Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly......Part 2

Author's Note:
My hiatus took much longer than I thought it would, but the break was refreshing.  Thank you all so much for being patient!

Part 2:
The Bad...

Krystal gets dressed and ready for dinner, after Scott suggested they eat out instead. She is completely and utterly ecstatic about the news she just heard. Antsy for the day Michelle calls to tell her that Benjamin just proposed to her. And furthermore she cannot stop talking about it. Scott listens on and only hopes she doesn't accidentally blurt anything out. They arrive and find MaCherie to be a busy and bustling place.
*Krystal* "Oh my! It's quite busy...Do you think they'll have a table for us?"
*Scott* "It should be fine, if not we'll go somewhere else."
The Hostess finishes up with the couple she just sat, then heads back over to greet the Lavigne's
*Hostess* "Mr and Mrs Lavinge how are you? How's Laura and the baby?"
*Scott and Krystal* "Good, good...."
*Krystal* "Laura and Phoenix are doing wonderful...I should bring them for lunch one day...."
 *Hostess* "That would be nice....the only table I have available is this one here at the front."
*Scott* "That's fine...Thank you Raquelle."
*Raquelle* "Sure! Let me get some menus and you can take a seat."
They take their seats at the last available table, while Raquelle hands them some menus.
 *Scott* "Can you get us 2 glasses of your best wine?"
*Raquelle smiles* "Sure...."
Then she turns and walks away.
*Scott* "You ordering your usual?"
*Krystal* " is my favorite." 

 *Krystal* "Their best wine huh? Celebrating Michelle and 
Benjamin's engagement already?"
*Scott smiles* "I just thought we would enjoy ourselves..."
*Krystal smiles back* "Okay!...."
Krystal and Scott are too busy talking to each other that they don't notice a familiar face. Penelope comes around the table to greet them smiling and wondering what she just heard.
*Penelope* "Mrs. Lavigne...Hi! It's Penelope, Laura and Michelle's friend."
*Krystal* "Oh, Yes! Hi, how are you?"
*Penelope* "I'm doing well.....did you say Michelle is in engaged? To Benjamin?"
 *Krystal* "Oh, no! No, they are not engaged but very happy...You two don't talk anymore?"
*Penelope* " not really. Our lives kinda just went in two different directions."
*Krystal* "Yes that happens. You should call the girls and catch up. Laura just had a baby, a boy. I'm sure she would love to see you."
*Penelope* "Really? Wow! Time sure does fly by...I guess that is why 
she's not working here anymore."
*Krystal* "Yes, she plans to open her own restaurant eventually but right 
now she is busy with Phoenix."
*Penelope* "I'll have to give her a call....It was nice seeing you."
*Krystal* "You too..."
So, Penelope and her friend make their exit from the restaurant. As they are leaving another couple makes their way inside. Raquelle,  the hostess greets them and then shows the couple to their table.
She hands them some menus then wishes them a wonderful evening.
They sit in silence for a moment while they both look over the menu, deciding what they would like to eat.
*Fiona* "I don't know what to pick it all sounds so delicious."
*Cade smiles* "Mmmm, indeed but you look delicious as well."
*Fiona blushes* "Caaaade...
*Cade* "I must say, I'm quite satisfied I decided to uh....take you with me...."
*Fionna chuckles low in her throat* "You've taken me by surprise as well...."
*Fionna continues* "I guess it was just meant to be...."
They are both taken back to that evening 
that changed everything.


*Fionna* "Can you please untie my arms they are going numb."
*Cade* "What? So you can try to get away again?"
*Fionna* "I'm not.....Where am I gonna go, Rufus doesn't care about me."
*Cade* "Fine....five minutes and that's it."
Cade slides the gun into the back of his pants, then 
gets up to go and untie Fionna.
*Cade pulls down her blindfold* "What did you see in her anyways?"
*Fionna* "Rufus? *Cade nods* "I was just star struck....She was always so nice to me but know I realize it was for her benefit not mine."
Cade finishes untying the binds around her ankles then
stands up in front of her.
 *Cade* "Rufus only ever cared about herself...."
*Fionna* "And don't forget Luke....she would do anything for him."
*Cade stiffens* "I don't want to talk about him..." 
Fionna rubs her wrists and stretches her fingers waiting 
for the numbness to subside.
*Cade* "Better?"
*Fionna* "Yes, Thank you....What are you gonna do with me?"
*Cade* "I don't know yet..."
 She blinks, finally getting to really see him for the first time since he kidnapped her a week ago. She is mesmerized by him...his deep voice, the smooth angular lines of his face, that frame an angry yet beautiful stare and of course his broad muscular shoulders. She pulls herself out and away from those thoughts....
*Fionna* "Um...Can I make a phone call?"
*Cade* "Why?"
*Fionna* "I always call my Dad at least once a week. If I don't he might start to worry."
Cade thinks about it for a moment. He knows Fionna is no longer his collateral against Rufus. So what will he do with her? Rufus made it perfectly clear to him on the phone, that she didn't care what he did, she sounded so depressed and space out.... On the other hand, if Fionna doesn't call her Dad he may end up contacting Rufus. Which could cause a lot more trouble for him...
*Cade* "Fine....You can call your Father, but keep it short and don't try anything..."
*Fionna stands* "I wouldn't dream of it."...*holds out hand*..."Phone?"
As Cade turns to grab his phone off of the make-shift table. Fionna tries to dart around him to make her escape, but Cade is too quick.
He grabs her around the neck squeezing firmly, picking her up off the floor. Fionna also reacts quickly and her knee springs up, putting all her strength into the kick she hits him hard forcing Cade let her go. Fionna spins around on her still wobbly legs and grabs the gun that was wedged in the back of Cade's pants.
*Fionna* "Don't move!"
*Cade* "Or'll shoot me?"
 *Fionna* "I know how to use a gun, my Father is retired military."
Cade observes her with steely eyes, watching her delicate fingers grip the gun and can see she is quite comfortable with it. 
 *Cade stands slowly* "I'm sure we can settle this without the gun."
*Fionna* "We probably could, but I don't trust you..."
*Cade* "I don't trust you either....What do you think we should do about that?"
*Fionna* "I want your help..."
Cade* "My help? How's that?"
*Fionna* "I want revenge....on Peter and Rufus."
*Cade* "That's an interesting proposition but why should I help you?"
*Fionna* "Because I know you want the same thing....I can see it in your eyes."
*Cade* "Drop the gun, Babe. Then we can talk" 
Fionna drops the gun adrenaline still racing through her body, her breathing still ragged. Cade moves quickly and in a split second is standing inches away from her, staring down into her wild eyes.
*Cade* "This isn't another trick is it?! Cause if it is..."
 *Fionna* "No! I'm tired of being nice and getting my heart broke. I'm tired of just going with the flow...."
*Fionna* "and doing whatever makes others happy....I want revenge. I want payback!.... They think they can just throw me aside and forget about me!
Cade knows all too well how she feels. Her words forcing him to remember his own heartache and why he chose to never let anyone get close to him again. And in that moment all the tension between them falls...
*Cade pulls her in closer* "But we do it my questions asked."
*Fionna nods* "Are you gonna tie me up again?"
*Cade* "No, unless you want me too...*Fionna makes a face*....
"Why don't you tell me about Rufus's daily routine."
They end up talking for hours about anything and everything. Learning they had quite a bit in common. Both being drawn to each other more and more.


After that little flashback they are both brought back to the 
here and now...
*Cade* "Let's eat, then we can start with our little plan...."
*Fionna* "Tonight?"
*Cade* "Yes, you still want to do this, don't you?"
*Fionna* "Yes, I just didn't know you had plans for tonight."
*Cade* "We'll talk more later.....did you decide what you want to eat?"
*Fionna nods* "Yes. You?" *Cade nods in agreement*
Across the room Scott and Krystal enjoy their evening.  Discussing the up coming wedding and whatever else that comes to mind. 
Cade and Fionna also enjoy their meals and are set to start making trouble. Looks like these two have hit it off and have a lot in common besides revenge on Rufus...

To be Continued in 
Part 3

Also Save the Date!

These two will be making it offical on 
October 5 2014!


  1. Hi, glad you're back! This is an unexpected turn of events! I can't wait to see what they are up to. Dated saved :-D.

    1. Hi and thank you! I'm glad to be back to posting 😄
      All will be revealed in time....gals you saved the date can't wait to get the wedding started!

  2. Woo Hoo a wedding! I wonder if Cade and Fionna will dig a ditch then fall in it? hehehe!

    1. Yes! Finally a wedding about time eh?
      Lol! I laughed so hard about Cade and Fionna :) who knows what their up to😳

  3. By the way I was hoping you would come back soon. Glad to see you have returned! :-D

    1. Thank you! I am so glad to finally be back. :)

  4. I'm glad you're back and had time to post a new episode. I was wondering what was happening with these two. I really like the photo of them "talking for hours" I can just see people doing that.

    I can only imagine that doing a doll wedding is a lot of work, but I'm looking forward to seeing it.

    1. Hi Vicki :)
      Thanks it feels good to finally be back. I figured it was about time to show what these two were up to. That is one of my fVorite pics from the set, you know you've hit it off with someone when you have endless amounts of fun talking to them ;-)
      Doing a wedding is daunting and a fun challenge I just hope I can follow through with all my ideas!

  5. i'm so glad you are back. great story, can't wait to see what cade and fionna are up too. i saved the date looking forward to the wedding.

    1. Hi Shirley!
      Thank you so glad to be back :) these two are up to no good of course and I'm glad you saved the date I can't wait to get this wedding started :)

  6. Glad to see you are back and continuing with the adventures! Wow, Cade and Fionna -- what a pair. Looking forward to the wedding.

    1. Hi Phyllis!
      Thank you to glad to be back to storytelling. I'm really enjoying these two together. I can't wait for them to stir up trouble :)

  7. this is great- and I love the engagement picture! I can only imagine what your doll wedding will be like!!!

    1. Hi Lisa :)
      Glad you enjoyed it! I had taken the engagement pic months ago, n finally I get to share it. I'm excited to tackle my first doll wedding :)

  8. Yay and yes!!!! Glad you are back! I love how Cade and Fiona turned out. :) Now Penelope looks like she will get something started uh oh.

    1. Thank you! I do too, I am beginning to enjoy these two together. Glad you picked up on Penelope, she could possibly be trouble....

  9. Hi Miranda, I read this this morning on the bus while I was going at work....I nearly had a fit! talking of twists and turns....
    I already told you, you're a professional screenplayer...I'm fashinated by the depht of the carachters you develop in your stories!
    Kisses Billa

    1. Hi Billa!
      Awww, thank you so much! I am so glad you enjoy the stories. I do like my characters to have depth and different personalities. We are all different and I like to try to bring that out in my dolls as well :)

  10. So glad you're back, Miranda! I hope you had much needed rest and fun in the sun. ��

    Cade and Fiona...interesting. I suspected but wasn't sure. In fact, Fiona could still be playing him to get her revenge and bail ou him. I have a feeling she's not as vulnerable as she seems.

    Oh Lord! Lol...I was waiting to see if Penelope would get wind of Michelle and Benjamin, lol. I like Penelpope but her recollection of her "relationship" was a little misguided so it will be interesting to see if she starts up some drama.

    Love this blog. ��

    1. Hi Tracy!
      Thanks, glad to be back finally. I really needed a break it was nice :)
      Yes they are an interesting pair. Not sure yet where I'm going with them completely only time will tell but I do know they both want revenge at this point.....I do believe too that Fionna likes to act like she needs help, her personality stiles me as a bit sneaky.
      Penelope finally got some camera time lol! She is my spicy Latina so I'm sure she is bound to stir something up :)
      Awww thanks knowing that you all enjoy it inspires me more :)

  11. Congrats to Luke and Laura. I'm looking forward to the wedding. Love the flashback scenes. Fionna looked real comfy with that gun. It will be interesting to see what their big plan is.

  12. Hi Vanessa!
    I can't wait to get that wedding underway....
    I'm glad you enjoyed the flashback scenes took those months ago with intention to post and never did. Baby Phoenix took so much of my time and attention :)
    I think they are about to start some serious trouble....