Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Shaun and Amari: 7 and a Half Months Ago

This short little episode is rated R
for some minor language and mature content.

I know you've all been waiting to see what happened between these two, so let's rewind and go back to April again once more, where Amari finally tells Shaun she is pregnant. It's early morning the day after all the carnage that took place at Peter's apartment and the hospital.  Amari could not sleep well last night, after all the drama, her fight with Shaun, Willow nearly dying, and her own secrets eating her up as well, she decided to get up and make pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Might as well since she's eating for two now.
Shaun comes shuffling in still half asleep, the smell of bacon bringing him to life. They did kinda sorta make up from their little fight the night before but things are still a bit touch and go. Feelings are still very sensitive, especially after all that transpired over the past few days and weeks everyone was on edge.
*Shaun* "Damn, baby that smells good..."
 *Amari* "I couldn't sleep anymore so I figured I'd cook us some breakfast....
Sit down it's almost ready."
 Amari gets their plates and takes them to the table, she sits down across from Shaun. She is not much of a cook so Shaun knows she must be buttering him up for something. Amari is used to getting what she wants, but so is Shaun. Amari lets him take a few bites of his pancakes before she lays it out on him. She knows this will not be easy, this may not go well at all then again who knows...
*Amari* "Is it good?..."
*Shaun mouth full* "Mmmhmmm....Yeah it's good baby."
*Amari* "Did you sleep okay?..."
*Shaun chewing* "Yeah, slept like a baby now that I know Cade is behind bars."
Amari inwardly cringes at his comment about sleeping like a baby. She knows Shaun is not wanting to start a family anytime soon or maybe ever, but one thing led to another and now she is pregnant. She waits for him to swallow that last bite, then speaks....
*Amari* "Uh, Shaun?..."
*Shaun* "Yeah?..." 
*Amari* "I uh...I'm pregnant."
Shaun wastes no time at being upset. He knows exactly what night it was she got pregnant, too. Amari had not yet scheduled a new appointment to renew her birth control, and Shaun was fresh out of rubbers. So being so horny as they were they agreed to take the chance and Amari would take a morning after pill the next day.
*Shaun* "What the fuck, Mari?  You said you would take care of this shit with a pill."
*Amari* "I know! I know, I did!....I forgot, okay? I was running late for work that morning. I didn't have time to stop anywhere...I'm sorry."
Shaun shoves his hands against the table pushing his chair back. He is no longer hungry anymore. He is downright angry now.
 *Shaun* "Forgot?! Sorry is not gonna fucking cut it, Mari! I didn't agree to this shit! We agreed that we both didn't want a baby...You said it yourself. Is this a fucking game to you? 
Fucking entrapment is what this is! Dammit Amari..."
 Amari springs up out of her chair. She would never ever purposely get pregnant to trap him or any man for that matter.
*Amari* "Excuse me?! I would never do that. I know I messed up, and
 I'm sorry! Shaun,  please believe me!"
*Shaun scratches his head* "Yeah, baby I believe you...."
He is still in shock about it all, he walks around the table to face her. Amari clutches her stomach she too is still nervous about how Shaun will take it once it really sinks in she is not giving up this baby.
*Shaun* "So that's settled then, we're on the same page about this, right?"
*Amari* "Uh...um what do you mean?"
*Shaun* "That you'll just have to get an abortion."
And just as she suspected how he would react, he does. Amari knows she could very well be on her own if she can't get him to understand. The thought of this unknown scares her but she cannot deny either how much she would love to have this baby too.
*Amari* "I never agreed to getting an abortion, Shaun..."
 *Shaun* "Mari, I never fucking agreed to you getting pregnant!...What about what I want?"
*Amari* "It's my body, my choice!..."
*Shaun* "I don't want this!."
*Amari* "Tough shit!...I didn't either but it is what it is."
 *Shaun* "Don't tell me to eat it! Just think about it. You know you're not ready for any of this...Remember that means no more partying, no more drinking all of it, life as you know it is done!"
 *Amari* "I know, and I'm prepared to make all those sacrifices...Laura 
did and her and Luke are very happy..." 
*Shaun* "You can't compare us to them, our relationship is not the same. You know you're only with me to stir drama up with Daddy. The privileged little rich girl who parties and only works when she feels like it..."
*Amari* "Take that back Shaun Harris! Take it back now!
*Shaun* "You're not even showing yet so there is still enough time to lock 
this shit down...get it taken care of."
 *Amari* "Excuse me?! Lock it down?! Maybe you shoulda locked it down and pulled out like you said you would, but no you were just as into the moment as I was!..."
 *Shaun* "Oh no! Don't you go turning this shit on me! You're the one who didn't follow through. I offered to pick it up for you, remember?"
Amari huffs and turns away she cannot look at him anymore. She did promise to take care of it that day and Shaun is right he did briefly offer to pick up the pill for her.
 *Amari* "I'm keeping this baby, with or without you,
 I don't need your support..."
*Shaun* "And what about your Dad?! You think he's gonna want to support you 
and your baby?!...At some point he's gonna expect you to grow up and
 he'll stop paying all your bills. Think about it..."
*Amari* "I can manage just fine..."
*Shaun* "Mari, you grew up very pampered. You really think that it's all gonna be fine, 
ride off into the sunset with your fucking prince charming?!..."
*Amari* "Now you're just being an asshole!...I am not asking anything of you
 and you can't change my mind!" 
*Shaun* "You're being fucking ridiculous, 
save yourself the heartache and misery...Get the gawddamn abortion!"
*Amari* "How can you compare a baby to heartache and misery?! I know they are a 
lot of work, but I can handle it. You can't talk me outta this!..."
*Shaun* "You're a fucking spoiled brat! This is not a game, a baby is for life Mari..."
*Amari* "I know!!!"
She rolls her eyes and Shaun starts to walk away 
then turns around to face her one last time.
 *Shaun* "You know the guys were right, you get to comfy and shit happens..."
*Amari* "What do you mean they were right?..."
*Shaun* "That night we played poker, Peter knew you were fucking pregnant, he fucking knew before I realized it. And dumb shit me denied all of it being true, cause I thought, oh no Mari would never fuck me over she'd never ever do that!..." 
 *Amari* "Screw you over?! Now you're acting crazy, I told you it was an accident..."
*Shaun* "Then get the fucking abortion."
*Amari* "No!..."
Shaun twists his finger against his temple 
suggesting she is loony. He is so upset in fact he is angry, she failed to do what she said she would. Shaun has a hard time believing now that  this is no accident, he feels cornered and betrayed.
*Shaun* "Now, you're fucking crazy to think this will all workout. All those
hormones are fucking with your head...I'm gonna take a hot shower, 
maybe by then you'll come to your senses..."
Then he finally storms off leaving Amari to decide 
the fate of their relationship. She stands there finally letting tears roll down her cheeks, as she begins to question 
everything that has happened.
When Shaun finally shows up out of the shower and dressed he finds the condo empty, Amari has left. He grabs his phone 
and keys and heads out the door.

The End!
Oh, but not quite! 
Did Shaun and Amari ever get past all the drama? 
Did they break up? Did they stay together? 
Did she keep the baby like she said she would?

There is more to come, and hopefully I can be on time with this next one. Just not enough hours in a day for me to get done everything that I want to do, haha!
Thanks so much for tuning in and stopping by!


  1. wow that was amazing!!! I sure hope Shaun comes to his senses. A baby is work and can change everything but, never a mistake.I am glad she wants to keep it. Excellent job again my friend you rock

    1. Thank you so glad you enjoyed it! We will see what happens in the next episode. :)

  2. Wow! great as always! Can't wait for the next episode!

  3. I knew Shaun would not be happy, but I hope Amari doesn't get an abortion, even if she has to raise the baby by herself. As a single mom by choice to 2 beautiful girls, I know she can do it!

    1. Yeah, it was kinda leaning that way. He was not happy that night the guys teased him about it. You're right though she can definitely do it and raise this baby with support from family... :)

  4. Wow that was explosive! Although I understand Shaun feeling betrayed and entrapped he was a total a$$ to Amari. I hope these two can work things out. Should she keep the baby (which I hope she does) he could be left feeling resentment. However, sometimes in these instances the man ends up adoring their child. Should she terminate, she could resent him. A baby would force her to grow up especially if he chooses not to be involved. Although with Amari's dad being a judge Shaun could find himself in hot water. I doubt if dad wont encourage her to place him on child support. Laura would definitely feel a certain kind of way would could impact Shaun's relationship with Luke. So many outcomes....cant wait to the next episode.

    1. Yeah Shaun was an ass but I think that is a pretty common reaction for most men who are in similar relationships. I think a baby would force both of them to grow up. Yes Amari's dad is a judge, so he could definitely throw his weight around if needed.

  5. Also where is Shaun's heart if he thinks she is only with him in rebellion against her dad?

  6. Please let her kept the baby alot of women do it by their self. But I hope he man's up. A baby is a beautiful creation from God.

    1. We will find out in the next episode! :) I agree a baby is a wonderful thing.

  7. Shaun is going to be the biggest push over daddy! LOL!

    1. lol! Hmmmm, well maybe I dunno, we will see!

  8. WOW! One thing for sure, she knew her man! Now, how well does she know her daddy? Great episode; can’t wait for the follow up.

    1. Thank you, so glad you enjoyed it! We will learn more in the next episode :)

  9. Shaun is being such a jerk! I hope that Amari kept the baby. I am anxiously awaiting the outcome. Great story as always!

  10. I was so surprised (and excited) to see a new episode. I thought it was going to be a while before a new one was available. Thank you for posting what happened with these two. I'm sure her father is going to spoil Amara because of his grandchild.