Friday, April 4, 2014

The Morning After....

The next morning things are kinda quiet. Both of them get up without  saying much to each other. The moments of last night still lingering in the air. Neither one of them can stop thinking about Rufus, and if she will show up somewhere. Yet, they still do not convey these feelings to each other instead stay silent about the whole matter. 
Laura finishes making the bed then walks to stand in the bathroom doorway....
*Laura* "Are you just gonna be in a bad mood all morning?"
  *Luke in an agitated tone* "What? And your not?"
*Laura* "No...."
Luke doesn't answer her. He moves to the sink to wash up.
*Laura* "Are you still mad at me about last night?"
*Luke* "I really don't want to talk about what happened last night..."
 *Laura* "Well, I think we should....."
*Luke* "Yeah, well I don't want to...."
*Laura* "You can't just ignore me all morning..." 
Laura steps back and Luke walks through the doorway.
*Luke* "Laura....I gotta get to work. We'll talk about it later."
*Laura* "What time will you be home?"
*Luke* "I don't know.....the usual, I guess. I gotta go."
Luke turns and starts toward the stairs.
 *Luke* "Bye..."
*Laura* "Luke! Aren't you gonna kiss me goodbye?"
*Laura* " ...And what about breakfast?"
*Luke* "I can feed myself....I don't need you."
The last line he spits out hits her hard.
*Laura chokes back a sob* "Lu...Luke! Please......"
Laura breaks into tears and Luke is too consumed in his own thoughts to notice. At this point he is too agitated to go over again what happened last night and just wants to focus on the day ahead. He heads down the stairs and Laura flops down onto the bed. She flinches when she hears the door slam closed behind him on his way out.
Laura lays on the bed and just cries it out. When she finally starts to pull herself together. She decides to text her sister to see if she can come over before she leaves for work, Laura has a favor to ask her.
She gets up and decides to do a little cleaning while she waits for Michelle. Also, to try and get her mind off of what just happened between her and Luke.

 While Laura is still at home Luke is now at work. He can't stop thinking about how things went last night and this morning. Luke steps into the back alley of the record shop to have smoke. Laura and Rufus have got him so strung out that he has resorted to smoking again.
Luke scrolls his phone numbers until he finds the one he is looking for and selects it. The phone rings a couple times and the line clicks over.....
*Luke*  "We need to talk. Can you come by?"
*Yeah, I can be there in a couple hours. Will that work for you?* 
*Luke* "Yeah it does, I'll see you in few then...."
 Meanwhile back at the house, Laura is vacuuming when the doorbell rings. She stops to go and answer the door.
*Laura* "Hey, I'm glad you could stop by."
*Michelle* "Sure, you said you needed a favor?"
*Laura* "Yeah, come in...."
*Michelle* "You know I am always willing to help you out. I have something for the baby too." 
They walk over to the table. 
*Laura* "So what's in the bag?"
*Michelle* "Here go ahead find out..."
 Michelle hands her the bag and Laura
pulls out a soft cuddly teddy bear.
*Michelle* "Now, I know you didn't want anyone to get anything yet but I just couldn't resist."
*Laura* "Awww! It's so soft! Thanks, Sis..."
*Laura* "I should find out next Monday if we are having a boy or girl...."
*Michelle* "Your welcome....I can't wait! I am just so excited about this baby!...I can't believe I am gonna be an Aunt."
Michelle takes a seat at the table. 
*Laura* "So.. you seem extra happy..."
*Michelle* "I am! Benjamin asked me to move in with him!"
*Laura* "Really?! What did you say?"
*Michelle* "I said yes, of course! He even had keys made for me already."
*Laura* "Wow! Benjamin is getting really serious with you. There wasn't an engagement ring attached to those keys was there?"
*Michelle giggles* "No not yet.....he really surprised me with this though. I didn't think he wanted to just yet.
Michelle just swoons and is drunk off of the memory of Benjamin when he asked her to move in with him.
* Michelle stops and looks at her* You seem a little down.....are things still tense between you and Luke?"
*Laura sits* "I just don't understand what is going on with him?...."
*Michelle* "What do you mean?"
*Laura* "We had a fight last night after we came home from the bar. I found out his ex Rufus is in town and trying to win him back. He acts like it's no big deal!''
*Michelle gasps* "No! Is that who called him last night?"
*Laura* "Yes it is. She first confronted him on Friday while he was out for lunch."
*Michelle* "So... he knew she was here and hadn't told you! Then he leaves us all of hanging last night to answer her call?"
*Laura* "Yeah, I know!, I was angry about it when he told me..."
*Michelle* "I don't blame you. I would be too. I hope he told her that she has no chance in hell!"
*Laura* "He said he did...."
*Michelle* "So is this where my favor comes in?"
*Laura* "Yeah, can you find out where she is staying and a phone number? I know your good at that investigative stuff."
*Michelle* "Sure, but your not thinking of confronting her are you? Because, I don't think that is a very good idea. You have to think of yourself and the baby..."
*Laura* "Um.......I  just want to have a nice little chat over lunch with her. I would prefer if Luke is there too but I'm not sure he will go if I tell him who we are meeting."
*Michelle* "Then don't tell either one that the other will be there. That way you can all sit down and just say what needs to be said."
 *Laura* "Yeeaaah, I just don't like deceiving Luke that way..."
*Michelle* "He'll get over it."
*Laura in a sad tone* " He is still mad at me for turning him down again last night."
*Michelle* "You mean ya'll still haven't...?"
*Laura* "No, we haven't. Benjamin got him all worked up last night, basically told him that if he told me the truth that I would probably be dying to give it up!"
*Michelle* "What!? My Benjamin told him that? Oh my god, Sis...I'm so sorry. He is gonna hear it from me."
*Laura* "No! Don't get mad at him. Just don't tell him about that stuff anymore. Besides, he was just trying to help Luke out. I don't want you two fighting over our problems."
Laura gets up from the table to refill her water glass.

Michelle also gets up from the table.
*Michelle* "Okay...that's fine...but I still can't believe he told Luke that.....I should get going. I don't want to be too late to work."
 They both make they way to the front door. Michelle stops and turns around.
 *Michelle* "Wait a minute, if Rufus is in town and you two still haven't um you know..... What are you doing to keep him from being seduced by Rufus?"
 *Laura sighs* "Trust him?"
*Michelle* "Trust him? Really? Sis, I love you but you need to snap out of that and make sure he is not gonna end up in Rufus' bed. She's his ex not some random woman."
*Laura* "I know!..... I know! I have pushed him away too many times. This morning he didn't even kiss me goodbye...I think it's really starting to tick him off."
*Michelle* "Laura, that's not have got do something!  I can kinda see now where Benjamin was coming from. Maybe you should have let him have his way with you last night.."
*Laura* "Believe me...I have been upset about it all morning...But last night, I was just too angry about Rufus, and it was very late, and I was tired! Plus, I was angry at him for not telling me sooner!"
*Michelle* "Yeah, I get all that but when he gets home from work you need to be upstairs in that bed naked and waiting for him....*Laura gives her a look* ...I'm serious! Satisfy him, make him happy. Then when you two meet Rufus for lunch there won't be that rift between you and him. She will pick up on it if you don't do something."
*Laura sighs* "'re right. I gotta do something. I have been so focused on finishing up work and keeping my blood pressure down.....that I just kept pushing him away."
*Michelle* "Don't push him away two are supposed to be happy and in love right now! You're having a baby, his baby... show him you love him.  A guy can only handle being rejected for so long..."

*Michelle* "Well......I gotta get going. I'll call you later, when I get the info you need."
*Laura* "Thanks Michelle, I needed that...."
*Michelle smiles brightly* "Anytime, Sis...Hey! maybe I should have brought you some sexy lingerie instead of a teddy bear...." 
*Laura laughs a bit* "Yeah......maybe you should have." 
Michelle says goodbye to Laura and heads off to her job. Laura mulls over their conversation while she gets ready for work. She knows what has to be done now.  She needs to make sure once and for all that Rufus is not a threat to her relationship with Luke. Which means she has to give Luke a night he won't soon forget. Then figure out a way to get the 3 of them to have lunch together. She wants Rufus to know she has no chance with Luke....
So, a couple hours later Luke is back out in the back alley behind his record store....He's having a hard time concentrating on work today.
*Peter* Luke, Hey man, what the hell is going on? You sounded pretty stressed out on the phone earlier...."
 Luke turns and greets Peter.
 *Luke* "Peter....thanks for coming by....."
*Peter* "Sure, so what is so urgent?"
 *Luke* "I couldn't think of anyone better to call. It's Rufus. She is here in New Orleans... She's seriously f*cking sh*t up for me!"
*Peter* "Sh*t, Luke! You don't need my help you need a whole damn army to keep that woman under control."
*Luke* "Tell me about it, I can't get through to her that I am over and done with her crazy sh*t..."
Luke catches Peter up on all that has taken place since Rufus surprised him that day in the park. Of course, he doesn't mention any of what is going on between him and Laura. The last thing he needs is Rufus somehow finding that out...
*Peter* "I don't know, sounds like she is pretty determined. Then again, it's Rufus we're talking about, she's always that way."
*Luke* "She has been calling me all f*cking morning...I haven't answered. I have a feeling she is going to show up somewhere and it's literally making me insane....I can't focus!"
*Peter* "That's not good if she is getting to you man. She is gonna want to wear you down. She is a manipulative, stone cold B*tch.  She is will stir up all those old feelings between the both of you."
*Luke* "I have no interest in being with her! I've been there, done that, and do not want to go back...."
*Peter* " I know you don't, but I also know Rufus as well.....You two were in deep with each two were inseparable...." *Luke doesn't want to be reminded* "Yeah, yeah... I know, you don't want tothink about all that...."
*Luke* "I just want to her gone. I am worried she is gonna stress Laura out more than she already is at the moment."
*Peter scratches the top of his head to think* "Yeah, I don't know how to tell you to get rid of her....All I can tell you is stand your ground with her and don't get sucked into her little games she likes to play. In fact, If I were you I would just turn tail and run! Don't even let her get near you....Maybe then she will finally give up."
Just then the door swings open and Fionna pops her head out.
*Fionna* "Hey Luke, there's a customer saying your holding something for them? Jacob couldn't find it...."
*Luke* "Yeah, it's in my office. I'm coming...."
Fionna steps out further to greet Peter.
*Peter smiles* "Hey, Fi!..."
*Fionna smiles back at him* "What are you doing here?"
*Peter* "Talking to Luke....."
Luke puts out his cigarette and walks around them to go inside.
*Luke* "I'll be right back, Peter..."
But Peter is already locked into an embrace with Fionna. She lifts up on her tip toes to give Peter a kiss.
*Fionna* "So what are you two talking about?"
*Peter* "Your not gonna believe this but Rufus is in town. She's stalking and harassing Luke."
 *Fionna* "What?! Really?....Rufus is here?"
*Peter* "Apparently so...You haven't heard from her have you?."
*Fionna* " Why would I?" 
*Peter* "Just wondering....Rufus always did have a thing for you..."
*Fionna* "Oh....don't tell me your getting jealous...."
*Peter* "Why would I be jealous of Rufus? You decided to take off with me, 
not stay with her."
*Fionna* "So....Does Luke still have feelings for Rufus?"
*Peter* "No, I don't think so, you saw how happy he was that first night we ran into him and Laura."
*Fionna* "True...I don't have to worry about Rufus coming after you, do I?"
*Peter laughs* "You know, I was never involved with Rufus. I can't stand her...."
*Peter pulls Fionna backwards towards the wall* "Enough about Rufus. C' mere...."
Peter and Fionna get lost in the moment and are startled when the door swings open and they hear Luke speak in any angry, pissed off tone....
*Luke* "GET THE F*CK OUT! NOW!!!"
*A muffled woman's voice is heard* "Okay...okay...Geeez!"
*Luke turns to Peter and Fionna* "Fi, I need you to get back to work..."
*Fionna* "Sorry...Luke....I'm going."
As Fionna is heading back into the store Rufus is stepping out.
 *Peter* "Oh, sh*t! It's the Blue Megabeast in the flesh! (that one is for you, Cat! ^_^)
Rufus ignores his comment and turns her attention to Fionna.
*Rufus* "Hey, Fi. You look super cute today..."
*Fionna* "Hi, Rufus..." *Then she hurries back inside.*
*Rufus* "Peter, it's nice to see you again...."
*Peter* "Yeah, right?...too bad I can't say the same for you."
*Rufus* "Whatever, Peter.....I need to talk to Luke. So, you need to get lost..."
*Luke* "Rufus! Do you have to be such a B*tch!"
*Peter* "Luke, I could care less....Besides, she knows I don't like her."
*Peter* "I hate to leave you alone with she-devil over here but I do gotta get back to work. Don't forget to stand your ground, man. Remember what I said....."
Rufus rolls her eyes in response to Peter's comment.
*Luke* "Yeah, I know...Later, Peter."
*Peter* "Bye...And, tell Fi, I'll see her later when I pick her up...."
Peter turns and walks away. 
*Rufus* "Finally he's gone! I don't know why you two are friends. 
He's down right annoying..."
*Luke* "I've known him longer than I have known you and I trust him to give it to me straight....What the hell do you want, Rufus?...." 
*Rufus* " I have been calling you all morning, why won't you answer me?"
*Luke just shakes his head* "You are certifiably nuts! You know that? I got other things that are way more important than spending my time talking to you. I'm not interested in playing this stupid game of yours....I told you all of this already."
*Rufus* "And I told you I was serious about us this time. I just want a chance Luke! Let me prove to you that I can make you happier than she can."
*Luke* "Listen, I am way more happy now than I ever was with you!..."
*Rufus* "You sure are Mr. Grumpy today...Are you sure she is making you happy?..."
*Luke* " I'm in a mood because of you! So stop f*cking with me and just get lost! Leave! Go back to whatever rock you crawled out from under....."

*Rufus* "Talking that way to me is just gonna make me want you more.....and I know you don't mean that. I can see you still have feelings for me. What we shared just doesn't go away...."
*Luke* "Maybe not for you, but I don't love you....I don't think I ever did!"
Rufus gets mad at his last statement. She catches him off guard and shoves him against the wall.
*Rufus* "How dare you! Take that back! I gave you all me. Everything single piece of me! Everything I had to give and it still wasn't enough for you!"
*Luke* "Ru...calm down! Sh*t!"
*Rufus forces tears to her eyes* "I was pregnant with your baby, Luke. We were gonna get married...We were gonna be happy...."
*Luke* "Yeah, but all we did was fight half the time....then you lost the baby. You and I both know we would never be completely happy. Baby or no baby...."
 *Rufus forces more tears* "I was devastated by it Luke and you just left me there to deal with it on my own. I mourned for you and our baby..."

*Luke* "Ru....Come on, it was time for me to go. We were done..our relationship had ran it's course."
*Rufus keeps up the water works* "It didn't have to be that way! I was a wreck after you left me!  Your the only one who can make it right!"
Then she reaches up and wraps her arms around his neck.
*Rufus* "Please, tell me you can make it right...I need you, Luke..."

*Luke* "Ru....I...I'm sorry I hurt you but, I....."
*Rufus doesn't let him finish* "Then show me....Show me your sorry. Make me feel better. "
As she is speaking she grinds her hip against him testing to see how he reacts. He hasn't pushed her away yet. Luke doesn't even realize where  his hands are and what they are doing but she does...
She moves her hands down his chest and over the edge of his blue jeans. Then takes one hand plunges it quickly down into pants....
*Luke chokes out his words* "Ru,...s...s..stop it..."
*Rufus* "If you want me to stop then why are you grabbing my ass?"
 All the while, Rufus continues to play and run her hands over him.
 Luke can't take it anymore. Even though she is hard to handle, she is very beautiful and tempting....He pulls her hard against him and kisses her with force. Rufus gladly accepts it and leans into him even more, making sure there is no gap between them.
Then seconds later Luke comes to his senses and pushes her back.
*Rufus* "Why are you stopping?"
*Luke* "Because this is wrong! I let my guard down this time but I can promise you it's not gonna happen again."
*Rufus* "It felt right to me..."
*Luke* "Just leave....this was a mistake and that's all."
*Rufus* "No! was right. It felt so right to be in your arms again...."
She tries to reach for him again but he grabs her by the wrists.
*Luke* "I'm not gonna ask nicely again...and I need to get back to work."
*Rufus* "Fine! I'll go....but this is not over between us."
Rufus turns and walks away.
Luke waits till she walks around the corner and is out of sight and then heads back inside. He would just love to forget about the last 3 days and start over again. Of course, that is just not an option....So, he walks straight to his office and locks the door behind him, hoping he can focus long enough to get some kind of work done for the day....

When Luke finally makes it home it's much later into the evening....
He stands in the doorway of their bedroom feeling a little awkward since they have hardly spoken to each other all day.
*Luke* "Laura?...What's?..."
*Laura smiles* "You know get over here...."
Luke quickly kicks off his shoes and pulls his shirt up and over his head.

Laura just sits, watches and waits for him to come to her.
Luke climbs into bed then hesitates....
*Luke* "Are you sure about this?"
*Laura* " come here and kiss me."


To be continued......

The End!


  1. Holy cow now that was intense! I cant believe that woman and seeing Luke give in like that was jaw dropping! I think that Rufus is right, why did he grab her butt! Awsome episode!

    1. LOL! He slipped up there didn't he? Rufus is aggressive and she toyed with him in just the right way to get what she wanted. Plus, I think he let himself get sucked into that moment with her...then snapped when he finally realized what they were doing.....

  2. Hi Miranda, it's getting better and better!
    I love how your characters stay in character. Ok, Luke slipped up, but that was all more realistic....only plastic people never slip up...LOL

    1. Hi!
      Thank you, I think giving them real human characteristics make them that much more relate able. They all have each have their own individual personality.......No one is perfect :) No even in my little dolly world

  3. I was a bit behind with my reading, wow, a lot has happened! I can understand Luke, it was a weak moment, but he did the right thing in the end! Laura and Luke will pull through I hope, that Rufus is quite something :-)!!! You captured all their emotions very well, it's like in real life, I totally agree with Billa, it's getting better and better indeed!

    1. Hi Nymphaea!
      Glad you were able to catch up there is gonna be a lot more going one still. My brain will not stop swimming with ideas. I swear I dream the stories up in my sleep sometimes! lol!
      Yeah Luke had a weak moment there and was able to recover. Rufus is a force that will not be stopped so easily she is hell bent on winning Luke's affection.
      I try to pose them as best I can...evoking the emotions in the pictures is a challenge (sometimes it takes many times to get the right one) but I am always glad when it does work out.

  4. Ok, why was I sitting here staring at my computer like I was watching tv? LOL The plot thickens and gets good-er and good-er. ahaha. Can't wait for the next installation!. I am very suspicious of someone. QQ

    1. Awww shucks! that is the sweetest compliment. Because i do want it to be like a TV show...
      So glad you are enjoying it! I am having so much fun telling their story :)
      Your suspicions could be correct!

  5. Mmm. Love the story.
    Sadly, I know people like Luke. And like Rufus.

    1. Hello Kat,
      I too have known people in similar situations. Myself included. My husband was actually married to someone else when I met him.....

  6. This was...Awesome! Rufus is gooood. Peter wasn't exaggerating when he warned Luke about her masterful manipulation skills, LOL. Luke's a good guy with a good heart and it's clear Rufus used the miscarriage to play on his emotions. As for Fiona...she's not foolin' me for a bit. She knows more than she's saying. It's going to be very interesting to find out what her motives might be if she's mixed up in updating Rufus on Luke's whereabouts and business. This mad my Friday night!

    Well done. :-)

    1. You always make me smile Tracy,
      I love how you read into the story...Luke did not heed Peter's warning and he may end up paying for it.
      As for the matter with Fionna gotta wait n see!!!

  7. Hah, Luke shows some strong personality, at least at the beginnig. He's sexy when angry, even if his comments are rude, haha. I like him being like that!
    I'm curious about his past with Rufus, would be great if you could make some posts about that.

    1. Yeah this is how I picture Luke most of the time.....except when he is with Laura he tends to tone it down for her. Being around Rufus and people like Peter from his past brings out a different part of him, life with them was much different. I agree he is sexy when he gets mad and Rufus doesn't mind at all. I have definitely thought about posting flashbacks of him and Rufus....just have to figure out how and when :)

  8. Oh goodness. Luke has given Rufus quite a bit of ammunition to use against Laura. I think Laura needs to rethink the whole lunch thing. I have feeling it would totally backfire now. Let's just hope Luke doesn't call out Rufus' name during sex.

    1. He sure has... Rufus is ruthless and Luke needs to snap out if it and be more on the defensive

  9. This was great! I really appreciate your stories, Miranda, they're not the usually "family doll stories" and every post has always fresh ideas. Wish you to keep the awesome work you're doing :-)

    1. Hi Sergio so glad you are enjoying it :) yeah I am not into totally sweet wholesome stories all the time I like to add In all the other emotions as well :)