Friday, June 30, 2017

Peter and The Perpetual Pests....

So after Peter finally told Willow his true feelings for her that night in the park, he walked her home to her mother's house and then headed to work. The next day Willow had to fly out to New York to oversee the install of the sculptural piece she had made for a major client. Willow has been gone for nearly two weeks, she ended up picking up a side job for a small wall mural, while there. Willow is fortunate her art pays the bills she is a talented artist.
A few days later on the following Monday night, the guys are getting together for a night of poker at Shaun's place. Peter is the first one to show up, a six pack of Coronas in his hand. He taps the back of his hand against the glass door. 
 A few seconds later Shaun comes to answer
 the door and let him.
*Shaun* "Hey, c'mon in..." 
*Peter a little loudly* "Hey, want these Coronas in the fridge?..."
 Peter steps inside and heads towards the fridge, he's the loudest of the three friends, so with his extra happy state of being and the fact that he is walking with a little bounce in his step right 
now is making him a tad louder than normal.
 *Shaun* "Shhh!...Keep it down Pete, Mari isn't feeling too well
 she's asleep in the bedroom..."
*Peter* "Oh shit! Was I that loud?..."
*Shaun* "No, it's fine, just try to keep it down...Leave the beers out, 
Luke and Malcolm should be here soon."
 Peter sets the beers down on the table and Shaun grabs 
a deck of cards to open up.
 *Peter* "So, she like contagious sick or what?..."
*Shaun* "Naw...I think it's something she ate."
*Peter* "Oh..."
Then there is a tap at the door again, as well as a 
chiming phone in Peter's back pocket. Peter looks down at his phone to see a text message from Willow. Shaun steps away to answer the door while Peter is busy on his phone.
"Hey what are you up to tonight, can we chat? I'm laying in this hotel 
bed missing you... 😘😘😘"-Willow
"I'm at Shaun's tonight poker w the guys remember? I miss u 2 babe. I 
want u in my fucking bed the minute ur homeπŸ˜ˆπŸ‘…πŸ’ͺ..."-Peter
Meanwhile Shaun answers the door and lets Luke 
and Malcolm in. The guys settle in quickly...
And sometime later they are all seated, and well into their game of poker. It's now Peter's turn as they go around the table, 
but he has been very distracted by his phone this evening.
He is so lost this time in conversation with Willow 
that the guys have trouble getting his attention. Willow sent him a few seductive pictures and now their texting has gone to a whole new level.
"Oh u know where I'm sticking it...πŸ’ͺ😈"-Peter
"I dunno, I got lots of places you can stick it...but you know
 where I like it best.πŸ‘„πŸ‘…πŸ’žπŸ’¦"-Willow
Peter is so distracted by his phone and the guys all know it is a woman, but who? They do not know about his recent run in 
with Willow at the park.
 *Luke* "Hey Peter, it's your fucking turn, man!..."
*Peter* "Hang on..."
 *Malcolm* "Whatever is on that phone is way more interesting 
than this game of poker and..."
 *Malcolm continues* "I've been watching the faces he's making, and if I had to bet on it, I'd
say the man just got a series of pussy pics..."
 Shaun snaps his head in the direction Peter is sitting.
 He can't see his phone too well from there but he 
can see he is texting with someone.
 *Shaun* "Pete, get off the fucking phone, setup a booty call and shut it down."
Peter doesn't respond right away and forces 
Shaun to get a little louder.
*Shaun* "Peter, for fucks sake!..."
*Peter* "Okay, okay....I'm done..."
Peter types out the last line and hits the send button. He then sets his phone down and pics up his cards, cause he has 
already forgot what he has.
*Shaun takes a swig of beer* "That better be some good pussy
 for you to ditch our game..."
*Peter* "Of course it's good...This hand is shit, yeah I fold."
Then Peter's phone buzzes again, and Luke grabs it quickly
 all of them are curious now who he is texting with.
Luckily Luke knows the code to get into Peter's phone, 
so without hesitation he grabs it and keys it in. If it would have been anyone else doing that Peter would have knocked their block off, but it is not like that with Luke.
*Luke* "Holy shit!...He's sexting with Willow!..."
As Luke has confiscated his phone and is snooping around, 
Peter bolts upright out of his seat. Luke leans away 
so he cannot lunge to grab at it. Shaun busts out laughing.
*Malcolm scratches his head* "Is that the girl from the bar?..."
*Luke* "Yeah it is..."
*Peter* "Luke gimme my fucking phone, man!..."
*Luke* "So you did hook up with Willow that night..."
*Peter* "Yeah I did...Why do you fucking care?"
*Luke* "Cause Willow doesn't deserve to be treated like shit.  So I hope you're keeping it real."
*Shaun* "Yeah, man....She's a sweet girl, the kind you do take home to Momma..."
*Malcolm shakes his head* "Dayum!!! Here we go again..."
*Peter* "Yeah it's fucking real alright. I love her, and we're getting back together!"
*Shaun* "Ho-ly shitiiit! Did I just hear Pete say the 'L' word?..."
*Luke* "Are you fucking serious?!..."
*Peter* "Yes! Yes, I'm fucking serious! I love Willow! There I fucking 
said it. Now gimme my phone!..."
Just then Amari comes strolling into the main 
room of the condo.
*Luke* "Here! Take it...Just don't go fucking shit up with her again..."
*Peter* "I don't plan on it..."
Luke hands the phone back to Peter and Amari gets a 
glass of water and goes to stand by Shaun.
*Luke* "So you're really serious about this?...You're not just slinging 
shit to get your phone back?"
*Peter* "How many times do I need to say it?!..."
*Amari* "Dang, is poker always this loud with y'all?..."
*Shaun* "I'm sorry baby...You feeling any better?..."
*Amari* "Kinda, I guess..."
This time Amari is witness to Peter's confession 
of his love for Willow.
 *Peter* "I love Willow, okay?! Is that so fucking hard to comprehend?!"
*Amari* "Am I hearing this right?..."
*Shaun* "I think so, baby..."
Peter and Luke continue to talk.
*Luke* "No, it's great man! I'm happy for you. Sorry I grabbed your
 phone but you were being a royal pain in the ass with the texting..."
*Peter* "Naw, we're cool. If it would have been anyone else,
that's another story..."
Amari is curious as to what the future
 holds for these two.
*Amari* "So does this mean y'all are getting back together?!.."
*Peter* "Umm...Yeah, yeah that's what's happening."
 *Amari* "That's wonderful! I'm happy for y'all. Does Laura know?"
*Peter* "I don't think so, this just happened  a few days ago."
*Amari* "Oh!...Well that's wonderful!..."
*Malcolm* "Wow! There really is never a dull moment when I'm with y'all..."
*Luke* "You mean there is never a dull moment when Peter is around..."
*Malcolm laughs* "Haha! Yeah, but you two are hilarious. Y'all fight like an old
 married couple and then get over it as quickly as it happened..."
While the guys are talking, Amari chats with Shaun.
*Amari* "I'm going back to bed, baby. I'm still not feeling all to well."
*Shaun* "Okay, I'm sure you'll be better by morning..."
*Amari* "I sure hope so, I gotta work tomorrow."
Shaun kisses Amari good night and heads back to bed.
*Luke* "Yeah, well Pete is definitely moody like a woman..."
*Peter* "Fuck you! I am not moody!...You took my phone! If it would have 
been the other way around you would have been crying like a baby."
*Shaun* "Oh, and you weren't?!..."
*Peter* "Can we just drop it already and talk about the 
fact the Shaun knocked up Amari..."
*Luke* "Holy shit! Amari is pregnant?!..."
*Shaun* Damnit Pete, she's sick to her stomach not pregnant..."
*Peter* "You said she was sick, ma but that it wasn't contagious..."
*Shaun* "So what?! She said it was probably something she ate."
*Peter* "Exactly! That's what she wants you to think. I'd make 
sure man...I'd fucking make sure."
*Luke* "You know Peter does have a good point. That's how
 Laura got pregnant the first time...You get to relaxed, man and shit happens."
*Malcolm* "Yeah that's how it happened with Marissa and I....
One day she was like 'Uh Malcolm baby, I'm pregnant'..."
Shaun getting upset...
*Shaun* "Mari, is not pregnant! I guarantee you she's not...Now can 
we just get back to our game?"
*Peter* "Yeah, lets get back to the game...We've had plenty of
 distractions already but I still say she's pregnant."
*Shaun* "Pete, shut the fuck up, man, just fucking shut it..." 
Peter does finally shut up and the guys all agree and get back to their game of poker. They play several more rounds
 before they finally call it a night.
*Shaun* "You, in Pete?..."
*Peter* "Yeah, yeah I'm in..."
*Shaun* "Luke?..."
*Luke* "Naw...I fold on this one."
 *Malcolm* "I'm in..."


To keep straight on the time frame it is now early April!
   It's early morning and Peter has just came in the door from work. He made a quick stop at the store and checked his mail before heading home. He has a bounce in his step today because Willow should be home soon, from the 2 weeks she was out of town for work. Peter gave her his spare key again to his apartment that night in the park, so she could come straight to his place from the airport...
 With his hands full and a cigarette in his mouth he
 finally steps inside, heading straight over to the 
small dining table and chairs.
 Peter puts away the small bag of groceries first.
 *Peter to himself* "Ah shit! I forgot the eggs!..."
*Peter* "Ah well, I guess it's just a peanut butter and jelly sandwich then..."
Before he makes himself something to eat for breakfast, 
Peter checks his mail.
 *Peter* "Let's see here...Bil...bill...junk mail..."
 Then he looks down at the parcel and wonders what it is. 
He hasn't ordered anything recently....He picks it up
 and reads the label
 *Peter* "Huh, a package from Cheyenne Henderson?..."
Cheyenne was that sweet little blond Peter ran into with Luke and Shaun at Bull Tavern sometime ago. She was an old friend from the past, they all knew her because they worked together. She ended up going home with Peter that night, seems she sent him a little gift. Peter puts the package down and opens it.
There is a letter inside. Peter grabs it first, 
talking to himself...
 *Peter* "Shit, Chey, I dunno...You've put me in a tough spot. Gawd I hope
you're not coming to town for a booty call! Damn!"
He opens up the letter and begins to read.
 "Dear Peter, I found these pieces at a local store and had to send, it reminds me of you. Also I met back up with an old flame form high school after I saw you last year. We just recently got married! I know it's fast but when you know, you know! So I just wanted you to know, you've been a great friend and then some ^_^ You'll always hold a special place in my heart. I hope that you are well and maybe one day we call have drinks together again...Take Care, Cheyenne"
 Peter puts his hand in the box and fishes out what is in there...It's a cute little skull nick knack and there are two more just like it!...Peter likes vintage and kitschy things and Chey knows that.
 *Peter* "Mmmm now where should I put them? know what, I should 
text Chey and thank her...I gotta admit the woman knows what I like. Whoever
she married is a lucky fella."
 Peter pulls his phone out of his pocket and 
looks up Cheyenne's number.
"Just wanted to drop u a line and say thank you for the skulls...You were 
always the sweetest chick I ever hooked up with 😏, glad to hear u found 
someone but if he ever breaks ur heart, he's gonna regret it...
So tell him he's been warned! πŸ‘ŠπŸ’€..."-Peter
Peter's phone buzzes as he is taking a sip of his beer, 
he reads her message...
Ain't it a little early to be drinking Peter?! But his mornings 
are more like his nights, since he works odd hours.
Cheyenne is enjoying her coffee and relaxing when her phone buzzed. 
*Chey* "Hmmm...I wonder who's texting?..."
She looks at the message, it's from Peter! She reads what he wrote. Even though they have only been a hook up, 
he's always been a good friend to her.
  Cheyenne texts back.
 "Haha, awww yay! So glad you got them. Saw them and I had to get them for you. 
Yes Paul is a great man. I hope you're doing great as well!"
 He puts out his cigarette and responds.
 "I'm good, enjoying life right now...So does he know he's not the 
biggest cock to be inside ya?...😏😏😏"
 Cheyenne notices Peter has responded and of course he's got crazy bold sense of humor. Chey blushes and responds.
 "πŸ˜‹ yes Peter I actually told him about us and he knows about our hook ups. I'll admit I am very happy but I do miss our times πŸ˜‰ they were always so wild😁..."
Peter pulls out his phone after it buzzes again...
he reads her response then types his back...
"That's good ur honest with him, last thing u need is u screaming out my name, instead of his! πŸ˜πŸ’¦...Glad to hear ur happy, Chey. U always deserved it the most..."
 Chey's phone buzzed again. She reads his 
response and smirks....
 "Haha! No, I was honest from the start with him. 😊 You're so sweet Peter. 
I sure hope you can find happiness someday. Your heart's full of gold 
and you deserve to find love and happiness..."
 Peter chuckles at her response...
 "Full of Gold?...I dunno Chey, but thanks for being so fucking sweet! U were always a little beam of sunshine 😎 into my bleak dark soul πŸ’€ Hey I gotta go, I'm gonna eat some breakfast and sleep,  it's been a long night. Thanks again for the gift, and I'm only a plane ride away if u need a booty call! Just kidding, haha!πŸ˜πŸ˜‰..."
 Chey looks at her phone after it buzzes again.
"Oh Peter! haha have a good one but I'm good! πŸ˜‹..."
After Peter finishes texting with Cheyenne, he makes himself a sandwich, kicks off his shoes, and heads to watch TV in bed. Then he remembers he left his beer on the counter top...
*Peter* "Ah shit!...forgot my beer..."
After he walks back to get his beer, he heads through 
the bedroom doorway only to find he is not alone!!!
*Peter* "Ah what the fuck?!..."
None other than Shelby Lynn pops her head up off the bed, 
after hearing Peter's outburst.
*Peter* "Shelb! Get the fuck outta here! You can't keep doing this, shit! Aren't 
you supposed to be in school?!"
*Shelby-Lynn yawns and stretches* "Awww! Why so cranky, Shuga?....You were pretty
 happy to see me all the other times I snuck in here..."
*Peter a bit frustrated* "The fuck I was! Shelby...I'm gonna go sit over there and 
finish my sandwich, if you're not dressed and out the door in 5 fucking
 minutes then I'm throwing your ass out myself..."
Peter goes to sit in the chair in the living room, Shelby
 gets up and stands in the doorway. She pushes 
her hand way down into her panties...
*Shelby-Lynn* "I bet I can change your mind..."
Peter looks up scowling at her and bites into his sandwich. 
Ugh! This girl is relentless and Peter cannot show weakness, 
or she'll pounce, but damn her for standing there taunting him! He has been holding out for weeks for Willow's return, the man is as horny as a toad.
Shelby-Lynn sashays across the room like a cat narrowing in on its prey. She begins to push down her panties again...
*Shelby-Lynn* "I want you to fuck my pussy, Peter! Make it purr..."
She begins to caress the soft mound that is peeking out, she is perfectly content with Peter watching her...And Peter is starting to wain on his ultimatum he gave her...As he is having trouble taking his eyes off of her. He snaps out of it and responds to her comment.
*Peter looks up at her and smirks, trying to keep his cool* "Is that all you got? Amateur hour?...I've seen it done better...Go put your clothes on and get to school little girl, 
I've got a fucking sandwich to finish."
Peter's taunt only fuels Shelby-Lynn more, the girl is determined to get her way. As she climbs up onto his lap, she speaks...
*Shelby-Lynn* "Oh you ain't gettin' rid of me that easily..."
*Peter* "You really think you can force me to fuck you?...I can have any woman I want. I don't need a crazy, oversexed, little teenage girl to make me feel like a man...You had a taste, now go find a boy your age to experiment with...And let me finish my fucking sandwich!."
Shelby-Lynn doesn't listen of course....
And takes her hand and slides it down his pants, she leans
 in to take a seductive bite off his sandwich.
*ShelbyLynn* "Oh! You mean this sandwich?..."
She moans like it is so good, giggles that giggle that got 
Peter worked up the very first time, then squeezes and
 cups her hand tighter around him. 
Her aggressive behavior forces a low inaudible grunt out of Peter, who then bolts up out of his chair knocking Shelby-Lynn onto the floor. Over and over in his mind he tells himself to be strong and not let this woman child get to him. He needs to break all ties with her before things go too far, as if he hasn't gone far enough with her already!
 *Peter curses her for pushing things* "That's it no more fucking games! I'm 
dragging your fucking ass outta here!...I don't give a fuck who sees it!..."
*Shelby-Lynn giggles and smirks* "Well, you're gonna have to git physical first,
if you wanna kick me out..."
*Peter* "C'mon let's go..."
Peter is yanking her up by the arm when Willow comes
 in using her new key. Then she gets a sudden flashback from the last time she caught him in his apartment with another woman.
 *Willow* "What the hell is going on?!...Oh, no, no, no Peter!"
*Peter* "Willow! I swear it's not what you think!..."
*Willow* "I don't need to think it, I see it!...I can't do this Peter."
Then she begins to close the door. Peter abruptly lets Shelby_Lynn go and she falls to the floor hitting her face on one of the large speakers.
*Shelby-Lynn* "Ouch!..."
*Peter* "Willow, stop! Please don't walk away...She snuck in here
without me knowing, I was trying to get her to leave."
*Willow* "So how is that suppose to make me feel better?..."
*Peter* "What I mean is, there is nothing going on....I don't want her,
she's just fucking desperate..."
*Willow* "Well you have slept with a lot of desperate girls, Peter..."
Peter comes in closer and locks his left hand around 
hers where it is resting on the doorknob.
*Peter* "Baby, please....I'm not sleeping with her and I'm not planning
on it either...I'm telling you the truth, I fucking swear!"
Shelby-Lynn gets up and kinds dusts herself off.
*Shelby-Lynn* "Oh but we were getting there, Shuga...I could feel
you succumbing to my touch
Willow looks past Peter's shoulder and 
hisses at her to shut up.
*Willow* "Shut up!..."
*Willow looks back at Peter* "Please just be honest with me,
have you ever had sex with her?"
Peter takes a deep breath in and lets it out. 
Just spit it out tell her!

*Peter* "Yes I have."
*Willow* "How many times?..."
*Peter* "Uh...a uh few times..."
Shelby-Lynn is appalled that he cannot remember how many time they have been together. She has cherished each and ever one. 
While Peter would rather forget it all.
*Shelby-Lynn* "A few?! It's been more than that, Shuga!...You love when I surprise you.
 Watch over you...How can you act like it means nothing?! There was that first time,
you remember..."
After Willow hears that crazy obsessive line come out of her mouth, she is beginning to realize that Peter must be telling the truth. Willow lunges toward her, Shelby-Lynn is already getting to her, 
Peter holds her back at arms length.
*Willow* "Get out! Get out before I drag you out on your fucking ass!..."
*Peter* "Woah, babe...calm down. She is leaving...Aren't you Shelby?..."

*Shelby-Lynn* "But I was here first! I'm the one who takes good care of you,
not her! She left you for another man. You complete me Shuga..."
Peter can see Willow's cheeks turn flush, she is fuming. 
Shelby-Lynn is truly delusional...
*Peter* "Babe, don't...She's not worth getting angry at."
*Shelby-Lynn* "You know I'd share but I ain't the sharing type..."
Willow is about to pounce like silken black puma on it's prey. Peter holds her tight then shuts the door. Best the neighbors do not get involved, that is that last thing he wants.
*Willow* "You're sick, you know that?! Something is seriously wrong with you."
*Shelby-Lynn* "Mmmm, well I do like it rough..."
*Peter* "I'm gonna get her stuff can you two please not get into it..." 
Peter ducks into the bedroom as quick as he can to retrieve her school bag and the remainder of her clothes.
*Willow* "You're sick, have you no shame?..."
*Shelby-Lynn* "Shame?! What for? I know Peter loves me,
he just needs time figure that part out. Your being here confuses him."
Willow does everything she can to hold her composure.
*Willow* "The only one confused is you! If you ever set foot in this apartment again,
you will seriously regret it!...Now get out and go get some fucking help!"
*Shelby-Lynn* "Oooooo! I'm quaking in my booooots!..."
Peter comes out of the bedroom, the bag in his outstretched hand.
*Peter* "That's enough...Shelby, it's time to get out."
Shelby takes her belongings and looks sadly at Peter.
*Shelby-Lynn* "But Shuga...I..."
*Peter* "Get out, Shelby...Just go!..."
She turns and walks to the door that
 Willow has opened for her.
*Willow* "And. Don't. Come. BACK! EVER!..."
Willow's short curt words sting, and Shelby-Lynn literally hisses at her, like a cat who has been angered.
*Willow* "It's gonna take more than that to scare me...Now get out!"
Then Willow closes the door on her pushing her out into the hallway. Shelby-Lynn hangs there for a second to see 
if she can hear them talking.
*Shelby-Lynn* "I know you love me, Peter..."
 Back inside Peter's apartment, Willow is still reeling
 from what just happened.
*Willow* "What the hell, Peter?!..."
*Peter* "I know, Babe, I know but can we not talk about her right now?"
 Peter pulls her in closer, and wraps his arms around her. 
He has missed her terribly.
 *Peter* "I missed you, Babe..."
*Willow* "I missed you too."
Peter tilts his head in closer to her and kisses her softly. 
Willow kisses him back, it's a tender soft moment after 
all that just occurred.
*Peter* "That was the longest two weeks I've ever been through..."
*Willow smiles* "It was. I missed you so much..."
*Peter* "How did the break up go with Pencil Dick?"
Willow cringes and then pulls away and looks up at him.
 Peter can see by her expression that she has not yet done it.
*Peter* "You haven't done it?!..."
*Willow* "No...I was...I was waiting to do it in person, Peter."
*Peter* "Well did you a least tell him you need to talk to him?..."
*Willow* "I'm just so scared to break his heart!...He's not like you, he's very..."
*Peter* "Physical?..."
*Willow* "No, sensitive..."
*Peter* "I can come with you and just hang back out of sight."
*Willow* "Oh no you don't need to be there...I'll be fine."
Peter takes a step back, he was hoping she would have 
done the break up while she was out of town.
*Peter* "I don't like what you're saying. He's pumped up and a big guy, probably on steroids..."
*Willow* "Nathan wouldn't even hurt a fly and he has never hurt me...and he doesn't do steroids."
Willow recalls that night Peter wanted to fight Nathan.

*Willow* "As I recall you were the one who wanted to start a fight that night you saw us at the club, not Nathan. I'm telling you I'll be fine. Now let me handle him on my own..."
*Peter* "Yeah I was being drunk and stupid...Babe, this is the second time you've done this to him he's gonna be fucking pissed. I'm telling you just do it over the phone or in a very public place."
*Willow* "Oh and what I just saw here, wasn't stupid?!...Peter you had a half naked
school girl in your apartment and when I came in you had your hands on her!"
*Peter* "Ah, c'mon! That is not the same. She keeps sneaking in here! I have even changed my fucking locks! I've tried everything I can to get her to take a hint but she fucking won't do it!..."
Willow sighs, she's becoming flustered with all of this. 
Her idea of coming home and seeing Peter did not 
play out like this in her head.
 *Willow* "Yeah, well maybe if you would keep your dick in your pants...
She wouldn't be so inclined to sneak in here all the time!..."
*Peter* "Babe...c'mon...I."
 Then she looks up at him...almost getting sick to her
 stomach from all the stress.
*Willow* "I mean my god Peter! She's a child, have you no shame at all?!..."
 Peter tries to stay calm, everything she is saying is true. She's right, 
he should have been smarter about how things went with Shelby-Lynn, he never should have let it go that far.
 *Peter* "Yeah I know, and you're right. I was wrong to let it happen and
I've been paying for it ever since...I royally fucked up, but it doesn't change how I feel for you."
*Willow* "Peter, you need to be responsible here and warn her parents or something.
She's not right in the head...."
*Peter* "Tell her parents! I can't fucking do that, they'll want to accuse
me of rape or some shit like that. No fucking way!..."
 *Willow* "Fine, then I'll tell them...."
Peter hooks his hand around her elbow and begins
 to pull Willow in closer.
*Peter* "C'mon, Babe...that's not necessary. I'm sure she got the hint today to take a hike...
You were feisty as shit..."
*Willow* "Peter...She's got crazy written all over her face."
 *Peter* "She's gone. Can we just fucking forget about her?..."
Peter pulls her in tighter, it's been a very long two weeks
 for him and he wants Willow so badly, it's starting hurt.
*Peter* "C'mere...I don't want to argue anymore."
*Willow* "Neither do I, but..I think I should go..."
*Peter* "Wait? What now?!..."
*Willow* "Yes...I'm sorry, but I can't start this off like this, there is just too much negativity."
Willow steps back away out of his hold. She's beginning to wonder if she jumped in the water with Peter too quickly...
*Peter* "You just got here! I swear to god I was
not fucking that girl! I haven't touched her in months, Babe."
Willow believes he is telling the truth but right now, it's 
not enough to cancel out all the negative energy she is feeling...
 *Willow* "I believe you, but jumping into bed
with you right now is not gonna make it all go away and I just can't do that right now.
As much as I want to be with you, I don't want to mess things up...."
*Peter moans* "Shiiiit! I cannot believe this is happening. You're seriously leaving?!"
*Willow* "I'm sorry but please Peter,
just let me lie low for a few days and I'll call you...I promise."
*Peter* "C'mon, babe please don't go...I love you. We can work it out."
*Willow* "I know you do, and I love you too...But Peter this just isn't right, right now.
 I can't start our relationship again like this..Like we did the first time
and I was sneaking around Nathan's back. "
Peter tries to pull her in again but Willow doesn't
 let him this time.
*Willow* "Peter don't make this harder..."
 Then she backs away and grabs her bag. She turns 
to look at Peter before she walks out.
 *Willow* "Please, just give a few days, let me set things straight..."
*Peter* "Willow..."
Then like that she is gone again. More than a few days pass, it has now been about a week since Willow left Peter's apartment that day. He's beginning to wonder if she really does want to be with him.
 Willow has a very wild and free spirit and sometimes it does not always work out for her with relationships. It makes her a talented artist, 
but a fly by night lover at times.

  Work as usual has kept him busy and so he sleeps long into the morning and early afternoon. Peter has just gotten out of the shower and is getting ready for work when someone comes pounding on his door.

*Peter* "Damn, I hope it's her..."

But the pounding at the door sounds again, and makes him think otherwise, so Peter decides to just go answer it as is, 
wrapping the towels around him.
Peter swings the door open thinking please be Willow!
The pounding still continuing...

*Peter* "Pencil dick?! What the fuck do you want?..."
*Nathan* "You know exactly why I'm here!...Now where is she?"
*Peter* "How the fuck would I know?! She's your girlfriend..."
*Nathan* "I know she has been sneaking off to see you."
*Peter* "You don't know shit fuck face!...I told you she's not here."
Peter tries to slam the door closed on him but Nathan 
strong arms it and pushes his way inside....
*Nathan* "You ain't gettin' rid of me that easily skater boy!.."

To Be Continued!...
Thanks so much for tuning in, watching and reading,
 I hope you enjoyed it!
 And if you'd like to catch up on Cheyenne and her new man Paul, she lives here on Mandee's blog... 


  1. ahhh omg canning wait to see what happens. I love how Willow was true to her self and she didn't just run to bed with Peter. Amazing my bestie

    1. Thank you Hun! Yeah I think Willow really wants to do things right this time and make the right decision ;-)

  2. Wow! I am on the edge of my seat! I can't wait to find out what happens next. I do think Willow was wise to finish things with Nathan before starting again with Peter.

    1. Hi Nicole!
      I'm so glad you're enjoying it. Yeah Willow has learned from her past mistakes I believe. We will see what happens! ;-)

  3. Shelby is a real piece of work. And I'm feeling very disgusted by Peter. We all have pasts but his tend to skew towards borderline illegal if not outright and I can't dig that ✌️

    1. Hi Dani,
      Yes Shelby is definitely that! And Peter well he's always been a bit shady at times, but to be a little fair to Peter, Shelby did orginally make him think she was a tad older. Peter made things worse though by allowing it to continue... I'm glad you're enjoying the episodes though! :)

  4. Oh my where is Willow? How long has she been missing? Hmmm Amari might just be pregnant!

    1. Yeah Amari could very well be pregnant! I guess we will find out more soon ;-)
      We will find out in the next episode what is going on with Willow...

  5. Well, that had me on the edge of my seat! First,I want to say that I have a feeling that Amari is pregnant.Just saying! That was actually my first thought when Shaun said she wasn't feeling well. Shelby Lynn does have serious issues, but she is a kid! Peter should have known better, but then, its Peter! I also think it is wise of Willow to end things with Nathan before completely getting back with Peter, but with Nathan coming over to see Peter, I kind of wonder what has happened with Willow and Nathan. Definitely cannot wait to see the next episode!

    1. Hi Phyllis!
      Hehe, well she could be pregnant, it is definitely possible.
      Yes, Shelby-Lynn needs some help I believe, even if she is a kid. Well Shelby played Peter good that very first time but Peter let it get to far out of control, that is definitely on him. We will find out what's going on between Willow, Nathan, and Peter in the next episode! :)

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks so much KaraBean! So glad you're enjoying it ;)

  7. Shelby is crazy. I'm glad Willow could see that. I wonder why Willow hasn't said anything to Pencil...I mean Nathan.

    1. Hi Jaye,
      Yes Shelby is a bit of a nutter haha! It wasn't too hard to pick up on it once she started talking. We will find out about Willow on the next episode! ;)

  8. Oooooh dear... I hope nothing happened to Willow!? Psycho Shelby seems capable of anything...

    I just LOVE your writing, Miranda! <3 Each episode is such a treat. And all of your accessories and clothes are to die for! Also loved the scene with the package from Cheyenne and their texting. Crossovers are so much fun. :D

    AND I loooved the length of this episode. I could spend all day reading your story and wouldn't get tired of it. Waiting for a new episode is pure torture for impatient people like me. ;)

    Thanks for all of your hard work, be sure it pays off tenfold! <3

    1. Hi Daniela
      Thank you so much! I am so glad that you're enjoying the episodes...Yes that was a fun collaboration to do with Mandee. We are planning another one soon.
      I was trying to cut the length down haha, cause it was a lot of work for me but I needed to get it all in since I am trying to fit all this story into a certain timeline. so originally I was worried that it may be too much.

      We will see what has happened with Willow in this next episode! :)

  9. Lol, poor Shaun. XD (she’s totally pregnant isn’t she?) Eeesssh, I think a restraining order is well, in order, for Shelby – her creepy stalkerish behaviour is getting really old and I’ve got a horrible feeling she’s going to take her frustrations out on Willow! (Fingers crossed Peter survives the next story – fighting in naught but a towel probably isn’t wise!)
    Fantastic posing and sets as usual – your photos are an absolute delight to look at!

    1. Thanks so much, so glad you enjoyed the episode. Yeah the guys did have some fun giving Shaun a hard time, haha!
      As for Shelby she is definitely creepy. We will find out more about Peter surviving or not...I just posted the new episode ;-)

  10. Oh my, Nathan is really pissed. I don't know if Peter can get out of this one. But we will see!!!!!

    1. Yeah Nathan is not a happy camper...and we all know Peter has a mouth on him...

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    This was another great episode, your attention to details is so spot on. It's hard to believe these are dolls.:-)