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Fat Tuesday at Bull Tavern....

 This Episode is rated R for adult language. 
Read at your own risk!

Hi everyone! Thank you with being so patient with me, I hated that this has taken me so very long to get another episode up but real life calls and I have had to put the doll story aside for a while. So to pick up where we left off I am starting way back in February with Fat Tuesday at Bull Tavern, then we'll pick it up and fast forward to a more present day time frame. I have some big story line planned so I am hoping to execute it all this summer where I feel I will have more time for it all. we go! Let's get started!
It's late in the evening and Bull Tavern is packed to the gills with customers, that are coming and going. Fat Tuesday is always a busy time of year for them.
 The guys didn't get so sit in their usual booth, so they are in the back of the bar sitting around a table. They like to get together and have drinks and shoot the breeze at least a few times a month, more if they an swing it. Today joining them for the first time is a new friend to the group, Malcolm. Luke met him while they were waiting in line for Santa at the mall this year. The two have become really good friends and have a lot in common.
So today Luke thought it would be nice to introduce him to his other two close buddies. Malcolm has just shown up so Luke gets up and 
introduces him to the guys.
  *Luke* "Malcolm, this is Peter..."
*Peter shakes his hand* "Hey man what's up..."
*Malcolm* "Hi, good, good thanks..."
*Luke* "And this is Shaun, who you may recognize
 since he was in the band Rock Candy, with Rufus Blue..."
*Shaun shakes his hand* "Nice to meet ya, man...I saw the work you did
 on Luke's bike nicely done."
*Malcolm* "Thanks, thanks man....yeah Luke gave me a lot of creative freedom
 on that one. Wow! Rock Candy, huh?...Do you miss it all?"
*Shaun* "Sometimes I do, but we got a good steady gig here in town, so
 I'm liking the downtime here, but I wanna hear more about your business. Luke's got me interested."
*Malcolm* "Yeah sure, sure!..."
So Malcolm takes a seat at the table while the two
 continue to talk, Luke chats with Peter.
*Luke* "So how's shit going with you?..."
*Peter* "Good, I guess...staying busy with work. I go back to the late 
night schedule next week. How's Laura and Fin doing?"
*Luke* "They're both doing really good...What's up with you and Hannah?"
*Peter* "What do you mean?..."
*Luke* "Did you piss her off or something?..."
Peter looks up to see Hannah waiting on a couple
 up at the front of the bar. 
 She has avoided their table since they have been here. The other waitress Sable has been taking care of them. Hannah was always their waitress when she was working, so it is obvious 
to Luke that something was up.

*Peter* "No....Shit's good between us. She's got a boyfriend, apparently...
Well, that's what she told me last time we spoke. "
Luke's face lightens at the response, he just assumed Hannah 
was mad at him. Seems she finally gave up at thinking 
they would have a relationship.
*Luke* "Ah!....So she finally got tired of being your fucking
 doormat...Good for her."
Peter leans back and rubs the back of his neck. He did not desire a relationship with her. Plus they did not have a whole lot in common and sex between them lately had been awkward.
*Peter* "Eh! I was getting tired of her anyways....Time to find some new ass to pound!..."
Luke just shakes his head as Peter scans the bar for 
any potential girls that would catch his attention. Peter just can't seem to settle for one girl. While Luke and Peter were chatting 
so was Shaun and Malcolm.
*Shaun* "Man, I'm so glad Luke found you, I've been looking for a good, reliable artist to
do some work on my cars. I'm a muscle car man myself..."
*Malcolm* "Yeah, what kinda car you got?..."
*Shaun* "I've got several, but the one I'm looking to get work done on is actually an old VW van.
*Malcolm* "Yeah we can do that...Just stop on by one day and we'll git it going."
*Shaun* "Cool, do you do rebuild it all there?..."
*Malcolm* "For the most part...depends on the job and what it requires....We got a great mechanic but since you've got the VW that might require some extra hands...."
Peter spots a girl, and quickly nudges Shaun with his elbow.

*Peter* "Hey, look! That blond over there keeps looking over here, either she recognizes you 
or she wants to fuck me. Cause she looks bored as fuck!...."
 *Shaun smiles and laughs* "Fuck you! I've had more groupies than you can imagine..."
*Peter* "I don't need groupies once the word is out somewhere, girls just fall at my fucking feet. Look at her she knows I can put a smile on that face. Turn that fucking
frown upside down make her beg for more...."
*Shaun laughs* "Okay Romeo....So go over there and help a girl out...Since she
keeps staring over here. Then we'll see if she was into you or if she was looking at me."
*Peter* "Hell, nawh!...She looks like she couldn't handle lil' Pete...besides
She's on a date and I'm kinda tired of blonds right now."
*Shaun* "Tired?! Since when are you ever tired of potential pussy and give a shit
weather she's on a date or not?..."
*Peter* "Ehhh....I just don't get that vibe from her....I mean she looks hot but she's just, I dunno..."
*Shaun* "Yeah, that face she's making ain't helping...."
*Peter* "The guy must be a fuckin' tight ass. She looks real
disinterested and he just keeps talking..."

Peter and Shaun stare at her again and she just looks blankly in their direction. The guy she is with must be a total bore. 
To break up the silence Malcolm decides to make small talk and get to know the guys better. They definitely know each other well, 
so he feels a tad like the odd man out.

 *Malcolm* "So y'all have known each other for quite a while now huh?..."
*Luke* "Oh yeah....well Peter and I go way, way back, known each other since we're 17...."
*Peter raises his mug* "Bros before hoes!!!...Well not
 anymore cuz you two fucks are tied down!"
Shaun immediately makes a face, what is it with Peter and his ego tonight? Some days it's just too much to handle.
*Shaun* "Tied down? I ain't tied down....I'm not even living with Mari."
*Peter* "You're exclusive right? Can't get much more tied down than that!"
 *Shaun* "Fuck you! At least I can hold on to a good woman...The grass not always
greener on your side." 
*Malcolm* "Well I have to say my grass is pretty green from where I'm
sittin' and I gotta wife n two kids..."
*Luke* "Peter you need to chill or get fucking layed choose one..."
*Shaun* "Yeah c'mon Pete! What the fuck is wrong with you tonight?..."
Luke knows exactly what is going on with Peter tonight. It's eating him up that Hannah is no longer throwing herself all over him like a little groupie. She's done and over with Peter and it seems
 like for real this time! 
*Luke* "He's lost his go to girl, Hannah has finally blew him off for good...So I'd say
 he's short on his booty call quotas for the week..."
Shaun busts out laughing...Peter is always driven by sex, 
and when he's not hopping from one girl to the next, 
he's usually got at least one back up booty call. 
*Shaun still laughing a bit* "Shit! I shoulda known!...That's why she never 
waited on our table tonight."
 Peter chugs the last of his beer in silence. 
A few minutes later their waitress of the evening Sable walks by. 
Shaun touches her gently on the elbow to catch her attention...
*Sable* "Oh, Hey fellas! How's it going over here?...Anything else I can get ya?..."
 They all smile at her and nod...

*Shaun* "Yeah, can we get some hot wings, onion rings, and some chicken tenders. Oh! and another pitcher of beer...Put it all on my tab."
She usually doesn't get to wait on these guys, cause Hannah always did. Seeing Shaun up close and talking to him has really got her in a tizzy. She was always a huge fan of Rock Candy.
*Sable smiles wide* "Yeah, sure thing! I'll put in the order and be back with that pitcher of beer...."
So the guys dig in and fill up on beer and appetizers, 
thanks to Shaun.
 Mini appetizers made by 
SandSSweetMinis on Etsy
Go check her out!
 After the guys have filled up on food, 
they continue to chat.
*Peter belching* "Well that hit the spot!..."
*Shaun fanning the air between them* "Shit! If chicks only knew how
 disgusting you really are!..."
*Peter with sarcasm* "Chicks dig it..."
Shortly after the guys decide to play a game of pool before they call it a night. Something they always enjoyed to do together when they were touring. It was a nice way to unwind.
Peter happens looks across the room and notices a very familiar face
 has entered the bar. He bursts out in excitement and leans in 
to speak to Luke, who is standing next to him.
*Peter* "Fuuuck! Look who just showed up!..."
*Luke* "What?! Who?!..."
Luke pops his head up trying to find who he 
is talking about.
*Peter* "Straight across, man... Your fucking 12 O'clock."
*Luke* "Oh, shit! What is she doing here?..."
Across the bar Willow is greeting a group of women, 
that neither Peter nor Luke recognize.
*Peter gets defensive* "How the fuck would I know! Not like we keep in touch...Besides she has to
 know I'm here, she'd recognize my car when she saw it...."
Luke turns to look at Peter, his behavior is a tad off.
 *Luke* "Shit! I fucking knew it! You're still hung up on her..."
*Peter nervously scratches his head* "No! Fuck no....I just find it odd she
would meet people here for drinks. She knows this is our hang out. Fuck it,
I shoulda never said anything..."
*Luke* "Well at least she doesn't have to worry about you cheating with Hannah!..."
The guys laugh again at Peter's expense, 
he is so easy to tease.
*Peter* "I fuckin' thought we broke up!..."
*Shaun* "Quit your bitching, we all know you regret fucking shit up with her. If
she wants to meet friends here for drinks it's her fuckin' choice!...Now be a man and
go refill our beer."
*Malcolm jokingly* "Yeah...go get us a refill on beer and see if she smiles your way...
You said it yourself women are sweet on you."
 The guys all laugh again at Malcolm's idea but not Peter.
*Peter* "Fuck no! She had her chance on Halloween. Then bolted on me..."
*Luke and Shaun* "Halloween?!..."
Meanwhile, Willow sits down with the group of ladies 
she was meeting.
*Willow* "Hey y'all, sorry I'm late...did I miss anything?"
*Meiying* "You missed this really hot guy come hit on Diana."
*Saffron* "Yeah, Sis....he looked like that guy from those movies, he was so hot."
Saffron is Willow's younger half sister. They don't have a whole lot in common besides sharing the same mother. Tonight she was invited be her sister to come have drinks with her friends.
Diana shakes her head and waves off their comments.
*Diana* "The girls exaggerate! He was okay, a little too grumpy if you ask me."
*Saffron* "Yeah he was grumpy cause you turned him down!..."
The girls all giggle, Diana is lovely she always 
gets the boys attention.
 *Diana* "Well you look super hot tonight, planning on taking anyone home?..."
*Willow blushes* " I'm still dating Nathan."
*Diana* "I thought you finally broke it off with that muscle bound brute?..."
*Willow* "Well...we're trying to work things out. He's not a bad guy, just a little misunderstood."
 *Meiying* "You know we're here for you...Maybe it's best just to be single for awhile."
*Saffron* "Yeah, hang out with us single ladies and just have some fun..."
*Diana* "Oh! There's our waitress, you need a drink girl..."
Diana flags down their waitress, while Willow 
recognizes the guys playing pool. There he is looking as cute as ever, seeing his face brings a whole flood of feelings back, 
both good and bad...
*Diana* "Yoohoo! My friend needs a drink..."
At the back of the bar, Sable cleans up the guy's table. Peter quickly fills them in on what happened on Halloween night.  
*Peter* "So I was out there for a smoke and outta nowhere, she 
comes storming out into the fucking alley...."
Peter glances towards the table of ladies she is sitting with and they lock eyes. Willow knows he is here now and Peter knows she knows now, what will she do? Then Peter turns back and finishes his story.
 *Peter* "Now, I'm surprised as fuck to see her there but she didn't look so shocked to see me, I'm telling you she was fucking out there for one reason!"
*Luke* "You think every woman is after you for one reason..."
*Peter* "Yeah well when your packing heat word gets around fast. Plus I know 
pencil dick ain't making her happy..."
*Shaun* "So if she is only after one thing, why couldn't you seal the deal?..."
*Peter shrugs* "How the hell should I know! She wanted it one minute I was between her legs and the next minute she fucking bails on me. My guess is it has to do with that fucking pencil dick ex-boyfriend of hers...You know he was in the club, I saw him after I had my smoke." 
*Malcolm* "I'm confused...I thought you were her ex-boyfriend.."
*Luke* "It's a long story, man....Peter's always got chick problems...Another reason I chose monogamy. I'm personally too old for that shit. "

The guys all laugh and continue their game of pool while they chat. Luke is sizing up his next move.
 *Malcolm* "Yeah monogamy got a bad rap...I wanna see you hit this corner pocket..."
*Luke* "Okay...I'll take that challenge...Ima little rusty but I think I can bank that shot just fine."
*Malcolm* "If your a master pool hustler then you can, no doubt."
*Peter* "I don't know why you're ragging on me. You couldn't keep your dick your pants
when your Ex Rufus showed up in town..."
*Luke* "That was different and don't act like it wasn't..."
*Peter* "No it wasn't!...and you fuckin' made shit worse knockin' her up!"
*Luke* "Pete! Shut the fuck up man...I'm concentraing."
*Malcolm* "Damn, you two bicker like an old married couple!..."
Peter looks back again in Willow's direction and Shaun notices...
*Shaun* "Shit Pete! Just go fucking talk to her and stop staring, now
you're creeping me out!..."
*Peter* "Fuck no!...No way am I gonna subject myself to the scrutiny for four
 angry, judgemental females."
Meanwhile back in the booth, Willow now has her glass of wine. She sips it slowly as she stares across the room, the girls are all lost in conversation but Willow.
As the girls are discussing work, relationships and life, 
Diana notices Willow seems a bit distracted. 
*Diana* "Hey Willow, everything okay?...Meiying asked you a question."
 *Willow* "Huh?! Oh, I'm sorry I just...I was thinking about something."
*Diana* "Oh it's okay. We're just wondering how work is going with the new project."
 *Meiying* "Yeah, I'm curious to see if you have any pictures of your new artwork."

*Willow* "Oh, y'all know I don't like to show anyone till it's done. I never take 
pictures of my art, that would jinx it."
*Diana* "So you're not even tempted once to snap a pic with your phone?..."
*Willow* "No, it's a process and taking a picture ruins it..."
*Meiying* "I respect that, that's how you do you..."
 *Willow* "It is...can y'all excuse me one moment..."
 After Luke finishes his turn and sinks the ball, it is now Peters.  
He takes the pool cue gets ready to take his shot.
  Luckily Luke left a easy shot for him, but then he is distracted by Shaun's quick outburst of surprise.
 *Shaun* "Holy shit! Speak of the devil..."
Peter's head flies up nearly hitting the hanging light 
that sits over the pool table.
*Peter* "What the fuck?! You trying to make me miss?..."
Then in an instant his eyes lock onto the figure that
 is walking towards them. As Luke is reaching for his 
beer he pauses to say hello, Laura is still friends with Willow, 
so Luke sees her from time to time.
*Luke* "Hey, how's it going?..."
*Willow smiles* "Good, how's Laura and the baby?..."
*Luke* "They're doing great, you should stop by and see them..."
*Willow* "Tell her, I'll call her..."
Luke nods in agreement and Willow heads off to her destination she was headed. While she was talking with Luke the guys watch Peter still trying to act casual but can't keep his eyes off her.
 His eyes following up the length of her long legs, she is dressed to kill tonight. Not her usual style, Peter can't help but notice.
*Malcolm* "Wow! She is gorgeous....I can now see why you're still
hung up on her, man. She's angelic..."
Willow walks past Luke and turns her head in Peter's direction, she gives no emotion to her face and Malcolm decides to duck outta the way and stand near Luke....just in case she decides to 
take a swing at Peter or something along those lines. 
 But she doesn't, she heads straight for the door that leads to the restrooms and the side alley. The whole time Peter and the guys just watch in silence, like everything is moving in slow motion and you are just waiting to see what happens next...
Then suddenly, before the door swings shut, Peter drops his pool cue onto the table and follows. Both of them being drawn to each other like a moth to a flame...

To be continued...
Thanks for watching and reading!


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    I totally adore how you pose all your characters. I think I can "hear their voices" talking. That's really something!

    1. Awww! Well I'm glad you didn't decide to wait, haha! Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed the episode. ;-)

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