Friday, July 7, 2017

Peter and The Pounding Heartache...

This episode is rated R for graphic content, language, and nudity.

Picking right up where we left off Peter has opened the door to a very riled up and angry Nathan. Of course Peter, being his cocky, confident self sends Nathan a bit over the edge when he tells him off and tries to slam the door in his face. Nathan is not having it, he's so sure Willow is there and he wants answers, he demands it.
*Nathan* "You're not getting rid of me that easily! I know she's been here..."
So Nathan forces his way inside Peters apartment. Peter steps back quickly but stands his ground at the same time.
*Peter* "She is not here! Don't believe me? Go take a fucking look for yourself..."
Nathan is so mad, his face is nearly as red as his shirt. With hands balled into fists, he scans the room for any evidence
 of Willow but there is none.
Then he paces the floor to the bedroom doorway and back. He calls out for her thinking maybe she is hiding afraid to come out.
*Nathan* "Willow?!..Stop playing games and come out!..."
*Peter* "She's not here! I fucking told you already..."
*Nathan* "I know she's been coming here, and I know you two are sneaking around my back again! I don't know what you do to keep sweet talking her into this shit, but her and I are getting married..."
*Peter laughs at his comment* "Married?!...What makes you think she
 wants to marry your fucking sorry ass?!.."
*Nathan* "Because I asked her to, and she said yes ya moron!..." 
Peter laughs again, he knows for a fact that Willow
 turned down his proposal.
 *Peter* "You're delusional, she would never say yes to you...Just accept you'll 
always be her second choice, Pencil Dick!"
*Nathan through clenched teeth* "Shut up!..."
*Peter* "Get the fuck out of my apartment!..."
Nathan so badly wanted to know the truth and he thought finding her here would finally put an end to things and he would have a good reason to pound the shit out of Peter.
He begins to head for the door to leave but Peter, 
with his overblown ego slips up...
*Peter* "Tell Willow that she knows where to find me when 
she wants some real cockmeat for dinner!..."
Nathan pauses and quickly turns on his heels and
 steps back into the apartment.
*Nathan* "What the fuck did you just say, skater boy?!..."
*Peter* "You heard me just fucking fine...Pencil Dick!..."
Nathan is itching to hit Peter and that last line is the last straw! Nathan is hot, he pounds his fist into his other hand as he speaks...
*Nathan* "I dare you to say shit again, skater boy! I fucking dare you!..."


Around the same time, that very same day, Willow is visiting with Laura. She came to see baby Finn and talk about the love triangle she is currently stuck in with Peter and Nathan. Willow has been avoiding both men this past week since she got home and found Peter fighting off that crazy girl Shelby-Lynn.
As much as her heart aches to be with Peter, it also aches to think he may crush it again. Nathan does seem to be the safer, more stable choice for a solid relationship but he does not ignite that fire deep in her soul like Peter does. So Willow has been searching her feelings for the two men all week and now she is talking with Laura about it...
 *Laura* "Well you have got to follow your heart, but you can't ignore either 
what your mind is telling you...I know it's a difficult balance. It wasn't easy for me to forgive Luke, of course our situation wasn't the same as yours but at some point you have to make a decision.You can't just leave them hanging for another week..."
 Willow looks down at Phineas, if she marries Nathan the chance of having a family is pretty much a given. Peter on the other hand does not want children or marriage. Deep down a part of her hopes that he might change. Peter does like Phoenix, he plays with him, but the thought of his own child scares the shit out of him.
*Willow* "I'm just so torn, I hate to hurt either one of them...Maybe I 
should just break it off with both. My sister thinks I should just be single for awhile...."
 Laura knows all too well how it feels to be torn on a decision especially one so life changing. No matter who she chooses one of them will be heartbroken...
*Laura* "Yeah, she makes a really good point.  Do you want to be single?..."
Willow tilts her head into her hands. Things would be so much easier right now if Peter was not in the picture but know that she knows his true feelings she can not stay away...
*Willow* "No...maybe...ugh. I don't know!...I just don't know...You know that night in the park, 
 that night Peter finally told me how he truly felt was amazing!
*Willow continues* "It was a side of him I have never seen, but I got strongly knocked back into reality after, that crazy child was in his apartment...."
Laura shakes her head a bit, Peter is a hot mess he always seems to find trouble or it finds him. Willow did kind of tame him a bit, it lasted for a little while but then he managed to ruin it eventually. Question is now will he do something like that again?
*Laura* "Okay, so back to Nathan. He wants to marry you, start a family with you, 
he's good to you yet it's still not enough...It's the sex isn't it?..."
 Laura is able to get a small smile out of Willow, 
she knows who is the preferred lover... 
 *Willow* "Well that's not fair! he's good in bed, too!"
Laura smirks a little, she can clearly see who won
 that just by the look on Willow's face.
*Laura* "That's it?! Just good, huh? Can't even say great or wonderful or the most loving..."
 *Willow* "Crap! You're I that petty that it boils down to good sex?..."
*Laura* "Hey, it's have to be able to connect on that level, especially if you plan to spend the rest of your life with that person. I know 
it's not everything and you can't base your whole decision on it but you know what I mean..."
*Willow sighs* "Yeah...I do and it's probably why I went home with Peter that night in February..."
Then Willow's buzzes and vibrates with text message. It's from Nathan. The girls are silent for a moment, while she reads the text message. Laura tends to Phoenix while Willow looks down at her phone. She can't keep these men waiting for forever and it seems Nathan has pushed her to maybe finally make a choice.
"I finally found out where skater boy lives! You can't keep avoiding me, Willow. So I'm standing here outside of his building, hoping to god I don't find you there, that son of a bitch doesn't deserve your love and he's gonna find out why!..."
*Willow* "Oh no, this is not good..."
*Laura* "What is it?!..."
*Willow* "Nathan is about to confront Peter at his apartment! I've gotta go!..."
*Laura* "Wait, what?! Oh my gawd...Are you serious?!..."
Willow gets up quickly in a panic, she has got to stop Nathan before he does something he regrets doing. For the most part he is a nice guy but even those guys have their limits and Peter knows how to push those limits to a dangerous level.
*Willow* "Yes! I think he's dead serious, Nathan is not one to play games. And you know Peter...He will not stand down either but will probably say something really outta line..."
Laura puts Phoenix down so she can take baby
 Finn from Willow's arms.
*Willow* "If I leave now I can get there quickly...Gawd I hope those two 
don't tear each other apart!..."
*Laura* "Please be careful...Should I call Luke, have him meet you there?...
You know just in case."
Willow smiles at her, Laura is sweet and 
always caring.
*Willow* "I'll be fine. Thank you, though for being here for me, you have 
helped so much just being able to talk about it...I'll call you later."
*Laura* "Sure, and you know I'm always here for you. But please be careful..."  
*Willow* "I promise I will be cautious..." 
 So with that, Willow is off to Peter's apartment hoping she is not too late. Luckily Peter does not live too far from 
Luke and Laura's city home. 

Now back to Peter's apartment....

*Peter* "Willow does not want to be with you, she doesn't want to fucking marry you...Why do you think she's been avoiding you? It's over! She's mine, now get it through that fucking thick skull of yours. My dick makes her happy and yours does not!..."
 Nathan doesn't even think his fist goes flying through the air. All of his power, weight, and anger behind that one punch. Peter tries to dodge it but he is not quick enough.
That was the last straw for Nathan, he has been wanting to 
pulverize Peter since that confrontation at the nightclub many months ago. Nathan's fist hits him square on his chin and knocks him straight down to the floor. 
For Peter it has been quite a long time since he has been hit that hard. His vision blurs in and out as he tries to stay conscious from the hard hit he just took.  He can feel and taste blood now in his mouth, his vision starts to clear and he can see Nathan standing over him...
 *Nathan* "You're lucky I don't beat the fucking shit outta you more!..."
*Peter slurs* "Ffffuck you, Pencil Dick!..."
*Peter* "Beating the shit outta me won't change a fucking thing! It's
 over so fucking accept it!..."
*Nathan* "It ain't over till I say it's over!..."
 Nathan is about to reach down for Peter again who is still on the floor.
 When Willow comes running through the doorway of Peter's apartment.
*Willow* "Nathan, no!...Stop this, this is not the way to settle things."
Peter is trying to get up but his legs do not seem to have the strength to stand after that punch to the face. Willow literally saved his ass from getting a beat down.
 *Nathan* "About damn time you showed your face!...But this
asshole needs to learn a lesson."
Willow rushes over and stops Nathan. She flinches 
when he jerks his arm away...Peter slouches back down, he thinks to himself, shit I need to hit the gym more and the pot less.
 *Willow* "Nathan, stop...I know he's made you mad but..."
*Nathan interrupts* "Mad?!...Are you fucking kidding me?...He's an asshole,
Willow...I don't get it!"
 Peter moans and calls her name out...
 *Peter* "Willow..."
*Willow* "Peter, don't move just stay there..."
*Nathan* "He's fine! I barely hit him, though he deserves way more..."
Willow kneels down to take a peek at him. He still looks 
quite out of it, his eyes are a bit red but with Peter
 bloodshot eyes are common when he's high.
*Willow* "You feel okay?..."
*Peter groans some* "I'm fucking fine, just break up with
 this dipshit already..."
*Nathan can't believe he's still so cocky* "Fuck you!...You're gawddamn lucky
she showed up! I was about to beat your fucking ass raw!..."
Willow pops up she has had enough from both men, 
but she has finally made her decision.
 *Willow* "Enough! I know, Peter has a severely egregious mouth on him but it does not condone or excuse the fact that you used violence to prove your point!..."
*Nathan* "He pushed me to it! I was out the door already and then he goes
 and says some really horrible things, things pertaining to you as well..."
*Willow* "Exactly! You should have just walked away.."
*Nathan* "And besides that! What do you expect me to do?! I've been calling you all week,
waiting for an answer from you. So I came here thinking I'd find you here..."
 *Willow* "Well I'm here now, and it's over between us Nathan..."
*Nathan* "Just like that huh?..."
*Willow* "It wasn't an easy decision for me to make! But your neanderthal 
behavior here makes it a lot easier to do this..."
 *Peter with not much energy* "It's over, now get the fuck outta here!..."
*Willow* "Just go, Nathan...It's over."
 Willow stops arguing with Nathan and kneels 
down to help Peter.

  *Nathan* "That's it! Just like that you want to throw it all away for this looser?!...You know
he can't give you all that you want...We've been through this before....I thought
you wanted babies and a family. "
 Willow looks at Peter, he's flawed and no where near perfect but nobody is... This time things are different and Peter is ready and willing to maybe make those changes and Willow is too.
 *Willow* "I don't expect you to understand but I'm sorry Nathan what I have with Peter is deeper than what I ever had with you, I love him more than life itself...And if that means it's just me and him for the rest of our lives then so be it..."
 *Peter* "Shit, babe that was deep..."
 *Nathan* "And I'm still here!...You can't just fucking walk out on me again like this?!...He doesn't love you! It's all about the chase for him. Once he's bored he'll break your heart again...."
Willow helps Peter get up. He is clearly still out of it. 
Nathan hit him hard, very hard...
 *Peter* "For your fucking information I do love her. I know I talk a lot of shit but this
 time I fucking mean it...Now get the fuck outta my apartment, it's over Pencil Dick!..."
*Nathan* "Willow, please can we go somewhere and talk about this?...You're
 just gonna throw everything away for him?!!"
*Peter* "She's done with you, it's over..."
*Willow* "I'm sorry Nathan, I really didn't want it to end this way...Please understand."
*Nathan* "Understand?! It makes no fucking sense why you would run back to this asshole! After everything he put you through, Willow. After I took you back and forgave you for what you put me through...I thought things were good between us, but I guess I was wrong about that too..."
Nathan walks to the door and turns around one last time.
 *Nathan* "Karma is a bitch and I expect it to coming knocking on your door again.
After the shit you two have pulled..."
 *Willow* "Nathan, I never wanted to hurt you. Please know that..."
*Nathan* "Yeah right..."
 Nathan finally leaves, Willow follows to make sure the door is locked. Peter pulls himself up onto the chair. Willow remembers 
he may need some ice for his cheek.
*Willow* "Let me get you a cold compress, you're gonna have a horrible bruise there...
I sure hope you don't have a concussion."
*Peter* "I'll be fine, Babe...I've been in worse shit than this..."
Willow is at the fridge looking for something that is cold enough. His fridge is slim pickings, between a few leftovers and some cold beer.

*Willow* "Geeze, not much to choose from...I guess this will have to do.."
Willow grabs a cold bottle of beer the cold glass should help,
 she thinks. It's the best I got. Peter groans as 
he leans back in the chair.
 *Willow* "Hang on, I'm coming..."
  Willow grabs the bottle of beer and makes her way to the ottoman, sitting down next to Peter. He winces when the cold bottle 
touches his skin.
 *Peter* "Ah, gentle..."
*Willow* "Sorry, it's the best option I had...."
Peter just realized Willow really did save his ass from getting a beat down, how did she know Nathan was there?
 *Peter* "How did you know he was here?"
 *Willow* "He texted me saying he was here, and that I better hope he doesn't find me here...
I've been avoiding him all week like I did to you."
*Peter* "Shit, no wonder he was so pissed off..."
*Willow* "I don't think you helped with that either. What did you say to him that
 made him punch you so hard?..."
*Peter* "You really wanna know?...Ah..gentle with that."
*Willow nods yes* "Sorry...please go on."
*Peter* "I told him to tell you that when you're ready you know where to find
 real cockmeat for dinner..."
*Willow* "Peter! That's horrible..."
 *Peter* "I know, but it just really pissed me off him showing up here like that..."
*Willow* "I'm sorry...I should have broken up with him sooner."
 *Peter* "It's okay, Babe. I'm just glad you chose me..."
*Willow* "I don't want to live without you..."
Peter leans in farther and kisses her. Willow is definitely 
what he wants too...
*Peter* "Gawddamn, I've missed those lips..."
*Willow smiles, kisses him back gently* "Mmmm...someone is feeling better.."
Peter leans in even more and the two slide down to the floor, Peter has been holding out for Willow for nearly a month now 
his body is aching bad for her.
He kisses her gently, his mouth still tender from that punch to the face. Peter finds her skirt and begins to slide it up,
 his fingers finding her long legs underneath. Willow shudders at his touch like it was something she has been waiting a long time for.
 *Willow* "Peter..."
*Peter* "Yeah, Babe..."
*Willow* "Don't you have to be at work tonight?"
 Peter realizing that she is right. He totally forgot, getting too 
caught up in the moment with her.
 *Peter* "Shit! You're right...Dammit!"
*Willow* "It's okay, I'll wait for you."
 Peter does not want to wait another second, 
he wants her now!
 *Peter* "Fuck that, I'm calling in sick...I want to make love
 to you all night, Babe..."
 Willow pushes her body up and kisses him softly. Peter rarely uses those words to describe sex, it's usually a more vulgar,
 animalistic approach...
 When she pulls away, and looks up at him seeing him stare at her with those gorgeous light ember brown eyes and the I want fuck you look, she can feel that heat surge through her body...
*Willow* "Go make your calls to the boss, I'll be in the bedroom."
So Peter does just that, he rarely calls in sick so tonight he is taking advantage of it...
And with that we have a very gratuitously long sex scene!
 Doll Nudity Ahead!... 
These two stay in each others arms long into the night 
and into the early morning hours...
The two cannot get enough of each other. This time Peter takes it nice and slow, there is now rush to get down to business like 
the last time they were in his bed.
Peter pulls back and lays his body down next to hers.
 Both of them breathing heavily after that first round of sex...
Willow lays her head on his shoulder, enjoying his scent, his breathing, and listening to the pounding of his heart. It's beating hard after all the work he put in to make her body shake with multiple orgasms.
*Willow moans* Mmmm, I missed this..."
*Peter* "Yeah..."
*Willow* "How's your head?..."
*Peter* "I'm fine, Babe."
Peter kisses her forehead then the two get lost again, exploring each others bodies. At this point the night is still young and 
the two do not plan on stopping there.
Peter is again ready to go, ready to make love to this 
gorgeous woman before him. Willow is as well, Peter sets her on fire like no other. Her eyes burn blue as he presses deep inside her.
And nothing gives him more pleasure than seeing her eyes light up that way when they become one. His gaze on her darkens as he sees her start to spiral up and up closer to that tale, tale sign 
he's hit the right spot. 

Willow eyes begin to light with that blue flame...
*Willow* "Mmmm...Yes...Oh, right there..."
*Peter* "You like that, Babe?..."
*Willow* "Don't stop, Peter..."
Later on Willow takes Peter for a spin, he is more than happy to lay back and enjoy her beauty.
The two lovers continue on into the early morning hours, both of them tensing their bodies as Willow rides him into an orgasm 
that has Peter crying out her name...
 *Peter* "Fffuck, Willow!...Uhnnn..."
She flops down on top of him afterwards and smiles down at him.
 Peter brushes the hair away from her face...
 *Willow* "Did you like that?..."
*Peter* "Fuck ya I did...You're amazing, Babe."
*Willow* "I love you..."
*Peter* "I love you too..."
A short while later, Peter rolls her over he's ready to go again. Willow 
squeals at the quickness of him tossing her over.
 *Willow* "Again, Peter?!..."
A little later after that last time, Peter gives her a breather. Willow is exhausted, she falls asleep and Peter lays there watching her, studying 
her face and her angelic beauty.
 He is used to still being awake at this time of night. He would be at work right now if he wasn't here with her. So even though he is tired from all the love making, he is not sleepy, and 
he has worked up quite an appetite.
 Peter is about to kiss her cheek and get up off the bed when 
Willow begins to stir from her sleep.
*Peter* "Babe?..."
 Then those ice blue eyes are on him again smiling at him.
*Peter* "Hey, sleepy head..."
 *Willow* "Hey....What time is it?.."
 *Peter* "About 3 O'clock in the morning...I'm gonna go
 grab some breakfast you hungry?..."
 He scrambles up out of bed and starts to slide 
on a pair of sweat pants. Willow pulls herself up, 
realizing now what is going on.
 *Willow* "Wait, you're going right now?..."
 *Peter* "Yeah, I'm starving babe...I'll be right back."
 Peter sits down next to her on the bed and puts his shoes on, when he is done he leans over to kiss her. His mouth still sore from the hit.
 *Peter* "Mmm, ouch..."
*Willow* "Oh! I'm sorry..."
*Peter* "I'm fine, Babe...So you hungry?..."
 Willow slides down into his lap, and looks up at him with
 a sensual pout on her face, which turns to a devilish smirk.
 *Peter* "Oh I think you know what I'm hungry for..."
She reaches up and pushes his hair back. It's a mess, 
a gorgeous mess, she really does not want him to go...
*Willow* "Do you have to go? It's the middle of the night..."
*Peter* "I'll be right back, Babe. It's not far and I'll be fine."
 *Willow* "Okay, bring me something then..."
 Peter gets up and stops and turns at the doorway. 
Willow is leaning over and blows him a kiss.
 *Willow* "Hurry back! you."
*Peter* "Love you too babe, don't worry I"ll be back quick."
 Willow smiles and watches him walk away. After he leaves she gets up, finds an old shirt of his and slips on her underwear. She steps 
into the living area and sees a huge mess before her.
 *Willow* "Well I guess I can tidy up while I wait for him to get back."
 So she does just that, she cleans up and picks up. When she is at the small dining table she finds the box that Cheyenne sent him.
*Willow* "What is this?...Cheyenne Henderson...Mmmm must've been
something he bought online, I guess.
 Then there is a knock at the door, Willow jumps. 
The knock was quick and abrupt.
 Willow thinks well that was quick, maybe he forgot his key in
 his haste to go get food in the middle of the night.
She trots over to answer the door thinking she will see 
Peter on the other side, smiling at her with those dreamy brown eyes, that disheveled dirty blond hair, and his sexy smile...
*Willow* "Hey, baby...did you forget your keys?!...."
But her excitement quickly drains from her voice as 
she sees who is there outside the door.
To be continued!!!

Thanks so much for being patient. These episodes have been crazy intense for me, so I hope you all are enjoying. Thanks so much for all your comments and likes!


  1. I loved the love scene...God I love how Peter was patient and loving. I pray Willow is ok... God Miranda A+ work I loved it

    1. Hi Mandee
      Thank you, I'm so glad you enjoyed it. We will find out in the next episode! ;)

  2. Poor Peter. He should have known that last comment would land him a punch. He asked for it. Not that Nathan should have hit him at all, but Peter was taunting him on purpose.

    I am guessing it's crazy Shelby at the door just watching and hoping Peter would leave so she could confront Willow.

    1. Hi Jaye,
      Eh, Peter really did deserve what he got and probably then some but he got lucky Willow came in to save him...
      We will find out on the next episode!

  3. At first I was worried about Peter getting jumped, now I'm worried about Willow!!!

    1. Hi Heather,
      Yeah Peter is okay, as for Willow we will see on the next episode...

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Tony Tony glad you enjoyed it! ;)

  5. Dang, girl, that was intense. The fight between Nathan and Peter and then the long love making session with Willow and Peter. You sure know how to bring us all in and keep our attention. Then that cliffhanger ending! All sorts of things were going through my mind. First, I thought maybe Peter was going to get jumped and beat again more severely by Nathan. Then, when Willow opens the door -- who could it be? Nathan, Shelby Lynn, who???? Either way, Willow could be in danger! Don't leave us hanging too long -- I don't know if I can handle the stress! 😭😱🤕

    1. Hi Phyllis!
      Yeah it was an intense episode for me to get through as well. I am so glad you enjoyed it! Don't worry we will find out what happens next on the Friday!;-)

  6. Another awesome episode! WOW! I'm SO happy Willow & Peter are officially back together. I really, really hope things will work out for those two and they will live happily ever after...well, in their very own Peter/Willow kinda way at least. :D

    I don't feel sorry for Peter for that punch he had to swallow. He and his big mouth... and that tiny bit of revenge should be granted to Nathan, violence or not. He will be going through some tough times now. Poor pencil d... erm, guy. Will he still be around in your story?

    I really hope this time it'll be Peter coming through that door to rescue Willow... if who is standing in front of her right now is who I think it is... #psychobitchfromhell .

    Can't wait for the next episode... like always. :)

    1. Hi Dani!
      Thank so much, so glad that you enjoyed it. Yes those two are really happy to be back together now...
      Naw, I wouldn't feel sorry for Peter either...He totally deserved that punch, and he's so lucky Willow was there to save him!!! I'm not sure if Nathan will be around much We will see more to the story next Friday!!! :)

  7. Hola, ya me suscribi a tu canal de yuo tube. Me gusta mucho el realismo de tus dioramas. Haces un excelente trabajo.

    1. Hi Linda!
      Thanks so much, I hope to post some more on youtube soon. I would like to do a tour of the nursery.

  8. Great episode Miranda! Although I am team Peter I can't help but to feel sorry for Nathan. He's poured his heart into Willow TWICE and she's stomped on it. Hope this doesn't turn Nathan into a load of baggage! He may never be able to trust or open up to a woman again.

    Love all your stories and dios! You put so much thought into all your characters. I saw where your daughter hacked your Instagram account. Lol.

    1. Thanks so much!
      So glad you enjoyed the episode. Yeah Peter had it coming and poor Nathan, he just wanted make it work this time between him and Willow. Yeah Nathan may struggle after this, we will see!
      Thanks! I really do enjoy developing their characters, it's a lot of fun for me. Haha! Yeah she was a sneaky one there posting Zelda on my IG....

  9. I've read this a few days ago on my phone, now I'm reading it again on my laptop. This was intense, Miranda! *clap clap clap* So excited for what comes next!

    1. Hi Shasha!
      Thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed i! Yes it was an intense episode...

  10. Awesome episode as always!! I am team Peter, but he had that coming! He should have just allowed Nathan to leave without wounding him with the verbal attack. I hope Sweet Willow is okay. Shelby and Nathan are both dangerous at this point. Now, let me go check out the cliffhanger results.

    1. Hi Georgia Girl,
      Thanks so much! Oh yes, I agree 100 percent that Peter had it coming. Peter has made some enemies for sure with Nathan and well Shelby is just crazy it seems :)

  11. This was another great episode. Too bad for Nathan but it's for the best. He and Willow don't really want the same things out of life if she's willing to dump him for Peter.
    Wonder who is at the door? I don't think it's Shelby, wouldn't she just let herself in as she has in the past?