Sunday, February 12, 2017

It's time...

I'm rating this episode R for graphic content. 
So if you are squeamish or sensitive this may not be your cup of tea. I wanted to make this as real as possible. I enjoy the challenge of creating, photographing, and bringing my dolls to life
Thank you and enjoy! 

 It's the middle of the night and Laura is suddenly woken up by a wave of pain, that spreads from her back to her belly. She sits up on the edge of the bed and waits for it to pass, it doesn't last too long.
After it passes she sits in bed and sets the timer on her phone 
to see when or if another one comes. 

 After about 10 minutes she starts having another one.
 Laura sits up again finding it more comfortable
 to ride out the contraction.
 *Laura* "Oh!...Mmm...that one is a little strong."
After about 30-40 minutes of consistent contractions,
 Laura decides she better wake Luke up.
*Laura* "Luke, wake up...I think it's time."
Luke stirs a little he is still very groggy not realizing
 yet what she is telling him.
*Luke* "Huh?....What?..."
*Laura* "I think I'm in labor..."
Luke hears her now and his eyes fly open.
*Luke* "You're having contractions?..."
*Laura* "Yes!...I have been for awhile now, I just didn't
 want to wake you till I felt more sure. I think we better call Kenzie..."
 Luke sits up in the bed so he can face her.
*Luke* "Uh...okay....yeah. I'll call her, let her know what's going on..."
*Laura* "Okay...I'm gonna get in the shower."
*Luke* "Did your water break?..."
 *Laura* "No...I'll just feel better if I shower before we go."
*Luke* "Okay..."
The two get showered and dressed, then they wait downstairs for Kenzie to arrive. She doesn't take long to get there, and after a quick chat, Luke and Laura head out the door and make their way to the hospital. 
 *Laura* "Okay, if there's an emergency you know what to do. Also if you can't get Luke on the phone, call my Dad, he's always got his on. You can call the hospital, too. 
The number is on the fridge."
 *Luke* "Babe, she knows what to do...Now let's go."

*Laura* "I know but it never hurts to make sure..."
*Kenzie* "Don't worry Mrs. Cooper, I got it taken care of."
*Laura* "Thank you, Kenzie...And give Phoenix a kiss for me. 
I didn't want to wake him.'
*Kenzie* "Sure thing..."   
 So Luke and Laura head out,  Laura leaves messages with her parents and her sister while they drive. It's still so early in the morning that everyone is still asleep.
 Once they arrive, one of the nurses walks them to one of 
the labor and delivery rooms and begins the process.
*Nurse* "Okay, first I need you to get changed and
then we'll get you all checked in...Is this your first pregnancy?"
Laura looks in the direction of the bed while Luke sets down her bag he carried in. The second time around everything feels a little familiar for Luke and Laura, but still very nerve wracking at the same time. You always want everything to go smooth.
*Laura* "No, this is my second...."
*Nurse smiles* "Then you know more or less what to expect. Let's get you changed
and I'll have Bella hook you up to all the those fun wires
while I get you checked in...."
After one nurse finishes getting Laura settled in bed, the other 
continues to type in info as she continues to
 ask Laura more questions.
 *Nurse* "Your last birth was vaginal or C-section?..."
*Laura* "Vaginal..."
*Nurse* "Did you have to be induced or any other complications?..."
*Laura* "No, it went pretty smooth, although my water did
break with my first pregnancy."
 The nurse continues typing and notices Laura 
is having another contraction.
 *Nurse* "Looks like you're having another one. Once it passes I need to
 check and see how much you have dilated...Are they getting more intense?"
 *Laura* "Yeah, they are..."
While Laura is talking to the nurse, Luke's phone starts 
buzzing, it's his mother in law calling. Luke steps away to answer it, 
while the nurse checks on Laura.
*Luke* "Hi, Krystal..."
*Krystal on speakerphone* "Hi, Luke! I got Laura's message, we are
almost there! How is she doing?"
 *Luke* "She's good,  her contractions are about 5 minutes apart now, the nurse
is checking on her right now..."
Luke paces the floor while he's on the phone.
*Krystal* "Okay, what room are y'all in?..."
*Luke* "We're in room 210..."
*Krystal* "Great! Tell Laura we'll be there soon!..."
*Luke* "Will do..."
*Krytal* "Okay, Bye Luke..."
*Luke* "See you soon."
While Luke was on the phone, the nurse was busy finishing
 her assessment of how far dilated Laura is.
*Nurse* "Okay, you are moving along very well, about 5cm now...I'll be
back to check on you in few."
The nurse then gets up and goes to make her rounds. Luke helps Laura sit up as another contraction starts to begin. They are getting stronger but she can still manage to carry on a conversation at this point.
*Luke* "Your parents are on the way they should be here soon..."
*Laura* "Okay...and what about your Mom?"
*Luke* "She's out of town, remember? I called her and left a message."
*Laura* "Oh, that's right...When will she be back?"
*Luke* "I dunno, she hasn't said. I think she's still taking care of my Aunt's estate."
Laura winces a little.
*Luke* "You need me to rub your back?..."
*Laura* "Yeah, put a little pressure down low..."
Luke begins to rub her back a little bit, as Laura 
breaths through the building contraction. This time around 
things seem to be moving a little faster.
*Laura looks up at him* "You can stop, the contraction is over."
*Luke continuing to rub her back lightly* "Just trying to help you relax, Babe.
Are they getting more intense?..."
*Laura* "Yeah they're getting there..."
*Luke* " You need me to get you anything? You thirsty?...
*Laura* "No, I'm good..."
Then the door swings open and Laura's parents walk in and Krystal is all bubbly and excited, she can't wait to meet her new grandbaby.
*Luke* "Hey, how was the drive?..."
 *Krystal* "Smooth!....There is absolutely no 
traffic this early on a Sunday morning!..."
*Scott* "How you doin' Darlin?..."
*Laura smiles a little* "So far so good..."
Then Laura begins to feel another contraction build.
 Krystal puts down her bag and is by Laura's side immediately. 
Luke turns and says hello to Scott.
 *Scott* "Hey Luke...."
*Luke smiles* "Hey Scott..."
*Scott* "Baby Fin!...He's on his way...You know, Phoenix
 is gonna have quite a shock when y'all come home with the new baby..."
*Luke* "Oh, yeah...Laura is worried he's gonna act out.."
*Scott* "It's gonna take some adjustment for him."
Scott takes a seat on the couch while Luke turns 
his attention back to Laura. 
*Scott* "Michelle and Ben are on their way..."
Quite a bit more time passes, Luke and Krystal continue to take turns helping Laura through her more intense contractions. As Laura takes a breather, the nurse checks her again. Krystal lightly dabs the 
sweat off her forehead, with a cool towel.
*Luke rubbing her hand* "You're doing great, Babe...You're almost there."
*Laura asking the nurse* "Can I start pushing?...
*Nurse* "No, not yet Mamma..."
  *Nurse* "You're about 8cm now...I'm gonna page Dr. Evens. You
should be ready to push here real soon, okay?"
 *Nurse* "You rest as much as you can now, between those
 contractions...This is the last stretch now."
The nurse gets up to go get the staff prepared for delivery.
Laura looks up at Luke, and he knows she is having another contraction, he helps her to sit up. As Laura leans into him, he rubs her lower back. Krystal places the cool towel on the back of Laura's neck. The room is quiet while Laura focuses on her breathing.
*Laura* "Mmmmm hehehooo, hehehooo...."
*Krystal* "You're doing excellent sweetie...It's almost over."
Then as the contraction subsides Laura panics the next one is about a minute away now, the pain is getting more intense the urge to push is very strong now...She leans her head onto Luke's chest, catching her breath as best she can before the next one.
*Laura* "I need to push! Where's the doctor?..."
*Krystal looks at Luke*  "Should I go get the nurse?..."
*Luke* "She said she would be back with Dr Evans..."
*Laura* "Just go get her!..Ughn!! It's starting again."
*Krystal* "That was less than a minute apart...Okay...I'll go find the nurse..."
Krystal steps away to go see where the nurse is 
when Michelle and Benjamin finally show up. 
Krystal stops to greet her.
*Michelle* "Hey, Mamma! How's it going?"
*Krystal* "It's moving pretty fast! I think Lil' Fin is ready to make his appearance."
Luke stays with Laura until the contraction ends. She's starting to get real weary now, and her body is feeling it. While in between contractions Michelle takes a second to say hello to her sister. And Luke shakes hands with Ben.
*Michelle* "How are you?"
*Laura half a smile* "Tired...but glad it will be over soon."
*Michelle* "I must say, you're super brave, I don't think I would be able
to  do this without some pain killers.
Laura hunches over...
 *Laura* "It's just like hav....ughn! Oh, here comes another one! Luke!"
Michelle quickly steps out of the way, 
she clearly wants Luke. Michelle is a little freaked out, 
Laura is usually so calm and collected.
*Luke starts rubbing her back again* "I'm here, Babe..."
*Laura breathing* "Hehehooo, hehehoooo...."
*Michelle* "Ohmygosh!....She's like in serious pain!..."
*Benjamin* "She's having a baby, Darlin'...I'm sure it hurts a little."
 *Michelle* "A little?!....Oh I'm gettin' a epidural!..."
*Benjamin chuckles a bit* "As long as you're having my baby,
 I'll git you whatever you want Darlin'..."
Laura continues to lean into Luke for support, 
while her contraction moves through her body. They are full 
force right now, she's ready to have this baby.
*Laura* "HeheHooo....HeheHooooooo....HeheHooo..."
*Luke* "Almost there, Babe, almost there.....
Then the door swings open and Dr. Evans steps into the room 
along with the two nurses who will be helping.
 *Dr. Evans in a bit of a sing song voice* "Hello!....How is Mamma?..."
 While Dr. Evans checks on Laura, two of the nurses suit up for the birth, while the third nurse ushers out Michelle and Benjamin.
 *Nurse Bella* "How's your morning going so far?..."
*Nurse Gunn* "Good....Been pretty quiet so far."
Meanwhile the third nurse is asking Michelle and Ben 
to wait outside till after the baby is born.
 *Nurse Marissa* "I need y'all to wait outside, we've got way too may bodies in here at the moment...There are some chairs out in the hallway."
*Michelle* "Okay...Can we come in after he's born?..."
*Nurse Marissa* "Yes of course..."
Benjamin and Michelle go to sit outside in the hallway...
*Benjamin* "What's wrong, Darlin'?...You look a bit stunned."
*Michelle* "I...uh...I just...I can't believe he's finally gonna be here! Seems like
it was just yesterday, now I'm gonna be an Aunt for the second time!..."
Nurse Marissa closes the door as Dr. Evens checks to 
make sure Laura is at 10cm and ready to push.
*Dr Evans* "You are fully dilated my dear. I need you to scoot your bottom
to the edge of the table."
With Luke and Krystal's help Laura scoots down 
to edge of the birthing table.
  Doctor Evans gets suited up and ready to catch Baby Phineas, 
but before she can do that she helps Laura
 by breaking her water.
 *Dr. Evans* "Okay here we go...Are you ready?"
 *Laura* "Yes!..."
After that, Laura is good to go she closes her eyes and
 focuses all her energy on pushing.
 *Laura* "Ughnnnnn!.."
As that contraction stops, Laura takes a 
moment to catch her breath...
*Dr Evans* "Here comes another one, give me a good push, Laura 

*Laura* "Ughnnnnnnn!!..."
 She stops and catches her breath again. Luke 
gives her a little pep talk.
*Luke* "You're doing good, Babe...almost there."

 Laura bears down hard and pushes for as long as she can, 
then stops to catch her breath till the next contraction comes.
*Dr Evans* "Doing good is starting to give me another good push."
*Laura closes her eyes and focuses* "Ughnnnn!!!!"
She pushes until she can't anymore, catching her 
breath again.
*Laura breathing fast* "I'm so tired...I..."
*Dr Evans* "I know you are, but you're doing so're so close to the
finish line. Just a couple more..."
  *Laura* "I just need a break...."
*Dr. Evans* "No, no, no! must push again, Sweetie!..."
*Luke* "You can do it babe, c'mon baby..."
 Luke coaches her through, knowing she is and exhausted
 and ready to be done pushing.
 *Luke* "You're doing it, Babe...his head is almost out!"
 *Laura* "Ughnnnnn!!!..."
Dr Evans continues to assist as Laura does the grunt work, 
Phineas' head begins to crown and Laura can feel she is near the end.
*Dr Evans* "Just give me one more good push, Laura...
Baby's heading crowning."

 Laura bears down one last time, putting all of the 
last bit of energy she has into this final push.
*Laura* "Ughnnnnn!!!...Uhhhhhh!"
Then at 9:55 a.m. on Sunday February 12th, 2017 with help from Dr. Evans, Phineas comes splooshing out. Laura's eyes fly open meeting with Luke's who is looking down at her smiling.
*Luke* "You did it Babe, he's amazing!...You're amazing!...I love you so much,
you have no idea..."
Laura looking a bit tired and breathless, 
smiles up at him.
*Laura* "Oh I think I do, I love you too..."
*Krystal* "I agree Sweetheart you did any amazing job, and Phineas is finally here!"
While Luke praises his wife for a job well done, Dr. Evans assists Phineas in taking his first breath, and suddenly the room is filled with his tiny cry as he takes in oxygen.
After the nurse assists Dr. Evans with cutting the umbilical cord, Phineas is placed in Laura's arms. Finally coming face to face
 with him after nine long months. Phineas cries softly, 
his eyes shut tight.
*Laura in a soft voice* "Why hello, Phineas!..."
*Krystal* "Oh! He is just so precious! He is absolutely beautiful, Laura."
 *Luke* "Wow! He's just so different from Phoenix..."
*Laura* "I think he looks a lot like you, Baby.  Look at the nose, he has your nose.."
 *Krystal* "Yeah, he looks more like Daddy..."
 Krystal pops her head up to look at her husband.
*Krystal* 'Did you get pictures, Honey?..."
 *Scott* "I sure did Darlin, Look up at me and smile..."
While Scott takes pictures, Luke and Laura focus on each 
other and their new baby boy. Luke kisses her forehead.
 *Luke* "I don't know how you do it, but you're amazing..."
 *Laura* "We're a team remember, I could have never done it without you..."
Luke turns to face Scott who is congratulating him 
on a job well done.
*Scott* "Luke, you got yourself a fine looking baby boy there!...Y'all did good, real good."
*Luke* "Thanks, Scott, he is...and I'm glad Phoenix now has a brother."
While eveyone Oooo's and Ahhhh's over the new baby 
Dr. Evans and her nurse work on the after birth of the placenta.
And the other nurse gets ready to check up on baby.
Michelle and Ben are allowed to come back in, 
and see Mamma and baby.
*Michelle* "Awwww! He's so cute!!! And his tiny little coos..."
 Dr. Evans gets up, her work here is done, the nurse helps 
her to get out of the blue gown and clean up begins.
 *Dr. Evans* "Good work, Bella. Everything went nice and smooth..."
Meanwhile the other nurse comes to take baby so she can 
measure him, weigh him and clean him up some.
 *Nurse smiling* "I hate to take him away, but I gotta have a look-see at him,
I'll bring him back to you shortly..."
*Laura* "Okay..."
She walks with Phineas to her small portable table
 and goes to work cleaning him up.
*Nurse* "Let's get you cleaned up, so I can get you back to Mamma..."
After a more thorough cleaning she measures his
 length and takes his weight.
 Across the room Dr. Evans congratulates Laura 
on a job well done.
While clean up continues behind them...
*Dr. Evans* "You're a natural, did very well.
Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy."
*Laura* "Thank you Dr. Evans..."
*Dr. Evans* "I'll see you soon for your postpartum checkup..."
*Laura smiles* "Yes, of course..."
Then Dr. Evans turns her attention to Luke.
*Dr. Evans* "And congratulations to the Father as well! You are a excellent coach...
helping your wife through her delivery..."
*Luke* "Thank you, but Laura is pretty amazing all on her own..."
*Dr. Evans smirks* "Indeed! And remember, the shop is closed for a month..."
Luke almost blushes at her comment but does not,
they all wave her off as she makes her exit.
*Dr. Evans* "Enjoy that baby y'all!..."
Now the nurse has come back with Phineas, who's been 
cleaned up and wrapped up and much more content.
*Nurse* "Someone is ready for his Mamma!!!...."
Laura stretches out her arms for her new bouncing baby boy,
 so the nurse can place him there.
*Nurse* "Congratulations y'all....He's 8lbs 9oz and 20 inches long...He's a good sized baby."
*Laura* "He sure is...Hello, beautiful!..."
*Nurse* "I'll be back to git him when they move you to recovery."
*Laura* "Okay..."
Then the last two nurses walk away and exit the room. 
Leaving the family to enjoy their new baby.
*Nurse Gunn* "When's your shift end?..."
*Nurse Marissa* "I'm pulling a double cause, Sandra is out."
*Nurse Gunn* "Ah okay..."
Meanwhile everyone else has squeezed onto to the tiny 
couch to see the pictures that Scott took.

*Krystal* "Oh, that's a good one, Honey. We'll have to frame that one for Laura."
While Luke and Laura have a moment to themselves....
*Luke* "I love you, Babe..."
*Laura* "I love you too..."
Everyone gathers back around Laura so they 
can each hold Baby Phineas.
*Scott* "It's a little easier the second time around, right?..."
*Luke smiles* "A little...You ready to hold him, Krystal?"
 *Krystal* "You betcha I am!..."
Luke passes him to Krystal and she scoops him up. Lighting up immediately, smiling uncontrollably at this tiny little miracle.
 *Krystal* "He's so different than Phoenix! I wonder what color his eyes will be...
So hard to tell when they're first born.
 *Michelle* "Hey! Don't hog my nephew too much! I want to hold him too..."
 *Krystal* "Oh of course, Honey!...I could just hold him forever though."
 Krystal passes him to Michelle, she's a little less comfortable 
holding babies but does just fine.
 *Michelle* "Ohhhh! His little grunts are so cute!...He is just adorable sis..."
 *Benjamin* "You're a cute lil' thang!...."
 *Laura* "You know we're all dying to know when you two will have one..."
*Benjamin* "That's up to Michelle..."
 *Michelle* "Oh, it's gonna be a bit longer...I'm really enjoying my job right now."
*Laura* "That's good...Yeah a baby would change all that..."
*Benjamin* "We can always hire a nanny..."
*Michelle* "No way, I want to stay home. Holding him is so wonderful,
I wouldn't want to miss out on that...."
 *Krystal* "When the time is right you'll know Sweetie...And I want to
 be the first to know when you do!"
 *Michelle smiles* "You're first on my list Mom."
 *Benjamin* "Hey! You two want to go to brunch with us. I don't know about
y'all but I'm pretty hungry and it's gettin' close to lunch time..."
 *Scott* "Sure! Sounds good to me..I thinks it's high time we let Mom and Dad relax with baby."
After everyone leaves Luke and Laura are left alone with their new baby boy. Luke attempts to crawl into the hospital bed next to her but he's having some trouble fitting.
 *Luke* "Dang! Are these beds getting smaller?!"
*Laura giggles lightly* "Maybe your ass is getting bigger..."
*Luke laughs* "Hey! Shouldn't you be a little too tired to be that snarky?..."
*Laura smiling down at Phineas* "I am tired, but holding this little fella
gives me life. He's gorgeous ain't he?..."
*Luke* "Yes he is. You did great, Babe. He's beautiful..."
*Laura* "We did great...."
Phineas coos softly as his proud parents look down on him, 
loving their new beautiful baby boy.
Thank you so much for tuning in!
I hope y'all enjoyed
I had a lot of fun putting this episode together and I couldn't have done it either without the awesome help I got from my friend Nilsa!
Thank you! 😘😘😘
She even brought this fantastic creation for the proud new parents!

Dolly friends are the best!


  1. Aww, what a beautiful new baby boy. Is that the same baby you used for Phoenix when he was born? You were right, this story was quite graphic, but I do love the realism you put in to your photos for your stories.

    1. Hi Phyllis!
      Thank you, I am so glad you enjoyed it. Yes I felt I should warn y'all so people could choose not to view. But I tried to keep in minimal but let it flow with the story at the same time. No it is not the same baby that I used for Phoenix, I made a new one just for this episode, and I'll use him for awhile till I find or figure out what I will do.

  2. Awesome episode! You have to tell me how you did that baby head popping out photo. So realistic.

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    1. Glad you liked the basket Jaye!!

    2. Hi Jaye!
      Thank you so much! I am so glad you enjoyed it. I made a piece out of polymer clay for that photo of the head crowning. Then enhanced it with hair and paint.
      I am really happy how the room turned out, lol! Avery should totally come deliver her baby here hehe!
      Yes, the gift basket was a very nice surprise.

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    1. Thank you Nilsa!
      I don't think I would have pulled it off in time with out your help! lol!

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    1. Thank you! Luke and Laura are so glad he's finally here, and so am I, lol! Yes, Laura is a sweetheart, now I don't think her sister Michelle will be the same way,haha! oh, I'm sure Krystal will be there to help out for awhile. She loves spending time with the grandbabies :)

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