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Peter and The Police...

  This episode is rated PG-13 for some mild language and adult content.

Once EMS got on the scene they quickly rushed Willow to the hospital, time was not on their side and they needed to get to the ER pronto if she has any chances of surviving this malicious evil act that has happened to her. 
 Meanwhile CSU is already on the scene documenting and dusting for prints. Peter is still at his apartment, the officer would not allow him to leave with Willow, he is furious but still tries to hold it together.
 *Peter* "C'mon...This is fucking ridiculous! Can't 
I just answer questions later?..."
 *Officer Pete* "I can assure you that they are doing all they can to keep her alive..."
*Peter* "You don't get it, we just got back together...I need to be there."
Officer Pete holds Peter back from leaving, as much as he 
would like to let him go he has to follow procedures. 
 *Officer Pete* "As soon as I get an update I promise I will let you know, until then sit tight. My detectives should be here any moment and they will have questions for you to answer..."
 And just like clockwork the detectives are on the scene Hayden and his partner Jennifer are being accompanied by another detective who is visiting from out of town and considering transferring.
 *Jennifer* "So James, not even in town a few hours and we're already called out...
What do ya think?..."
*James* "Definitely not as quiet at Ash Harbor..."
Hayden walks to the doorway and sees one of the CSU 
crew members hard at work already.
*Hayden* "Hey Monique, y'all got here fast..."
*Monique* "Yeah we weren't to far away so just decided to head straight on over...
So watch your step."
Back to Jennifer and James...
*Jennifer* "Well if you're looking for a more fast paced job this is the place to be...
What made you decide to transfer, if you don't mind me asking..."
*James* "Oh, uh...Personal reasons, mostly. Plus I needed a change of pace,
so yeah New Orleans is definitely a good choice..."
He obviously does not want to talk about why he is down here, so Jennifer does not push the conversation farther. They continue inside and she introduces him to Monique, while Hayden talks with Matt, 
who is photographing the crime scene.
*Hayden* "So what do we got, Matt?..."
*Matt* "One female stabbing victim, no signs of forced entry boyfriend said the door was open when he found her. EMS got her off to the hospital, last I heard..."
*Hayden* "Okay, any signs yet of the perp?.."
*Matt* "None, whoever attacked her was smart. They touched nothing and stepped carefully...We'll know more once Monique is done sweeping for prints..."
Jennifer greets and smiles at Monique, introducing
 her quickly to her James.
*Jennifer* "Monique, this is James. He's a possible transfer from Ash Harbor, so if he has any questions, it's okay to answer. He'll be working this case with us..."
*Monique smiles* "Okay...Welcome to New Orleans, James..."
James nods and smiles thanking her for the welcome, then the two detectives continue to walk inside the small apartment. It is now mighty busy in there and Peter is still in a panic, 
he wants to get to the hospital.
*Peter* "Hey, I free to go now? I'd like to know what the hell is going on..."
Hayden holds up his hand, he is looking down at the pool of blood on the floor. It will be a miracle if doctors can save this girl he thinks to himself. Peter meanwhile is getting even more upset and impatient. These cops stand around like there is nothing more pressing at the moment and Peter just begins to loose it again.
*Peter* "You can't just fucking hold me hostage! I need to know if she is okay...
Please! I need to know."
This part of the job is always rough. Of course they would love to let him go, but if they have any chances of catching whoever did this, then they need Peter's cooperation. He is the only one who can answer questions right now. If Willow pulls through 
they will have plenty for her as well.
*Hayden* "Listen I know you're upset but the best possible way you can help right now is here with us, Pete will keep you updated with news from the hospital....She's in good hands."
Meanwhile James is taking in the crime scene, 
and strikes up conversation with Matt.
*James* "Pretty brutal scene, here..."
*Matt* "Yeah, poor girl...I don't think she saw it coming."
*James* "And the perp?.."
*Matt* "The perp was a pro or they just got that lucky...We'll know more once we're done."
James continues to study the scene, while Matt takes pictures. His mind drifts off to Julianna for a moment, reminding himself she is not here, and he cannot chat with her about work to get her input. She always approached things differently as a detective and he liked he loves that about her.
But enough of that, she is not here and they are not on speaking terms right now thanks to his bull headed stupidity and his rash jump to conclusions. The flash of the camera brings him out of his 
trance and back to the here and now.

*James* "So the boyfriend was picking up food at 3 O'clock in the morning?..."
*Matt* "Yeah that's what he claims. Let's hope we find something...
cause it's gonna take a miracle for that girl to pull through."

*Jennifer* "Hey, Pete...So you were first on the scene?..."
*Pete* "Yeah, I came in first. The call was originally for a possible disturbance, neighbor
downstairs was woken by loud noises..."
*Jennifer* "So did you see anyone suspicious when you came up?..."
*Pete* "No nothing, it was quiet..."
While Jennifer gets Pete's side of the story,
James now wants to know more as well. He steps carefully and heads over to where Hayden is standing. James thinks to himself, well he looks genuinely upset, and again he thinks of Julianna and how upset he made her when he accused her so rashly of cheating. 
Focus James, focus!
*Peter* "Oh gawd, I think I'm gonna be sick!...Please just let me go, please!.."
 *Hayden* "Just take slow deep breaths. I really need you to focus, like I said the best thins you can do for her right now, is here with us...We need to know what you saw when you came in."
 Peter tries to calm down, the idea of not knowing if she is okay, then seeing and reliving her lying in that pool of blood is making him sick. He takes a deep breath but he has trouble slowing it down, 
his nerves are so rattled...
*James* "Just stay strong...That's the best thing you can do for her right now."
*Peter* "Please just let me go, I can't be in here anymore..."
*Hayden* "Why don't we chat in the other room before we head out of here?"
*Peter pauses for a moment* "Fine..."
 The two detectives try to console Peter, but the last thing they need is him contaminating the crime scene with anymore bodily fluids. James pushes the bedroom door open, and Peter staggers through...
 Hayden is pretty sure now Peter is not their prime suspect, but he has got to know something. Why the hell was he out 
for food in the middle of the night?...
 *Hayden in a low voice* " think he's involved?..."
 *James in a hushed tone* "I dunno... But we need to find out."
Peter does not hear them, he is too consumed by his own guilt of leaving her and letting this tragedy happen to her in the first place...
James allows Hayden to pass through the doorway first. Hayden steps in and scans the room, his eyes meet with the ashtray over on top of the dresser. The room all is over neat and tidy except the bed and the disheveled bed sheets.
*Hayden* "You know, you might be able to breath better if you lay off the cigarettes..."
 Peter snaps and realizes that Willow must have hidden away his bong and pot before she was attacked. Peter has a hidey-hole where he usually keeps it. Willow and Luke are the only two
 who know where it is.
*Peter under his breath* "Oh gawd baby, bless you Willow..."
 He sighs and feels a wave of nausea pass, Willow saved his ass again...And here Peter is stuck helpless, wondering if she
 is still fighting to stay alive.
 *Hayden* "So tell me why were you out for food at 3 O'clock in the morning?...Is that the usual time you wake up?..."
*Peter* "I work nights, so I'm usually just heading home at that time..."
*Hayden* "But you weren't working tonight..."
*Peter* "No, I called in sick...Willow and I just got back together...We...we've been in bed all night. "
*Hayden* "So you two were here alone together all night until you decided to leave for breakfast?..."
*Peter* "Yes, I was hungry.  I usually eat breakfast then come home and fall asleep."
James holds the door open for Jennifer as she comes into the bedroom as well. CSU continues their work in the living room.
*Hayden* "Okay, so why not just eat something here, or wait till is light out?
 I mean it's 3 O'clock in the morning..."
*Peter* "Have you seen my fridge?! It's empty. I don't keep much in there and I was hungry."
*Hayden* "Okay...So you leave to get food, you come back find your girlfriend
lying there on the floor...Tell me what's going through your mind."
*Peter* "I fucking lost my shit, I didn't expect to see what I saw! I shoulda never left,
she begged me to stay...shit!"
 James and Jennifer also join their conversation. Jennifer stands next to her partner while, James takes the rear, stands 
back while they ask the questions.
 *Jennifer* "Is there anyone that maybe wanted to hurt you or your girlfriend?"
*Peter sighs Willow was right again* "Shelby-Lynn..."
*Hayden* "Who's she?..."
*Peter* "She's my neighbor from down the hall. She's a know...obsessed with me..."
*Hayden* "You mean she's stalking you?..Or are you cheating with this Shelby-Lynn?
You think that's why she's the attacker? How did you get that nasty bruise on your face?"
 *Peter* "Fuck you! It was a few fucking times and it was long before
Willow and I got back together.
*James grabbing Peter's arm* "Woah, calm down there, buddy...We just wanna
know what's going as much as you do."
 *Jennifer* "We realize you're upset, just tell us the truth, have you and Willow had any confrontations with Shelby-Lynn or anyone else?.."
 *Peter* " was about a week ago. Shelby broke into my apartment again. I've changed my locks and all but she still sneaks in here...Willow came home from from being gone for work and she found me here trying to get Shelby to leave. So Willow went ballistic on her and chewed her out told her to leave, she finally did."
*Hayden* "So if this Shelby-Lynn girl was breaking in why didn't you call
 the cops, get a restraining order?..."
*Peter with reluctance* "Cause she's a fucking kid! She's like 18, still in high school...I didn't know until it was too late, by then she went all stalker on me. It's fucking embarrassing
not to mention the fact that I...ya know...shit!...C'mon do we have to
do this now? I really want to know if Willow is okay. Please let me go."
*Hayden* "I'm sorry but you're gonna have to come down to the station with us..."
*Peter* "What the fuck?! Right now? Am I under arrest?...You told me I could leave!"
*James* "It's standard need to come with us. You're still
a suspect until we can rule you out."
*Peter* "I didn't do this!..."
*James* "We can arrest you if you want. We've got enough probable cause,
but I strongly suggest you come willingly."
The three detectives leave with Peter, who is not happy at all about the situation. He has no idea how Willow is or if she is even still alive. Officer Pete stays behind while the crime scene unit finishes their job of gathering information and evidence.

To be continued...
Thanks so much for tuning in and reading. I wanted this episode to be much longer but I have had a very busy week with doctor appointments for the kids, family engagements and all that mommy business. So instead of skipping a week I went and just did half of it for now, 
hang tight and stay with me!
Thank you so much for all your support, likes, and comments!

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Hayden Jones 
 Age: 32
Birthday: September 16
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5ft 11"
Occupation: Officer/Detective with the New Orleans Police Dept. 
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Currently: New Orleans, LA
Marital Status: Single/Divorced
  Currently Dating: Courtney Benoit
Children: None
Hayden is a very hardworking and devoted man to his city.  Became a cop right after he graduated high school and has been working his way up the ranks since.  Although he went to high school with his finance Carmen they never dated as teenagers but were friends. It wasn't until about 10 years later that they realized they wanted to be more than just friends.  Hayden enjoys a good game of football and cracking a case. He is a very honest, straight forward person, and is not afraid to tell you when you screwed up.  
Carmen and Hayden recently divorced, both of them worked long hours and slowly drifted apart.  Hayden's time was especially limited being a police detective, so sadly Carmen began to drift away. She ended up having a short affair then soon realized this marriage was not working. So when she got a new job offer in another state and Hayden refused to go, they ended it.
 Courtney Benoit
 Age: 35
Birthday: August 10th
Hair: Brown 
Height: 5' 3"
Occupation: Assistant District Attorney
Hometown: New Orleans
Currently: New Orleans, Louisiana
Marital Status: Divorced
Currently dating: Hayden Jones
Children: None

 Jennifer Lloyd
Birthday: December 2nd
Hair: light brown
Eyes: Hazel green
Height: 5' 10"
Occupation: New Orleans Police Detective
Hometown: Queens, New York
Currently: New Orleans, Louisiana
Marital Status: Single/Divorced
Children: daughters Kelly(15) and Adrianna(13)
Jennifer and her daughters are my daughters dolls, so she tells me all about them and how they will be in my episodes, haha!

Also appearing in these upcoming episodes is a character from 
Ash Harbor Residents 

James Tatum
 Age: 36
Birthday: January 12
Hair: brownish black
Eyes: blue
Height: 6'2
Occupation:  Detective
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Currently: New Orleans, Louisiana
Marital Status:Divorced from Angelina Another and now separated from Julianna who he's been dating since February .
Children: none 
Hobbies: James loves jogging and deer hunting. When he's not busy he loves a good beach day and surf fishing. Also has his pilots license and enjoys flying.
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    1. thanks so much! So glad you are enjoying the story :)

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    1. Yeah it's been a crazy busy week for me, and I'm so glad it's over... Yeah the cops are a bit harsh, but it's something I've learned from watching a lot of Dateline, haha! I'm sure he'll be able to call someone soon!

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    These PoPo are upsetting me. Can't they see Peter is truly worried about Willow? They can arrest him later, not while he's trying to see if she's okay. SMH!

    1. hehe, Yeah James is with me now...I agree he needs to focus and try to not think about her for the moment. James knows all too well it's all on him, now to see where Julianna will go from here and if James will stay or go back home.

      Haha! Yeah they are not letting up on Peter. The first hours are so crucial in an investigation, it's a rough job. We will find out soon if Willow is still here with us or not...

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    2. Oh yeah, karma, the old bitch. *sigh* Still, I hope things will turn out well for both of them... he will surely appreciate her so much more if she survives this.

      It wasn't an easy decision to make to delete my story but a very nice reader's comment was quite the eye opener and made me question my storyline. My main couple, Bella and Milan, are 18 & 35. You probably already get my point given the situation between Shelby and Peter. ;) And reading the comments you got regarding those two made me even more insecure. So, to not step on anyone's toes anymore, I decided to take it down.

      I have to admit, I've been feeling quite lost since taking that step because this story was my most favourite thing to do. I was just very naive to think there can never be enough drama in a doll story. ;) That one is totally on me.

      But Milan and Bella are my Luke and Laura. I could never seperate them and I'm so attached to them, it'd feel terrible to know that people see their love as wrong and disgusting when for me these two just belong together.

      Oh well, lesson learned. :)

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      No, Hayden and Peter do not know each other. Now they were both at Benjamin's bachelor party but they never crossed paths. They don't run in the same social circles. Hayden is friends with Benjamin. Peter and Benjamin do not get along at all... Also Shaun made sure to keep him away that night at the bachelor party as he was a bit high that night. He was only there to party with Luke and Shaun. haha!

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