Friday, July 14, 2017

Peter and The Pounding Heartache...Part 2

This episode is rated R for violence, 
graphic content, and some language.

Willow immediately swings the door open expecting to see Peter standing on the other side, but it is not him.  The smile quickly drains from her face as she takes in who is standing there.
*Willow* "Wh..."

Before she can get another word out she is abruptly shoved
 back inside of the apartment. Willow pedals backwards trying hard to stay on her feet, she quickly catches herself on the living room chair.
But she is still not quick enough, at the same time she was shoved a warm sensation starts to move down her leg her attacker also slashing at her with a blade.  Willow begins to feel the deep sting of the cut now, but she cannot recover quick enough,
and her attacker strikes again. 
Weakening her more...
Willow opens her eyes and struggles to stay upright, but this second attack struck her hard in the lower abdomen. The pain is intense. Her attacker stands back waiting to pounce again. Realizing now that she has to get away somehow, Willow uses the chair to try and get farther away. Her attacker showing no mercy from the start...
Her first instinct is to cry out for help but she's out of breath. 
The pain is intensifying with every inhale and exhale.
*Willow* "He...H...elp..."
Willow continues to use the chair as support to try and get away from the attacks but they relentlessly strike again...Like a calculating cat that is circling it's prey waiting for it to weaken.
 Willow cries out in pain, her eyes always closing as they strike 
down on her, this one was deeper than the last two.
She hits the floor with a hard thud, the pain spreading like wildfire her body is now way too weak to get all the way back up. She can sense them towering over her, just waiting to come down hard on her again. Willow crawls towards the table, instinct telling her to keep on trying to get away. The only sounds she can hear is the spastic throbbing of her heart, and the sharp intake of breath, as her body reacts to the violent attacks.
*Willow* "H...elp..."
Willow lays one hand on the table, attempting to pull her body upright. She is weak, but she cannot give up! Where is Peter? He should be back by now!
Then without any mercy she is struck again. Willow just 
about nearly blackouts from the intense hot pain...
She can still sense them standing over her, as she lays there. Willow knows she cannot get up anymore. Her body is beyond weak, 
and is failing now...Her attacker lies in wait
Then her mind drifts to Peter and wonders if her attacker struck him first, jumped him outside somewhere took him by surprise. She sees the box that fell from the table when she was pushed 
down only moments ago.
It takes all her energy to pull her body just ever
 so closer so that the box is in reach but she has to try!
 Try and stay alive...
And with the last bit of strength she has, Willow reaches 
for the box. She grabs at the corner that is closest to her.
She then swings her arm up and back trying to fight off 
her attacker. Who is silent, they never speak, with eyes so very
 cold and calculating...
But they instantly slap the box out of Willow's hand and send it flying back to the floor again. Willow collapses and sobs, she is worried about Peter...Where is he? Did they get to him outside the door? She did not see a body in the hallway...
Her attacker is about to strike down again, she can feel their presence coming closer. Then the sound of the old elevator motor hums, this old building carries sound easily and her attacker immediately stops.  
Then she can hear very silent footsteps retreat away.
 Knowing now she is alone, Willow tries to pull her body up at least to maybe sit up. She needs to cry out for help but that is a struggle as well. Down the hallway the squeak of the elevator signals that the doors are opening...
*Willow* "P...P...Pet-er....H..elp....Mmmee"
She collapses again, whatever energy she had 
left is all gone now. Everything begins to go black, Willow struggles to stay conscious...Her mind drifts to Peter again and how happy they were just moments ago. She doesn't even hear Peter's footsteps as they approach the doorway...
*Peter* "Babe?...Why is the door?...."
When Peter's eyes finally follow the trail of blood into his apartment he spots Willow there laying in a pool of blood. He is not
 sure if she is dead or alive...
*Peter's voice in sheer panic* "Oh my gawd! Willow?!.....Willow!..."
 He screams her name aloud, panic resonating in his voice.
 Immediately and without thought of it he drops the bag of fast food, letting it hit the floor...
 He quickly dashes across the apartment floor he 
cannot get to her quick enough.
*Peter* "Willow!!...Willow!..."

He almost has to slide to a stop, running so quickly in such a short distance to get to her side. The whole time Peter has not stopped calling out her name, the panic in his voice rising as he gets closer to her.
 *Peter* "Willow?!....No, no, no! C'mon...Speak to me, baby! Willow?!...Willow!"
 His cries for her become more distraught as she does 
not respond to his voice
 *Peter* "Willow?!..."
Peter starts to turn her body slowly and Willow finally opens her eyes. His constant cry for her bringing her back to reality. He is alive! He's okay, oh thank God he is okay! She thinks...
 *Willow* "P...P..Peter?..."
 Her reply is barely audible but Peter hears it. His heart is pounding in his chest, he does not know what to do. It looks bad, she sounds bad...Peter slowly turns her body cradling it gently. She is totally limp in his arms, she is weak. Tears begin clouding his vision.
*Willow* "P..Peter?..."
Willow's vision is a blur too, she knows it's Peter by his voice, 
her eyes strain to focus in on his face. Then they finally do find his face, and Willow perks up just a tad and she smiles so very briefly...Peter does too, relieved to see her responsive.
 *Peter in tears* "It's okay, baby...It's okay....I'm here."
*Willow* "I...I'm..sss..."
He pulls her in tighter, cradles her onto his lap. 
Peter can feel tears welling up again, stinging his 
eyes as he tries to hold them back...
*Peter* "No,, it's okay....Just stay with me. S...stay with me!..."
*Willow* ", P...Peter"
*Peter through hard sobs* "I know, baby....It's okay, I'm not mad!...
Just stay with me, keep talking...I'm gonna get you some help!"
Peter's chest feels likes it is gonna burst, he tries so hard to hold back the tears and sobbing, but he can no longer. If only he had stayed...Why did he have to leave?! Leave her vulnerable to such an awful attack! He pulls his phone from his back pocket and hits the emergency number.
*911* "What's your emergency?..."
*Peter through hard sobs* "I need an ambulance! My girlfriend has been stabbed!..."
Peter stays on the line with the 911 operator and 
answers all their routine questions.
*911* "Okay, sit tight sir...I'm getting help out to you."
Willow so badly wants to wrap her arms around him and tell him it will be okay, instead she does the one thing she can do...
*Willow* "'s....not...your...fault..."
*Peter choking up* "It's okay baby, I love you, too...Just stay with me.
Just look at me, focus on my face, Baby..."
Peter is in full panic now, he pulls her up tighter, but that 
fire in those light blue eyes are beginning to dim.
*Peter* "No!...oh gawd,  No!...I never should have left you....Just stay with me...,
Willow!...Look at me Babe, stay with me!..."
 He holds her tight, Willow doesn't have the strength to speak much anymore. Peter knows she is very weak, so he talks to her. He wants her to know that he loves her so deeply and that he is willing to make those changes in his own life just so she could stay in his...
*Peter* "I'm so sorry, Baby...I never knew I could love anyone till I met you, and it scared the shit outta me.  I know I'm not easy to live with and you put up with me, and my crazy shit! All of it...All my fucking baggage...You're an amazing woman...and I will never stop loving you...Remember those babies you wanted? We can have a few of those or however many you want...grow old together...
forever Babe, forever!..."
Willow kinda smiles at that last string of words, 
her eyes lighting up just a tad. She hangs on to those words 
and fights as hard as she can to stay conscious...
*Peter sobbing and rocking* "Willow...No! No!...C'mon...Baby....Stay with me...
I'm getting you help stay with me."
The neighbors below Peter also called the cops after being woken up in the middle of the night by their upstairs neighbor. Officer Pete Singh is the first on the scene, with his gun drawn he
 cautiously enters the apartment.

*Officer Pete* "I need to you step away, hands where I can see them!"
*Peter* "My girlfriend was attacked, she needs help!..."
Officer Pete steps into the apartment to get a better
 look at what is going on.
 *Officer Pete* "Sir, I need you to step I can asses the situation."
Peter decides to comply as the officer also calls for
 an ambulance on his radio...
 *Officer Pete* "I need medics here, pronto!...Got a possible 219...requesting backup."
*Dispatch* "10-4 help is already on the way, officer Pete...Backup is in en route."

*Willow* "P..Peter..."
*Peter* "Hang on baby, stay with me...."

To be continued...

Thank you so much for sticking around if you made it all the way to the end! Now I know this was a rough episode, it was a hard one to type as well...but the story does not end here.
So please stay tuned! 
And as always thank you so much for all your support,
 likes, and comments.
I always appreciate all of them


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  2. NOOOO! Don't die, Willow! *sob*

    OMG, that was one intense episode. Poor Willow, poor Peter... *sob*... please let her make it. Please let them have those babies. *sob*

    Your writing is extraordinary, Miranda. You've got me hanging on your every word. If you ever write I book, I'll buy it.

    Can't wait for the next one... please, don't let her die please, please, please.......

    1. Hi Dani,
      Thank you, I am so glad you enjoyed it and stuck around till the end. I cried my heart out typing this up!...
      Awww, thank you, you know I never liked writing as a kid, but I've come to enjoy it a lot now as an adult.
      Friday can't get here fast enough!!!

  3. I cannnttttt.

    Please let her be ok! ����������

    1. I know, this is a hard episode to swallow...

  4. Oh man the tissues are next to me and I just sobbed like crazy. I sure hope willow is OK. I love how peter was there for her. I saw a very sweet side to him. They deserve love and happiness.

    1. Thank you Mandee!
      I know this was such a difficult episode to type. Peter is gonna be a mess, I sure hope she pulls through too.

  5. Oh My God!!! *sad* from _i_heart_fashion_dolls

    1. I know, poor Willow didn;t deserve this. We all wonder why her?...

  6. OMG. Please let willow be ok. Miranda you are awesome. I love your stories.

    1. Hi Angelia,
      Thank you so much, so glad you are enjoying it. :)

  7. OH Willow! Great as always! Better than any soap! Love it! Keep it coming!!!

    1. Thanks so much! Awww, well I do love a good soap opera too, haha!

  8. This was so intense, I was reading it with dramatic inflection in my own head. I know it's that crazy Shelby. I know it! I hope Willow lives.

    1. Yeah it was a very intense, raw episode...Oh yes, I always read with dramatic inflection, haha! We will see, hurry Friday get here fast!

  9. Hola, un episodio impactante, ya quiero leer el siguiente.

    1. Hola Linda!

      Thank you so much, the next episode will be up next Friday ;)

  10. Holy crap! I was on the edge of my seat reading this! I hope Willow survives this ! She doesnt deserve to have this happen to her!

    1. Holy crap is right! Poor Willow has been through it, and so has Peter...So glad you're enjoying it! :)

  11. OMG, I am still in tears and shaking! Willow needs to pull through! Can we as your readers all band together like the world did for Tinkerbell (remember-"I believe in fairies!"). Who did this??? Shelby, Nathan??? And it doesn't even seem as though Willow knew who her attacker was. On pins and needles until next Friday!!! You are such a good writer! I feel so connected to your characters I don't even see them as dolls!

    1. Oh yes! We can definitely band together! Willow needs to fight for her life...We will all find out in the coming weeks who attacked her. Thank you, I absolutely love writing for the dolls, and they are like characters in a book to me, the dolls just kinda give me a tangible outlet...

  12. Replies
    1. I know this episode was a lot to deal with... :(

  13. Nooooo...... Please allow Willow to live. Peter made a lot of promises. I would love to see them married with babies. That would make Willow so happy! I bet it is Shelby crazy, deranged a__! As everyone else has stated, your writing is phenomenal!! Awesome episode! Looking forward to next episode,

    1. You're right, Peter did make a lot of promises to her..I know he doesn't want to loose especially since he just barely got her back in his life...We will find out more in the coming weeks :)
      Thank you so much, I am really enjoying writing this series. It has been a lot of fun.

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    My money's on Shelby as the attacker!

    1. I know it's so sad to see this tragedy done to Willow...We find out more I promise, Lets hope the cops can catch their attacker...

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  16. What a gripping story! I don't think it's Nathan or even Shelby. Willow didn't call her attacker out by name even though she knows them. Wrong place at the wrong time maybe? I hope she pulls through.