Saturday, August 12, 2017

Peter and The Possible Suspect...

This episode is rated PG-13 for some language and adult content.

After Detective Lloyd found out who exactly Nathan Doucet is, Pete was dispatched to pick him up. Now at the police department back in the small interrogation room James and Hayden have began to question Nathan. They need to know if he has a alibi and they need his version of last nights events. Nathan is looking like a good suspect because of his recent contact with Willow and Peter. Nathan was looking for trouble when he went to Peter's apartment to confront him.
*Hayden* "So last night you were home alone? Can anyone confirm that?"
*Nathan* "No, I was alone! Look man, I was pissed but I didn't do this!..."
*Hayden* "Uh uh, I know you were mad, believe me. My ex-wife cheated on me. I get where you're coming from. So no one in your building can confirm you were home?"
*Nathan* "When I got home from work it was a little past midnight. Everyone
in my building is asleep."
*Hayden* "Okay...okay...I understand it was late, but nothing no one saw you come home?"
Hayden leans forward and spreads out the crime scene photos that have been sitting on the table. He shuffles them around like playing cards. The room is silent for a beat. Hayden is hoping that Nathan will show some kind of emotion he can read and go from there but Nathan does not look down at the pictures. He does not 
want to unless he is forced to.
*Hayden* "Let's switch gears...know anyone who would want to do this to Willow?..."
Hayden points down at the pictures. A picture of Peter's apartment all a bloody mess. Nathan does not want to look at it. Even though there is no body, cause Willow is still alive, he has a hard time looking at it.
*Nathan* "No..."
*Hayden* "I need your cooperation...Willow was brutally attacked...And you were one of that last people to come in contact with her before all this...So I need you to see, I need you to think!..."
Hayden stays cool and calm as they work Nathan. James enjoys being the heated one, he turns to Nathan and demands he look 
at the pictures. He demands he answers Hayden's questions.
*James* "Look at the damn pictures, Doucet!..."
*Nathan* "Why?! I didn't do this! Y'all are treating me like I'm guilty..."
*James* "Not wanting to look at those pictures makes you look guilty..."
*Nathan* "I'm not!..."
James leans in a little and stares down Nathan, both men are
 equally matched in size so neither cowers at each other, 
but James still pushes.
*James* "I think you are! You were so pissed she left you again and couldn't stand it. So you fumed all evening then after work instead of going home you went straight back to Peter's apartment. Lashed out took your anger out on whoever was on the other side of that door. Then you panicked when you realized what you had done..."
Nathan stays stubborn, he does not flinch or look away from James. He knows if he does he shows weakness and he is not afraid of this blue blooded asshole in front of him, no matter what he thinks of him or what he thinks he did. Hayden decides to sit and watch this play out.
 *Nathan* "That's a lot of what if's...and I'm telling you. I didn't do!...So back the fuck off!"

*James pops up* "Or what?! You plan to assault a cop? Gives us more reason to arrest you now. I know this isn't the first time you've been in deep shit....Got busted some years back
 for nearly beating a guy to death..."
*Nathan* "Those charges got dropped!..."
*James continues to get in his face* "Still you've got motive, you've got no alibi,
and you're known to fly off the handle and get violent. Now tell me why
the fuck should I believe you didn't do it!?!"
*Nathan* "I love her! I would never want to hurt her!..."
*James* "Crimes of passion are always about love. You show up at the apartment earlier that night looking to fight. You were ready for it. The other guys face proves it you left him with a nice big shiner...Biggest fuckin' black eye I've seen in awhile."

*Nathan feeling heated, he hates Peter* "He fucking deserved it! And yeah you're right, he's damn lucky I didn't beat his ass into a pulp. Willow put a stop to it, and she left me crushed when she said it was over...but I...I never, never in my life wanted to hurt Willow..."
*James* "But you wanted to hurt Peter...maybe you didn't expect Willow to answer the door and when she did you went bat shit crazy on her...Our blood spatter tech said that it was a man that attacked her...And you fit the scenario quite nicely..."
*Nathan* 'I know I ain't got no alibi but I didn't do this!!!"
*Hayden stands up* "Okay...James I'll take it from here...Go walk it off man."
*James keeping his eyes on Nathan* "Fine...but I'll be back."
James gets up and heads out of the interrogation room. 
Time to see if his tactics work and maybe Hayden can get
 father with Nathan on his own...
While Hayden and James had been handling Nathan, 
Jennifer briefly talks to Officer Pete.

*Jennifer* "So did he fight you draggin' him down here?..."
*Pete* "Honestly, he seemed pretty shocked to see me there. When I told him it was about his ex-girlfriend his face went dark. So he was kinda hard to read then, but he complied."
*Jennifer* "Yeah, I pulled up his file. He's got a few marks on his record."
*Pete* "Oh yeah?..."

*Jennifer* "Nothing major...yeah just some fights he's been in. So he's a hot head
according to the mother. I guess we'll find out."
*Pete* "Yup..."
*Jennifer* "I need  to head down to sweet water spa and ask about Nathan, then talk
to some of his neighbors, care to ride along?..."
*Pete* "Yeah sure..." 
James comes out of the room and Jennifer's eyes light up. She's got to daughters but she's a single mother and James is a looker. They breed them nice up there in North Carolina she thinks. She lingers a tad too long on him and James picks up on it. He speaks to break the silent awkward moment.
 *James* "Are you busy?.."
*Jennifer* "No, why?..."
 *James* "I want to check some old files...and I need your help."
Jennifer perks up and walks with James.
*Jennifer* "I'll be happy to help, right after you ride with me to go talk to
some folks regarding Mr. Doucet's alibi..."
James would not mind a change of scenery. Hayden is 
handling the interrogation for now.
*James* "Sure, sounds good. Be nice to get out for a bit."
Jennifer pats his shoulder tempted to squeeze
 that rock hard bicep.

*Jennifer* "Perfect!...Then afterwards we can round up some dinner. This may be a late night."
Later that evening at Luke and Laura's house, Peter sits at the table with Phoenix and eats dinner. Peter does his best to try and enjoy his meal and not fret about Willow. Luke is almost home working late is sometimes routine for him, it's a lot of work to run a business.
Laura is at the sink getting a few dishes done, her kitchen is still in the process of getting a renovation, so no dishwasher yet, haha!
*Peter* "Your mom is a damn good cook! Mmmm...Mmmm!"
*Laura* "Peter you've got to watch your mouth around Phoenix..."
*Peter* "Oh force of habit you know."
Laura gives a slight Uh uh and continues washing dishes...She's behind on chores today since she was gone at the hospital for several hours...Then she had get to Peter settled in at their place.
*Phoenix* "Mamma cook!..."
*Peter* "Uh uh, she is really good at it. I wish my mom would
have ever been this good but she tried...You're a lucky little man, you've got it made."
All of Phoenix's food is cut into small pieces so he can easily chew them and pick them up with his fingers. Toddlers love it. 
Phoenix hums as he chews his food.
 *Phoenix* "NoMmmmNoMmmmNoMmmmm!"
 *Peter* "I think you're a singer too just like your dad, speaking of where is Luke?...
Your dad is missing out this is so da..darn good!"
 Then Phoenix sees his Dad appear in the doorway between
 the living room and kitchen. He perks up with 
excitement and points at Luke.
 *Phoenix* "Dadda!...Home!...Dadda, home!"
*Luke* "Hey little man! You eating dinner with Uncle Pete?..."
*Phoenix nods* "Uh huh!... "
 Then Peter and Luke turn to look at each other. Laura 
turns her head too and smiles at him.
 *Peter* "Hey man, do you always get home this late?..."
*Luke* "Sometimes...Enjoying my wife's cooking?"
 *Peter* "You know it! I know now why you married her. Hey she let me
borrow your clothes, mine are in the wash."
Luke feels that charge of jealousy again, what the fuck?! He never gets like this, Luke is always cool and confident, now he struggles to push this jealous feeling away. Never before has he felt that way and the fact that Peter is the other guy is making his head kinda spin.
 Why him?! Peter isn't even a threat! Luke quickly responds to Peter.
 *Luke* "Naw man, it's fine...borrow whatever... I mean clothes you need."
Luke thinks to himself..."But not my woman!"...Then he heads straight over to Laura and kisses her head and wraps his hands
 around her waist pulling her tight against his body.
 *Luke* "Miss me?..."
*Laura* "Of course, I always do..."
 Peter can't help but notice how aggressive Luke is being but 
he figures maybe that's just how it normally is, or maybe Luke is feeling that way because of what happened to Willow. Peter tries to keep his composure, and just live in the moment and not fret every second. Saffron promised she would call him if there are any changes.
 *Peter* "Hey you know you two have an audience?..."
 *Laura* "He's right...go sit down. I'll bring you your plate."
*Luke* "What? I can't kiss you in front of others?..."
*Laura* "Luke, you're doing way more than that."
She tries to get him to step back but she can't move him, 
 he towers over her by almost a foot. Luke kisses her
 head again and holds steady. She smells divine.
 *Laura* "Phoenix, sit on your bottom, pumpkin. You're gonna fall."
Luke finally lets her go and the two get his dinner 
plated so he can sit and eat...
*Peter* "No wonder there is two of you. Your parents are
like horny teenagers..."
Later on after everyone has filled up on dinner. Luke and Peter sit and sip their beers while Laura is upstairs getting Phoenix bathed, then into bed. Luke holds a very calm and happy baby Fin...All the while Peter finally tells him about the other night. He tells him from the beginning, where Nathan showed up at his apartment...
*Luke* "Shit, Pete...I hadn't realized things were that tense of a
love triangle between you all..."
*Peter* "Naw, man it's okay...I know you're busy."
*Luke* "My money is on Nathan...he's got way more reason to feel betrayed...As for that Shelby girl what the fuck, Peter?! You haven't learned by now to stay away from that kinda crazy?.."
*Peter* "Yeah but that girl is fucking psycho! I'm telling you, she was good, real good, I had no idea. She seemed so sweet and nerdy and cute. Then the minute I give in she showed her true colors. I haven't been able to get rid of her. She was pissed when Willow told her off...
And she lives just down the fucking hall!!!"
Luke rocks Phineas as they continue to talk, he is not surprised Peter hooked up with this young girl. He has a weakness for them...
*Luke* "No matter what, you knew she was young! C'mon man, you have got
to stop fucking girls that are nearly half your age..."
*Peter* "I know, I know...I fucked up! And now Willow is in the gawddamn hospital because of me!...I have no idea what is gonna happen between us!"
Peter takes a deep breath, he does not want to go there again. 
He tries to keep all those traumatizing images 
out of his mind but it's hard, very hard....
 *Luke* "What happened is not your fault, Peter. You can't beat yourself up about it..."
Luke rocks Phineas as he makes soft baby sounds, he kisses his head and smells that soft baby scent on him.
*Peter sighs* "I'm trying not too...but you know it's damn near impossible to..."
*Luke* "Willow wouldn't want you to feel that way...She's a sweet soul and 
I'm sure she will understand..."
Peter looks panicked he's never had to fight so hard for a woman before but he's willing to do it for Willow, but that underlying fear of what the future will hold makes him wonder if she will now feel the same way.
 *Peter* "You saw how upset her mom is. She does not want me near Willow!...
And if she can convince Willow that I'm poison and a danger to her. I...I...don't know what will happen."
 Luke can see he is torn, Peter is definitely in love with Willow. He feels bad again for ever being jealous of him spending time with Laura.
 They are friends and that's it.
*Luke* "You look tired man, go get some rest and try not to stress about the future. Just take things day by day right now. Willow loves you, I'm sure this will all blow over once she wakes up..."
Peter nods in agreement, he sets his beer down on the 
table as Laura comes into the kitchen to get baby Fin.
*Peter* "Yeah, I'm gonna hit the sack, see if I can sleep..."
Luke notices Laura's T-shirt, his eyes drop to her right breast, her body is telling her it's time to feed Fin. As soon as she realizes, why Luke is staring her boobs her hands fly up to cover the area.
*Laura* "Is it bad?!..."
Peter doesn't notice, he is too wrapped up in his own thoughts to even realize anything. Luke is kinda relieved, he is not liking this jealous feeling that keeps taking over him. He looks at Peter then back at Laura.
*Luke* "No, babe...You're fine...Here take him. I got to finish some work upstairs,
before I head to bed."
*Laura* "Okay...I'll see ya in a bit then."
Luke nods then, Laura scoops up Fin and takes him upstairs. Luke finds Peter already lying down on the fold out sofa bed in their living room.
*Luke* "Hey, I'm heading upstairs to work, if you can't sleep you
can always hang with me..."
Peter turns to face Luke, he is a mess 
and that black eye looks rough.
*Peter* "Thanks, but I think I just need some time alone...It's been a shit day ya know."
*Luke nods* "Okay, I'll be upstairs for about an hour or so if you change you mind." 
Peter nods and Luke turns out the lights and heads upstairs.
 *Luke* "Don't hesitate to wake me up if you need anything..."
*Peter* "Okay..."
*Luke* "G'night...Peter."
*Peter* "Goodnight..."
Peter quickly dozes off, he is exhausted and his body 
needs rest and sleep badly.
 But later on into the middle of the night he wakes up from a nightmare reliving the moment he found Willow in his apartment. Peter struggles for a while to fall back asleep he tosses and turns.
Tosses and turns...
 Eventually he dozes off again and a short time later the 
sun is starting to come up...
Suddenly Peter's phone begins to go off ringing and vibrating on the glass coffee table. He pops his head up and when he sees that it is Hayden calling he grabs for it and answers right away.
*Peter* "Hello?..."
*Hayden* "Peter, it's Hayden...sorry did I wake you?..."
*Peter* "No, no...It's fine. Is everything okay, is Willow okay?..."
*Hayden* "Willow is fine....but something came up that we over looked yesterday."
*Hayden continues* "Can you and Luke come down to the station?..."
*Peter* "Luke?!...what does Luke have to do with this?!..."
*Hayden* "I'll explain it all when you get here, but I need him to come too."
*Peter* "Uh, yeah okay...I guess we can be there in an hour or so..."
Hayden and Peter hang up. Once Luke is informed he agrees right away to head down to the station with Peter. Both of them very anxious to know what is going on...Peter and Luke finally make it there and Hayden ushers them in.
*Peter* "Have you been here all night?!..."
*Hayden* "Yeah I have, come in sit down. I'll try not to keep y'all too long."
 Luke and Peter both sit, neither of them like being here but it is necessary, plus they cannot stop wondering why 
and what it is all about. Peter nearly feels sick to his stomach sitting in this chair again...Gawd he hopes Hayden has good news.
*Hayden* "We have a new lead...Been working with the FBI on it all night."
 *Peter and Luke both in surprise* "The FBI?!...Why?"
*Hayden* "I know, let me explain...After we did some more digging on you yesterday we saw that you had been contacted by the FBI last year about Fionna Miller. Do you remember?..."
Peter smacks his head, he totally forgot about it. Luke looks on in surprise, it is news to him. Peter never ever mentioned this to him.
 *Peter* "Ah shit! That's right, I totally fucking forgot about that. They wanted me
to identify her. You think she's connected? But how? She's?..."
Hayden interrupts him Peter is getting ahead of what
 Hayden needs to say.
*Luke* "How come I'm just hearing about this?! I was never contacted by the FBI..."
*Hayden* "I know, let me explain what they told me..."

To be continued!...
And thanks so much for your continued well wishes for Willow! 
You have all been awesome!

And thank you for all your likes, comments and support! 
I truly do appreciate it, even though I may not always reply back. 
So stay tuned it's gonna be coming full circle soon!


  1. Nooooo I want more. I wasn't around then! Who is Fiona!

    1. Dani, if you use the search button on the upper right hand side, using Fionna's name, you'll be able to read the stories associated with her. She's probably nuttier than Shelby.

    2. Wow! Completely had this narrowed down, now there's a big twist. Didn't see that coming. I also think Luke needs to cut out his little jealous moments. I wonder why he's getting like that.

    3. Hi Dani,
      Yes like Jaye said you can search my blog for episodes with Fionna in it. She is one of Peter's ex-girlfriends...And I agree that is a nut case, haha!

      Hi, Jaye
      Yeah, well you know me I gotta keep y'all on your toes...Yeah Luke is not liking this jealous feeling, either it's messing with his head.

  2. Oooooh, I totally didn't see that one coming. O.O I think I haven't caught up on the Fionna part yet, I will have to click back through your story to see what the deal is with her, if I find the time. Yet another suspect. It's getting even more exciting and nerve-wrecking. I really can't wait for all of this to unravel. Although, I do hope we get to see Shelby being questioned as well. Wonder what her crazy mind will come up with.

    As always: I can't get enough of your dios. <3 The hospital is beyond amazing (I caught a bit of your live video on instagram and it was so awesome to have it all explained by you).

    And thanks for including the get well pics of my gang on the last episode. :) Dean says the offer still stands in case Willow changes her mind about Peter. *lol* That guy really needs a girlfriend. Haha...

    1. Oh yes, you must go back and read, haha! Fionna was trouble not just for Peter but for Luke as well. Those were some fun episodes...
      We will learn about Shelby in the next episode...
      Thanks so much so glad you're enjoying it :)
      I love that pic of Dean it is so sweet!

  3. wow, what a twisted plot! Can't wait to find out who Fiona is!

    1. Fionna is a old character...She was Peter's girlfriend when he first showed up in town years ago.

  4. excellent job my wonderful friend. I was on the edge of my seat. I love how in love Luke and Laura are. I hope Peter can find some peace with all of this

    1. Yay! Thank you so glad you enjoyed the episode. Yes Luke loves Laura very very much, and it weirds him out seeing Laura baby Peter...I hope Peter too can get through this.

  5. Luke's jealousy might be a little out of place and annoying, but also makes me wonder whether it might be a man's natural response in such situations. Well, is it? I just hope this jealousy won't grow because the last thing we need is our favo bromance fall apart. 😁

    Somehow I have a feeling that the attackers may not be the ones we guessed. Still uncertain about how this gonna end. But that's why I love your stories. Always unpredictable.

    Can't wait for more.. while still wondering if Amari is really knocked up.. hahaha..

    1. I think Luke is having this response because of that fact that it is Peter, Laura is caring for him and being sweet and comforting...and we all know Peter and his track record with women. Not that Laura would ever do anything, and I think Luke is definitely over reacting but alas he's a man and men can be very territorial, can't help it. Plus yeah it would be sad to see their bromance fall apart.

      Haha! Don't worry I haven't forgotten about Amari :-)
      Glad you're enjoying the episodes!

  6. oh man, what is going on over here? Fiona Miller???? That old news little thing? And Luke is jealous over Pete??? Things need to be settled fast over here on One Sixth. Sh*t already hit the fan and it's time for some cleaning up...

    1. Hehe! Fiona is Peter's ex-girlfriend from long can search back in the episodes for stories with her in them.
      Yeah Luke is kinds being a baby ain't he? haha! men...Oh well believe me more shit is about to hit the fan this is not over yet...

  7. Oh wow! A twist in the plot. I hadn't thought about it but I can totally see that!

    1. Yeah, definitely someone with a grudge so strong...
      Glad you're enjoying the episodes!

  8. Replies
    1. hi Angelia,
      Thanks so much! Glad you're enjoying it. :)

  9. OMG! Cliffhanger! Can't wait to see what happens.

  10. As always, another great episode adding to the suspense! I never would have even thought about Fiona being involved, but she is definitely batshit crazy enough to do this after what she and Cade did to Rufus! So much crazy going on -- can't wait to see what happens next!

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    Thanks for another great episode.

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    I've been following your stories for a few years now but I don't know that I've ever commented. They are always so detailed in both the dioramas and the dramas.