Friday, March 7, 2014

A Not So Chance Meeting in the Park

Luke took a couple hours for a lunch break and left Fionna in charge of the record shop.  This was something he planned to do in the summer but since everything has changed, so have his plans. After grabbing a quick bite to eat, Luke stopped at a bank where he has a safe deposit box. The items the box itself contained were moved down here from Seattle when he moved here permanently. He has not been back to that bank since he put the items in there over 5 years ago.
Now he sits on a secluded park bench only minutes away from his record store. He knows he needs to get back to work but he just needs a little more time to think. So....he thinks and he stares down at small shiny object in his hands.  
Every few minutes or so someone walks, runs or bikes by him on the sidewalk but he doesn't look up.  That is until a set of black boots and a familiar voice distract him out of his deep thoughts and back to reality.
*Woman* "Whatcha got there?....."
Luke looks up and stuffs the ring in his pocket.

*Luke* "What are you doing here?"
*Woman* "Oh, I think you know why I'm here...."

*Luke stands to look at her face to face* "Rufus, you shouldn't be here."
*Rufus she steps closer* "Well...I'm here and I want you back, Luke. You were the best thing in my life...We were good together."
She runs her hands across his chest and over his shoulders. 
Luke tries to step back away from her but the park bench he was sitting on is in his way. So he grabs her hands and pulls them down into the space between them. Then releases his grip.
*Luke* "Rufus....Are you insane? We...Our...Wh...what we had was a mess! It wasn't a real relationship! Have you forgotten all the crazy sh*t that happened!?"
*Rufus pouts* "Oh, don't mean that. We were in love. Besides, you made touring bearable for me and kept me sane...."
*Luke* "Don't call me that....I've moved on Rufus, I thought you did too."
*Rufus* "I tried to Luke, I really did! I cleaned up my act and thought time would make my love for you go away...."
*Luke* "Ru, ...I...I'm..."
Rufus doesn't let him finish. She quickly pulls her to him and kisses him,
 greedily wanting to taste him again..
*Luke pushes her away* "Kissing me is not gonna change my mind.....It's over between us, Rufus. I have a..a...I gotta go...." 
*Rufus* "You called me Ru....You do still care about me."
*Luke* " I didn't." 
Luke sidesteps to walk around her, and begins to walk away. Rufus hooks her arm around him to stop him from leaving.

*Rufus* "Luke....I'm serious. I want to try for real this time. Just you and touring, no band, none of that..."
*Luke* "It will never work..."
*Rufus* "All I'm asking for is a chance, Luke....just think about it." 
She tries to kiss him again but this time Luke isn't falling for it. 
He pushes her hands away from him and walks away....Hoping she doesn't follow him.
 *Luke* "No, Rufus. We are done and, don't come looking for me again."
Rufus watches him walk away but is not deterred by what just took place. She pretty much expected him to reject her on this first encounter but she is not letting it stop her....
*Rufus mumbling to herself* "I know you still care about me, Luke.....I could see it."

 Much, much later into the evening that very same day. Luke has finally finished and closed up shop for the day. He stands by the stairs and is still in a bit of shock after what happened earlier today. He gently pats the pocket of jeans to make sure the ring is still there.  Then realizes he is standing in the same place the night he found out Laura was pregnant.
Laura's footsteps are now sounding down the stairway. She turns, smiles at him and walks over to kiss him.
*Laura pulling back from their kiss* "Finally...what took you so long to get home?"
*Luke feeling a little tense* "I just had some extra things that I needed to take care of...."
 *Laura* "Oh, okay....Are you alright? You seem a Something bothering you?"
*Luke* "No, no....I'm fine, Babe." *he reaches into his pocket* "I have something for you.* 
 *Laura* "Oh, yeah? What is it?"
 Luke holds his hand out flat with his palm up, the ring glinting and catching light.
*Laura gasps* " this it? Your grandmother's ring?"
*Luke nods* "I know, this is not how you imagined me proposing to you but, I...Laura, I love you...more than anything. I want to spend the rest of my life with you...."
*Laura tearing up* "Oh, Luke! I....I...oh, just put the ring on my finger you know I'm gonna say Yes!..."
Luke takes the ring and slides it onto her finger.

Laura takes a moment to stare down at the ring that is now encircling her finger.
*Laura* "It's beautiful...."
*Luke pulls her close and kisses her cheek* "Yeah.....but your more beautiful. I love you, Babe."
*Laura smiles and relishes the moment* "Mmmm, I love you too,....are you hungry?"
*Luke* "Starving...."
 Laura serves him the dinner he missed, since he came home so late. Then the two of them sit quietly on the couch for awhile and watch some TV.
*Laura* "We still need to pick a date.."
 *Luke* "I know...I'm ready for bed what about you?"
*Laura* "Yeah...yeah I am. It's been a long day...."
Thinking back over the day makes him think of Rufus and his face changes at the thought of it.
*Laura* "You okay? What's on your mind?"
*Luke* "Nothing...nothing, Babe. I'm fine. Let's just go to bed."
*Laura a little reluctant to concede but to tired to press on* "Okay....."

So the two of them head off to bed. Laura is beyond happy with the new ring that is now on her finger. Luke is apprehensive, he just hopes that Rufus doesn't show up somewhere again and that she got the message the first time. Seeing her was hard, a lot of emotions where welling up in him and most of all he doesn't want trouble. Which she is with a capital T!

The End...for now ^_^


  1. Oww, trouble! I hope Laura will not be bothered by Rufus, in her condition. Luke has to protect their relationship. I love the room, it's very cozy and modern :-).

    1. Hi Nymphaea,
      I agree, an encounter between Rufus and Laura would mean disaster! I think Luke is gonna have to keep her home as much as he can until he knows the threat of Rufus popping up somewhere is gone.....
      Thanks, I am trying to still finish their place it's a lot of work :)

  2. Hi Miranda, Rufus seems very hard to handle but I believe Luke and Laura will be fine, if he decides to tell everything to Laura.....little secrets, big troubles Luke, your are advised.....
    Your Dioramas are wonderful!

    1. Hello Bills's dolls...
      Yeah, Rufus is exactly that very hard to handle. I don't doubt Luke's love for Laura, he loves their stable and calm relationship. Unlike the one he had with Rufus. I think he feels he is protecting her at this point by not saying anything...

  3. Oh goodness. This is just not good. Even if Luke gets Rufus under control, if Laura finds out, she will still be insecure about the whole thing. That's just how most women are. You add pregnancy and all those hormones and all rationality is likely to go out the window.

    1. No it's not.....Rufus is bad news and Luke is doing everything he can not to freak out and Laura is last one he wants getting hurt by it. I think you summed it up quite we just gotta see how it plays out :)

  4. Ok...I agree with Billa. Tell Laura Luke! That way you two can have a united front. Also, tell Rufus you are about to get married to someone you love! Yea...she is definitely trouble!

    1. That is some good advice lets hope Luke makes a smart decision here.

  5. Oh Luke...I know he doesn't want to stress Laura out with Rufus drama but he should tell her now about the surprise visit at the park. Even though Laura's going to fill insecure, I think it'll make her trust Luke a. It more to handle the situation. If he doesn't tell her and she finds out she might take it that Luke is confused about his feelings and that's not good.

    Love the park! Did you make that bench? Wow...this is getting so good. Can't wait 'till next episode. :-)

    1. I agree telling her the truth now would be a lot better. I think he is afraid to stress her out for sure and doesn't want t affecting the baby or her health. I also agree she might think he is conflicted about his feelings. Just gotta wait and see how it plays out....

      It was a quick set up on the park I hope to make a much bigger one eventually the bench was a thrift find that I need to finishe repairing

  6. Great episode! I agree that Luke needs to tell Laura because Rufus does not seem to be going away. She seems to be aggressive. It's no telling what she is up to.

    Laura looks so cute pregnant. : )

    1. Thanks Georgia Girl,
      I agree Luke really needs to tell her.....

      Laura is hard to find clothes for now with that big belly ;-)

  7. I love Luke and Laura's house, so homey I remember my playmate's house (we played Barbie's together back then)..

    By the way, I have nominated your blog to the Liebster Blog Award.. I hope you could join in the fun :) Please check out my post about it below..



  8. OH my goodness!!! Luke you have to tell Laura!!!