Friday, November 15, 2013

Michelle"s Confession Part 2

It's the morning after the Halloween Party. Michelle and Laura are up and already eating some breakfast. The sisters are sitting quietly until Laura breaks the silence.
*Laura* "So how did you sleep last night?"
*Michelle* "Good."
*Laura* "Have you thought about when you are going to tell Benjamin the truth?"
*Michelle* "Um...I...don't know....."
*Laura* "What? So your not gonna tell him? You can't avoid him forever."
*Michelle dodges the question* "Yeah I know but I don't want to talk about Benjamin right now. I'm curious about Luke and all those tats.  I had no idea Luke has some many.  Does Mom and Dad know that almost his whole body is covered in them?" 
*Laura* "I never exactly told them how many he has,  it' not something that's came up really.  Plus you know Mom she would probably freak out."
*Michelle* "Yeah, and he is so opposite of the guys you used to date."
*Laura* "That is true, but that's the main reason I fell in love with him. He is not like all the other guys I dated. Luke's tattoos make him different and they tell a story of his life before...."
Luke comes downstairs moaning and groaning with a hangover from last night.
*Luke* "Ugh crap!! I shouldn't have drank that last beer."
Laura points to the coffee pot and tells him to make himself a cup.  She gets up to make him a plate of food.
*Luke drinks his coffee* "I heard my name were you two talking about me?"
*Michelle strait to the point* "Yeah we were.  I was asking Laura about your tats.  I had no idea you have that many."
*Luke* "Yeah, I got a lot of 'em.  Each one is from a different city back when I was traveling with several different bands. I'd probably have more if I was still touring. I just kinda stopped  getting them when I left the business."
*Michelle* "That's right you used to hang out with rock stars. That must have been a lot of fun. Why did you stop? Oh! And who was the most popular band you traveled with?"
*Laura* "Michelle, what's with the twenty questions?"
*Luke* "Babe, its okay. She's just curious."
*Michelle* "Yeah, plus it's keeping my mind off other things."
*Luke continues* " Well, I traveled the most with the Band Rock Candy."
*Michelle* "Rock Candy! I love that band High School. Do you know Rufus Blue?"
 *Laura walks over to fold the bedding on the couch. She is not happy with where this conversation is going*
*Luke turns to look at her* "C'mon Babe! Why do let it get to you.? All that stuff happened before I even met you."
*Michelle* "Oooo! What is it!?...Now I really want to know."
*Luke spits his words out quickly* "I dated Rufus for several years."
*Michelle jumps* "What!? No way! 
*Luke not sure if he should continue*  "I almost married her too."
*Michelle* "Again.... What!? Oh my god....Laura why do let it bother you so much. He could have married a rock star but didn't. Instead he is here with you!"
*Laura keeping herself busy* "Just let him finish and you'll see why. I threw out all my Rock Candy albums after I found out."
*Luke* "Babe, come here. She is never going to come between us. It's done and over you know that. I haven't seen her for nearly 2 years."
*Michelle* "So why did you leave? Was she psycho or something?"
*Laura gestures for him to continue* "Well, you've already told her this much...."
*Luke sighs* "I almost married her because she got pregnant."
*Michelle shocked* "No!? So you have a kid with Rufus Blue of Rock Candy?"
 *Luke stops her* " make a long story short. No I don't.  One day she tells me she is pregnant and wants to get married before the baby is born.  I agreed to marry her but I guess with all the stress of touring.  Plus we began arguing about all of it. Well, she ended up loosing the baby.  So I took it as a sign to get the hell out of there.  I really wasn't ready to get married. "
Luke looks up at Laura making her feel reassured that he loves her and only her.
*Luke* "Within a week I was out of there and I moved down here. Then about a year later I met your sister."
*Michelle* "Awww! You two are so sweet...."
*Luke* "Now it's my turn. Why were you so upset last night? Girls, are usually happy when a guy tells them he's in love with them."
*Michelle lets out a sigh* "Fair enough. *She spits out the words in one long breath* I only started dating Benjamin because I had intentions of getting him to fall for me so I could get revenge on him for crushing Penelope's heart."
*Luke nearly chokes on his breakfast* "Holy Sh*t!! Are you effing kidding me!? Remind me not to get on your bad side!"
 Michelle freaks out and starts crying. She just did not expect him to react that way he did.
*Michelle* "Oh god! He is gonna hate me if I tell him the truth."
*Laura* "Oh sweetie, no, no. Don't say that."
*Luke* "Michelle..."
*Laura stops him* "Luke..don't. You said enough."
*Luke* "I'm sorry. I just wasn't expecting her to say something like that.  Michelle,  hey I'm sorry you just caught me off guard with that."
Michelle wipes her tears and looks up. 
 *Michelle* "It's okay, Luke.  I think I deserved that reaction."
*Luke* "If it makes you feel any better. I would want to know the truth.  Relationships can get complicated real fast. The truth is always the best. And the sooner the better."
*Laura* "I agree. You should call him right now and plan a time where you can sit down and talk to each other. I can reserve you a table at my restaurant."
*Luke* "That's a good idea, Babe. Yeah somewhere public would be best. Even though Benjamin can annoy me sometimes. I think he does really care about you. Besides you don't want to get a bad rep as the vengeful ex-girlfriend. Like Wayne said to Garth 'If you blow chunks and she comes back, she's yours. But if you spew and she bolts, then it was never meant to be."
*Laura* "Ew!! Luke that's gross. How is that encouraging?"
*Luke* "What?! I love that movie! Plus, it makes sense....."
*Michelle lets out a small giggle* "Yeah, it does make sense. But it's the lamest analogy ever."
*Luke* "Hey,...just trying to make you feel better."
*Laura admires him for trying* "Well, I think you should go ahead and call him right now. Luke and I will go upstairs and give you some privacy."
Michelle takes their advice and calls him. She can only hope that he will be able to forgive her and move on. The phone rings but he doesn't answer.
  So she sends him a text message.
"Hey! I really need to talk to you about what happened last night. Can u meet up to talk?"
He texts her back right away.
"Where r u at?"
Michelle replies.
"Im at my sisters place. I spent the night here..."
She waits for his reply.
"ok. I'll pick u up in an hour."
Nervously she replies back.
Laura comes back downstairs to see if her sister made the call.
*Laura* "So? Did you call him? What did he say?"
*Michelle* "I texted him. He is coming to pick me up in an hour."
*Laura* "Well, that doesn't give us much time. Come on I gotta find you something to wear."
The girls head up stairs. Luke has already left to go to work for the day. Michelle is standing in the mirror and checking out what Laura picked for her to wear.
*Michelle* "Mmmm I don't know. You don't think this is too sexy?"
*Laura* "No way! The sexier the better. That way he is a little distracted when you tell him the truth."
*Michelle* "You don't think it's too distracting?"
 *Laura looks her over* "No. All you need now is  some jewelry to finish it."
They finish getting ready and make their way back downstairs to wait for Benjamin to show up.
Laura cleans up the kitchen while they wait.
*Michelle* "Where is he? It's been more than an hour now."
*Laura* "I'm sure he'll be here soon."
A couple more minutes pass and the doorbell finally chimes.
*Laura* "Well, go on answer the door. He is here for you after all."
Michelle answers the door and lets Benjamin inside.
Laura gets her purse together while Michelle and Benjamin say hello to each other.
Both of them feeling a little awkward after what happened last night.
*Benjamin* "Hey! you ready to go?"
*Michelle* "Um..yeah. Let just grab my bag."
  Michelle walks over to the table where her sister is standing
*Michelle* "Wish me luck!"
*Laura* "It'll be fine... and call me if you want a table at Ma Cherie."
*Michell* "I will. Thanks for being there for me last night."
*Laura* "Michelle you don't have to thank me.  I love you and I want you to be happy."
*Michelle* "I know....I just hope we can be happy. Just like you and Luke are. I can see he truly loves you."
*Laura blushes* " better go on and find out. He's waiting for you."
Laura waves to Benjamin and tells him to take good care of her sister. He promises that he will and that he will make sure to get her home safely. Benjamin takes Michelle by the hand and leads her out the door. His touch is making Michelle feel nervous about telling him. On the other hand Michelle is feeling a little more confident after talking to her sister last night. Plus listening to Luke's crazy story and how he would feel about being lied to also helped. Benjamin is anxious to hear why she got so upset when he told her he loved her. He thought she would have felt the same way he did.  But then again maybe she is just as afraid as he is when it comes to committing yourself to someone. He has never been afraid of being rejected by a girl before 
until now.....

See how Benjamin reacts to what Michelle needs to tell him.
Part 3 up next week!


  1. This was a really good episode. I'm hoping Benji forgives Michelle and if Laura's right, he'll be too focused on how gorgeous she looks to be mad, LOL. I'm loving the back story on Luke. I always wondered about how the two of them became a couple. Rufus Blue is a holy grail for me. She's one DG that's been hard for me to find at a decent price.

    Looking forward to next weeks episode. :)

    1. Thanks so much Tracy! I thoroughly enjoyed putting this part together.
      I figured now would be a good time to learn more about Luke. I have had the idea of him and Rufus for awhile. Rufus was my first DG and I paid a pretty penny for her but I love her she is my fave DG. She actually my first doll of choice to partner with Luke but I wasn't feeling it with them.
      As for Michelle and Benjamin I still don't know how he will take it. We'll just have to see....

  2. I so enjoy reading your stories lol. This one was especially good :).. I can't wait to see how Ben takes the news. I hope it works out for them. Gotta say that I love the outfit Laura is wearing in the pictures towards the end. Are they from one of The Look Barbie's?

    1. Hi Amber,
      Thank you so much :)
      Yes Laura is wearing a fashion from The Look Barbie dolls. I recently found the doll at Ross and knew Laura was going to be the first one to wear it ;-)