Friday, September 11, 2015

The Bachelor and Bachelorette...Part 3

The evening has started to wind down for the girls, and several guests have already left for the evening. Roxie, Isolde, Michelle, and Amari sit around the table talking about men, marriage, shopping, and other things.
Laura is holding Phoenix, who is getting fussy, it's way past his bedtime. Kenzie offers to take him and put him to bed.
*Kenzie* "I can take him upstairs and put him to bed if you want. That way you
can stay down here with your guests. I can bathe him too..."
Phoenix rubs his eyes and cries he's exhausted.
*Laura* "Yes, that would be wonderful, thank you..."
*Phoenix* "WAAA! WAA! MAH MAH MA!"
 Kenzie scoops him up and takes him up stairs, so that Laura 
can stay downstairs and be the hostess.
*Isolde* "James is like Benjamin he's a romantic, I guess that's why I dated Benjamin for awhile."
*Roxie* "Y'all haven't known Benjamin as long as I have. He's like a different man now, we all thought he'd never settle down."
*Amari* "Wait! What?! You dated Benjamin too?! When was this! Oh my god
how do y'all stay friends?"
Michelle laughs, she's had a bit too much wine for the evening.
*Isolde* "It was long before Michelle ever met him. We went out a few times,
but that was it."
*Amari* "So you two never...uh did the deed?"
*Isolde* "No, no we didn't...I got wind of his two-timing ways and blew him off."
After Kenzie takes Phoenix upstairs Laura walks over to 
join in the conversation.
*Laura* "Speaking of casually dating, is Shaun gonna be your date for the wedding?"
*Amari* "I'd like him to, I just don't wanna ask and he feels like we're officially dating now."
*Laura smiles* "He could keep Luke company while we're up there with Michelle."
*Amari* "Yeah he could..."
Meanwhile the guys are about to get their evening really started. Everyone sits and waits for the show to begin, except for Cruz, he's too excited to sit down. Benjamin looks quite nervous, body stiff and trying to anticipate what he cannot see and barely hear, now that there is loud music playing.
 *Cruz hollers over the music* "It's on now, Benji!..."
Sensing someone is behind him, Benjamin fidgets, then two hands gently rest on his shoulders then slowly slide down 
the front of his shirt.
Destiny lets the music dictate her movements, then as quickly as her hands appeared on him, she pulls them away leaving Benjamin 
wondering what is gonna happen next.
She shifts to his left side and stabilizing herself with the pole, she brings up her left foot resting it between his legs, 
leaning in just enough, for him to know she there.
*Benjamin jumps* "Whoa! Hey! Watch it with the family jewels!"
But Destiny continues to put on her show, ignoring his remark. Instead, she kicks his legs a little father apart, making him feel more vulnerable to her and what she might do.
Then in one swift movement, still holding onto the pole with her right hand. She swings her left leg over Benjamin and straddles his lap. Her body sliding back and forth over his lap, to the pulse of the music.
Destiny arches her back, her boobs brushing his face and Benjamin can smell a very familiar perfume. She then bends all the way backwards and Benjamin is startled by the movement.
Hands on the floor, she quickly flips her body, gently using 
Benjamin's body as a spring board to get herself back to 
a standing position.
Cruz hollers something but Benjamin can't understand him. The rest of the group responds as well, she must be doing something worth all that response but Benjamin can only imagine what it is as he cannot see her.

*Cruz hollers again* "Smack that ass! Smack that ass, Benji!"
*Benjamin* "I can't see her ass, even if I wanted to."
*Cruz* "It's right in front of you!..."
Benjamin waves his hands around, more out of curiosity,
 but there is nothing there. 
She's already flipped back to a standing position.
*James smiles* "She's quite flexible..."
*Luke* "Yeah but she looks damn familiar!..."
*James* "She's not another Ex is she?"
*Luke* "No, no...nothing like that, but I know her from somewhere."
A little farther down the row of seating Aric is 
thinking the same thing.
*Aric* "Hey isn't that what's her name?"
*Hayden* "Who?"
*Aric* "The stripper...don't she look familiar to you?"
*Hayden* "I don't know, it's too dark in here to tell.
And she has her back to us."
Aric let's it go and they turn back to watch what is going on.
When they turn back Destiny is all up in Benji's business. His hands are out and he's trying to relax but he's afraid to relax too much as other parts of him might start to get stiff.
 Then he'll never hear the end of it from the guys. He just hopes none of them are filming this or taking pictures. Plus he's already had quite a few beers and already feeling the slight hums of a buzz coming on.
 Destiny pulls away, then reaches down and with her hand gently...

...tilts his chin up to look at her as if he could see her.
She can sense that he's tense and not entirely focused on her.
 So she decides to try and change that. She grabs him by the collar and loosens the button, continuing to dance while she does this.

Turning around she straddles his lap, her body barely 
brushing his, this time she doesn't hold back hoping to
 get a reaction from him.
Benjamin catches the scent of her perfume again and it's very familiar. He focuses on that and tries to remember who he knows who wears that rare exotic scent.
 So he decides to say something, see if she answers him.
*Benjamin* "You smell familiar....What perfume are you wearin'?"
Destiny is now getting a little frustrated, by now most men are complete horny fools for her, grabbing at her for more but Benjamin is doing everything he can to distract himself from the dance.
 She turns around and finally speaks in an offended defensive tone. Then she reaches down grabbing Benjamin, palming his firmly and squeezing.
*Destiny* "Is this familiar, lover?" 
Benjamin jumps in his seat not just from her firm grab on him but
her all too familiar voice.

He quickly yanks down his blindfold to confirm what he now knows. Even though he's hoping to god he is wrong about who she is. 
*Benjamin* "Penelope! What the f*ck!"

Penelope leans in sitting on his lap and Benjamin tries 
to lean back.
*Penelope* "You remember me now, lover?"
*Cruz* "Holy sh*t!..."
Benjamin pushes her off of him and gets up out of the chair.
*Benjamin* "Is this a sick joke? What the f*ck are you doing here Penelope?!"
The guys all start to stir as they realize who she is. Cruz is equally surprised, although he has never met Penelope when Benjamin was dating her, he's heard some stories about it.
*Cruz* "Sh*t! I had no idea, Benji!...I swear!"
*Penelope getting defensive* "What? You think I follow you around? I work here!
How dare you think I have nothing better to do with my time!
I was just doing my job! Benjamin Trudeau!!!"
 *Benjamin* "Damn! Sh*t! Calm the f*ck down!  I thought you were a manager
at Penner's Department store?..."
Bringing up her old job makes her get even more angry, Penelope responds in a snappy, heated tone.
*Penelope* "I got laid off after the company had to downsize, thanks to your
 Daddy's company building a Mega-Mart down the road!
How do I know the joke isn't on me?!"
*Benjamin half laughs but stops short* " Ahha! ha! Oh , come on! you always
want to pick a f*ckin' fight! No one knew you worked here!"
 *Penelope* "Well I do! And I think you should leave!"
*Cruz* "Whoa! Whoa! Let's just try and get along..." 

*Cruz continues* "Isn't there someone else who can come in here? It's his bachelor party,
and you only get one of those."
 *Penelope laughs haughtily* "Hahaha! Please...I'm the best dancer here. That's why you booked me and besides, Benjamin is a two-timing son of a b*tch, and sooner or later he'll
cheat on his new bride!"
Meanwhile all the guys are stirring still shocked 
about what just happened.
*Shaun* "Sh*t! What the f*ck is up with this town? Everyone runs into their ex and it
doesn't go down nicely either. Maybe you're next Peter..."
*Peter who is still coming down from his high* "Next?! F*ck no! I don't want to be next!
You should be next, don't you have a scorned Ex or two?"
*Shaun* "Unlike you...I actually care where I stick my d*ck!"
*Peter* "That's harsh, Man..."
*Shaun* "It's the truth...remember Slutty Sally?"
*Peter smiles and reminisces* "Yeah....I remember her...she was f*cking hot!"
*Shaun* "A hot mess is what she was! Aren't you tired of all that? What about Willow?
You two seem pretty happy..."
*Peter* "Willow is great...I just don't know if I'm ready to settle down."
*Shaun* "You can't chase those, hot young chicks forever, Man..."
Benjamin is starting to fume. Penelope and him do not get along and it never ends well between the two of them.
 *Benjamin* "Michelle is more woman than you'll ever be hands down!..."
 *Penelope* "Your fiance is a liar! Did she ever tell you why she started dating you?"
*Benjamin* "I know all about you two's scheme to get me back for allegedly cheating on you!"
*Penelope* "Allegedly?! You did cheat on me! And not once but many times!.."
 *Benjamin* "We were never together! Late night booty calls is not a relationship! Besides, I'm not gonna stand here and rehash whats done and over with! My life is none of your f*cking business!"
*Penelope* "It is my business! If it wasn't for me then you would have never met her!
You should be down on your knees thanking me!..."
Back over by the bench of tables and seating, 
Luke talks with James.
 *Luke* "You don't remember her? She was at my wedding. She's known Laura and
 Michelle since they were kids."
*Laura* "She was at your wedding?..."
*Luke* "She used to date Benjamin...he cheated on her. Then Michelle started dating
 him to see if she could break his heart." *Luke rolls his eyes*
*James laughs* "Haha! Seriously? Women, they're an emotional bunch."
*Luke* "Tell me about it, but so damn hard to live without them...So you've never
heard any of this before?"
*James* "No, Isolde isn't really super close to Michelle...I guess it's kinda awkward for her,
 since she dated Benjamin as well."
*Luke* "That's right! Sh*t! I'm sorry man, I f*cking forgot, Isolde dated him, too!"
*James* "It's fine. I'm cool with it. Isolde and him were never that serious.
She never slept with him."
*Luke* "Oh! She didn't?"
*James* "Yeah they only went out a couple times, Aric told her to be watchful of his
multiple relationships and  she decided  to end it."
Cruz attempts to neutralize the situation...
*Cruz* "Penelope, I know you're upset but this all just a big coincidence. I'm sure there is someone else that can take your place. I'll pay her and you for your time and inconvenience."
Penelope seems to be agreeing with Cruz, but then Benjamin goes and opens his mouth and reminds Penelope of his presence. In a way he feels bad she lost her good job at Penner's, but he also just wants her to leave.
*Benjamin* "I'll match whatever Cruz pays you...I don't want..."
But before Benjamin can finish his sentence Penelope chimes 
in, livid at what he just said.
*Penelope* "How dare you! You don't what, Benjamin? Don't want any trouble?!"
*Penelope continues* "You think you can pay me to keep quiet about this? So your
precious little fiance won't find out?!"
*Benjamin* "That's not what I'm saying!..."
But Benjamin is cut short again, when the waitress comes 
in to see what is going on.
*Waitress* "Destiny, is everything all right? Do I need to get Mike?"
*Cruz* "Everything is fine, just a bit of history between these two."
*Penelope* "No! It's not alright! He's trying to pay me off like I'm some cheap piece of ass!
*Benjamin* "What?!....That's!....I did not say that!"
*Penelope* "I don't want your money, Benjamin. I do fine here on my own!"
*Benjamin* "I was just trying to be helpful..."
Back by the tables Aric talks to Hayden.

*Aric* "I knew she looked familiar!.."
*Hayden* "Yeah, you were right Aric..."
*Aric* "Let's go see what's going on, I wonder if Benji knew she was working here."
*Hayden* "He looked pretty surprised to me to see her standing there."
Cruz meanwhile tries to get the waitress to take Penelope away and send in another girl, but Penelope isn't done with Benjamin. She apparently still holds a lot of resentment towards him.
 *Penelope* "Helpful? How is that helpful, by offering to pay me off?..."
*Benjamin* "It's not a pay off! Goddamit! Penelope, I'm just trying to compensate you
for the inconvenience that has happened here."
 *Penelope* "I am not a whore, Benjamin! I'm an entertainer and I get by just fine."
Benjamin laughs, he's tired of going around in
 circles with her, his anger is mounting and he's trying to be 
calm about it all but she just won't go away.
 *Benjamin laughs* "I never said you where!..."
*Penelope* "Not to my face! But I can see it plainly on yours, that's
what your thinking!"
*Benjamin smirks* "Fine! Fine! You wanna hear it?! You want to know how I really
 feel about you! You were a good f*ck and that was it! And that's how men will always
see you if you don't grow up! There, you happy now?!"
And just like that, Penelope smacks him hard across the face, but Benjamin braced himself for it, knowing his comment would most likely cause this reaction. Cruz and the waitress jump up in shock...
*Cruz* "Oh sh*t!..."
*Waitress* "Penelope!..."
The waitress grabs her by the arm and quickly drags her out of the room before it can get any worse. As the walk away Penelope mumbles curses under her breath, staring back at Benjamin, who didn't expect to get smacked so hard. She's stronger than she looks.
*Cruz* "Benji, what the f*ck, man?! You okay?"
 *Benjamin* "I'm fine...I guess I kinda deserved it though."
*Aric* "Why do you always want to make things worse that woman?
She's unstable, you shouldn't provoke her, Benji."
 *Hayden* "Want to press charges?..."
*Benjamin* "No, no...I'm not gonna do that. I know I provoked her but she just...
annoys me so bad!
*Aric* "You might want to put some ice on that or it's gonna be worse by morning. And Michelle might have to smack the other one then. So you'll have matching
blue cheeks for your wedding day."
*Benjamin huffs out a breath of air* "Yeah...yeah I better ice it. Michelle will not be
happy if our wedding pictures have me sporting a black and blue face."
*Cruz* "Benji, I'm sorry about all this I had no idea that she worked here."
*Benjamin* "No need to apologize, no one knew she worked here. I don't think even Michelle or her sister knows, or I would have heard something about it..."
*Cruz* "Good, so you still wanna finish up the night here?"
*Benjamin* "Yeah, I'm not gonna let her scare me away...."
*Cruz* "Sweet! Then I'm gonna go see about them bringing in some other girls,
 so we can get this party back on track...
 After Cruz tracks down another dancer to keep the party going, the lights get dimmed again. And everyone settles back in and relaxes again now that the drama has subsided.
 *Peter* "I'm never gettin' married...Too much drama with women."
 *Shaun* "Never say never, man...It's bad luck."
*James* "Eventually you'll want to settle down..."
*Peter* "Uh uh! Not me..."
 Across the room the other half of guys hang out and talk.
 *Cruz* "I talked with the manager, we got the party room till the beak of dawn if we want it."
*Benjamin* "She's not still here is she?"
*Cruz* "No, they sent her home, I made sure of it."
*Hayden* "Well all right! Now we can really party!"
 Cruz turns to the girl who took Penelope's place, while 
the others continue to talk.
*Cruz* "This tip was for the other girl, but she blew it after slapping the groom-to-be.
So it's yours now. Thanks for filling in."
*Dancer* "Penelope's a bitch but a good dancer, I heard she use to date the groom-to-be."
*Cruz* "Yeah they have a history, so it's best she's not here anymore,
like I said thanks for filling in."
 While Cruz leaves a big fat tip for the dancer, the other 
three continue to talk.
*Hayden* "So where are you two going for your honeymoon?"
*Benjamin* "Somewhere far, far away from here."
*Aric* "He's not gonna tell you. I've already tried to get it out of him."
*Benjamin* "I'm not taking any chances on Michelle finding out where we're going."
 *Hayden* "How long will you be gone? You leaving right after the wedding?"
*Benjamin joking* "What is this a police interrogation now?!"
 They all laugh, and Benjamin figures there's no harm in telling him when and how long they'll be gone for their honeymoon.

*Benjamin* We leave a week after the wedding. Gotta give my wife plenty of time to pack, cause we'll be gone for almost a month."
*Hayden* "A month! Wow! That's gonna be nice."
*Aric* "I guess your police skills payed off. You got or more out of him than I could."
The party finds it's groove again and everyone is enjoying themselves.
 Peter has decided to ask the dancer about where she got her tattoos done. Luke and Shaun talk over by the the buffet of food. Shaun is hoping to convince Luke to officially start a band with him and Peter.
Up first is Peter who is still a little high and now getting drunker with each swig of beer.
 *Peter smiles* "Hi!..."
*Dancer smiles back* "Hi..."
*Peter still smiling* "Your tats are hot! Where did you get 'em?"
Back by the buffet, Luke talks with Shaun.

 *Luke* "I would love to start a band with you two but I just got back with Laura.
I don't think I'd have my head in the game right now. Plus running 'Vintage Vinyl' keeps me
 busy enough."
Peter meanwhile seems to be getting himself in trouble 
with the dancer.
 *Dancer with attitude* "I'm sorry what?! Where did I get my tits?! Listen you can stare at them all you want, but for your info these babies are real, NOT fake!"
 *Peter* "Whoa! Whoa! Chill out! I said tats not tits. I like your tattoos..."

*Peter continues* "I was wondering if you got them done here in town? But your tits are hot too..."
*Dancer* "Oh! Oh! My tats!"
They both laugh, and then she continues answering
 Peter's question.
 *Dancer smiling* "Thanks, my brother actually, he's a tattoo artist. And yes he lives
here in town. I can give you his number."
 *Peter* "Yeah, yeah! That'd be awesome. I'm thinking of getting a few more done. That dragonfly you got is sweet love the symmetry."
 *Dancer* "Thanks...Hey can I ask you a question?" *Peter nods* "Earlier when you came in, you were talking about a night club and getting a band started."
 *Peter* "You looking for a gig?"
*Dancer* "Yeah, my brother and I are trying to find some places.
And trying to find a place to play has been rough. We just moved into town about a few months ago."

*Peter* "Yeah, the music biz is rough, I mange the nightclub 'The Tomb' if you stop by during the day and bring me some of your music maybe we can work something out.
My name's Peter by the way."
*Dancer* "That'd be great! Oh! And I'm Kimber..."
*Peter* "Cool! Let me introduce you to my posse."
Peter turns and calls out to Luke and Shaun.
*Peter* "Luke, Shaun! Kimber here is a fellow rocker and her
brother is a tattoo artist!"
Shaun and Luke walk over to say hello, not all fazed by 

her half naked body. Kimber recognizes Luke right away from the news and the kidnapping of Rufus Blue.

*Kimber* "Oh sh*t! You're that guys who's dating Rufus Blue, right?!"
Luke mentally rolls his eyes, he's never gonna be completely 
free of his past relationship with Rufus.
*Shaun* "Damn! You still can't catch a break!"
*Luke* "She's an old, old ex. We're just friends now."
*Peter* "Friends?! Friends?! Haha good luck with that! I don't think that woman
will ever get over you..."
Peter continues turning to Kimber, he can see Luke
 wants to change the subject.
*Peter * "So Kimber! How long have you and your brother been playing music?"
*Kimber* "Since we were kids, my brother Kurt and I are twins...
Music is really strong with both of us."
*Peter* "Sweet! Your last name isn't Cobain by any chance is it?" 
*Kimber smiles* "Yeah, he gets that one a lot but no..."
Peter and Shaun continue to talk with Kimber, Luke decides to go and talk with the others. He's not in the mood for anymore questions about Rufus tonight.
*Benjamin* "What's wrong with you? Not having a good time?"
*Luke* "No, I'm fine...Could really use a beer right now though."
*Benjamin* "Well go git you one! We won't tell..."
*Luke* "Nah! It's fine I gotta drive home those too anyways...What about you? You
having a good time after getting slapped by that little spitfire Ex of yours?"
*Benjamin smiles* "Hell yeah! I ain't gonna let her git me down. In fact it makes me
realize just how much I do love Michelle and I'm glad I'm marrying her."
*Luke* "That's good...I know Laura is excited about all this wedding buzz. But let me tell you marriage is not easy...Sh*t just gets more complicated."
*Aric* "And you're just now figuring that out? I've been married longer than all of you here. Marriage is hard work, but it's worth it if you have the right partner.
*Benjamin looking at Luke* "I'd say we have the right partners...We're gonna be family and brothers take care of each other."
*Luke* "Don't worry Ben, I got your back...One question.
You plan on telling Michelle about Penelope?"
 *Benjamin scratches his head and stutters* "Uh!! Um!
 Yeah, um I don't know..."
The End!
Thanks so much for all your patience!


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