Saturday, May 21, 2016

It's A Playdate!...

It's Friday afternoon and Laura is sitting with Chloe Allain, while their two boys play in the neighborhood park. Laura first met Chloe back at Christmas while both their boys were getting pictures with 
Santa Claus....Flash back time!


Parker and Phoenix talk a bit of gibberish to each other while they explore each of their surroundings...
 Laura and Chloe watch them closely...
 *Chloe* "I think our boys have taken an interest in each other..."
 *Laura* "They sure have..."
 *Chloe* "Parker? Did you make a new friend?..."
Parker points at Phoenix and mumbles a few words 
one coming out somewhat as friend...
*Laura* "They look pretty close in age, Phoenix will be 2 in July..."
*Chloe* "Parker just turned two back in October..."
The boys continue to explore, Phoenix points to Parker's hat and speaks, he likes hats too...While the ladies chat, Luke talks to Chloe's husband and introduces himself.
*Luke* "Hi, Luke Cooper..."
*Daniel* "Nice to meet you, Daniel Allain...I don't detect a southern accent. 
I'm thinking west coast maybe?"
*Luke* "Yeah, I'm from Seattle...moved here about six years ago..."
*Daniel* "Ah, Seattle...'The Emerald City!'....Must be a nice change of 
pace living down here..."
*Luke* "Yeah it is, but I've always enjoyed visiting here and decided to 
permanently stay when I met my wife..."
*Daniel* "So what is it that you do for a living, if you don't mind me asking?..."
*Luke*"No not at all, I own a record shop, Vintage Vinyl, been in the music business for years..."
*Daniel* ''So you sell old records and such?"
*Luke* "Exactly...Do you collect?"
*Daniel* "I do! Yes! Mostly Blues and Jazz...You know, New Orleans Flair and all."
*Luke* "You should stop by the shop sometime, I've got a good assortment of that type."
*Daniel* "I'll have to fit it into my Christmas shopping. The hospital is quite busy this time of year so..."
*Luke* "Oh! You're a doctor?!...Yeah that's a hectic schedule you're living."
*Daniel smiles* "It is and being chief of staff I don't get much free time..." 
*Luke* "Well if you send me a list of albums you're interested in, I can have Jacob hunt them down and bring them to your office, if you prefer..."
While Luke tries to gain potential business, Laura continues to chat with Chloe and they decide to set up a play date for the two.
*Chloe* "If your in town for the holidays we should set up a play date...
I think the boys would like it!"
*Laura* "Yes, definitely! How about we meet up at he park later 
this week, if the weather holds up."
They exchange phone numbers and that's the start of a 
new friendship for Phoenix and Laura as well.


So back to present day...
Phoenix and Parker continue to play while Laura and Chloe catch up after they both went to a yoga class they came to the park to let the boys burn a little more energy, before lunch and nap time...
*Chloe* "So how's it going with the potty training?.."
*Laura* "Rough...he seemed so interested at first but now he refuses to stop 
what he is doing and go use the potty...Which turns into a huge tantrum."
*Chloe* "Tell me about it, it was a rough start with Parker, too...One day I was in the playroom with him while typing up more of my book and it got really, really quiet! Then I see him in the corner of the room near his play kitchen and his diaper is completely off! So naturally I get up to go see what's going on. I asked him what happened and he points to his play kitchen...
 *Chloe continues* "Oh my gawd, girl! I wish I could have seen my face cause I know it was probably hilarious but I look at where he is pointing and there is evidence left behind all over the oven in the play kitchen! Then I look at his tiny little hands and totally freak! I grabbed him and headed straight for the nearest shower!..."
 Laura tries not to laugh but Chloe is such a good story teller and one reason why she is a successful author.
 *Laura trying not to laugh* "Oh no! That's horrible!...Phoenix acts like it's 
the most terrible thing I ever done to him."
 *Chloe* "It was quite a after that I just took it slower with him and did some more reading about it,..."
 *Chloe continues*...but once he saw his cousin who's a year older sit on the toilet with out throwing a fit, he kinda saw that it was okay..."
*Laura* "So I just need to let him learn at his own pace, then huh?..."
*Chloe* "It'll be less stress on all of you, unless you want a mishap like me!..."
 Laura takes a sip of her water then puts the cap back on...
 *Laura laughs* "Ahahah, oh no! I definitely don't want that!...but I'd really like 
him to be potty trained before I have another baby."
*Chloe* "So you two are really serious about this, huh?..."
*Laura* "Yeah definitely, What about you and Daniel?..."
*Chloe* "You know how busy he is, is a miracle I got pregnant the first time!"
The girls laugh...
 *Chloe* "Yeah we do want to have another...We've been talkin' about it lately."
*Laura* "Oh?! What if we had our next ones around the same time!..."
 *Chloe* "Oh that would be fun! And we could have one of those parties that's
 all about Mom instead of a baby shower!"
*Laura* "Yes! We could! That'd be a lot of fun!..."
*Chloe* "Okay! I say lets go for it!...Have you started trying yet?"
*Laura* "A few times so far, but tonight we are going out it's his best friends birthday,
Kenzie is baby sitting the whole night so we'll see!..."
*Chloe* "Oh that'll be fun! Where are y'all going?"
*Laura* "We're all meeting up at 'The Tomb' where Peter works. Supposed to 
be a good band playing there tonight...Marooned 4? I think that's what Luke said."

*Chloe* "Oh they're a good band, I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time..."
*Laura* "Yeah, just I'm gonna miss Willow, she won't be there since she's broken things off with Peter...But my cousin Amari will be there so that'll be nice. What do you have planned for tonight?"
  *Chloe* "Oh nothing as exciting as your night! But I think I'm gonna try and finish up a couple more chapters on my book since Daniel will probably be home late...Sometimes late at night is the only time I get to write at the moment.."
So the boys get to play a little longer before they 
decide it's time to go home.
*Chloe* "So have you decided yet what you're going to wear?"
*Laura smiles* "My short black sexy dress, haven't gotten to wear it in a while..."
*Chloe* "Oooo yes! Can't go wrong with a 'little black dress'...
Snap me a pic before y'all leave."
Later on that evening Laura is finishing up getting ready for their night out. Luke of course is dressed and ready to go, watching Laura while she finishes up, and downstairs Kenzie is already with Phoenix.
 *Luke* "Kenzie is here, she's downstairs with Phoenix, you ready to go?..."
 Laura turns her head to look at him through the reflection of the mirror, while putting on her earring.
*Laura* "Yeah, I'm ready..."
She turns to face him, her hair done, 
make up done, and ready to roll.
*Laura* "How do I look?..."
 Luke looks her up and down, the same look of lust appearing on his face and Laura knows he likes what he sees. 
*Luke whistles* "Damn!..."
Then he closes the gap between them and pulls her in.
*Luke* "Just give me five minutes then you need to leave before my wife sees you..."
 Laura pulls back then pushes backwards
 backing him up.
*Laura snorts and laughs* "Shut up!...
*Luke smiles* "Yeah but you gotta be quiet or she might hear you!...
 Then she pushes him back onto the bed...and 
Luke willingly complies.
 He sits back and watches her as she slowly teases him, he knows she won't go through with it not with Kenzie downstairs but it's still fun seeing how far she'll take it.
 *Laura* "Five minutes? Honey, it's gonna take longer than five minutes to please me..."
She taps his chest and then Luke pulls her down on top of him.
 She's driving him crazy right now, and with all the opportunities for sex lately involving the baby making business has got him revved up and ready to go, Laura too.
*Luke* "Maybe we should just cancel and stay home tonight..."
*Laura* "No way! I've been looking forward to this night all week,
cause once I do get pregnant I won't be able to do all of this..."
 *Luke* "Are we drinking tonight? Cause damn I need a beer bad!"
*Laura* "Sure, why not you've been a good boy, I think I could use a drink too, Now come on let's go before, Kenzie starts wondering what's going on up here..."
 Once they are downstairs they say goodnight to Kenzie and Phoenix. Laura blows him a kiss and they walk out the door.
 *Laura* "Goodnight Pumpkin! I'll see you in the morning..."
Kenzie waves goodbye with Phoenix...
*Phoenix* "Bye! Bye!


At the club things are starting to pickup, people are gathering and getting ready for the concert. Chris is standing at the door, 
greeting them as they come in...

At one table Shaun, Amari, James, and Isolde are 

hanging out and talking...Well gossiping that is.
*Shaun* "So, Ruby is his's some fucked up shit but at least he
is not Rufus' baby daddy."
*Isolde* "Wait! Seriously?!...She's his sister?..."
*Amari* "'s all legit. The DNA test proves it."
*Isolde* "Oh my gawd!!!"
*James* "So what is Luke gonna do about it?"
*Amari* "Nothing....Laura told me he wants nothing to with his
father or Rufus, of course."
*Isolde* "Do you think his father knows about Ruby?"
*Amari* "No one knows for sure..."
*Shaun* "He's a piece of work, I remember meeting him
that one time in Vegas..It's probably best he doesn't know about her."
A short while later Luke and Laura show up at the night club, 
and Chris is there to greet them at the door.
*Chris* "Hey, man what's up?..."
*Luke* "Hey Chris....Birthday boy here yet?"
*Chris* "He's around here somewhere, with some hot little blond in a cowboy hat..."
*Luke in a monotone voice* "That'd be Hannah..."
*Chris* "Yeah, I think that's her name...Well enjoy your evening..."
*Luke* "Later, Chris..."
They walk off and go look for the rest 
of their party...

*Laura* "Oh! There they are! I don't see Peter or Hannah, though."
*Luke* "Let's head over there, I'm sure Peter is around here somewhere..."
So Luke and Laura do just that, as their night is just 
about to get started...Time to celebrate and have a good time!

To be continued!


  1. Cute story! I really like the new couple. Parker is really cute too! This should be an interesting party. Will we be finding out who the mystery woman who was with your new guy Nathan soon? Will they be at the bar? Can't wait, but I still think it is Willow!

  2. Amari is so beautiful! Gotta get me a Mckenzie love her hair. The Allian's appear to be a nice couple! And Laura is smoking hot in her outfit!

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  5. I must agree...your photos look absolutely real and amazing! I like the Allains. They seem like a fun couple even though they're such busy people. :-).

    I love the group of friend's gossip about Luke's DNA results, lol...they all seem to have the skinny on the situation.

    Can't wait to see next episode.

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