Monday, May 16, 2016

Meet Nathan...

Before I go on with the next part of the story, I 
want to introduce a new character...
His name is  
Nathan Doucet

Age: 32
Birthday: February 13th
Hair: Dirty Blond
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5' 11"
Occupation: Personal Trainer, Health Spa Manager
Hometown: Born and raised in New Orleans
Currently: New Orleans, Louisiana
Marital Status: Never Married...
Currently Dating: ???
Hobbies: Health and fitness is what his life revolves around. He lives for educating and helping people live a better, healthier life. So it's no surprise why he chose this type of career. But he also enjoys, sports, being outdoors, and spending time with his family and friends.
 So, Nathan was born and raised in New Orleans, he was a stocky kid and often got made fun of but then in high school he finally sprouted and thinned out, this molded him into the man he is today.  Whenever he sees a kid getting bullied he's the kind of person to do something and not just walk by. For this reason he volunteers with the big brother program and mentors kids.
 Nathan is an All-American stand up guy, he's loyal honest, hard working, and sweet. Which makes you think why is this fella still single? Well, he fell for a sweet, fair skinned Cajun girl but things faltered for a long while and she broke his heart by breaking things off. But after about a year of being apart and dating other people they have found their way back to each other, 
almost picking up right where they left off.
Nathan is a hybrid of dolls, his body is the new Superman, with the Texas A&M ken head (enhanced with facial hair), his hands are from a EAH boy doll body and are a tad small but they work.
And if you're wondering how I managed to change out the hands, let me just say it was 
I used boiling hot water to soften the hands and you need to let it get real hot to do so, then pull them off but even still it was not easy, his right hand is a bit damaged but I can live with it. 

So thanks for stopping by and I can't wait to share the next series of episodes with ya'll!


  1. At first I thought he was on a homme body, but then I saw the hands and couldn't figure it out. Nice how you created your own custom body like that! He looks great!

  2. You can tell he has muscles under those clothes. I'm glad you said where you got the body.

    Now I'm wondering who the lady in his life is. Have we met her? Nice way to build the suspense.

  3. He's a hottie! who's the mystery woman?

  4. Is it Willow? I recognized the ring. Can't wait for the new story!

  5. I like the styling of this guy!!! Hybrid dolls are always interesting! Great job!

  6. A new guy.Good, there can never be enough of guys, haha. This one seems interesting as for now! One of mine guy is ex model, currently yoga instructor and owner of health center as well, but couldn't be more different from Nathan, as he's Rock Wedding Romain.

  7. Oh, I do like Mr. All American Nathan Doucet! I would never have though to use the EAH hands on the Superman body, but they do look good. I know what you mean about swapping out those hands! I haven't done the Superman hands yet, but I did swap out the hands on Batman and it is definitely no easy task! Mine got homme hands. I do plan on swapping out the superman hands too for some homme hands!

    I agree with Ksenisa Bo, I think maybe the mystery woman is Willow. She does deserve and good man after her time with Peter!

  8. Hola, que bonita colección tienes, la ropa que les pones es tan real y linda, que me deleito cada vez que te veo en Flirck o aquí.
    Por cierto, tienes un premio en mi blog Una Barbie en casa, espero vengas por él.