Thursday, February 6, 2014

Laura's First Doctor Visit: Part 2.5

Steph escorts Laura and Luke to one of the exam rooms at Dr. Bratters office, after taking Laura's weight, checking blood pressure and so on...
Laura sits on the exam table and Luke takes a seat behind her in one of the extra chairs supplied in the room for others to sit. Steph sits across from Laura and gets any last minute information and checks to make sure all her family history and health forms are filled out and in order.
*Steph* "Okay...that's all need from you. Dr. Bratters will be in to see you shortly."
Steph stands and hands Laura a sheet to cover herself with.
*Steph* "Since you wearing a dress you can use this. Dr. Bratters will want to do a sonogram."
*Laura* "Oh, okay...I didn't think that would happen today."
*Steph* "Oh, yes. It's the best way to get a good look at the baby." 
Steph excuses herself from the room and closes the door behind her.  Laura turns and hands her bag to Luke so he can set it down on the floor.
*Laura* "I am so glad you came with me. I know I gave you a hard time this morning but I..."
*Luke stops her* "Babe, I would have closed the shop anyways to be here...Don't worry about what happened this morning..."
Laura stands up to remove her jacket...
*Laura* "That's one of the things I love so much about you. You just let my ranting roll off your shoulders and you still love me..."
Then tosses it onto Luke's lap.
She then gets back onto the exam table and gets comfortable.
*Luke* "Then I guess we're meant to be, cause that is one of the things I love about you. Your so damn cute when your angry...Of course I don't always prefer that anger to be directed at me but I know you've been stressed out more lately."
Laura smiles up at him and he leans down to kiss her forehead. 
*Laura* "I feel so nervous and excited all at once..."
*Luke* "If it makes you feel any better. I feel the same way..."
*Laura smiles* "Yeah, it does...I wonder if we will get to find out the sex of the baby."
*Luke* "I don't know. You don't think it's too early still?"
*Laura* "I really don't know...I guess we wait and see what the doctor says."
 Sometime goes by and they continue to talk to each other. Finally a small knock is heard at the door and Dr. Bratters steps inside...
He greets the couple and shakes each of their hands. 
Dr. Bratters then takes a seat and looks over the papers attached to the clipboard.
*Dr. Bratters* "Well, looks like you are about 16 weeks now. We can double check that with the sonogram. Let's go ahead and take a peek at baby.."
Laura gets herself more comfortable, while Dr. Bratters gets 
ready as well. He runs the cold instrument across her belly and in the blink of an eye they are staring at the monitor with a silhouette of a baby's face across the screen.
Laura lets out a slight gasp and Luke just stares at the screen both of them are in awe of what they are seeing. Luke gently and subtly runs his fingers along the back of her upper arm feeling the sudden need to touch her. Dr. Bratters types at the key board and takes measurements of the baby. 
*Dr Bratters* "Baby looks great, strong heartbeat, and you are drfinitely at 16 weeks. So that means you are now moving into your second trimester. Your due date is July 25th." 
*Laura* "Wow! I hadn't realized I was past 3 months already..."
*Dr Bratters* "Yes, and your body is now going to be starting to show those changes as the baby grows. I'm gonna print a picture so you have something to show friends and family. Well, that about wraps it up. Baby looks healthy and strong. I will see you back in a month."
Dr. Bratters stands and asks them if they have any final questions before he goes. 
*Laura* "When will we get a chance to find out if the baby is a boy or girl?"
*Dr. Bratters* "You will have another sonogram at six months so you might have a chance to find out then. Any other questions? Concerns?"
*Laura looks to Luke* "Um...No, I can't think of anything else."
*Dr Bratters* "Okay...Kira will set you up with your next appoitment and she will also have a packet of literature and a list of foods to avoid and what over the counter medications you can take if you need to take anything but I suggest you avoid them."
The doctor takes his leave and sets the picture of the baby on the keyboard.  Luke stands and walks around to grab the picture. While Laura sits up on the exam table and gets her clothes readjusted.
*Luke* "It's amazing how he or she looks like a baby already..."
*Laura* "I know...and I can't believe I am already in my fourth month. No wonder my jeans aren't fitting me anymore. *she smiles widely at him* "I guess we need to go clothes shopping!!"
 *Luke laughs and smiles* "Don't worry Babe, I haven't forgotten what I promised you this morning. *He pulls her up and into him* "Looks like you got a picture to share with your parents. Your gonna call them right?"

*Laura* "Um...Yes, I will call them as soon as we get in the car. So, where do you want to go for lunch?"
*Luke* "How about Bull Tavern, it's past lunch so they should be slow right now and we can tell them about the baby. What'd ya think?"
*Laura* "Sure! That works for me."
*Luke* "All right then, Let's get outta here..."
Laura finishes up with Kira and sets up her next appointment. They then head out of the office and make their way to the car. Laura gets out her phone and dials her parents number. After several rings her Mother comes on the line. 
*Laura* "Hey, Mom!"
*Krystal* "Hi, Sweetie....are you off work today?"
*Laura* "Um...Yeah. I took the day off. I had some stuff I needed to do. I was calling to see if you and Dad want to meet Luke and I for dinner somewhere?"
*Krystal with some surprise* "Oh! about ya'll come over here? I am making your sister's favorite dinner. Benjamin is out of town this week so she has been home for a the past few days. There will be plenty of food."

*Laura* "Sure, okay....what time do you want us there?"
*Krystal* "Oh, just the usual time we eat dinner here. At 6."
*Laura* "Okay, we'll be there."
*Krystal* "Wonderful! It will be nice to have a family dinner with my two girls and your Father will be happy to hear it as well. See you later, Sweetie.."
*Laura* "See you later,  Mom..."
Laura ends the call and takes a big sigh of relief.
*Laura* "My Mom invited us over for dinner since she is cooking my sister's favorite meal."
*Luke* "So your sister is gonna be there? I thought she was practically living 
at Benjamin's place already?"
*Laura* "Mom said she has been home cause he is out of town this week."
*Luke* "Oh...well looks like you get to tell your sister too then."
Laura doesn't say anything she just looks out the window and thinks about how she is going to tell them. Luke reaches out and pats her affectionately on the leg.
*Luke* "It's gonna be fine, Babe. If my Mom was excited about it...then I don't doubt that your Mom will be as well."
Laura is silent for a long moment as he drives. Then she finally speaks.
*Laura* "Maybe we should get married before the baby is born....I mean it is the right thing to do."
*Luke* "Is that what you want? Or are you just feeling pressured already?"
*Laura* "Yes. No...I don't know! I don't want wedding pictures of me with a giant belly...but it would be nice if we were married."
*Luke* "I thought you wanted me to propose to you?"

*Laura* "Yeah!...but a baby kinda trumps all that! Don't you want me as your wife before I have this baby? I mean, I feel kinda stupid still calling you my boyfriend when we are way past that! We're not teenagers...."
*Luke* "I get what you saying..."
*Laura* "So?....."
*Luke takes a huge breath and lets it out* "There is no doubt in my mind I do want to marry you...I had plans to propose to you back before we found out you were pregnant. I was going to do it this summer on the anniversary of our first date."
*Laura in total surprise turns to look at him* "Really?!"
*Luke* "Yeah!....What if we get married now, then have a ceremony with friends and family after the baby is born..."
Luke parks in front of Bull Tavern.
*Laura with reserve in her voice* "Mmm....Yeah....maybe..."
*Luke* "Just think about it....Let's go eat and tell Aric and Roxie about the baby."
*Laura* "Okay....I'm starvin'!...think I'll eat a burger."
Luke smiles at her, she hardly ever orders a burger. Then gets out to meet her on the other side of the car. Luke wraps his arm around her  and they walk into Bull Tavern to break the news to their friends.
Meanwhile back at the Lavigne household Krystal walks into to the living room to tell her husband Scott that Laura and Luke will also be joining them for dinner.
*Scott* "Who was that on the phone?"
*Krystal* "It was Laura. She wanted us to meet her and Luke for dinner but I told her they could come over here since I am cooking Michelle's favorite meal."
*Scott* "Okay....That'll be nice to have the girls here for dinner."
*Kyrstal sits on the coffee table to face him at eye level* "Yes it will but, I think they might have some news for us, Honey.  You know?... maybe they are finally engaged!"
*Scott* "Did she say she had something to tell us?"
*Krystal* "No...but, I think that's why she called."
*Scott* "I guess we'll find out when they get here."
 Krystal beams with anticipation and moves from the coffee table to couch and nuzzles in next to her husband.
*Krystal* "I still remember the day you proposed to me...."
*Scott* "I'm sure you do, Sweetheart. I remember it as well. You looked so beautiful that day."
*Krystal* "Oh, Scott! You made me that happiest woman in the world when you proposed to me. I just want to see our girls happy as well."
 *Scott* "I know you do. And they are happy, so don't get all worked up about it. Especially if it's not what your expecting. Now, I know you thought Luke was gonna propose to her back at Thanksgiving but you got to stop jumping to conclusions.  Luke is a responsible young man. I'm sure he has got it somewhat planned out..."
*Krystal* "You're right....I think I am just more eager to plan a wedding. It's something I have looked forward to lately..."
*Scott smiles and squeezes her into his side* "I know your dying to plan a wedding but, all we can do is wait and see what they say..That's f they have anything to say."
*Krystal* "Oh...they have something to tell us I could sense it when she spoke to me..."

The End!!


  1. oh, Laura is pregnant after all, so bad news..... Hopefully it will not affect Luke's life too much and won't change his personality into "nice daddy".

    1. Lol! I don't think a baby will cramp Luke's style but stay tuned I have more surprises in store for these 2 :)

    2. sorry if my comment was offensive, I'm so not a fan of babies, families, mariages and all of that circus.
      can't wait for surprises then :)

    3. Oh no, I love your comments :) I am not offended at all. I totally get we're ur coming from with Luke and Laura. For a while debated about going this direction but I have plans to crank things up

  2. Hello from Spain: I like the doctor's office. Very real. A moment of great happiness. A baby is synonymous with joy. I also really like the car .. Keep in touch

    1. Hello Marta
      Thanks and yes a baby is a wonderful thing :)

  3. Can't wait to see what twists and turns are in the future!

    1. Thanks :) I hope to get into all that real soon....

  4. I'm super excited for Luke and Laura! Such a joy to have a little one. One of my favorite things about their story is nothing was planned. Life happened and they're going with it. I'm a little worried about how mamma Krystal will take the news but something tells me Scott will be the calm one. :-). Can't wait 'til next episode.

    1. Hi Tracy
      Yeah they are taking life as it comes. I agree hopefully Mom can see it that way as well :)

  5. I get the feeling Krystal is not going to handle this very well. But let me not jump to conclusions. Maybe Krystal should consider becoming a wedding planner. LOL. Nothing like a baby to change a couple's life. I am happy for them, though.

    1. Lol! Maybe Krystal should do that...she has been itching to plan a wedding for a while now. I agree a baby changes everything. Let's hope Momma Lavigne doesn't freak out too much.