Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Bachelor and Bachelorette...Part 2

Adult themes and language
 Read at your own Risk! 

All the ladies have gathered at Luke and Laura's house for Michelle's bridal shower. They gather around and chit chat, and Phoenix gets passed around as everyone dotes on him and how big he has gotten.
Erica was the last one to arrive. She strikes up conversation with Michelle, who she is quickly coming close with.
*Erica* "Darlin' you look absolutely lovely and your gonna be the most beautiful
 bride this side of the Mississippi!"
*Michelle* "Thank you for helping me get the dress I wanted. I don't think they would have helped if Mama Trudeau hadn't come in and stepped on some toes."
*Erica smiles* "I'm glad I could help, customer service now a days in non existent, back in my day you would have been treated like a princess."
Amari sits and talks with her Aunt Krystal. Amari's 
father is Krystal's brother.
*Amari* "So Aunt Ktystal, you excited to get this wedding off without a hitch?"
*Krystal* "Boy! Am I ever! fun as it has been planning two weddings in less that a year. I'm definitely ready to get my house back in order."

Across the table, Roxie sparks up conversation with Elie, who will be Michelle's mother-in-law.
*Roxie* "How are Justin and the kids, haven't seen y'all since thanksgiving."
*Elie* "Oh, we're doin' good. Kids are growing so fast! In fact Maddy has her first t-ball game tomorrow, I just hope Justin doesn't get too drunk, he don't do well with hangovers. Did Aric go to the bachelor party?"
*Roxie* "Yeah he's there, he wouldn't miss it, you know how him and Benji are..."
*Elie* "So is the bar closed?..."
*Roxie* "No, it's open...Mina and Jai are running the show, we've been training
them for a while now, tonight is their first night alone.
*Elie* "Oh, well that's nice...Now you and Aric can have some alone time, you
 two are always so busy."
*Roxie* "Yeah it would be nice to getaway for a bit just the two of us."
*Elie* "I say go for it..."
Last is Laura and Isolde, these two have been friends for quite awhile. Isolde is the one who introduced Laura to Luke, or rather she set them up on a blind date.
*Isolde* "How are things now that Luke is back home?"
*Laura* "It's good, I feel whole again and I think he does too."
*Isolde* "That's good, I'm glad to hear it...And I bet Phoenix is happy as well."
*Laura* "Oh yes...definitely."
Meanwhile, most of the men have gathered to celebrate Benjamin's last wild night as a bachelor. Even his Dad and his future Father-in-Law are there to celebrate, despite the location.
Almost everyone has shown up, they're are getting settled in, sipping drinks and catching up with each other. Benjamin, who just arrived with his brother and father, is now talking with Cruz who put together this whole evening.
*Benjamin* "I appreciate you doing this and all but you know you really didn't have
 to go through all this trouble to throw me a bachelor party, drinks at the bar 
would've been just fine..."
*Cruz* "And miss an opportunity to celebrate your last wild weekend as a bachelor?!
Not a chance, Man....Not a chance. Besides, you're the last one of us to get married anyways.
Aric and Hayden both beat us to it years ago."
*Benjamin* "Yeah, but..."
Cruz turns him to face the girl dancing on the small stage.
*Cruz continues* Just relax, and enjoy your last moments as a bachelor."
Colton walks up and joins them, with a beer in hand.
*Colton* "Hell, Benji even I can appreciate a gorgeous woman when I see one."
*Cruz* "See! Even Colton likes what he sees..."
Benjamin turns back to look at Cruz.
*Benjamin* "You guys are not playing fair...The minute I admit to anything 
I'll never hear the end of it."
 Both Cruz and Colton laugh, Benjamin gets so serious when 
he's being teased. And they just can't help themselves.
*Cruz* "You know we're just messing with ya?..."
*Benjamin* "Yeah, I know...I'm just a little surprised, I wasn't expecting you 
to throw this big elaborate party..."
*Cruz* "Well I did, and it's all for you man, so enjoy."
*Benjamin* "Thanks, Cruz..."
Everyone is seated and enjoying each others company. Justin and Scott talk quietly in the back corner, while Aric catches up with James. Cruz takes a seat and chats with Hayden for awhile. Back over by the table that is set up with beer and burgers. Benjamin grabs at the french fries while he talks with his brother.
*Benjamin* "So how are things going with you and Jacob?"
*Colton* "Good, really good, he would have been here tonight but he had to
close up at Vintage Vinyl."
*Benjamin* "I understand...He'll be at the wedding though, right?"
 *Colton* "Of course...Luke is keeping the store closed for y'all's big day."
Benjamin continues to munch on some of the french fries...
and Colton picks up on his nervousness.
*Colton* "So, you nervous about getting married?"
 *Benjamin* "F*ck ya, I'm nervous...Marriage is a big scary commitment. Then
you factor in the fact that..."
*Benjamin continues* "Dad is merging our families companies because of this marriage puts even more pressure on Michelle and I."
*Colton* "Yeah...but I thought that's what you wanted, your not having second thoughts, are you?!"
*Benjamin* "No! No...I'm not having second thoughts! There's no doubt in my mind,
I want to marry Michelle...but I'm still nervous."
 Back in the corner of the room Scott strikes up 
conversation with James.
 *Scott* "James, right? You still dating Isolde?"
*James* "Yeah....Yeah I am..."
*Scott* "What kinda work are you in again?"

*James* "Engineering..."
*Scott* "Ah, yes! That's right...Gettin' tired of being out on those rigs?"
*James* "It can get overwhelming...but I do love my job."
*Scott* "Yeah...I'm always hearing about guys burning out on that job,
money is good but it's hard work.
A few seats over, Justin talks with his younger son Colton.
*Justin* "This is a pretty nice party Cruz put together..."
*Colton* "Yeah it is Benjamin was really surprised with the whole thing."
Across the room Benjamin talks with Cruz and Hayden.
*Cruz* "So? You enjoying yourself, Benji?..."
*Benjamin* " really surprised me with this one."
*Hayden* "Awww, c'mon Benji, you know we couldn't let you go out without a bang.
Cruz will never admit it but you were always the one the ladies flocked to."
*Cruz* "Please...I made Benji...look good throwing perfect spirals for him to catch.
That's why the girls liked him."
*Benjamin laughs* "Ha! That's exactly how you'd see it. The only reason you were
quarterback is cause you're taller than me..."
 *Hayden* "So are y'all gonna be this competitive when you have kids?"
*Cruz* "I already got a jump start on that one..."
*Benjamin* "That's right, Holland is pregnant."
 *Cruz* "Thanks..."
As Benjamin and Cruz talk to each other, Luke and his entourage finally arrive. Luke heads to straight over to say hello to Benjamin...
While Peter and Shaun have no shame checking out 
the girl who is dancing.
Oh my! Boys will be boys...
*Shaun* "That is so f*cking sweet..."
*Peter* "Yeah, that's some good ink work..."
 *Shaun* "Should ask her who does her tats."
*Peter* "Totally...I'm gettin' a beer first."
Luke ignores Peter and Shaun, he walks over and says hello to Benjamin. Benjamin re introduces Cruz, who Luke met a little over a year ago, at his Halloween party.
*Benjamin* "Luke, you remember Cruz, Isolde's older brother...He's the one
who put this party in motion."
*Luke* "Yeah, I remember, How's it going?"
*Cruz* "Good, good. Thank you. I heard from my match making sister, you had a
kid and got hitched as well."
*Luke smiles* " seems to be a growing trend around here..."
Back by the large spread of burgers and beers, Shaun and Peter continue to hang out and talk. Peter contemplates whether he wants draft or bottled beer.
*Shaun* "Yeah, well your the manager, can't you just pencil us in a gig there?"
*Peter* "Yeah I guess I could do that, but it'd have at be on a slow night. I gotta
give priority to the bands that bring in the crowds."
*Shaun* "That'd be awesome! You guys want me to stay, right? I need to get
back up on that stage. That's my bread and butter..."
*Peter* "I know, I know man...I just need to get Luke on board with it. He's been so busy trying to patch things up with Laura that we haven't talked much about starting a band."
*Shaun* "Let me talk to him. Sometimes you nag him too much and he gets mad at you.
You two act like an old married couple sometimes..."
*Peter laughs* "Ha ha ha Yeah... He's tired of hearing it from me."
After choosing some drinks, Peter and Shaun walk over to see what Luke is up to with the others. Peter also brings Luke a soda, making sure he stays sober like he promised Laura he would.
*Benjamin* "What? You're not drinking any beer?"
*Luke* "Promised the wife I'd stay sober tonight."
*Benjamin* "She got you on a tight leash, huh?"
*Luke* "No...not really. I'm the one who chose to stay sober. *Luke smiles coyly*
Besides I want to be able to remember every embarrassing moment that
happens to you tonight."
 *Benjamin* "Embarrassing? Ain't nothin' embarrassing gonna happen
 to me tonight..."
*Luke* "Dude! Your bachelor party is at a f*cking strip club, something is going
 down, and it's gonna be right on your lap."
*Cruz laughs* "Hahaha! That's a good one..."
*Benjamin* "Damn it! know I hate surprises..." 
Shaun decides to turn and introduce
 himself to Hayden.
*Shaun* "Hey...I don't think I've met you before...Shaun."
*Hayden* "No I don't think so, Hayden. Benji and I go way back..."
 Back at Luke and Laura's house the ladies have gathered in 
the living room, so Michelle can open a few gifts.
 *Audrey* "You sure are good with him...He's adorable."
*Kenzie* "I babysit he's quite comfortable with me."
*Isolde* "I wonder how the guys are doing? Aric went right?"
*Roxie* "Yeah he's there, they are probably having the time of the life...Especially
 since we all let them go to a strip club.""
*Isolde laughs* "I'm sure of it...James wouldn't stop joking about, acting like a 
horny teenage boy. What is it with guys and strip clubs? They act like it's some new thing."
*Roxie* "They're like dogs, you let them off the leash and they go berserk. 
I haven't seen Aric this frisky in a while now..." 
*Isolde* "You should take advantage of it."
The giggle and laugh, gossiping about the opposite sex is always fun. We go crazy trying to understand them but at the same time fall crazy in love with them.
*Michelle* "Um?...Who gave me this?..."
*Laura* "Oh that's cute...there's no card?"
*Erica* "Oh that's from me, Darlin'..."
*Michelle* "Oh?!...Um thank you."
*Erica smiles* "Don't act so surprised, Darlin'!...Those are to encourage you two start
making great grandbabies. I ain't gettin' any younger and I'd like to see you
have at least two before I kick the bucket."
Krystal taps Erica on the shoulder.

*Krystal* "Erica, pushy as always, but this one I definitely agree with. I can't
wait to see them have kids."
*Erica* "You know they'll be the most darlin' little things, and I know my
Benjamin wants a big family."
*Laura* "That's really pretty, I think that pale pink will look lovely on you."
*Michelle* "It's really soft too..."
*Amari* "Let me feel it...Oooo that is soft..." 

*Amari* "Granny has some good taste, this is some high end lingerie."
*Michelle* "You think I should wear it for our wedding night?"
*Amari* "Hell yeah....Girl it's your night to shine, rock his world."
Now back to check on the guys and what they're up to. Benjamin gets called over by his father and everyone disperses into little groups again, saying hello and catching up.
Cruz, Aric and James start striking up conversation. James is 
still dating Cruz's little sister, Isolde.
*Cruz* "Hey man! How's it going...long time no see."
*James* "Good, I'm doing good. How are you and Holland."
*Cruz* "We're doing good..."
*Aric* "Cruz may be moving back to live here permanently..."
*James* "Oh yeah? I hadn't heard, Isolde hasn't mentioned it."
*Cruz* "That's because I haven't told her, I'm waiting to see if I get the job first.
So mums the word for now. I'd hate to get her hopes up..."
Nearby Peter, Shaun, and Hayden talk about the unknown 
whereabouts of Cade and Fionna.
*Peter* "So have you heard any word on where Cade and Fionna fled?"
*Hayden* "They've disappeared, but there was word they may have been spotted
in Dubai. It's not confirmed though."
*Shaun* "Sounds like they are long gone to me..."
*Hayden* "They'll slip up one day and get caught. Last I heard Agent Scully
was not gonna give up."
*Peter* "Cade is one slippery, sneaky mother f*cker, let's hope so. I'll be glad to
hear they are both behind bars."
*Shaun* "It's a shame that Cade, went down a dark path, he was a damn good bodygaurd."
Scott takes the opportunity to talk to Luke, he hasn't seen him much in the past few months, while he was working things out with Laura.
*Scott extending his hand out* "Luke...It's good to see you.."
*Luke reaches out to shake it* "Likewise...I'm surprised to see you here."
*Scott* "I figured I'd stop and visit for a little while, but I promised Krystal I'd
 be home before too late...You know, I'm really glad you and Laura are getting through this...
*Scott continues* "We all make mistakes and it's encouraging to know your willing to learn from them. I hope that you've learned from them cause I don't expect my daughter to forgive you a second time around and neither will I or her Mother."
*Luke* "I don't expect any of you to and I don't ever want to hurt Laura again..."
*Scott* "Good, I'm glad."
 Behind Scott and Luke, Justin and Colton say 
goodnight to Benjamin.

*Justin* "Colton is gonna drive me home, I guess Cruz will get you home safe then?"
*Benjamin* "Your leaving already?"
*Justin* "Your little sister, has an early T-ball game tomorrow...its their first game
 so I can't miss it."
*Benjamin* "Okay, well tell everyone hello for me, I guess I'll see y'all all next week."
Back over by the buffet of food. These three continue to talk.
*James* "No problem I won't say anything to her. You know, she's super excited about
becoming an Aunt for the first time."
*Cruz* "Yeah, yeah she is...Holland is 7 months along now so it's getting closer...Hey Aric? How come you and Roxie have never had any kids? You two have been married the longest too."
*Aric* "We just decided to focus our energy on building up Bull Tavern and besides we
really enjoy riding our bikes when we can. So between that and the bar,
kids just don't fit in the picture..."
*Cruz* "Huh? I hadn't really thought about it like that...That bar does keep you two busy."
*Aric* "Roxie and I half raised Mina and Mila, so we have a pretty good
 idea of what it's like. Girls are a lot of work, let me tell you..."
*James* "Isn't that what your having? A girl..."
*Aric laughs* "It's payback now! Boys are gonna come knocking at your door
when she's a teenager..."
Peter now looking a little glassy eyed right, asks
 Hayden a random question.
*Peter* "So are you one of those, strictly by the book kinda cops?"
*Shaun* "Peter, what the f*ck, man!"
*Hayden* "It's okay...let's just say I'll give you the benefit of the doubt once."
*Peter* "Sorry...I'm just curious."
*Shaun* "Let's get you something to eat!..."
Everyone shifts around again, Colton and Justin have left for the evening, Hayden decides to talk with Cruz and Aric. He's chosen for the moment to ignore Peter's drunk and high state.
*Cruz* "You enjoying yourself?"
*Hayden* "Yeah, definitely...this is a nice little party you put together."
*Aric* "It was nice to get away from the bar too..."
*Cruz* 'I'm glad y'all are enjoying it cause its about to more crazy too."
Shaun gets Peter seated in the back of the room and Peter immediately digs into a basket of french fries.
*Peter* "Mmmmm, these fries are f*cking melting in my mouth..."
*James comes over* "Uh? Is he high?"
*Shaun keeping his voice low* "This f*cker is always high! I'm surprised he's
able to keep his day job,
*James* "But he works at a night club...Hey, Peter! You gonna get me and Isolde VIP
passes for that band we talked about?"
Across the room, Benjamin has joined Luke and Scott.
*Scott* "There's the bachelor! Having a good time, Benji?"
*Benjamin* "Yeah, definitely..."
*Scott* "I'm glad my daughter is marrying you.  I can see you really
make her happy, but I'm ready for this wedding to be over. It's turned my house upside
down with wedding paraphernalia everywhere..."
 *Benjamin laughs* "Yeah, I bet it has, luckily I've been only asked to choose a few
things the girls have done most of the work."
*Scott* "Well one more week to go. You gettin' nervous yet?"
*Benjamin* "Uh, yeah a little..."
*Scott* "We've all been there, but you say it with a smile so I know
 you'll do fine up there."
*Luke* "Remember, I'm still betting you pass out up there..."
 *Scott* "It does know Benji looked like he wanted to pass out the
 day he asked for Michelle's hand in marriage.
 *Luke* "Oh really?!..."
Benjamin a little embarrassed, that day he approached Scott was one of the most intimidating things he's ever had to do, but in the end it was all worth it.
 *Scott* "Come to think of it, you and Laura had quite an awkward situation, with us,
when you announced she was pregnant."
*Luke* "Um, yeah...Yeah, that was definitely an awkward moment..."
Everyone is silent for a beat, then Scott locks his arms around their necks, he towers over both of them being the tall man that he is. He pulls them in close and begins to talk. The alcohol on his breath a little more noticeable at this proximity.
*Scott* "Let me tell you,  I'm glad my daughters have found to men to love and cherish them. If you two ever have daughters you'll understand what I mean. And a week from now you two will be'll be family. And family is there for each other through thick and thin. Now I know y'all haven't always seen eye to eye, but from here on out it's gonna be a big family now. You two are apart of that and I'm proud of the both of you...
 *Benjamin* "I think we can handle all that....We've gotten to know each
 other pretty well now."
Luke nods in agreement.
Benjamin and Luke look at each other, they now know that when Scott has had a little too much to drink, he's one of the those close touchy feely talkers.
*Scott* "Good, good...I'm glad to hear that."
Scott looks across the room and sees a girl coming 
in with a tray.
*Scott* "Looks like things are about to get more rowdy, I'd better head home.
*Benjamin* "Drive safely..."
Scott says goodnight to his son-in-law and future son-in-law, then waves off to Cruz and takes his leave.
 *Benjamin* "Now we also know not to let Scott drink too much."
*Luke laughs* "Tell me 'bout it. Touchy, feely drunks are the worst."
 *Benjamin* "Good thing he left early then...How are things with you and Laura?"
*Luke* "Good. A lot better, I'm glad to be back home."
*Benjamin* "That's good, hey I'm sorry I ever joked about you cheating on Laura.
I really wasn't encouraging it that night we talked with Aric."
*Luke* "Sh*t! you don't need to apologize..."
*Benjamin* "I think I gave you some crappy advise that night. Looking back now, I shouldn't have said it...I hadn't realized how much tension there was between the two of you."
*Luke* "Really...Benjamin. It's okay."
While Luke and Benjamin have been talking, Cruz has been approached by one of the waitresses.
*Waitress* "We're ready when you are, Destiny is ready to put on her show."
*Cruz* "Okay...yeah...yeah let's move this party to the next level..."
*Waitress* "So which one is the lucky bachelor tonight?"
Luke, who is still talking with Benjamin, decides to tell him about Michelle's threat with the kitchen knives.
*Luke* "Since we're being honest with each other and sh*t...I think as a fellow member
of the male species you should know. Your fiance threatened to cut my d*ck off if I cheat
on her sister again."
Benjamin busts out laughing, Michelle will say whatever is on her mind, and no shame about it either. It's one of the reasons Benjamin loves her, she'll call out anyone on their B.S. but she also has no shame in apologizing for it either...
*Luke* "That doesn't f*cking freak you out?! Have you ever had a chick, hold a
knife to your junk?"
*Benjamin* "Sh*t! Yeah, yeah I have...a couple times. The worst one was Penelope. Now that woman is scary. She may be hot in the sack but in the long run, it's not worth it. With Michelle it's just talk, she's not the kind of woman that throws sh*t at you when your fightin'..."
*Luke* "Yeah, that's how sh*t was with was duck and cover if you pissed her off."
*Benjamin chuckles a little* "I guess you and me have a little more in common than
we originally realized."
Meanwhile, Cruz responds to the waitress' question.
*Cruz* "He's the one over there in the dark blue shirt laughing it up...So what are
you ladies gonna do to him?"
*Waitress* "First we need to get him blindfolded and seated, then Destiny will
come in and do what she does best..."
*Cruz* "And what is that?"
*Waitress smiling* "She makes men quite uncomfortable...if you know what I mean."
Cruz smiles and understands then he hollers over to Benjamin, who then turns around when he hears his name called.
*Cruz* "Benji! Get over's time for your blindfolded lap dance."
*Benjamin* "Aww, Come on!....Do I have to?!"
*Cruz* "It' just an innocent lap dance to celebrate your last night of freedom. C'mon man it'll be fun!"
*Hayden* "Think of if like 'What happens in Vegas stags in Vegas'. We're not gonna tell anyone."
*Aric* "C'mon only get one Bachelor party..."
*Benjamin* "Fine, fine...I'll get the lap dance, but don't y'all go video taping this sh*t
and posting it online..."
Benjamin turns to Aric.
*Benjamin teasing* "Now I expect these two to give me a hard time but you! Your
usually the voice of reason between the four of us..."
*Aric laughs* "Well, it's not everyday I get to see my best friend get married. Even
though I'm really glad those wild days are behind you, so what's one more lap dance?"
*Benjamin* "You never had a bachelor party, why don't you join me?
*Aric smiles* "Too late, I'm already let the waitress do her
job and blindfold your stallin' ass."
*Benjamin with sarcasm* "Fine, but only cuz you asked nicely..."
 *Waitress* "Let's get you seated and blindfolded then...
I  guarantee you'll enjoy it. Destiny is one of our
best dancers."
Benjamin gets seated over by the small stage and the waitress ties the black velvet blindfold over his eyes. Everyone else starts to sit down and get comfortable.
*Waitress* "There, nice and snug now keep your hands at your side, no touching. And don't remove the blindfold. This dance is for your other senses, Desiny will remove it when she's ready."
*Benjamin* "How long does this dance usually take?"
*Waitress* "About two and a half, three minutes I guess."
Seated at the back of the room, Aric and Luke talk for 
the first time all evening.
*Luke* "So who's watching the bar if you're here?"
*Aric* "Mina and Jai are, it's nice to have a night off, I might start letting
 them do it more often."
*Luke* "I know exactly how you feel. Owning a business takes almost 24/7 of your time."
*Aric* "Yeah it does...Hey, I heard you patched things up finally with Laura."
*Luke* "Yeah we did...I'm glad to be back home."
*Aric* "That's good. I'm glad you two did. You have that handsome little boy to raise.
You plan on having any more?"
*Luke* "What, kids? *Aric nods* Eventually, I'd like to try for another. I know Laura does but we
 haven't talked much about it...How come you and Roxie haven't had kids yet?"
*Aric* "We're just so busy with the bar, and Roxie, well she had a rough childhood,
 so I don't pressure her about it."
*Luke* "Life will always be busy, surprisingly kids make it better. I didn't think that before but having Phoenix changed my perspective on life with kids.."
The waitress is done and makes sure to see if anyone 

needs anything before she goes.
 *Waitress* "That's it, I'll send Destiny in here in a minute. Does
anyone need anything before I go?"
*Cruz* "No we're good, thank you..."
So she exits leaving the guys all alone. Benjamin reaches 
out sensing someone is close to him.
*Hayden* "Hey, keep those hands down! Or I'll have to handcuff you..."
Hayden pulls out his handcuffs and jangles them 
for Benjamin to hear.
*Benjamin* "Ah, hell no! You ain't handcuffing me!"
*Hayden* "You know the rules hand at your sides, Benji! No touching!..."
*Benjamin* "Stop jangling those cuffs, is she here? has it started yet?"
Everyone is laughing, cause Benjamin's neres are being rattled and, not being able to see what is going on has him really flustered.
 *Hayden* "Relax, Benji...I ain't gonna handcuff you..."
Hayden puts the handcuffs back in their holster 
where they belong. 
*Hayden* "And I'm sure you'll know when she's here, so just sit tight..."

Then the lights go down, except for the ones over the stage, music starts to play and pair of long legs can be seen entering the room.

To be continued in Part 3!


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