Friday, December 23, 2016

Hey Santa!

As most men do, Luke is waiting on Laura to come downstairs so they can head to the mall. They plan to finish their Christmas shopping and take Phoenix to see Santa! It takes Laura a little longer these days to get down the stairs, she is now in her third trimester and baby is growing quick, so she waddles down the stairs turning to find Luke and Phoenix checking out the tree. Luke looks at his big pregnant wife and smiles.
 *Luke smiles* "You ready, Babe?..."
 *Laura* "Yeah...Did you get Phoenix to go potty? I really don't 
want to get there and he has to go..."
*Luke* "Yeah, he did."
 *Laura* "Okay good...Last thing we need is a grumpy toddler going to see Santa."
Phoenix has been a bit of a struggle to potty train, but he is most stubborn when it comes to public restrooms. So Laura tries to avoid them until he gets more comfortable.
 *Luke*  "Just don't give him anything to drink until after he sees Santa, 
or just put a diaper on him."
Phoenix meanwhile is reaching out for a 
candy cane on the tree.
*Phoenix* "Candy!..."
  *Laura* "No way! Are you crazy?! If I put a diaper on him then he'll never want to use public restrooms...He's gotta learn Luke and giving in is not the answer. Besides I don't wanna be changing his diapers and a newborn's..."
*Luke* "Just this one time won't hurt..."
*Laura* "Absolutely not!...He needs to learn."
*Luke* "Okay...Okay....How about I take him, if he has to go. Sound good?..."
*Laura smiles* "Sounds perfect! Maybe he'll respond better to you. I'm at my wits end 
with him and public restrooms."
So Luke and Laura head out and make their way to the mall. They are not the only ones wanting to see Santa. The line for Jolly St. Nick is getting busy. They better get here soon! Jennifer has brought her two girls to see Santa. Kelly insisted they go, it's always been something they do every year, but Adrianna is too caught up in her phone as usual.
*Jennifer* "Hi!...How much is it to see Santa?..."
*Sales girl* "It's free, but if you'd like pictures...Prices start at five dollars..."
A young mother and her little girl, who is dressed in her 
bunny pj's are currently with Santa. She smiles big, 
so her mom can snap a picture.
*Mom* "Say Christmas Cookies!!!...."
This weekend is dad's turn to spend time with Harry. He is next in line and insisted Dad bring him to see Santa. He wants to make sure that Santa knows what he wants for Christmas. He even brought a list to give to Santa, so he won't forget.
*Harry* "Dad?..."
*Brandon* "Yeah, kiddo?..."
*Harry* "Do you think Santa will bring me all the stuff on my Christmas list?..."
*Brandon* "I dunno...I guess you'll see what Santa brought you
on Christmas morning."
*Harry* "That's why I brought my list, I want to make sure he 
knows exactly what I want!"
*Brandon smiles* "Well I'm sure he knows, but it never hurts to double check."
Behind Brandon and his son Harry is Chloe and Daniel 
with their son Parker.
*Chloe* "Laura said they were bringing Phoenix today too, I wonder if we'll see them."
*Daniel* "That's right! I forgot that's how we first met them, the boys 
were playing with each other."
*Chloe* "I know, can you believe it's been a whole year already!...Time sure does fly. We'll have to have them over after the new year."
While everyone is waiting, the young mother and her 
daughter finish up with Santa and Jennifer and her two girls pay for their pictures they want taken.
*Jennifer* "Okay lemme get package B then, Can I split the pics 
between my two girls?"
*Sales girl* "Yes of course. Okay, one package B, your total comes to $42.19...
Will that be cash or card?"
*Jennifer* "Card..."
Adrianna fiddles with her phone, while her sister
 Kelly waits with mom.
*Adrianna* "Come on you stupid phone! Send the message already!!!"
It's now time to take turns, Harry is next while the young 
mom and her little girl walk away.
*Young mother* "You did great, sweetie! Wasn't that fun seeing Santa?..."
The little girl nods and smiles. Harry does not waste any time
 and gets down to business with his Christmas list.
*Harry* "I know it's a long list, but I really really want all this stuff...And
 I've been really good this year!..."
*Santa* "I see! That is quite a long list, Harry.
*Harry* "I have it listed in order of what I want most...So of course I really really
want wants on the the top of the list more..."
While Harry is busy talking off Santa's ear the camera 
man is ready to take the picture.
*Camera man* "Okay kid, look over here and smile...."
Harry does not hear him so Dad speaks up and tells
 him to pay attention. Harry can talk and talk 
once you get him started...
*Brandon* "Harry, it's time to take the picture...Give me a big smile kiddo."
*Harry* "Oh-kay...."
Harry turns to face the camera man and smiles brightly. Then a big flash as the picture is taken. Meanwhile Pete the off duty cop is working his holiday job as a security officer here in the mall.
*Pete* "Everything is all clear here....I'm gonna continue
 on with my walk through."
Meanwhile Harry managed to take a
 wonderful picture with Santa.
*Brandon* "So did you mange to tell Santa everything you wanted?..."
*Harry* "Yes I did! And I showed him my list..."
*Brandon* "Awesome....Should we get some hot chocolate now?"
*Harry* "Definitely!..."
Next in line is Parker, he squirms a little as mom puts him 
down in some strange man's lap.
*Chloe* "It's okay Parker. You're gonna take a picture with Santa..."
*Parker screams* "No! NO!....NOOOOO!...."
As all that is going on, Luke and Laura show 
up with Phoenix.
*Luke* "Oh man! Someone is not happy, did you hear that?..."
*Phoenix* "Bay-by ck-i-ying..."
*Luke* "Yeah....I sure hope you don't do that..."
*Phoenix* "I not ck-i-ying..."
Laura meanwhile is busy with the sales girl.
*Laura* "Okay, so lets go with package C..."
*Sales girl* "Perfect!...Will you be paying by cash or card?"
*Laura* "Card..."
*Sales girl* "Total comes out to $47.49...You can swipe or insert your card now."
While Luke and Laura pay for their pictures, and Parker sits long enough to take his. Jennifer notices a familiar face pass by.

*Jennifer* "Pete!...."
*Pete* "Jennifer! Hey how's my favorite detective doing?..."
*Jennifer* "I'm are you?..."
As mom talks to her fellow police officer. Adrianna turns 
quickly and whisperers to her sister Kelly.
*Adrianna whispers* "OMG! That guy behind me looks like Captain Jack Sparrow..."
*Kelly turns her head* "What?! Nu-uh..."
*Adrianna whispers* "Yes huh...."
Kelly waits a beat for him to turn then gasps 
when she catches a glimpse.
*Kelly* "Ohmygawd! He does!!..."
*Adrianna whispers* "Shhhhh! Keep your voice down!...Ya dork!"
The girls giggle and snicker, all the while Luke and Laura do 
not notice a thing. They are both busy talking to each other. Phoenix looks down and points at the the water bottle.
*Phoenix* "Mama, Wha-wha!..."
*Laura* "You want some water, pumpkin?..."
*Phoenix* "Wha-wha..."
*Luke* "I thought we were gonna wait on that till he's done with Santa?..."

*Laura* "He's thirsty..."
*Luke* "Last thing we need is him having an accident on Santa's lap. I told you,
we should have just left the pull up diaper on him"
*Phoenix* "Mama!! Wha-wa!..."
*Laura* "I'll just give him a little sip then...If I tell
him no now he'll throw a fit."
*Luke* "Fine..."
As Luke and Laura try to juggle Phoenix's potty training between everything else. Jennifer says goodbye to Pete.
 *Jennifer* "It was good to see you...Merry Christmas."
*Pete* "Merry Christmas, I'll see ya round..."
 Pete walks away and she turns to her daughters to see 
what all the snickering was about.
*Jennifer* "So what is so funny with you two?..."
 So the girls fill in mom on what they were giggling about.
 At the front desk the sales girl welcomes 
are new family to Santa's Village.
*Sales girl* "Hi!...Welcome to Santa's Village...Who's seeing Santa today?..."
 *Malcolm* "Hi...We got two little ones eager to see Santa..."
 The girl tells Malcolm what picture packages he can choose from then he pays. Marissa meanwhile has to remind Julian to behave.
*Marissa* "Julian, git your face off da glass hun, it's dirty..."
*Julian* "But I'm looking at the tiny Christmas trees Mama!"
The family of four gets in line behind Luke and Laura, 
who have managed to stay accident free so far!
Julian races around and blocks the entrance to the line.
*Julian in a playful gruffy voice* "No one can pass on the the bridge to Santa,
unless they pay the troll!"
Then he laughs...Ha ha ha!
*Janessa* "That's not nice Julian!..."
*Malcolm* "Maybe this little troll will let us pass if we
give him some candy..."
Julian looks up at his dad.
*Julian* "Candy?!..."
Malcolm pulls to candy canes out of his pocket...
*Malcolm* "I got one for you and one for your sister...So you ready to
 stand in line with the rest of us?"
 *Julian* "Okay!..."
 While all this is going on, Chloe and Daniel have finished their turn, allowing the next in line for theirs. Adrianna and Kelly sit with Santa to take their pics, while mom watches from the sidelines.
 As Chloe and Daniel walk their way around they spot Luke and Laura. Everyone greets each other with warm hugs and handshakes.
 It's been a while since they have all seen each other, Laura is closer to Chloe so they talk more often.
 *Chloe* "Oh it is so good to see you!..."
She pulls back and looks at Laura.
*Chloe* "My you have grown so much since the last time I saw you."
*Laura* "Yeah, I'm 32 weeks now, he's getting pretty crowed in there now."
Chloe reaches out and touches her belly gently...
 *Chloe* "Hello in there little one!...Have y'all decided
on a name finally?"
*Laura smiles* "Yes we did...but we're keeping it a secret for now."
 *Chloe* "Oh! So you'll announce it after he's born then?"
*Laura* "Yeah..."
While the Allain's say goodbye to the Cooper's the new family behind them waits in line as well.
*Marissa* "This is nice, I'm glad you closed the shop early this year. The
kids are so happy you came along."
*Malcolm* "Me too, Baby..."
Janessa and Julian decide to have a little playful 
sword fight with their candy canes. Until Mom 
and Dad decide to break it up.
*Luke* "You okay, Babe?..."
*Laura squints in a little pain* "Yeah, just my back is getting tired, and he
keeps stretching his feet into my back."
*Luke* "You wanna go sit down while I finish up with Phoenix?..."
*Luke* "You wanna go sit down while I finish up with Phoenix?..."
*Laura* "No, I wanted to get some video of him Santa's lap."
*Luke* "You sure?..."
*Laura smiles* "As long as I get a foot rub from you tonight, I'll be fine."
*Luke smiles* "Is that right?...Of course, Babe."
*Julian* "Daddy?..."
*Malcolm* "Yeah?..."
*Julian* "Do you think if I ask Santa for a real motorcycle for Christmas,
he'll get me one?"
*Malcolm laughs* "Why do you wanna have a real motorcycle?!"
*Julian* "So I can bring it to your motorcycle shop and work on it." *Malcolm* "Well first off you're not old enough for a real one, so Santa is not gonna bring you one. And second, once you get a little older you can come with me to the garage sometimes. How does that sound?..."
*Julian smiles* "Okay!"
Finally! Up next is Phoenix, he rears back away from Santa 
as Luke tries to set him down in his lap.
 *Phoenix* "No! Nooooo!...."
*Luke* "Phoenix, it's okay. It's gotta sit in his lap so he
can bring you toys for Christmas..."
 *Phoenix* 'No!..."
*Camera man* "Just plop him down, Santa is good with the little
ones he'll get him calm."
 Luke does as suggested and sets him down, Santa starts talking and Phoenix listens closely. As Luke is stepping aside
 Malcolm makes a comment.
 *Malcolm* "I like your shirt, man. You ride?..."
 Luke is wearing his Harley Davidson shirt, he stops
 and turns in Malcolm's direction.
*Luke* "Yeah, but the wife would rather I sell it..."
*Malcolm* "Yeah I hear ya there..."
While Luke starts talking with Malcolm, Phoenix managed 
to calm down and take a nice picture with Santa Clause
 Malcolm puts his hand out so Luke can shake
 it and he properly introduces himself.
 *Malcolm* "The names Malcolm Jacobsen..."
*Luke* "Luke Cooper..."
*Malcolm* "I own a body shop, Malcolm's Paint and Body,
so if you ever want to sell it or fix it up.
 *Luke*  "Okay, yeah I know where that is!...I pass your place on my way to
 and from work. I own Vintage Vinyl Records."
 *Malcolm* "Yeah, yeah I've seen it over on 1/6 street..."
*Luke* "Yeah. Hey if you ever wanna swing by on lunch break or something, I'm almost always there. I do need to get some work done on that old bike."
Malcolm reaches into his back pocket to grab a business card.
 *Malcolm* "Let me give you my business card, so if you're
interested just give me a ring."

  *Luke* "Sure...Yeah, definitely. I probably won't be able to get into your shop till the summer, though. Our second child is due in February, so I gotta pay that off first."
*Malcolm* "Oh yeah for sure!...Congratz on your second child, boy or girl?"
*Luke* "Thanks, another boy..."
*Malcolm* "Nice!...Hey my Dad is into old albums you got ones like that?"
*Luke* "Yeah I got all kinds I'm open till Christmas Eve if you want to stop by...."
*Malcolm* "Okay..."
Looks like Luke has made a new friend! And Laura is
 getting very close to her due date now!

The End!

Thanks so much for stopping by! 
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!


  1. Good story. The best part was Adrianna saying Luke looks like Captain Jack Sparrow. I laughed.

    So many good photos with Santa and for the story. The set looks very nice and festive.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Great job as always! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too

  3. What a cute little story and great pictures! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!

  4. Hola, qué bellas fotos. Me encanta la historia; qué gran dedicación pones a tus dioramas, yo admito tu trabajo y dedicación.
    Que pases bonitos días.

  5. Wonderful Christmas story. Great seeing all the families. I'm really glad Phoenix didn't have an accident. That would have been horrible for the rest of the families. I imagine Santa has a change of clothes for things like that. Happy New Year!