Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Past is in the Past.....

A few days later, after Erica made it clear she was not letting a merger or a marriage with the Lavigne's happen, Scott strolls into Justin's office. The two plan to talk business or so Scott thought. Little does he know, that Erica is back in town and not happy at all about this new plan for a merger.

*Justin* "Oh good! You're here....Boy have, I got some news for ya.."
Scott closes the door and senses that Justin is 
stressed about this news...
*Scott* "What's got you all strung out?....
Something about the merger bothering you?"
*Justin* "Just have a seat....then we'll git down to business."
Scott sets down his bag and takes off his hat. Justin walks 
over to his side of the table and looks over his computer.
*Scott* "Well? Is everything okay?.... I thought we were good to go?"
*Justin* "Everything is perfect! I'm looking at the projection right now...
We are all ready to start the process..."
*Scott* "But?...."
*Justin* "My mother is not signing off on it...She's not happy about this merger, 
or the fact that Benji wants to marry Michelle."
  *Scott sighs* "Well....the merger part doesn't surprise me but why is she opposed 
to them getting married?"
 *Justin chuckles a little* "Do I need to spell it out for you?...has it been that long that you can't 
remember or you just choose not to think about it?"
*Scott* "Oh I haven't forgotten...did she say that is why 
she didn't want them to marry? You, Krystal and I got over that years ago..."
*Justin* "I know we did but my Mother apparently hasn't...
Do your girls happen know about any of it?"


While Scott and Justin talk about Erica. Krystal is at home just doing some routine cleaning and cooking, when the doorbell chimes. She heads off to answer the door and to her surprise, someone she wasn't expecting to see.
*Krystal* "Erica! Hi..."
*Erica* "Krystal.... We need to talk.."
*Krystal* "Okay...."
Krystal a bit skeptical. Things between her and Mrs. 
Trudeau have been a stressful situation over the years
 they have known each other.
*Erica* "I'm sorry to drop by unannounced but I...."
She pauses as her head turns to look around the room 
and take in the home that Krystal has made her own.
*Erica* "Oh my, Krystal! You have really done a fabulous job with this old house."
*Krystal not buying her B.S.* "Thank you, Erica..."
*Erica* "No!...No! I mean it! You always were a talented interior designer."
*Krystal* "Mmmhmmm....Shall we take this into the kitchen?"
*Erica* "Sure...Darlin'..."
So Krystal turns on her heels and walks in the direction 
of the kitchen while Erica follows behind her.
Krystal still remembering her manners even though this 
woman grates on her every nerve.
*Krystal* "Care for some tea?"
*Erica* "Yes! That would be lovely...Thank you!"
So the ladies make their way into the kitchen...
Krystal stands at the sink and fills her teapot with water.
While Erica continues to take in the old and new charm of the house, that Scott and Krystal have made their home...
*Erica* "Krystal...you and Scott have done an amazing job on this house.
I always knew you would be a talented designer."
*Krystal* "Enough with the flattery, Erica...."
*Krystal continues* "You still holding a grudge after all these years?"
*Erica* "You know damn well I never liked the way things went all those years ago...I had high hopes for you."
*Krystal* "Is that why your here now? Are ready to finally bury the hatchet?"
*Erica* "Yes and No...."


Meanwhile the men are talking about the same thing....
*Scott* "No...We've never told them....Does Benjamin know about any of it?"
*Justin* "No he doesn't. I never thought it was relevant till now...He stormed out of here 
as mad a bull seeing red."
*Scott* "So he was here when Erica showed up?"
 *Justin* "Yes he was....He was showing me blueprints of a house he wants to build."
*Scott* "Good lord..."
*Justin* "I've told him to slow down....but maybe now he shouldn't. I just hope my Mom keeps her mouth shut long enough for Benjamin to propose. She still has no idea right?"
*Scott* "Michelle is still clueless as far as I know...
Well, I guess I need to tell the girls then...better to hear it from their mother 
and I than someone else."
 *Justin* "Let's go finish our meeting over lunch..."
Scott agrees and gets up.
*Scott* "So how do you plan to take care of Erica? I can see now where Benjamin gets his bull headed temper. She is the same way, no doubt...."
*Justin* "Yeah, she was red hot when she found out...I think she can be calmed down, though."
*Scott* "I hope so....I had my doubts at the beginning about this merger, but after looking it all over. I can see it's a good plan. Let's hope your mom can see it that way."
*Justin* "You know who my Mom always had a soft spot for?"
*Scott sighs* "Krystal..."
*Justin* "Yup....Maybe Krystal needs to talk to her. She always listened to her."
*Scott* "I'll talk to Krystal tonight....Let's go to lunch and finish business."
*Justin* "Sounds good!..."

So Scott and Justin finish up business over lunch.


Back over at the Lavigne house Krystal finally gets to the point. 
She knew from the minute Erica was on her doorstep that, 
that is why she was there.
*Krystal* "Why can't you accept that I chose Scott?...Even after all these years?
It seemed to affect you more than it did Justin..."
*Erica* "Sweetheart....Justin was devastated when you left him...Who do
you think was there to pick up the pieces?"
*Krystal* "No he wasn't! We just didn't workout...he and I both knew that. You were the
one who didn't want to accept it!"
*Erica* "Well, he may not have showed you he was hurt by it, but he was!"
*Erica continues* "Then he off and marries Mary Beth....don't get me wrong she was a sweet girl!  Benjamin and the twins was the best thing to come from all of that, but she was a train wreck!"
*Krystal* "Erica...."
*Erica* "Hold on...I'm not done..."
Krystal trying to keep herself busy...while this conversation takes place. She walks to the table to set down a basket of pastries.
*Erica* "Listen...Yes, I had high hopes for you and my son..."
*Krystal* "But?"
*Erica* "But you and Scott really poured salt on the wound when you two decided to move here...."
*Krystal* "Erica...we didn't move back here to spite you!..."
*Erica* "Well, it sure was perfect timing on your part!"
*Krystal* "This is ridiculous! Scott needed to move here for his business connections..."
*Erica* "Oh right! He stole those business connections from us!"
*Krystal* "Is that what Justin told you? Or do you just choose to believe that?"
Then the teapot begins to whistle and Krystal
 walks back to the stove.

*Erica* "It's what I know!...."
*Krystal* "Trudeau Construction has done just fine... despite it all.  I'm not gonna stand here and argue with you about this!...Is this the only reason you came, to rehash the past?"

*Erica* "I came to tell you that your daughter is not marrying my grandson! I already told Justin and Benjamin this merger isn't happening. Plus, Benjamin deserves better!"
Krystal pinches the bridge of her nose she can already feel a headache coming. But boy would she love to jump over this stove and choke Erica till she....Krystal dismisses the thought.

*Krystal* "Erica....I..."
*Erica* "Just tell your daughter to stay away from, Benji.."
Krystal just looses it...Erica may be one of a few who 
knows how to get to her.
*Krystal* "You don't have a clue do you?! You have your head so far up your ass that
you can't see it! You can't see how much Benjamin loves my daughter..."
Erica gasps and is stunned at Krystal's remark.
*Erica* "Well, I neva!....How dare you speak to me that way..."
*Krystal* "You had it coming, Erica... and I think you should leave now."
*Erica* "Maybe it was betta you didn't marry my son...Goodness."
*Krystal* "Don't get all high and mighty with me!...The past is in the past,
Justin and I got over it. Why can't you?!..."
*Erica* "Cause you broke my heart, Darlin'!....choosing another man over my son...
You and Justin were supposed to build up Trudeau Construction, together!"
*Krystal* "Justin and I couldn't work together....You should be happy that we didn't stay together. Don't you realize how bad things could have been if we did? Look on the bright side, Erica...We have a chance to make things work again between our families. This will set the future for our children and their children....Benjamin and Michelle can do what Justin and I could not."
*Erica* "Well....when you put it that way...."
*Krystal* "You know I'm right....."
Erica sighs and taps her fingers on the counter.
*Erica* "Fine...but I'm still gonna need a little more
convincing on this merger..."
*Krystal* "Well....You need to talk to Justin about all those details....but
why don't you come to the Thanksgiving dinner. We are having at the bar it's gonna be a big gathering....Justin and Ellie will be there."
*Erica ponders it for a moment* "Okay...You and Justin are really okay with all this?"
*Krystal* "Yes! We have been for a very long time...Just come for a little while...meet Michelle and eat some turkey..."
*Erica* "See that?...you are a good business woman! You just convinced me!...Any chance we can still have that tea?"
Not wanting to throw her out too soon after getting 
her to settle down she agrees.
*Krystal* "Sure..."
They sit and visit for a little while longer.  Erica raves about Krystal's pastries and Krystal tells her about Phoenix and how excited she is to be a grandmother. Erica leaves Krystal's house feeling slightly better about it all but still needs some convincing. Krystal hopes that if she does decide to come to thanksgiving she will see that everyone else has let go of the past and moved on.


Later that evening, Krystal lies in bed and reads one of her latest decorating magazines. Scott just got home a little while ago, his meeting with Justin lasted longer than he thought it would, which threw his schedule off for the rest of the day. She waits while he is  getting ready for bed. He comes out of the bathroom a short time later.
*Scott* "Goodness....what a long day. How was yours, Sweetheart?"
*Krystal* "Oh! Interesting to say the least..."
Scott walks to stand by her bedside.
*Scott* "Oh really?..."
*Krystal* "Yeah, you'll never guess who came by the house today..."
Then he walks to get his laptop out of his bag,
 remembering he needs to send an email to Justin.
*Justin* "You know I hate guessing...Who was it?"
*Krystal* "Erica! She came by this afternoon..."

Scott nearly drops his laptop. He didn't expect her to show up here. Justin made it sound like she was, still really upset about Krystal choosing him over Justin. He climbs into bed and hesitantly asks her how it went.
*Scott* "Sooo how did it go?"
*Krystal* "Ummm....Well, you know Erica... It was drama from the start."

*Scott* "And?..."
*Krystal* "She told me she didn't want Michelle marrying Benjamin and that I need to do something about it. And of course she brought up what happened between us all those years ago."
*Scott* "Please tell me you were able to talk some sense into her..."
*Krystal* "At first I thought I wouldn't be able to, she had me so upset, but then I realized she was still hurt by me leaving her son. She really wanted me to take her place all those years ago."
*Scott* "She's a piece of work, did she tell you she was threatening to disown Benjamin if he stays with Michelle?"
*Krystal* "What?! When did you hear this?"
*Scott* "Earlier today, I had a long meeting with Justin, in which I heard all about her ranting and threats she made to the two of them. That's way I had such a long day, Justin and I were trying to find a loophole to get Erica under control. I was actually gonna ask you to talk to her since you always had a way with her, but it seems she found you first."
*Krystal* "My goodness....I had no idea she was threatening, Benjamin that way! Well, it seems I was able to calm her down a bit, but she said she is still not convinced, she is still hurt by us moving here and becoming their competition after I ended things with Justin. Oh and I invited her to our Thanksgiving bash at Bull Tavern..."
*Scott not expecting that* "You invited her to Thanksgiving?!"
*Krystal* "Yes I did! She needs to see that we are all okay with what happened all those years ago. And she needs to meet Michelle and see that her and Benjamin are perfect for each other..."
*Scott* "I don't know about this...."
*Krystal* "What else is there to do? She needs to see it to believe it."
Scott puts his laptop on his beside table and Krystal does the 
same with her magazine. 

Then He pulls her in and kisses her.
*Scott* "I guess will see, then. Let's hope she just keeps her mouth shut
 about Benjamin's plans to propose."
*Krystal* "Oh she would truly be a witch if she did that!"
*Scott* "Well, lets hope she doesn't."
*Krystal* "Do you know when he plans to propose?"
*Scott* "No I don't, he won't even tell Justin what his plans are."
*Krystal* "Oh! He must be planning something big! What if he doesn't at 
Thanksgiving with all of us there?"
*Scott smiles* "I don't know Darlin'.....guess we wait and find out."
*Krystal* "Oh now I'm really getting' excited!"
*Scott smiles brighter* "Why don't we turn out the lights...."

The End....For Now ^_^


  1. Glad to find out what happened! I hope Benjamin proposes soon, and nothing goes wrong at the Thanksgiving :-). Great episode!

    1. I thought it would be nice to give background on them.... I hope Benjamin proposes soon too! lol! Hoping to have the thanksgiving episode up on Friday :)

  2. i'm glad they're leaving the past behind. i do hope benjamin and michelle get engaged on thanksgiving day. i can't wait.

    1. Well, there is no point in rehashing the past. It's all said and done. Krystal hopes Erica can now look into the future and see that it is okay. I can't wait to share with you all what happens next :)

  3. I think they will become one big happy family once they dine together. I love Erica's outfit! Krystal and Scott are so sweet together.

    1. I think your right. Erica has got to mellow out sooner or later... Thanks! Erica is a fun one to dress.... Krystal and Scott love each other very much :) So glad I was finally able to get Perry Marino to play Scott...

  4. Great episode! Hope Thanksgiving dinner is great and that Erica is able to bury the hatchet for good. I hope Benjamin proposes soon or someone might spill the beans on him!

    1. Thanks Phyllis :)
      All will be revealed on Friday hopefully.....I'm shooting to have the episode up by then.... I agree Benjamin needs to hurry up and propose or may just slip out of someone's mouth!

  5. Such an intricate story! It's like I'm watching it all unfold right before my eyes like a movie!

    1. Thanks so much!
      So glad you are enjoying it :) I have way too much fun dreaming up what happens next...

  6. Krystal really knows how to defuse a situation. I look forward to seeing your Thanksgiving spread. I know that it will be nice.

    1. Krystal is good at that. I guess after raising two daughters she is quite good at calming a dramatic woman down lol! Thanks, I have some fun planned for the next episode....hope to have it ready by Friday :)

  7. Hello from Spain: Happy Thanksgiving Day. I like your collection of dolls. Kistal is very elegant. Great couple. Nice pictures. Awesome job. Keep in touch

  8. Happy Thanksgiving! Ok, so that Thanksgiving dinner is going to be a nail biter, lol. Erica is something else but I do enjoy her character. I like the fact that she has a soft spot for Krystal because I was thinking nothing or no one could convince her she was being ridiculous. Not that Krystal can totally change her mind but it's a start. This was a really good back story into Krystal, Justin and Scott's relationship. Can't wait to see next episode. Hope things are better. :-)

    1. Hi Tracy :)
      Hope you had a good Thanksgiving as well! We kinda skipped this year and went up to my sister's Lakehouse it was a nice getaway.
      Yeah, Erica really loves Krystal. They are both very similar and I think Erica really liked that. It's always fun to give some backstory I knew they all had a history together but it didn't really come through till I got Erica.
      I'm crossing my fingers and hoping to have it up by Friday :) Things are doing a little better....Still in limbo if hubby is gonna get this new job! gah!

  9. Great episode. Always nice to get much needed info from the past. Erica may be a little bitty, but she sure is stylish.

    1. Thanks Vanessa!
      Yeah it was fun to finally figure out what had gone down between them all. So very true! She is tiny but full of spunk! lol!

  10. Ok, I'm gonna just come out and say it ..they're kissing cousins right? Am I right? They're that kinda old money southern family gotta be the blood line pure and keep the money in the family? Lol