Friday, November 22, 2013

Michelle's Confession Part 3

Michelle and Benjamin walk out the door and stop on the front porch.
*Benjamin* "So....where do you want to go to talk?"
*Michelle* "Oh.... somewhere quiet and private so we can talk without being interrupted. You have any ideas?"
  *Benjamin* "Mmmmm....We can go back to my place?"
*Michelle* "What about......."
As Michelle is about to say where she wants to go. Laura walks out the door.
*Laura* "Oh! Hey! I thought you two were gone already."
*Michelle* "Almost, we're just deciding where to go."
*Laura walks up to Michelle* "Okay, well I'm off to work now. I guess I'll talk to you later?"
Michelle nods and says goodbye to her sister.  Laura leaves them at the porch and gets in her car and drives away. Now they are completely alone and feeling that awkwardness over what took place here last night.
*Benjamin* "So uh you want to go back to my place? Or do you have some other place in mind?"
*Michelle* "Um....No. I..I... mean. Your place is fine. I can't think of anywhere else to go."
*Benjamin* "Okay, well let's get going. I have to meet up with my Dad for lunch. He wants me to be there for some big contract he has coming up with a new client."
After about a 20 minute drive back to Benjamin's place. Michelle just keeps hashing over and over how she is going to tell Benjamin the truth about their bet. Neither of them has said much to each other on the ride over there.
*Benjamin* " we are. Sorry for the mess I was hunting with my Dad last weekend and I haven't got around to picking up the place."
*Michelle* "Oh, don't worry about it. It's fine."
Michelle walks over to take a seat on the couch. Before Benjamin takes a seat he removes his hat and jacket. 
Michelle gets sucked into the moment and cannot take her eyes off him. Imagining he doesn't stop with just the hat and jacket.
Benjamin can't help but notice the lusty look in her eyes. He has seen plenty of women look at him that way. 
*Benjamin uses the moment to break the ice* "What's wrong? Is my fly down?" *Benjamin checks the zipper on his pants*
*Michelle chokes on her words* " But your hair is a mess."
*Benjamin* "Yeah......"
Benjamin sits down next to her and runs his fingers through his hair. Michelle looks away as though she is checking out the room. Butterflies are starting to swarm in her stomach and she is not sure she can go through with it. Benjamin points to the table and tells her she can set her bag there.
Michelle does just that. She is usually quite confident but her nerves are getting the best of her. She turns to face him, it's now or never she tells herself.
*Michelle* " Okay. Well, I guess we don't have much time since you got a business meeting. So I am just gonna come out with it and tell you why I bolted on you last night."
Benjamin looks her up and down and just nods yes to what she just said. He gestures for her to come and sit back down next to him.
 Michelle sits but tries to keep some distance between them. She begins...
*Michelle* "Okay.....if you flip out after I tell you this. Then I totally understand."
Benjamin now even more eager to hear what she has to say.  
*Michelle speaks then pauses* "It's about.....You know.... the bet we made with each other."
*Benjamin nods*  "I figured it might be about that."
*Michelle* "Well, I.....I convinced you to take the bet because of how things ended with Penelope."
*Benjamin* "Yeah, I remember. You were pretty hot under the collar that night."
Michelle struggling how to say what she needs to say.  She is feeling more and more nervous by the second. She touches her forehead. Sweat is already beading. She takes a deep breath.
*Benjamin* "I think I know where you are going with this."
*Michelle* "You do?"
*Benjamin* "Well, we made that bet because you wanted to prove a point. That I couldn't be with a girl and not expect anything more than just being friends."
*Michelle* "Um....yeah."
*Benjamin* "I took the bet thinking I could win easily but as I got to know you better it didn't matter much to me.  Honestly, I really don't care about that bet we made anymore. I enjoy being with you and talking to you."
*Michelle* "Yes but, that is what I wanted you to think the bet was for."
*Benjamin* "What do you mean?"
*Michelle* "The bet was a cover story."
Benjamin just looks at her. He is not sure what she is trying to say.
 *Michelle continues* "Remember that day we first met at the BBQ?
*Benjamin* "Yes, I remember it very well."
*Michelle* "Well, I only went there so I could meet you. I was curious. I wanted to see what you looked like. I was not happy with you and how things ended between you and Penelope. She was devastated by it."
*Benjamin not sure he likes where this conversation is going* "Okay...."
*Michelle* "Soooo...... after we talked for awhile at the BBQ.  I decided to act like I was interested in you and that is why I gave you my number.  Hoping you would call me and ask me out. That way I could convince you to take that bet with me."
*Benjamin sounding a little frustrated* ''What!?"
 Michelle gets up and fiddles with her bag looking to see if she has a tissue. She is afraid to say anymore. Seeing he is already getting a little frustrated by what she has already told him.
*Michelle tears welling up* "I......can't....
*Benjamin* "Just say it. You can't say this much and then leave me hanging...." 
*Michelle tears rolling down and keeping her back to him* "I hated you. I wanted to crush you like you did to Penelope. I wanted you to fall for me. That way you would finally see how it felt to have your heart broken."
 Benjamin jumps up off the couch. He never could have imagined that that was what she was going to tell him. 
*Benjamin is now on the defensive* "What the hell! think because of Penelope you have the right to play with my feelings! Wow!  I.....I....I cannot believe you started this relationship with me because of what happened between her and I! I told you that night on our first date how things were.  She was way too clingy!  She pushed me too much.  Sh*t! She would freak out if I barely looked at another woman. I couldn't even order us coffee or she would criticize the way I talked to the waitress. It was insane!"
Michelle turns around to face him. Now she too is getting angry.
*Michelle* "Oh! Here we go again!  Acting like what happened between you two wasn't your fault. Benjamin! You cheated on her! All she did was love you and you broke her heart. That is why I wanted you to feel her pain. She was a wreck Benjamin and you just didn't care...."
 *Benjamin tired of explaining why* "But we weren't a couple!  She knew that! I just couldn't deal with her accusations anymore. 
*Michelle* "But they weren't accusations! You did cheat on her. Did you ever make it clear to her that you weren't exclusive."
*Benjamin* "No! But we weren't clicking and she couldn't see that. Plus, we hardly had anything in common. The sex was good and that was it!"
*Michelle so furious she could blow steam* "Ahhhh! I can't believe you just said that. See, that is exactly why I did what I did. You can't treat women like that. We are not just some sexual being to feed your ego!"
*Benjamin* "But that is what you are not getting.  That is all that our relationship was. She knew it but didn't want to accept it. We were both consenting adults. I didn't make her do anything she didn't want to.  She would call me at twelve o'clock at night.  Not the other way around. All I'm asking is for you to see my side of the story."
*Michelle* "Fine! If you admit what you did to her was wrong then I will admit she can be clingy at times."
*Benjamin* "Hell, no! We weren't exclusive. I never asked her be my girl.  She was fun in the sack and that was it."
*Michelle screams* "You are such a....a...AHhhh!!"
*Benjamin* "A What!? Say it! You know you want to."
*Michelle* "Forget it. I want to know  is how many other women were there?"
*Benjamin* "I don't have to answer that...."
*Michelle just glares at him waiting for him to answer.*
*Benjamin* "Fine! I don't know. Three maybe."
*Michelle scoffs* "And what about us, Benjamin? Have you ever cheated on me? Because we haven't even slept together and it's obvious you can't stay faithful."

*Benjamin* "Wait!... Stop. What the hell, I'm the one who should be mad at you right now. Your the one admitting to starting this relationship on false pretenses. Last night I told you that I Loved You! I meant every word of it and it wasn't easy for me. I have never told a woman that! Never."
Michelle starts to calm down a little. Benjamin continues....
*Benjamin with anger and hurt in his voice* "Now, you got what you wanted, Michelle. I fell hard for you, and I even took you up on that crazy bet. I treated you like a respectable young lady. I have been good to you and I have NOT been with another woman. Now your telling me you were prepared to throw all that away. Because you were hell bent on revenge. Are you ready for me to say.....There's door!  You won your stupid little bet. You broke my heart and I learned my lesson. Is that what you want? Is it?"
By the time he is finished he is right in her face looking her straight in the eyes. She can see he is serious and what he is telling her is coming  from his heart. And that he means every word of it. Michelle breaks down. She is scared he is going to dump her and never want to see her again. He looks so hurt and angry....
 *Michelle tears forming again* "No! No I'm not ready to give up on us but if that is the way you feel then I will understand. I'm sorry I started that stupid bet. I'm sorry!"
*Benjamin sighs* "Ahh!! Hell......upset as I am about what you did. I still want to be with you. Although I don't know how long it will be before I can trust you. I am willing to give it a try."
*Michelle* "Really?"
Michelle cannot believe what she is hearing. She was so sure he was going to kick her to the curb the minute she told him the truth of their bet. Her knees buckle and she falls to the couch sobbing. Relieved that the truth is finally out.
 *Michelle wiping tears from her eyes* "I cannot believe you are taking this so well. Are you sure you are not still in shock over what I just told you?"
*Benjamin* "Honestly.....I probably am.  I am mad about what you did. Did I deserve it? Mmmm..Maybe I did."
*Michelle* " Does this mean you forgive me?"
*Benjamin* "Ah Yeah. I guess so. I know we are gonna need to be honest with each other if you want this to work out."
*Michelle* "So you still want to be together?"
*Benjamin* "That's what we both want right?"
*Michelle* "Yes it's want I want." 
*Benjamin* "I feel the same way, Darling. I am not ready to give you up. I still want to try."
*Michelle* "So what do we do now? Start over fresh?"
*Benjamin* "Yeah. I think we could try that. No more lies though."
*Michelle* "Okay. I promise. So now what?"
 *Benjamin runs his hand up her inner thigh* "Well, you know....we still have a little time and, I know one way we can spend it."
*Michelle pushes him back* "Really, Benjamin?! Really?! After all that just happened here. After everything I just told you and your still thinking about sex! Unbelievable...."
 *Benjamin* "I'm sorry! I can't help it. Do you have any idea how long it has been for me? It's torture. And that outfit your wearing is not helping."
*Michelle turns away* "I see now why you forgave me. You still want to get in my pants before you send me packing don't you?!"
 *Benjamin* "Ah C'mon! That is not fair! I wasn't pressuring you last night when I told you how I felt about you. You haven't even said it back. How do I know your still not scheming to break up with me."
*Michelle sucks in air* "How dare you! I confessed everything to you. Then the minute we get close to each other.....You have to make it a bout sex! Why!?"
Tensions rise again between them. 
*Benjamin gets up* " What's stopping us? The bet is over. Mmmm... I think I know why this bothers you. You're a virgin aren't you?" 
*Michelle appalled by his question* "What? Me? No! I am not a virgin." 
*Benjamin* "Well, how the hell am I supposed to believe you! You have already lied to me once."
*Michelle* "Because it's the truth! I just don't think every waking minute were together has to be about sex."
*Benjamin* " It hasn't. Isn't that what that bet was all about! We have been dating for nearly six months ,Darling. Not once have we came close. You always stopped to remind me of that damn bet. And now, I see why it was so easy for you to push me away."
*Michelle trying not to answer his question* "You know what? I'm done here. Maybe you should just take me home now."
 *Benjamin sighs he feels bad for pressuring her* " Hold on. Stop. I'm sorry. It's just that I  want you to be honest with me. Are you afraid I will get mad about it or loose interest in you if you are a virgin?"
 *Michelle still nervous about answering him* "Benjamin....I......"
*Benjamin stops her, he can see this is hard for her* "It's okay. You don't have to answer it. I waited this long. I can wait for when your ready. There are just gonna be a lot a cold showers for me in mean time."
*Michelle* "Benjamin?"
*Benjamin* "Yeah?"
*Michelle* "I love you...."
 Benjamin pulls her in and kisses her. 
The two sit back down on the couch and just sit quietly for a few moments.
 *Michelle finally get up the nerve to tell him* "To answer your question truthfully. I'm not a virgin. I was with one guy, a few times back at college. He used me to get what he wanted and then blew me off. I was devastated just like Penelope was. So, I swore to myself I wouldn't let that happen again. I threw myself into my studies and ignored every guy who came up to me after that. Penelope is the only one I ever told. I never even told my sister what happened."
*Benjamin* "I'm sorry you got your heart broke. I guess this explains more why you did what you did when things went bad between me and Penelope."
*Michelle* "Yeah, I think your right. I'm sorry I took that anger out on you....."
They sit there silent for another moment.
*Benjamin* "Good Grief! This has been one crazy morning."
*Michelle* "Tell me about it. I was sure I was going to be walking home right about now."
*Benjamin* "Actually, what you did was not that bad. I have had some women want to do worse things to me than break my heart."
*Michelle* "Oh. I don't doubt that one bit. Women can be brutal when it comes to being cheated on. Just promise me you'll never put me in that position."
*Benjamin squeezes her against him* "I promise. Well, I better get you home so I am not late for that business meeting. Besides if we sit here any longer I'm gonna have to go and take one of them cold showers."
*Michelle laughs and gets up to grab her bag* "Okay, besides I need to shop for some new clothes anyways."
*Benjamin comes up behind her* "I have an idea. Why don't we make a fresh start by me taking you away for a weekend. I want to be with you Michelle. I don't want to wait anymore. I'll make all the reservations. All you will need to do is pack a bag."
 *Michelle smiles at him* "You know what... I'd like that."
*Benjamin* "Good, it will be a weekend you will not forget."

Michelle's body shudders at the thought of a whole weekend alone with him.  She carries herself as a very mature and experienced woman but all that is really a ruse.  Now that he knows the truth will this affect the next step in their relationship? She does want this but she is afraid to be seen as a young, inexperienced girl. She is frightened that he will loose interest in her once she gives herself to him completely. Maybe he is confusing love for lust and once that lust has been satisfied he will no longer feel that he loves her. Then she will be the one left with a broken heart. Again......

The End!! 
For Now......^_^


  1. Hello from Spain: nice story and very romantic. I like the photos. Your furniture is fabulous. The outfits are very trendy. Keep in touch

    1. Hello Marta,
      Thank you so much. I tried to find as may things as I could that would make it look like a guys place. Glad to hear you enjoyed the story :)

  2. This was awesome! Ok, I think Michelle should have kept that past boyfriend heart break to herself. Also, she may need to play aloof for a while after their weekend but not too much. I say, just enough to keep Benji guessing, lol. Really good story...can't wait for next episode.

    1. Thank you Tracy!
      Yeah, she really spilled the beans to him. I agree she might need to disappear or throw herself into work for awhile. Or maybe Benjamin won't care at all. I don't know but I do know he does like strong, assertive women. Michelle is both those things but she is still young. She is still trying to learn how use these qualities to her advantage :)
      So glad you enjoyed the episode!

  3. Goodness, Michelle needs some serious counseling! First of all, her feeling the need to get involved with Penelope's issues to the level she did, is just wrong. Sometimes relationships just don't work out. It doesn't mean that Benjamin was wrong. Based on his rendition, he didn't do anything wrong. If Penelope was the one calling at 'booty call' hours of the night, was she expecting him not to have sex with her. Granted, that would have been the smart thing to do, considering he wasn't interested in a relationship with her, but most men just aren't that smart. If you are willing to have sex, they are rarely ever going to turn it down.

    Now back to Michelle. You dress up in a sexy outfit, spill your guts to a man you like and want to start a relationship with, keep him waiting for over 6 months for intimacy, then get upset when he tries to get close to you after you guys decide to start fresh with the relationship. Trust me, if I go to a man's house in that outfit, and he DOESN"T try something, then I'm going to question whether he's interested in me at all. I'm going to start wondering what's wrong with me. Talk about mixed messages! If you don't want him trying to get close to you, don't go to his house in a skimpy outfit, after making him wait for 6 months. Why do women do that? Men are not wired like us. They are simple creatures.

    I think is was good of her to tell about her previous guy. At least now, Benjamin can get a sense of what is causing some of her actions. If he leaves her because of her honesty, so be it. He wasn't the one for her. Personally, I think Michelle has some issues she needs to deal with before she gets into a serious relationship. This union has failure written all over it.

    By the way, great story.

    1. Girl you said it! I always love your take on these two :)
      Michelle let her emotions get the best of her when it came to revenge. As for Penelope she was not entirely honest with Michelle either. I think she used Michelle in that aspect. I agree Michelle needs to work out her feelings. Keep in mind Michelle is quite younger than Benjamin and she has less experience at relationships. Hopefully they can get through all this drama and in the end be stronger together....

  4. OOOOH I can't wait to see where they go for the getaway! I'll be back later... :)