Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Friday Night~Bull Tavern

It's Friday night and Luke and Laura have decided to eat dinner at Bull Tavern. The past couple days have been a bit crazy and it's kinda nice to unwind and relax.
After getting settled in. Roxie comes to say hello and serve them some drinks. While they wait for their dinner. They continue to talk about their day.
*Luke* "So you haven't talked to your sister at all since this morning?"
*Laura* "Nope, I did think about calling her..."
 *Luke* "So why haven't you?"
*Laura* "I just thought I should give her some space. I guess my Mom would be calling me if Michelle was hold up in her room."
*Luke* "Yeah, your probably right."
 Luke takes a swig of his beer. Laura continues to talk about what happened that morning at breakfast.
 *Laura* "I still can't believe you told my sister about Rufus Blue. Why did you?"
*Luke* "I don't know, I guess I figured it was a good distraction for her. Plus, maybe she will realize that sometimes your mistakes they work out for the better and sometimes they don't. I would have never met you if things didn't happen the way they did." 
 *Laura* "I know, I just don't like hearing you talk so nonchalant about her and what happened. I know it sounds a bit childish but I just don't like thinking of you being with her."
*Luke* "I'm sorry, Babe.  Just know, she is in my past and it's gonna stay that way. I have no reason to see or talk to her. Those days are behind me. I love you and only you."
*Laura runs her hand along Luke's thigh* "I love you, too."
Luke smiles at her lovingly and the two don't even realize that Roxie has come with their food they ordered.
*Roxie* "Hey, you two lovebirds I got your food here." 
*Laura* "Hi....Oh thank you, Roxie." 
Roxie sets there plates on the table and continues talking. 
*Roxie* "So....you two gonna tells me what happened with Benjamin and Michelle? He called Aric this morning and told him a little bit of what happened last night. I know Michelle spent the night at ya'lls place last night."
 *Laura* "Oh, really? He talked to Aric? Well, then you know what Benjamin told Michelle....About how he feels about her?"
*Roxie* "Yes, apparently he is in love with your sister. This is new territory for Benjamin. I hope he doesn't do anything to screw this up."
*Laura* "So, I guess you also know that my sister freaked out when he told how he felt about her."
*Roxie* "Yeah, but do you know why she ran off? When Aric talked to him this morning he said that she ran away and he thought that she didn't feel the same way. I guess he was trying to get some advice from Aric? I don't know..."

*Laura* "Well.... to make a very long story short. Michelle started the bet with him as way to get revenge on him for hurting Penelope. That is why she ran away."
*Roxie gasps* "Oh my! Are you serious? So she was only dating him to get revenge?"
*Laura* "I know.... it's kinda hard to believe she would do that. But she does have true feelings for him. She was supposed to tell him the truth about their bet this morning when he picked her up at our place."
*Roxie* "Do you know how it went?"
*Laura* "No, I haven't talked to her yet. Oh! Hey, don't forget we are having Thanksgiving at my restaurant for just friends and family, you and Aric are welcome to come." 
*Roxie* "Okay....sounds good."
Just then Aric hollers across the bar. 
 *Aric* "What are you three gossiping about over there?"
*Roxie* "We're talking about Benjamin."
*Aric* "So, no one is gonna tell me what happened? He is my best friend after all."
Roxie relieves Aric from the bar so that he can go and talk for a few minutes.
*Aric* "Mr. Jones needs his beer refilled."
*Roxie* "I'm on it. Just give yourself a break for a few minutes. I got the bar."
*Aric* "Your the best, honey." 
*Roxie as a matter of fact* "I know...." 
Aric goes and takes a seat at the table with Luke and Laura.
*Aric* "So, how is Benji? I haven't talked to him since this morning. He said he was on his way to pick up Michelle so they could talk."
*Luke* "Well, actually we don't know much more than you do."
*Aric* "How's that?"
*Luke* "You know how Cruz and I were teasing him last night about his feelings for Michelle."
*Aric* "Yeah. We talked about that this morning."
*Laura* "Michelle told me last night why she made that bet with Benjamin. She basically wanted revenge. She wanted him to feel how much it hurts to get your heart broken."
*Aric* "Ouch!! Poor Benji. So you haven't heard out how things turned out between them? You haven't talked to your sister?"
*Laura* "No, that is all we know. I guess if things had gone terribly wrong she would have called me already."
 *Aric* "Well, I hope they can work it out. I think your sister is good for him. He needs to settle down finally. I know this would make his Dad very happy."
*Laura* "She does care about him. But knowing Benjamin's history I just hope my sister isn't the one who ultimately ends up with a broken heart."
*Aric* "I agree with you. I'm gonna be on him like a hound dog on a fox. I am not about to let him screw this up. He needs a good woman. Not some floozy he meets at a bar or some night club."
*Laura* "You really care about him, don't you?"
*Aric* "Yeah, I do. He is like a brother to me. We have been through a lot together.  Our Mother's were good friends before his Mom passed away.  So we played together a lot as little boys."
*Laura* "Oh, I thought that ya'll met in high school."
*Aric* "Nope, Benji and I go way back.....Well, I'm gonna let you two eat."
They acknowledge that he needs to go back to work. Aric gets up from the table to go and check on some of the other customers. Luke and Laura sit quietly while they eat their food. 
As they are finishing dinner a couple walks into the bar. Luke immediately recognizes his old friend. They are both utterly surprised to see each other.
*Stranger* "Luke? Luke Cooper.....?
*Luke* "Yeah!  How's it going?.....what's up man!"
Luke gets up from the table to greet him. The two friends give each other a handshake and strong pat on the back.  

*Luke* "How the hell have you been? Are you visiting... working a concert?"
*Stranger* "I'm good....things have been good. Actually, I guess we just moved here. We have been kinda bouncing around from city to city."
*Luke* "Come sit down and join us.  I'll order us some drinks. It would be great to catch up a bit."
*Stranger* "Oh, I don't want to bother you guys. You look like your enjoying your evening."
*Luke* "It's fine."
*Stranger looks to his date* "You okay with this?"
*Date* "Oh, yeah......It's totally fine."
So the couple takes a seat across from Luke and Laura.
*Luke* "This is my girlfriend Laura.  Babe, this is Peter Morrisey. We worked together for many years."
*Laura* "Hello! So nice to meet you....."
 *Peter* "Likewise.....this is Fionna. We met right before the sh*t hit the fan. So we decided to leave together before it got worse."
   *Luke* "So....your not working for Rock Candy anymore?"
*Peter* "Haven't you heard?  Rock Candy is not a band anymore. Rufus went solo about a year after you left. I quit not long after you did. Things went downhill after......"
*Luke a little uncomfortable* "Oh....Yeah, now that you mention it I do remember hearing something about that. So are you working for another band?"
*Perer* "No, Fionna and I decided to just leave the business completely. We needed a change of pace."
*Luke* "I know what you mean. It's nice to not have to pack up and leave every week."
*Peter* "So, what about you? Did you ever open a record store like you wanted to?"
*Luke* "Um...yeah. Yeah I did."
*Peter* "That's great! How is it working out?"
*Luke* "I'm doing pretty good.  I'm actully looking at buying the building right next door. To expand the shop, plus we plan on renovating the apartments above it so we can live there."
*Peter* "Oh wow! Sounds like you are doing pretty good. So, I guess by we you mean you two are planning on living together?"
*Luke* "Yes, but we already live together. We have been together for a couple years now. It's been...What? 3-4 years since I left?"
*Peter*  "Yeah, that sounds about right."
*Luke* "Hey, you should come back to our place. We can continue catching up there. It's starting to get busier here and the noise level makes it hard to hear."
*Peter* "I would love to but we had plans to have a quick drink and continue walking around. It's a great way to get familiar with a new city."
*Luke* "Okay, let me give you my cell number. So if you want to come by and check out the shop one day you can. Plus, Laura is a chef at a local restaurant Ma Cherie if you want to try some good local food to eat another time."
*Peter* "Definitely, I would love to see your record shop. We are still in a hotel right now. Once we finish moving our stuff into our new place. I will swing by."
*Luke* "Great....So, I guess you are planning on living here?"
*Peter* "Um.....maybe. Like I said we have been kinda trying to decide where we want to settle."
*Luke* "Okay...well I guess we'll see you around."
*Peter* "Yeah it was good seeing you and thanks for the drinks."

Luke and Laura say goodbye to Peter and Fionna. Then they wave off to Aric at the bar to let him know they are heading out. Today has been quit a day for them. First everyone is sucked into the drama surrounding Michelle and Benjamin. Then someone from Luke's past happens to show up at Bull Tavern that same day. Hopefully there won't be anymore surprises for a while. The past couple days have been crazy enough.....




  1. Hello from Spain: nice facade of the bar. Laura wearing a fabulous dress. I have it too. Nice pictures .. Very cool, keep in touch

    1. Hello Marta,
      Thank you, I really like that dress, glad I was able to find it at a good price :)

  2. I love it! I love everything about it!

    1. Hi Ms. Leo,
      Thank you so glad you enjoyed it :)

  3. I really love how close everyone seems to be, looking out for one another. I'm interested to know more about Luke's past and if he met Laura prior to the other folks in town. Peter and Fiona make a really cute couple. I'm waiting for my Peeta and Katniss shipment now. They're really a cute couple. This is really getting good. :)

    1. Hi Tracy :)
      Thank you...the HG dolls are a lot of fun. You will love them. As for Luke he is the only one who hasn't had any past friends introduced into the storyline. Since he didn't grow up here.....I plan on posting a Thanksgiving story soon too. It's been nice to get back to the dolly drama...

  4. Wow! I just love your story! It has alot of character and depth to its characters. The bar is totally awsome. I would seriously have fun there. I too just got the HG dolls and i love them but i havent really decided how i was going to introduce them yet. Please keep up the great work! :)

    1. Hi William,
      thanks so much for taking the time to comment :)
      I am so glad you are enjoying the story and my dioramas. I have always loved playing out stories with my dolls since I was a kid.
      The Hunger Games dolls are so much fun! I knew right away with Peeta how I wanted him to fit in. But Katniss I'm still up in the air on her. As for Finnick I don't know what to do with him yet...