Saturday, November 9, 2013

Michelle's Confession Part 1

A little later that evening at Luke and Laura's.  All the guests have left  and gone home and Laura is putting away the last few beers into the fridge.
Of course Luke has already changed out of his Halloween costume and is ready for bed.  He has come back downstairs to see what Laura is up to.
*Luke* "Babe, that's good enough it's late lets go to bed."
*Laura* "I just need to finish this, then I will head upstairs."
  Luke wraps his arms around her and kisses her neck.
*Laura giggling* "You're not gonna let me finish this are you?"
*Luke still kissing her neck* "Um, no."
She turns to face him and Luke leans in and kisses her.
Laura concedes and sets the beer on the table behind them.
And Luke doesn't hesitate. The two quickly become entangled in each others arms. Luke twirls her around and leads her toward the stairs. 
*Laura* "Luke, what are you doing, here?.... on the stairs?"
*Luke* "I don't think I'm gonna make it up the stairs, Babe. I have been wanting to get you out of that dress all evening."
*Laura* "But I'm still wearing the dress....It's gonna get wrinkled."
And just like that their moment is broken by the ringing of the doorbell.
*Luke* "Ah! You gotta be kidding me. Damn! Who the hell could that be?"
*Laura* "Calm down....Someone probably just left something here."
Laura gets up to go see who is at the door. She looks through the peek hole and sees that it is her sister Michelle. 
*Laura* "It's my sister. She's alone and she looks upset."
So Laura opens the door to see why her sister is there. Luke grabs yet another beer. He doesn't have a good feeling about why she is here.
 Michelle walks in and her eyes are red from crying.
*Laura* "Michelle, what happened did Benjamin dump you?"
*Michelle sobbing* "No.  He told me that he is in love with me."
 *Laura* "Really?! Come on in and sit down. You can tell me what happened."
Luke is coming to the realization that his wonderful end to an evening is officially over. He also realizes that he was the one that put these events into motion. Luke mutters to himself "Ah crap!"
*Laura* "Did you say something?"
*Luke* "No..its nothing, Babe." 
Michelle is so upset and embarrassed she doesn't even want to acknowledge that Luke is there. She turns and sits on the couch and Laura leans in to speak to him.
*Laura in a hushed voice* "I think you better head off to bed without me. We might be here awhile."
*Luke whispers back* "I figured that. What I don't get is why is she upset?"
*Laura shrugs her shoulders* "I don't know."
She gives him a quick kiss and he heads upstairs to give them some privacy to talk.
*Laura* "Talk to me. What happened?"
*Michelle* "Well....I went outside after we talked to go see what had happened.  Benjamin looked quite upset and at first I thought he was mad at the guys for teasing him about our bet. Then he completely does a 180 and tells me he is in love with me. At first I thought he was joking and that the guys put him up to it."
*Laura* "Why did you think the guys put him up to it."
*Michelle* "Because he kissed me! And it was not just any kiss. I mean a real kiss. A make you weak in the knees kiss."
*Laura* "Oh! Wow! But I still don't get why this upsets you. What did you do after he kissed you?"
*Michelle* "After he kissed me that's when I asked him if he was doing all this to prove something to the guys."
*Laura* "And? What did he say?"
*Michelle* "He didn't say much. He was going to kiss me again. I could see in his face he wasn't lying. That's when I freaked and then I just took off."
*Laura* "What! Took off where? Did he try to stop you?"
*Michelle* "Yeah, he tried to stop me. He wanted to take me home. I told him I would call Penelope to pick me up."
*Laura* "Did you call Penelope?"
*Michelle* "I was going to. I made it all the way to the Drug Store that is right outside your neighborhood. I couldn't bring myself to call her so I double backed it over here hoping that everyone had left already."
 *Laura* "Michelle, that is nuts. You should have called here I could have come and got you."
*Michelle* "Yeah, I thought about it but I just needed some time to think alone."
*Laura* "What I still don't get is why did you freak out? A guy tells you he loves you and you run. Why? I thought you cared about him?"
 *Michelle a tear trickles down* "I do and that's the problem.  This bet I started with him  was because of what he did to Penelope."
*Laura* You.. did...Wait, Michelle? Were you trying to get back at him for hurting Penelope?"
*Michelle wiping tears* "Yes! I was so angry at him for what he did. When I came back home from school. Penelope was so miserable and I just wanted him to see how it felt."
*Laura* "Oh my god! So you planned this out from that first day you met him at the BBQ?"
*Michelle sighs * "Yeah, I was finally able to convince him to go in on that bet with me. At first I thought for sure he would have gave up but then after a month or so he just kept going along with it. So I did too."
*Laura* "I sorta get why you did it Michelle but was it worth it? Penelope eventually got over it and moved on. So what was really in it for you? Are you happy you got revenge?"
Michelle starts sobbing again realizing her sister is right. She had put up walls around her heart so that Benjamin couldn't hurt her. Because her mission was to hurt him. But those walls came down the moment he told her he loved her. 
 *Laura* "If you really care about Benjamin then you have to tell him the truth. Because it's obvious you care about him and I think his feelings are real for you as well. "
*Michelle* "But what if he hates me?"
*Laura* "Sweetie,  you know that is a risk your gonna have to take. He may forgive you or he may feel betrayed by what you did."
 *Laura* "It'll be okay. You'll get past all of this one way or another. How about you stay here tonight it's late and we haven't spent a lot of time with each other since you came back home."
*Michelle* "Okay. Plus, I don't think I could deal with Mom right now either."
*Laura* "Speaking of Mom you call her and let her know you are staying here with me tonight. Otherwise she'll start to worry where you are. I am gonna go and get us a blanket and some pillows.  *Laura smiles at her* It'll be like when we were kids just you and me talking about boys."
*Michelle smiles back at her* "Yeah but those days were so less complicated."
Laura heads upstairs to get some stuff for their sleepover. She also lets Luke know not to wait up for anymore since Michelle is staying over and Laura is going to be downstairs for the night.
*Luke* "Hey, so what happened?"
*Laura* "Michelle is spending the night. I'm gonna stay down stairs 
with her she is still very upset."
*Luke* "Why is she so upset? Shouldn't she be happy?"
*Michelle* "I'll fill you in tomorrow. Right now she is still trying to work through what just happened tonight. Goodnight!!."
*Luke* "Goodnight Babe..."
 Laura heads back downstairs to make up the sofa bed for her and her sister.
*Laura* "Okay I got us some Pj's and a blanket and pillows. Did you call mom?"
*Michelle*"Sorta, I sent her a text message. I was too scared to call her. She might sense I'm upset just by talking to me on the phone and then I'll start crying all over again."
*Laura* "Yeah, Mom has a sixth sense when it comes to that. Did she text you back?"
*Michelle* "No, not yet they are probably already asleep."
*Laura* "You know what, she probably has her cell phone turned off. I'll call her on the home phone."
*Michelle* "Laura, it's okay I text Mom all the time when I am gonna stay out late."
*Michelle* "You do? Okay... Well let's get ready for bed. I do still need to go in to work tomorrow. So I need to get some sleep."
 Laura gets in the bed and gets comfortable while Michelle finishes getting in her pj's. 
*Michelle* "I'm sorry but did I interrupt you and Luke? I mean he didn't seem too happy to see me."
*Laura* "Don't worry about it. He's fine. In fact I think he feels a little bad about pushing Benjamin to much. Him and Cruz were both teasing him apparently."
Michelle turns off the light and crawls into the bed.
  *Michelle* "Men, they can be so cruel to each other."
*Laura* "Yeah, but maybe this was a good thing. I can't believe you had strung him along this far. So what was the bet exactly?"
*Michelle* "Well, we never laid down any exact rules but basically it restricted him from making any moves on me. We were pretty much friends 'without benefits'."
*Laura* "Ha! Wow, so all that arguing we had about you hooking up with Benjamin was pointless?"
*Michelle* "Um, yeah. We have really only kissed. I haven't even let him consider third base."
*Laura* "No way! Really? Are you sure he hasn't been with anyone else?"
*Michelle* "No, he hasn't that was part of the bet. And believe me he did not want to loose that bet at the beginning of all this."
 *Laura* "That's crazy! I cannot believe you managed to manipulate Benjamin like that. He must really love you."
*Michelle* "I know but I have no idea what I'm gonna say to him. I have a feeling he's gonna be calling and texting me tomorrow."

*Laura* "You got to tell him the truth. He has to understand that this relationship started because you were plotting revenge on him and it worked."
*Michelle* "That's sounds so mean."
*Laura* "Well yeah! it's the truth! You have to let him know this. You started off with a huge lie. If you want to be with him at all you have to tell him."
*Michelle* "I do want to be with him. But I'm scared that once I let him he won't be interested in me anymore."
*Laura* "Well, if his feelings are real and he wants to commit, then go for it. If he ends up breaking your heart then he's a total loser and doesn't know what is good for him.
Just sleep on it. I think you'll have a clearer head about this in the morning."

 Laura and Michelle say goodnight to each other. They get comfy and, doze off to sleep. Hopefully Michelle can be brave enough to tell Benjamin the truth....

Part 2 comes next week!!


  1. It will be really interesting to see how Benji takes the truth about the bet from Michelle. I'm hoping he forgives her because they're such a cute couple. :). Luke is a hottie and I love the way he feels about Laura. See ya' next week.

    1. Yes it will. Michelle has got to get the courage to tell him first. All this time she was waiting for this moment to break him and now she can't. Me too :) I can just never get enough of Luke and Laura. ^_^

  2. Hmmm. I wonder if telling the truth is the best thing to do. I'm sure it is, but maybe she should capture his heart completely before she spills the beans.

  3. That's some good advice Vanessa :). I guess we have to wait and see how she handles the situation....

  4. You know I was upset with Michelle for breaking up the steamyness. But Laura is such a sweet sister. Give in Michelle you know you love Benjamin!!!! :)