Saturday, June 4, 2016

Peter's Birthday Party at The Tomb....

So Luke and Laura head straight over to the table that Shaun, Amari, James, and Isolde are standing around. The four of them drop their conversation about Ruby's paternity and immediately 
greet the two of them.
*James* "Luke, long time no see man..."
*Luke* "Hey,'s it going...Isolde..."
*Isolde* "Hey, Luke..."
While Luke says hello to James and Isolde, 
Laura goes to greet her cousin Amari.
 *Amari* "Hey Cuzzie, how you doin'...?"
 *Laura smiles* "I'm good, how are you?..."
Isolde comes over to chat with the girls while the 
boys have their own conversation.
*Isolde* "Hey, Laura..."
*Laura* "Hey, Isolde..."

 *Isolde* "You know, I just realized that, if I had never gotten Laura to go on that blind date, then you would have never met Shaun. So in a round about way, I was match maker for both of you..."
*Amari* "Blind date?! I thought she introduced y'all while at the gym?..."
*Laura* "No...It was a blind date...She knew the both of us were tired of the dating scene..."
 *Amari* "So you had no idea what he looked like or who he was,
just went in totally blind?"
 *Isolde* "Well, I did give her small description...I knew
once she saw him she'd be interested."
*Laura* "Yeah, my jaw about dropped to the floor when I saw him...but then I kinda got a little nervous cause I thought he might be a total jackass.. And then when he spoke,
and I sensed he was just as nervous, I was relieved..."
 *Amari* "And the rest is history..."
*Laura* "Pretty much..."
The boys conversation is nothing like the girls...
*James* "Yeah she's a sweet ride. I've been working on her since 
I was a teenager. She's a classic..."
*Shaun* "So do you do the whole car show scenes and shit like that?"
*James* "Yeah, I do, and Isolde has been getting into it a little too..."

*Shaun* "Does anyone ever sell cars at those things? I'm looking to
buy a nice muscle car."
*James* "Maybe...but it's always a good place to find connections too."
*Luke* "James is good...He helped me fix a part on my old Jeep."
As everyone else is chatting, Peter and Hannah finally show up from wherever they came from.
 Hannah tries to play nice and greet the girls, but she is still an outsider with them. Isolde tolerates her only cause she has to work with her.
*Hannah* "Hi Ladies!..."

But Isolde doesn't have to tolerate her tonight...
*Isolde* "Hannah, what the hell are you doing here?..."
*Hannah* "Peter invited me..."
*Isolde* "You could have said no..."
  *Laura* "You know Peter doesn't see you as girlfriend material..."
 *Hannah* "And I don't see him as boyfriend material...."
While the ladies give Hannah a hard time, Luke is greeting
 Peter and teasing the Birthday boy. They met at Luke's high school prom 20 years ago and it's been a bromance ever since.
*Luke* "Feeling any older? Can't believe it's been twenty years since I met you, man..."
*Shaun* "Of course he is! That's why he's got that young piece of ass with him tonight."
*Peter* "You two are just jealous...Besides she's 21 now."
*James* "Dude! No one is jealous of you hooking up with Hannah!!!"
The guys all laugh Hannah is a train wreck of trouble.
*Luke* "Keep telling yourself that, cause you're closer to 40 than you are to 20..."
A short while later the band comes out and the music starts up.

After a lot of drinks and a slew of songs Luke and Laura are both feeling the affects of abstaining from alcohol for the past couple months and the two can't seem to get enough of each other.

With the loud music playing, Luke has to shout in 
her ear so that Laura can hear him.
 *Luke* "You look fucking hot tonight, Babe!..."
Laura smiles at him in a very come hither way, and 
Luke leans in again to speak to her.
*Luke* "I think we should go somewhere else!.."
Laura a little confused by what he said...
 *Laura* "What?!..."
 Luke grabs the wine glass from her hand and sets 
down on the bar table....
Then goes back to making out with his hot wife, 
whose got him all worked up.
The band continues to play through their song and 
everyone is enjoying it and having a good time.

Luke pulls away and shouts, but this song is a little louder than the last one. So Laura missed what he said to her.
*Luke* "Follow me!..."
*Laura* "What?!..."
 So Luke grabs her by the hand and starts pulling 
her away from the crowd. Laura leans in and yells into his ear...
*Laura* "What are you doing?!..."
*Luke* "Taking you to the back!..."
 *Laura* "Back where?!..."
 Then Laura realizes what's on his mind...And she smiles
 a little exited and nervous all at once...
*Laura* "What if we get caught?!..."
*Luke* "Everyone is out here enjoying the concert!...
They won't even notice we're gone!"
 So while Luke and Laura are sneaking away, Peter notices someone in the crowd that has a lot of nerve showing up here, especially on his Birthday...Peter's temper starts to flare he really doesn't want to see her and with another man no less!!!
If you want to see what happens with Peter then continue to scroll down. 
If you'd like to follow Luke and Laura then come back, click here! I chose to do a short storyline this time instead of just pictures.
OSA~After Dark...
The music continues to thump while Peter debates whether or not to go see why in the hell she chose to come here tonight...And who is the dumb ass jock she's with?!

Peter watches her for a beat to see if she notices him.
 He just can't take it anymore and blurts out over the music.
 Willow immediately recognizes his voice, she didn't think he'd be here since it's his birthday, she figured he'd be partying
 somewhere else this weekend.
*Peter* "There's a dozen other clubs in this fucking town why mine?!..."
*Willow* "Not that it's any of your business but Nathan got tickets and you know this is one of my favorite bands!...So, I'm not here to stick it to you Peter,  I'm just here for the music!"
Then Peter recognizes the name and his face from a few pictures Willow had showed him, this is her ex boyfriend, and it 
seems that the two are nice and cozy again.
*Peter* "Nathan?! You mean this is your ex? The one you dumped for me?!...
Because he was a brawny brained dumb ass?"

*Willow* "I never dumped him for you! We broke up..."
*Nathan* "Hey!...If you want to talk shit say it to my face!..."
Across the way Nikki and Coco have spotted what is going on and are closely watching Peter, they too know all about the break up between these two, and was sad to hear that Peter had let 
things go south with Willow they liked her.
*Coco* "Ho-ly Shit! Peter is looking like he wants to pick a fight..."
*Nikki* "That's the last thing we need, better git Chris and head over there,
before Peter gets himself into trouble..."
 *Coco* "Yeah and that guy looks like he could knock Peter out cold. Shit, serves
him right after what he did to Willow..."
 Back over with the three of them Peter pointing a finger at Nathan, sending this confrontation up a notch.
 *Peter* "So does he even know what shit you said about him behind his back?! 
Then the second shit goes south with me you come running back to him?!
 As I recall pencil dick over here wasn't fulfilling your needs!..."
Nathan has had enough, Peter is acting like a completely drunk asshole and is about to get his ass kicked if he doesn't shut up.
 *Nathan* "Her needs are met just fine! Now, get your fucking finger 
outta my face skater boy!"
 Peter drops his hand and leans in, seeing Willow here 
with her ex is eating him up.
 *Peter* "Or what, pencil dick?!..."
*Nathan* "You wanna come at me?!...Go ahead!..."
*Willow* "Peter! Stop this nonsense!!! This is not a pissing contest!"
 Willow puts her hand up and tries to keep Peter at a reasonable distance, but he's much heavier and stronger than her
*Willow* "You're drunk, stop this shit before you get fired!..."
But Peter is way too bullheaded to listen to any reasoning. How dare she bring someone else to his turf, his club, 
and on his birthday no less?!
But Peter and Nathan both begin to see red, Nathan steps out in front of Willow, he's just waiting for Peter to take a swing at him...

*Nathan* "What's going on between Willow and I is none of your gawddamn business, 
you had your chance and screwed it up, so get over it!"
*Peter* "Get over it?! Ha! I'm way over her Pencil Dick, what I don't like is 
you coming here! This shit is my scene so fuck off!"
Willow tries to get Nathan to just drop this and go, because 
Peter is as drunk and stubborn as ever, taunting Nathan 
every time he speaks...
*Willow* "Nathan! Let's just go! He's not worth the trouble..."
*Nathan* "This asshole needs to learn some manners first!...And 
how to treat a lady with respect!"
Peter leans in looking like he is about to take a swing, but Shaun is there just in time he knows Peter is left handed and grabs him by the back of the arm. Peter maybe be lean and tall but he can throw a mean left hook and has been in plenty of fights to prove it. 
But Nathan on the the other hand is stout and strong and
 no doubt can handle himself as well.

*Shaun* "Peter! Cut this shit out man, back away..."
*Peter* "Pencil dick here needs to back down first!..."
But seconds after Shaun is there so is Chris, and he 
immediately gets between the two men.
*Chris* "All right you two! Break it up now! Back away!..."
And as Chris is splitting up the two bullheaded brutes,
 Nikki and Coco, apologize to Willow 
for Peter's drunken behavior.
*Chris* "Peter, just back away...go cool off and sober up, man."
*Peter* "Your ass is mine next time!!!..."
*Shaun* "Peter! Shut the fuck up and let's go man!..."
*Nikki* "Willow, sweetie! It's so good to see you! I'm sorry Peter is being
 a drunk belligerent asshole,  but try to enjoy the rest of the show..."
*Willow* "It's okay, Nikki...I just didn't think he would act this way if I saw him."
*Coco* "Oh honey...Peter's been more upset about y'alls break up than you realize..."
Even Hannah is trying to tame the bull inside of Peter, she too can 
see the hurt on his face, and wonders that if Willow hadn't have
 found her with Peter that morning things might be different. 
But her weakness for Peter is so hard to control...
*Hannah* "Peter! Just calm down! This isn't worth loosing your job over!!!"
*Peter* "Just remember, pencil dick...Me and my big cock is why she left you
 in the first place! That's why she wanted kids with me and that's why you'll
always be her second choice!..."
Peter is drunk and rambling more of his true feelings coming 
out as Shaun and Hannah push him away...
*Chris* "Jezus, Peter! Get the fuck outta here before I have
to remove you!..."
Then Peter turns grabbing Hannah by the hand and 
walks away towards his office. Hannah too is a little shocked by that last bit of info, it's obvious Peter is still getting over her.
*Hannah* "What the fuck was that Peter?! If I didn't know better I'd say 
your still in love with her..."
But Peter doesn't look back or respond to her he just continues 
to walk away and tugs her along with him. Chris and Coco watch to make sure Peter is done making a scene.
*Coco* "Ummmm, so is he bluffing or does he really have a uh?"
*Chris laughs* "After all that just happened your asking me that?! How the fuck
would I know, go ask him yourself..."
As Coco wonders about that little tidbit, her sister continues to smooth things over with Nathan and Willow. She's not happy with Peter at the moment but she's willing to let it slide this once since it's his birthday and the fact that the breakup between them was so  very recent.
*Nathan* "I'm so sorry we caused a scene in your club...We just didn't expect to see him here.
Willow was sure he'd be somewhere else this weekend..."
*Nikki* "It's quite alright Darlin, and I don't fault you with any of this. Peter is just in a bad place right now. Now please enjoy the rest of the show, drinks on me..."
As the show goes back to a normal rhythm, Shaun finds 
his way back to Amari's side.
*Shaun* "Where's Luke and Laura?..."
*Amari looks at him sideways* "I'll give you one guess..."
Shaun then snaps, realizing that they snuck off 
somewhere to be alone.
*Shaun* "Oh shit! you know where they went?..."
*Amari* "Your guess is as good as mine, Baby..."
Amari leans into him and twirls her finger 

around his chain.
*Amari* "Mmmmm, maybe we can sneak off too, I don't think anyone will notice."
*Shaun* "I think we better follow Peter right now, last thing we need is his
dumb ass doing something stupid..."
*Amari sighs* "Yeah, you're right, but Peter can wait just a few minutes."
Amari smiles and they walk away off to go find their
 own space for a few minutes.
Back in Peter's office Luke and Laura are readjusting their clothes and getting presentable to head back out to the show. Before they leave Laura quickly puts Peter's things back on his desk.
 And just in the nick of time too...

 *Peter* "What the fuck are you two doing in here?..."
 Luke tries to find an excuse but his brain is 
still a bit foggy after what just took place,
 so Laura jumps in quickly.
 *Laura* "It's my fault, Peter...I wanted to call and check in on Phoenix...
And it's too loud to do that out there."
 Peter is too distracted to pickup on what was going on, 
but Hannah is not. She knows.
*Peter* "Oh...Okay..."
*Laura* "Everything okay? You look a bit rattled?..."
Luke notices it too, Peter is looking 
a little strung out.
 *Luke* "Yeah, What the fuck, man? You okay?..."
 Peter's not ready to talk about it but decides 
to fill them in a little.
 *Peter* "It's Willow! She was here with her fucking ex-boyfriend
or current boyfriend? Shit! I fucking lost my shit when I saw her!..."
 Then he turns and walks towards his desk to go sit down. 
Luke and Laura look at each other with a bit of shock...
*Luke* "Did you?..."
*Laura* "NO! No, I didn't know she'd be here...I've hardly had a chance
 to talk to her since they broke up."
As Luke and Laura are trying to figure out what went on while they stepped out. Coco shows up at the door of Peter's office.
 *Peter* "What ever it is....Can it wait, Coco?..."
*Coco* "No...We need to talk...
 She turns to Luke and Laura.
 *Coco smiling sweetly* "Can y'all excuse us?..."
 Luke and Laura agree and exit the room right away, 
with them still wondering exactly what went on.
 Then Coco turns back to Peter and Hannah.
*Coco* "That means you too, Blondie..."
 Hannah smiles his big sweet smile at her...
 *Hannah* "Oh, I'm sure Peter is okay with me staying."
*Peter* "Yeah, you better go...I'll meet you back out
there in a few minutes."
So Hannah does as Peter requests and leaves
 the two of them alone. Peter leans back in his chair 
and props his feet on the corner of his desk.
*Peter* "So am I in trouble?..."

To Be Continued...


  1. Yay, I knew it was Willow with Nathan! Very tense story -- Good thing they got Peter calmed down. It would have been too bad for him to have to go to the police station on his birthday! There was sure a lot happening at this party! I did go visit Luke and Laura in the After Dark section. Hope that doesn't make me a peeping Tom! You sure know how to pose your dolls to give them maximum believability!

    Looking forward to the next installment!

    1. Hi Phylllis!
      So glad to hear you enjoyed it! It was quite tense there for a while...Peter seems to be taking this news very hard but even worse the way he handled it. Lol! At peeping Tom I tried to make that scene as romance novel-ish as I could without coming off as too much.
      Glad you enjoyed!!!

  2. How rude of Peter to insult Nathan that way! Even if Willow knew he'd be there, he was screwing around on her, he had no right!

    1. Yes so rude of Peter! He's definitely not in a good place right now and needs to chill...

  3. How will Willow manage to patch things up with Nathan? Men are very sensitive about their anatomy! Looks as if Coco may have sparked an interest in Peter after hearing of his large investment. ;)

    1. I think Peter was just being one gigantic jerk and the name calling was all just to piss Nathan off...
      Coco very well may be interested in Peter but we'll see! :)

  4. Peter is just plain ridiculous. He cheats on Willow, is at the club with the woman he got caught with and he has the nerve to be upset to see her with someone? He would have deserved it is Nathan dropped him on his behind.

    Willow has to stop talking about old boyfriends to new boyfriends. That is absolutely unnecessary. And it does make you wonder why she would get back with Nathan if she was not satisfied with his size. She should have kept that to herself.

    1. I agree! Peter is a total mess at the moment, things were going so well with him and Willow until he screwed it all up. Oh no doubt Peter deserves to get knocked out, lol!
      Sometimes that pillow talk can get you into trouble. We'll get to find out more about Willow's history with Nathan and why the broke up. But with Peter he has a big ego and it doesn't help that he goes around flaunting it...

  5. RIGHT..... do not air out a mans short nor long comings
    I told you Peter wouldn't like her with someone else.....
    GREAT epi....

    1. Lol! Peter is the worst! First he cheats on Willow then he insults her date! yeah he's definitely not happy she's already moved on...

  6. Lots of energy in the club- both good and bad. I love the shots of the crowd enjoying the band. I think Coco is back there to find out what Peter's workin' with- lol.

    1. Well said! yes definitely a lot of energy going on. Glad you enjoyed the pics they were a lot of fun to do! And Coco may very well be trying to find out about Peter, lol!

  7. Wow, it looks like Peter's feeling for Willow may have been stronger than even he realized. I wasn't expecting him to go off like that after he was the one who cheated on her.

    1. Yeah I think Peter was a bit jealous that Willow had moved on so quickly. Plus the fact that he's drunk doesn't help him at keeping control over the situation.

  8. Hannah's response to Coco is... *rolling eyes* Lol!

  9. Hola, qué historia tan dramática.
    Lo que me gusta mucho son tus dioramas y los detalles que incluyes en cada uno.
    Los chicos de tu banda musical me fascinaron , yo estoy ahorrando para uno.