Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Night Part 4

The last of the guests to arrive are Kyu and his girlfriend Jasper.
Luke greets them at the door and invites them in. Kyu stops to say hello to Aric and Jasper walks over to say hello to the ladies.
 Luke heads into the kitchen to tell Laura what just happened with Benjamin and the guys.
Back across the room Benjamin offers his seat to Kyu.
*Benjamin* "Kyu, you can take my seat. I'm going outside for a smoke."
*Kyu* "Okay........ hey good to see you." 
*Aric* "Maybe I should go and talk to him."
*Cruz* "No, let him go. He needs sometime to think."
*Aric* "Yeah, you're right. I just hate seeing him so upset."
Luke makes his way back to the living area and Laura gets Michelle's attention and asks her to come over to where she is.
*Laura* "Luke, just told me the guys were hounding Benjamin about the bet he made with you."
*Michelle* "And?...."
*Laura* "Well, apparently he got real upset about it. Because Luke and I just saw him storm out the door. I think you should go and talk to him."
*Michelle* "Why exactly did he get upset? He knows it's just a silly bet."
*Laura* "Just go talk to him.  He looked quite upset and I have never seen him like that before."

While Laura and Michelle have been talking. Benjamin is outside on the front porch wondering what just happened in there and why is everything Cruz said seem to be so true. 

*Benjamin talking to himself* "I can't believe what just happened in there.  What am I doing? Whom am I kidding? And the scariest part is I think Cruz is right. "

Suddenly Benjamin is startled. The door opens and Michelle steps out.
 *Michelle* "Benjamin? Is everything okay? You look very upset and you must be cause you only smoke when something is really stressing you out."
*Benjamin*  "I'm not really up for talking about it right now. You should go back inside and enjoy the party."
Michelle comes up behind him and tries to turn him to face her. 

 *Michelle* "I am not going anywhere until you tell me what's bothering you."

Benjamin takes a step forward to pull away from her touch. 

*Michelle* "You know I'm not leaving till you talk to me. Laura said it had something to do with that silly bet we made but that is all she told me.  At least turn around and face me."

*Michelle* "Talk to me. What happened?"
*Benjamin* "Okay but at least take a seat please. You're making me feel even more nervous."
*Michelle* "Okay......but why are you nervous?"

Benjamin paces the ground in front of her. Trying to find the right words and courage to say it.

*Benjamin* "Ah HELL!,  I'm just gonna say it.
Michelle, I......"

*Benjamin * ".....I'm falling in love with you."

Michelle is utterly surprised. She was not expecting him to say that.
She gets up from where she is sitting....

*Michelle* "Did the guys put you up to this try and get me to fold?"
*Benjamin* "! I'm being serious here...."

*Michelle now speechless herself* "Benjamin I..didn't....Are you..."

As she stumbles with her own words. He lets his cigarette fall to the ground and puts it out. 
She looks down at their feet and then back up at him. Then without a word Benjamin pulls her into his body and kisses her hard and long.

Michelle doesn't stop him and finds herself lost in his passionate embrace. When he pulls his lips away from hers she is left breathless.  As they look into each others eyes she can see something there she hadn't noticed before. LOVE.
She panics and pulls away from him.

 *Michelle* "Ah crap! Benjamin are you sure..."
*Benjamin cuts her off knowing what she is about to say* "Hey cut me some slack, I'm not playing a game here and the guys didn't put me up to this. I really am falling in love with you.  Can we please just end this childish bet? I want to be with you. I thought you felt the same way?"
*Michelle* "Please don't say that. I don't know what....I.....this is all  just so unexpected....I thought we both agreed this wasn't going to happen."

Benjamin pulls her in closer and turns her around to face him. He holds her gently and stares at with sincerity. 

*Benjamin* "Baby, I love you.  I want to be with you and only you."
*Michelle* "Benjamin, I can't......I just..... can't do this right now."

She pulls away from his arms and turns and just starts walking away.  She doesn't want him to see the horror in her face. This was the plan. She wanted to make him fall for her so hard and then break his heart just like he did to Penelope. Now that it has happened she doesn't know what to do. She doesn't know what to feel or say to him. So she just keeps walking.....

*Benjamin* "Michelle! Wait!...Where are you going? At least let me take you home...."

*Michelle* "No!  I just need to be alone right now. I'll call Penelope and have her pick me up. I'll be fine."

*Benjamin* "Michelle! C'mon don't take off on your own. Just let me take you home. We don't have to talk. I'll just drop you off and go......"

But she doesn't stop.  She just keeps walking and leaves Benjamin there standing alone.

I hope to post more storyline next weekend!!!
So stay tuned to find out what happens between these two. 
Will Michelle reject him and break his heart or will she tell him she loves him too.


  1. I think she's loves Benjamin. The problem will be with Penelope!

    1. I hope to post her conversation with Penelope next weekend. We will soon find out :)

  2. Aw...feeling a bit sorry for Benji. I think Michelle should have just helped Penelope cry things out rather than seek revenge. Maybe she'll have legit feelings for him in the end. I think reality has set in for Benji being the last bachelor and all. You don't wanna be that 40year old guy still at clubs and bars, LOL.

    1. Yeah he's got bad it bad and I agree I think reality has finally set in for him. Michelle on the other hand is still very young and she might not be ready to settle down. The fact the she chose revenge over letting a friend have a shoulder to cry on May be cause she still has a lot of growing up :)