonna let Rufus pull a stunt like this again. She grabs the phone and calls her sister....
*Michelle with excitement* "Hey! How did it go last night?"
*Laura sighs* "Um....not good. Not good at all...We had another fight...."
*Michelle* "What?! Why, what happened?"
*Laura trying not to cry* "Rufus happened...that's what."
*Michelle* "How? Did she show up at ya'lls place?"
*Laura* "No...I'll explain it later.  Right, now I want to go track down Rufus and before you go telling me no....I am asking you if you want to come. Because I am doing this with or without you."
*Michelle is silent for a beat* "Um....Laura.... you can't go confront her. You need to think of yourself first. I thought you were gonna invite her to lunch?"
*Laura* "I'm past being nice about this over lunch....Are coming or not? Because you are not gonna change my mind about this."
*Michelle* "Fine...fine...I'm coming over....we'll figure this out together. Do not go looking for Rufus without me!"
*Laura* "Okay....Just get here as quick as you can..."
Laura ends the call with her sister then, goes back upstairs to get dressed. She wants to be ready to go when Michelle gets here.
On the drive to the hotel where Rufus is supposedly staying Laura tells Michelle what happened last night between her and Luke. Then, they come up with a plan to get access to her hotel suite. Michelle, sweet talks the young man at the front desk and convinces him to let her and her assistant through..... 
They ride up the elevator and walk down the hall stopping in front Rufus' hotel room door...
*Michelle* "Are you sure you want to do this? We can still walk away..."
*Laura* "Yes...she has to be stopped.........."
*Michelle* "I can't convince you at all can I?"
*Laura* "No...."
*Michelle gets ready* "All right then....let's do this..."
*Laura* "You ready?"
*Michelle* "Yup...I'm ready....go for it."
Laura raises her hand then knocks on the door....

To be continued!


  1. OMG! Busted!!!! Luke is in some hot water and lara had every right to do what she did. Te bedroom shots are amazing and i love the shot of luke in the shower...:) Great job on this one. I am biting my nails in anticipation of the next episode!

    1. Eeeep! I am so glad you like it! I nearly broke into tears... I was feeling Laura's pain. I am almost all done with that shower. It was a lot of work. I took way too many pics of Luke in that shower, lol! but I needed to narrow it down to one.....

    2. Well you can always show me the extras!

    3. Hehe! I sent you a couple that didn't make it into the episode :)

  2. I loved, I loved!!
    I hope Laura of Rufus take a lesson in it {although I really like Rufus, I love your way of being and also love your style and I think Luke and Rufus would make a cute couple :)}
    I look forward to the next episode!

    1. Hello Yasmin,
      Rufus definitely needs a stern talking to. I agree Luke and Rufus are cute together....but I know he does love Laura very much even though he has royally screwed up lately

      more to come!!

  3. WOW Miranda, this was cool....can't really figure out what Laura has got in her mind!

    1. Hi! thank'll get to find out on the next episode. :)

  4. This was an unexpected turn of events!!! But Rufus couldn't leave this of course... Poor Laura, I really feel bad for her. I was so caught up in the story, I had to go back after reading to see the decors :-D. The dioramas are fabulous! Aahh, I can't wait to see what happens in the hotel!!!

    1. It sure was unexpected....Rufus is relentless in her quest to snag Luke.
      I know what you mean, it was emotional for me as well typing up these words.
      So glad you are enjoying the dioramas as well :)
      The hotel scene will be next week!!

  5. Hello, wanted to tell you I'm super hooked with the series! I am fan number 1. Everyday I look at your Flickr and your blog as it's a new chapter. I'm looking forward to see how Laura put in place to Rufus.

    1. Hello Sonia!
      I am so glad to hear you are enjoying Luke and Laura's story....and what carries on at my Flickr as well.
      Next week we will all get to see how it goes when they confront Rufus...


    1. Hello TY,
      So glad to hear it...I hope to be able to post it on time for next week!!!

  7. And Friday has just begun. This was awesome! Luke probably should have let Laura make the call from his cell. What can I say, when we ladies want something done, we will do it ourselves. I'm more excited about next next episode of OneSixthAvenue than I am of Scandal's finale. Bravo!

    1. Hi Tracy,
      Lol! Ahh came and went so quickly :)
      I don't know if calling Rufus with Luke around might have been a good idea. Especially since he was angry in that moment...But Laura is not leaving him to deal with Rufus anymore on his own, she doesn't trust him now.
      oh Wow! I am flattered....move over come Luke and Laura! lol!

  8. uhh, I would be really angry if someone would check my messages, Luke has a lot of patience.
    I wonder what is Laura planning, what is she planning to say to Rufus and how will Rufus take it?

    1. Luke has patience cause he knows he screwed up....I don't think he is all too upset that she read the message. Their relationship is not like that, they are both pretty open with each other. At least up until Rufus came to town.
      I think Laura has taken on a daunting feat trying it convince Rufus to back off...We all know Rufus is bold and unafraid...but it will all be revealed soon!!

  9. Hola, te sigo como patymod_04, ya lo hago desde hace mucho por, y quisiera pedirte un favor, te comento desde mi tablet y no se leer ingles, podrias agregar la barra o gadget de traductor de idiomas de google.
    Tu historia me tiene intrigada, las fotos me dicen mucho pero quisiera estar segura.
    Hasta pronto.

    1. Hi Linda :)
      I added the Google translated for you......I am sorry I hadn't added it before I had not thought about it....
      I hope you enjoy the episodes :)

  10. Wow! So exciting! I can't wait to see the next episode!!

  11. Dios great, story greater! Just got back in town. Scanned blogs I follow. Saw this one. It was the only one I read before going to bed. :-)
    I am so afraid for Laura's baby with all of this stress!

    1. Hi thank you so much I have been having a lot of fun working on this diorama it's amazing how much work it takes...
      Glad to hear you enjoyed the episode :)

  12. Musisz to koniecznie zobaczyć...
    Skojarzyło mi się to... jako artystyczny dodatek ;) Buziaki

  13. Hola Miranda, gracias, ya he leido la historia y veo que no estaba muy alejada de la verdad, pero que iban al hotel a enfrentarla, no lo habia entendido, uyy, que nervios, creo que yo no tendria el valor, y menos embarazada, pero veo que con tu hermana debes cobrar valor, ya espero el siguiente episodio, hasta pronto.

    1. Hola Linda!
      Así que, me alegro de que haya disfrutado de escuchar la historia uno nuevo estará disponible el viernes :)

  14. I actually tried to respond a few days ago, but accidentally erased my response. Let's try again.

    I agree with Tracy. He should have allowed Laura to call her from his phone to show support. Now it seems like he's sort of sticking up for Rufus. I don't blame Laura for looking at his phone. If he's stupid enough to leave it unattended, especially when he knows the drama that is ensuing, then it's fair game.

    Laura needs to take a step back and remember what is most important at this point and that is the health of her baby. The best thing she can do for her relationship to Luke is to have a healthy baby. That is the best way to run off another woman. Most women don't want to be bothered with a guy who is a new dad. There will always be that connection between Luke and Laura that would be hard to break.

    1. Hi Vanessa
      Yeah....he could have let her but he was angry and not thinking clearly. He is the one who left his phone there for her to find the message so that's on him but he deserved to called out on his little indiscretion :)
      I agree Both Luke and Laura need to just focus on the baby and them and block out Rufus
      Friday you'll get to see how it goes down :)