Friday, February 14, 2014

A Secret Valentine...

It's the Monday before Valentine's Day. Isolde and Roxie are working hard and Bull Tavern has just opened for the lunch crowd. They are both busy, hustling to get the bar ready for customers...
A man strolls in holding a single rose. He turns and looks at Isolde and tells her the rose is for her.
She is dumbfounded by it and doesn't know what to say....
*Man* "I was told to deliver this rose to a tall brunette with green eyes who works here at this bar.."
*Isolde* "Um...okay that would be me."
 *Man* "Here you go..."
*Isolde* "....Do you know who it is from?"
*Man* "They didn't leave a name..Looks like someone has a secret Valentine..."
*Isolde* "Um....Thank you..."
Then he turns and leaves, leaving the ladies standing there wondering who would do something like this.
*Roxie* "How crazy is that? So you have no clue who it's from?"
*Isolde* "I have no clue....I haven't been on a date in months. You know that.."
*Roxie* "Well, it must be someone who met or saw you working here at the bar."
*Isolde* "Yeah,'s gotta be. Oh god! I hope he is not some weirdo or something!"
*Roxie* "Don't worry if it ends up being some creep Aric and I will be here for you."
*Isolde* "Thanks, Roxie..."
*Roxie* "Oh! Don't worry about it, you know your like family to us..."
*Isolde* "Yeah....I'm gonna put this away and get to work at the bar..."

Isolde is at the bar working when that same man comes in with yet another rose...
*Man* "I'm back! I got another one for you..."
*Isolde* "Seriously?!..."
*Man* "Have a great day!"
Then he turns and leaves....

While Isolde is serving a couple their drinks that same guy comes with a third rose for her.
*Man* "Someone must really like you or love you..."
*Isolde a little perturbed* "Hand it over...."

 Again and around the same time as all the other days he shows up with another rose.
*Isolde smacks her forehead* "Oh my god!... another one!"
*Man* "Yup! Another one...enjoy!!"
Then he set the rose on the bar, then turns and leaves.....

A man walks in and takes a seat at one of the booths. Isolde leaves Aric to tend the bar while she walks over to take his drink order...
*Isolde* "Hi, What can I get for you?"
*Man* "Can I ask you a question?"
*Isolde* "Um...Sure..Yeah...."
*Man* "So, did you throw them away or keep them?"
*Isolde* "What are you talking about?"
*Man* "The flowers...."
*Isolde* "So your the one behind all this?"
*Man* "You don't remember me do you?"
*Isolde* "Why? Am I supposed to?"
*Man* "I was here New Year's Eve my friend got knocked out.."
*Isolde* "Oh, yeah!! I remember you now..."
*Man* "I wanted to ask you out that night but I never got the chance...."
*Isolde* "So why wait until now? And why the roses?"
*Man* " I would have come back sooner but I didn't want to get thrown out thinking I might cause trouble or something....So, I just thought it would be nice way to say I'm into you..."
*Isolde* "Well, I...I...don't date the customers.."
*Man* "You can't make an exception? I'd really like to get to know you."
*Isolde* "How do I know your not an asshole like your friend Andrew you were with that night."
*Man* "I'm not! I swear! I hardly knew him....we just started working together. I decided to tag along with him for the evening since I had nothing better to do."
Isolde leans down and stares him strait in the eyes. 
*Isolde* "Listen...Um..I'm sorry I didn't catch your name.."
*Man* " name is James.."
*Isolde* "Listen, James....the flowers were sweet real sweet n' all but I am not interested.  I don't go on dates with customers..."
Then she turns on her heels and walks away... 
*James* "Just give me one chance...At least tell me your name. Come on...what did I do wrong!" 
Isolde stops at the bar to fill in Aric on what just happened.
*Aric* "I thought he looked why'd you turn him down?"
*Isolde* "He seems nice but...I'm just not comfortable with it."
*Aric* "When is dating ever a comfortable situation? I don't think he is gonna give up that easily....he's head over here."
James is not about to give up one her. He is determined to get her to agree to a date with him.
*James* "Come on just one date...You can choose the time and place. I'll meet you there. All I'm asking is just one chance to take you out."
 *Aric* "Just give him a chance, Isolde....he looks like a nice guy."
Isolde looks him over and thinks to herself. It's been months since she has been on a date. And the more she contemplates all of it the more she likes the idea of seeing him again.
*James* "! I like it. So?....You gonna let me take you out or am I gonna strike out here?"
*Isolde* "I get off at 6. We can eat dinner here then walk a couple blocks down to the theater to catch a movie..."
*James* "Okay! Yes...dinner and a movie. Perfect. I'll be here. Six sharp."
*Isolde* "I'll see you at six then, James."
*James* "I'll see you later, Isolde." *he smiles and then turns to leave.*

The End!
Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Hi Miranda, this is my first comment since I'm rather new here :-). Wow, love the bar! A romantic story, I hope Isolde's admirer is a good guy for her :-).

    1. Hi Nymphaea,
      Thank you :) It took me quite a while to finish that bar it is one of my favorite dioramas to use. Isolde is skeptical of him but maybe it will all go well...

  2. {{Clapping}} great show!!! The bar is so cool!

    1. Thank you!! So glad you enjoyed the little episode :)

  3. James knows how to capture a woman's heart. Lol! He wore her down. Great story!

    Happy Valentines Day!

  4. Isolde is too gorgeous not to have a date, LOL. I hope James is a nice guy. At least he explained his connection with Andrew, that makes me like him more already. ;-) The Bull Tavern just looks awesome! I'm really trying to narrow down the type of business I want my cast to shop, bar or club. Not sure but this gives me such inspiration. Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. I have been wanting to find her someone since she dumped Benjamin. I think James is an all around nice guy. I guess we will have to wait and see how it goes with them...
      I am thinking about making a coffee shop for another hang out...

  5. In another coment I said Isolde is my favourite girl of your casting, I loved when you describe her as a tomboy and I always feel her potencial to "steal the spotlight" :D Hoping for more moves with this new couple. (I'm a brazilian fan, sorry the bad english, rsrsrs)

    1. Hi!
      I have been wanting to elaborate more on her character and when I got Finnick I thought they might work well together. I do plan to post more story of them. Your English is great...I understand just fine :)