Sunday, March 30, 2014

Coming Clean......

Luke and Laura catch a cab back home, the whole ride back Laura is excited talking nonstop about the baby shower and any other plans they were thinking up. 
Luke has a hard time focusing and listening to her. He is way too preoccupied with how he is gonna tell her that Rufus is in town. 
 Now that they are home both of them are busy getting ready for bed.
*Luke toothbrush in hand* "Are you going into work tomorrow?"
*Laura* "Um....yeah, but only for a little while. Why?"
*Luke* "Maybe I can pick you up for lunch tomorrow..."
 *Laura* "I'd love to but I need to be at Ma Cherie so I can walk the new chef through a few things..."
*Luke* "That's fine...This is your last week there right? Jett is not gonna string you along?"
*Laura* "Yeah, yeah. She is completely understanding. I might not even need to go back after tomorrow the new chef is good. She's a pro."
They both finish then climb into bed grabbing pillows and adjusting the blanket to get comfortable. 
Luke is getting tenser with every moment that ticks by. Laura turns on her side to get comfortable, her back facing him....
*Laura lets out a slight yawn* " Oh! I'm so tired.......Goodnight, Baby...."
 *Luke just stares at the ceiling* "Babe.....there's something I need to tell you."
*Laura* "What do you mean?....."
*Luke* "It's about that phone call I got earlier..."
*Laura turns to face him* "Did something happen at the record shop?"
*Luke turns to face her* "No, the shop is fine."
*Laura* "So who was calling you?"
 *Luke says it quickly* "It was Rufus......"
Laura's face shows shock, then anger starts to swell.
*Laura* "What?!"
*Luke* "Babe, please calm down...your blood pressure, remember?  I don't want you getting upset...."
*Laura sits up* "Well, yeah! Of course I am upset!...."
*Luke sits up as well* "I'm sorry. I wanted to tell you that same day she showed up, but I......"
*Laura interrupts* "Showed up! You mean you have seen her!"
*Luke* "She must have followed me. She surprised me in the park on Friday...."
*Laura gets up and paces the floor* "Friday! That's the night you gave me the ring. Is she why you got home so late that night?"
*Luke* "What? No! I had work to catch up on...."
 *Laura* "She wants you back doesn't she?"
 *Luke* "Well, yeah.... that is what she said but....
*Laura* "Oh my god, this just keeps getting worse! I knew I had that dream for a reason....*visions of her dream come back* "I swear Luke, if you....." 
 Luke walks over to her and stops her from pacing.
*Luke* "Babe....this doesn't change anything between us. I love you! I want to! I am not gonna cheat on you!...."
*Laura* "I want to know exactly what happened.....all of it."
 *Luke* "That's fine, lets just go back to bed. You need to calm down."
Laura doesn't argue. They get back into bed and Luke pulls her up against him and starts from the beginning. He first tells her about the day she surprised him in the park, trying to remember their conversation word for word not leaving anything out. Then tells her about the text message of pictures she sent him and the phone call that happened earlier that night.
*Laura* "I still can't believe this is happening..and I don't like it all."
*Luke* "Yeah, I know."
*Laura* "Maybe we should invite her over for dinner. Then she will see that she needs to move on."

*Luke cringes at the thought* "Ahhh! I don't think that is such a good idea..."
*Laura* "Why not? This way she can see you have completely moved on."
*Luke* "I already told her all of that."
*Laura* "Yeah, but seeing us together will make it more real for her."
*Luke* "You just want to rub it in don't you? Show her that I'm yours now...."
*Laura smiles wryly* "Yeah, so? She needs to see it plus it will make me feel better."
*Luke* "And what about me? I am not doing dinner with you and my ex."

*Laura* "Why? It's not like you have anything to hide..."
*Luke frustrated* "Laura....just drop it. We are not having dinner with Rufus." 
*Laura* "Fine...fine. I just hate knowing she is prowling around still."
*Luke* "I understand...just please trust me to deal with her if she decides to show her face again."
*Laura* "Okay.....okay....And I trust you."
 Luke smiles, relieved that she now knows everything and she is okay with it all. He kisses her.
Then he moves from her lips then down the side of her neck, when she doesn't protest he continues to move down her shoulder.....   
*Laura* "Luke, stop....."
*Luke* "Awww! C' look completely relaxed to me."
*Laura smiles* "I am at the moment but I.."
*Luke interrupts* " Babe, the doc didn't specifically say we couldn't have sex. So why do you keep pushing me away?"
*Laura* "Because I am feeling fat and bloated..."
*Luke* "Can't you just try and give it a chance?"
*Laura* "I'm sorry but I'm just not in the mood and I'm tired."
*Luke* "Remember what you said to me the night that we found out you were pregnant? You said that you could never tell me no..."
*Laura getting upset* "Oh, come on Luke! Really?! You can't be understanding!? I am the one pregnant. Stop being so selfish! Maybe, I'm the one who should be mad at you..."
*Luke* "For what?"
*Laura* "For getting me pregnant! Don't you remember what you said to me that night? You said it was your fault...That I should...."
*Luke cuts her off* "Forget it!  I'm not in the mood, anymore!"
Luke gets up and grabs his pillows and the extra blanket.
*Laura* "Where are you going?!"
*Luke* "To the couch..."
He starts to walk away..... 
*Laura* "Luke! Your acting like a child! This is ridiculous!"
He doesn't stop he just walks out the door and heads downstairs. 
He gets settled on the couch and thinks about what just happened.
*Luke muttering to himself* "What a f*cking idiot! Telling her the truth did not work! Why did I listen to Benjamin?!"
Little did he realize Laura had followed him down the stairs and heard  all what he just said. 
*Laura* "What did you just say?!"
 *Luke sits up* "Nothing! Just go back to bed...."
*Laura* "It's not nothing! Were you talking with Benjamin and Aric about US!?" You thought if you told me the truth, that I would have sex with you?!"
*Luke fidgets* "No!"
*Laura* "Luke your lying!" *Laura staggers feeling a bit dizzy* "I'm not feeling so good."
Luke mumbles a string of curse words and reacts quickly. He walks her to the couch to sit her down then gets a glass of water. They sit quietly for a long moment, while she sips the water.
*Luke feeling utterly defeated but worried about her at the same time* "Babe.....I'm sorry, I really don't want to fight with you."
*Laura* "I don't want to fight either." 
*Luke*  "You feeling any better?"
 *Laura she looks at him* "I'm okay...."
*Luke* "You should probably see the doctor tomorrow...."
*Laura* "I'll be fine....listen just because I don't want to have sex right now doesn't mean I don't want to or that I don't love you. My body is just going through too many changes right now's..."
*Luke stops her* "'s okay. I get it. I'm sorry I was pushing you....and I should have never listened to Benjamin. Damn him!, for getting me all worked up...."
 *Laura leans into him* "Yeah he did....but maybe once I am completely done working at Ma Cherie, we can have a night to ourselves at least once before the baby is born."
Luke just smiles, kisses her forehead and wraps his arm around her.
*Laura* "...So, did you tell the guys about our situation?"
*Luke* " No! It was your sister...Benjamin brought it up."
*Laura* "Oh!, well that explains a lot. Guess, I shouldn't have told her so much."
*Luke* "Don't worry about it...So, you forgive me Babe, for being such a complete ass..."

*Laura kisses him* "Yes, of course I forgive let's go to bed." 
 *Luke* "Yeah, it's late.....lets get some sleep."
Luke grabs his bedding and follows Laura back upstairs and into bed. By now both up them are utterly and completely exhausted, they fall asleep nearly the moment their heads hit their pillows. So things didn't exactly go the way Luke hoped they would but at least Laura now knows the truth about Rufus.  As for other matters, he now understands where she is coming from and respects her wishes to just be patient. I think this pregnancy has been rough on both of them lately but he is just going to have to suck it up for now. Laura is about half way now. Her sixth month checkup is approaching soon...and they may have an opportunity to find out if they are having a boy or a girl!

The End!
For now....


  1. Whoa, I'm so glad they came out of this and no one was put out, LOL. At first I thought it was a good idea to have Rufus over for dinner to shut her down. But...Rufus has no shame in her game and something tells me, she would have controlled that situation and it might have backfired.

    Lol, Benji's gonna hear it the next time Luke sees him. Can't wait to see what they're having. :-)

    1. Yeah he is lucky Laura wasn't too hard on him. Dinner with Rufus would be a disaster and Luke knows it....
      As for Benjamin getting Luke all worked up I'm sure he will have a few choice words to say to him.
      Soon! Very soon....they will find out ;-)

  2. These photos? Mind blowing! I love their home as well. Is there a nursery in the works for the little one?

    1. Hi Valsays
      Wow! glad you enjoyed it. I am quite passionate about these 2. As for a nursery I am still debating on it :)

  3. This made my night! Im glad that Luke finally got this off his shoulders and let Lara know the truth about rufus. I dont think inviting her to dinner is going to better the situation any. I have to agree with Valsays that these photos are very well done.

    1. Awww! Thanks William ;-)
      I'm so glad you are enjoying it.....I agree it's good Luke told her sooner rather than later. Dinner with Rufus would not bode well but I do agree Rufus needs a wake up call :)
      It was fun finally getting to take some pictures :)

  4. If he was just telling her to get sex, then that's bad. He should have felt relieved once the air was clear, and he should have realized he did the right thing. No way should Rufus be invited over for dinner. Now maybe they can meet her for coffee and let her know that Laura knows the whole story, then maybe Rufus will realize she is not going to be able to get close to Luke.

    Now as for the sex thing, I know Laura is pregnant and all, but she may want to consider somehow doing something to please Luke during these last few months. Especially since it will be 6 weeks after she gives birth before she can have sex again. Yes, I know the whole he should be patient thing and love her enough to wait, but the reality is many husbands have cheated on their pregnant wives because they weren't getting any for months. With Rufus lurking around, I suggest Laura take all of that into consideration. Men are weak, especially when it comes to sex.

    1. Yeah Luke needs to get his priorities straight. He definitely wanted to tell her the truth and is relieved she now knows. Benjamin planted some twisted thoughts and Luke being desperate for attention thought it would work. I think he is thinking too much with his little head as opposed to his big one lol! Rufus I think shouldn't be any where near Laura and Luke hopes to keep it that way....
      I agree Laura needs to please Luke in some way or another. She can't expect him to all of the sudden accept that it's this way. Men are way too weak and the longer she makes him wait the harder it's gonna be for him. No matter how much he loves her :)

  5. Hi Miranda! quite a great ending (for now) I liked the twists in the story, you're not only a great photograper but I really appreciate your ability at storytelling!
    Besides, it looks like Luke is slowly growing up.....LOL

    1. Hi!
      Awww thank you! I am so glad that everyone is enjoying it. :)
      I'm and chomping at the bit and trying to be patient while i let this play out. I love photographing them it really helps me visualize what is going on in my head and bring it to life :)

  6. Uhh, Laura is such an egoistical, selfish woman, how could she say all of this to Luke? it's only her fault that she's pregnant, since it's only her duty to be careful and protect herself. One time sex, how favorably of her, he should be soooo grateful. She's turning into grumpy mummy already, and it's BEFORE birthgiving. So what will come after it? I guess she will have excuse after excuse, too sore, too fat, baby can hear, too tired, not into mood, haha. Pfff, if I would be on his place, I would hook up with Rufus.

    1. jewel snake - You tell her. I'm with you on this one (except for the hooking up with Rufus). Then after all Laura's excuses, she will wonder why he stepped out.

    2. I agree Laura is being a bit hard on him. My poor Luke he can't do anything right by her at the moment. If she is not careful she could loose him. I think now she is the one who needs a lecture :)

    3. I don't think Laura is deliberately trying to be selfish at all. Pregnancy is different for every woman and while guys may have a need to fill, I've never heard of a guy dying because he had to wait a few months. :-/ He'll be alright. It's not worth it to hook up with Rufus. There are other ways a guy can handle himself. Fifteen minutes tops ain't worth the headache sure to follow. :-)

    4. It comes down to knowing your man. No they don't dye, but some of them will have a slip up. And believe it or not, not every guy is willing to self-please. And let's face it, once that baby comes, Luke will be taking a back seat. How many men get jealous of their babies because all of a sudden their wife is no longer paying attention to them. I'm not saying it's right, I'm just saying that's how it often plays out.

    5. Amen to that! Vanessa
      I remember those nights when you finally get the baby to sleep then Hubby is like what about me? It gets better once the kids are past the baby/toddler phase

    6. True Vanessa. It is hard to know how someone will handle a situation though until it happens. Some guys are weirded out by the whole pregnancy sex thing and there's nothing you can do about that. the end of the day, a man would have to decide if he really wants to take a chance and mess up a relationship by stepping out. :-)

    7. Tracy this topic is close to home because my brother did just that and they separated shortly after my niece was born. At the age of 21, she is still having major daddy issues. So it's a tough balancing act for everyone, but if you know you have a man who can't go without sex, I suggest even as a pregnant woman you handle your business because staying in the relationship is in most cases better for the family.

  7. I think it's great how everyone sees this aspect of the story differently because I am always torn between them sometimes. Every relationship has it's ups and downs. Luke is being a man sex on the brain and Laura is doing what she can to get through this rough spot of her pregnancy Rufus is just a whole not her can of worms that is just starting to spill out ;-)
    I got more to come on Friday :)

    1. Well, your stories are awesome and very relate able. :-) The best stories come from true life experiences. Life is so crazy, we could all probably write a book, LOL.

      See ya' Friday...

  8. I love your stories! I don't get to comment often since I read my blogs at work. Tonight I'm up late and wanted to.let you know I look forward to your blogs posts. Thanks for doing what you do!

    1. Hi Veda :)
      Thanks for stopping in to say Hi!
      I am so glad to hear your enjoying it :)
      A new episode will be up on Friday.....

  9. Men really don't have a clue. A fail on two fronts: Listening to friends and not being honest with her from the beginning. Then has the nerve to get mad when she won't sleep with him...But he came around, There's hope for him yet.

    1. So very true :) relationships take a lot of work a pregnancy and a baby can be a test of love and patience As long as they both learn to give and take with each other then they should be okay :)

  10. I'm becoming addicted to your blog!

    1. Hi Sergio,
      Glad your enjoying the drama! :)