Friday, May 2, 2014

At the Hospital....Part 2

Picking up where we left off....Luke is waiting for Rufus to say what she has been wanting to tell him....
Rufus hesitates afraid to tell him but Luke is getting impatient. Rufus fiddles with his hair trying to come up with a way to say it...Luke pushes her hand away and demands for her to speak up....
*Luke* "Damn it! Ru! Just get to the f*cking point already!"
Rufus nuzzles her head into his shoulder and finally speaks...
*Rufus* "I never really lost the baby...."
*Luke* "Wha.....what!?"
*Rufus* "I never lost our baby.....I was just tired of fighting and I thought it would be
 better that way...."
*Luke pushes her off him* "You!....What?!.....Ru, are you f*cking kidding me?! Why?!"
*Rufus* "That is exactly why! You have issues with your anger and I didn't want our child growing up with that!"
*Luke* "Your the one who likes to push my buttons! The reason I"m angry all the damn time is you!.....You always!...Always!.... want to stir up trouble between us!"
*Rufus* "That's not true!..."
 *Luke* "Yeah it is!  Your doing it right now!! The only time we don't fight!.... is when we're f*cking! Then the same shit starts all over again! We fight over whatever the hell you think I did wrong.....then you beg and plead for me to stay....offering me the only thing that you know is keeping me here..."
*Rufus rolls over* "How can you say that!? I love you! I let you do what you wanted....All I ever wanted was for you to love me in return...."
*Luke* "So, you get yourself pregnant thinking that is gonna make me love you! Now your saying you lied to me about loosing the baby!! Were you actually ever pregnant or was that a lie too?!"
*Rufus* "I did not get pregnant on purpose and I'm not lying!!!"
*Luke* "Why the hell should I believe you!"
*Rufus* "Because I'm not lying this time...I want to be a family, Luke, with you and our child..."
*Luke laughs sarcastically* "Ha! Yeah right!..We don't have a kid and thank f*ck for that!...I'm outta here....I'm done with your crazy ass."
Luke gets up from the bed and Rufus panics....
*Rufus* "No! Luke....please....don't go! Don't go!...I love you we can make it work...."
*Luke* "I don't!.....find some else who will put up with your crazy sh*t...."
Luke turns and walks away...
*Rufus* "Luke! Please! Come back!....Don't leave me for her!? She will never love
you the way that I do!"
*Luke* "She is the best damn thing that ever happened to me!  I'm not gonna let you come between us! It's over Rufus! It's been over for a very longtime...."
Everything fades to black as he walks away and all he can hear is someone calling his name...
Luke!.....Luke!.....Wake up!
Its the middle of the night and Laura stirs, wakened by the flashing glow from the television and Luke's faint snoring. She blinks and comes more to her senses, relieved to see him laying there.....

 *Laura calls out to him* "Luke?...." * she raises her voice* "...LUKE?!..."
When that doesn't work she reaches out and grabs his foot shaking him awake.
*Laura* "Luke! Wake up!...."
*Luke groans and mumbles* "Uhh...It was just a dream....."
*Laura* "What? Luke, I can't hear you..."
Then he hears Laura's voice again and is now alert as to where he is and what is going on. The foggy haze in his head from the dream fades and Luke scrambles to get up, trying to get to her as quick as he can..... 
*Luke pulls her into his arms* "This is all my f*cking fault.." *he kisses her forehead* "...I'm  so sorry, Baby!...god! I'm sorry!...."
Laura wants to yell and scream at him for not getting here sooner but she is also very relieved to have him there with her finally.....
*Laura* "Where were you? Why didn't you answer anyone's calls!?"
Luke climbs into bed squeezing in next to her....she doesn't stop him. Right now she just wants to know where he's been. He kisses her forehead again, breathing her in and not wanting to let her go ever again....
*Luke* "I'm sorry, I wasn't here.....I had a really, really sh*tty day...." *he pauses finally taking in her reaction to him getting in the bed with her*
*Laura* "Go on....I'm listening..."
*Luke* "Well...I decided to run some errands to hopefully clear my head and I ended up dropping my phone in the parking lot and driving over it."
*Laura* "What?! Really, Luke?"
*Luke*  "I'm serious!.....What's happening between us has got me all up. I couldn't think straight all damn day! I'm sorry I wasn't here sooner......"
*Laura* "I can't believe you drove over your phone....why didn't you just go back to the shop after that?"
*Luke* "I went to go get it replaced, you know how much of my life is on that thing.... I thought I would be in and out of there but it took forever. So by the time I got around to calling Jacob to tell him what was going on. He tells me about you and that everyone is looking for me..."
*Laura* "Luke, I was freaking out!....I thought you were with her!...I could have gone into labor and you had no idea!"
*Luke* "I'm sorry!.....I can promise you it won't happen again. What happened today made me realize I have been a total jackass lately and I'm sorry, Baby...I'm really sorry."
*Laura* "And what about her? you still have feelings for her ?"
*Luke* "No! There is nothing between her and I...believe me I want nothing to do with her...nothing!"
*Laura* "If she means nothing then why'd you kiss her?!"
*Luke sighs* "I....I...don't know. I just....I screwed up!"
*Laura* "I just don't understand what is happening with you! I felt like I was loosing you, Luke! You haven't been acting like the man I feel in love with...."
*Luke* "Baby, you're not gonna loose me...I love you!....I don't know what else to say but I'm sorry. I swear it's never gonna happen again...Seeing her was hard....I...I guess it just kinda stirred up a lot of anger for me. She always had a way of pissing me off but then turning it around....My relationship with her was f*cked up on so many levels...You know that...I'm sorry if you felt like I was angry or distant from you. I wasn't trying to do that...."
*Laura* "So..... you're really happy with me? Happy about this baby? Please be honest...."
*Luke* "That is the one thing I know without a doubt, Babe.....Is that I love you and I'm happy about the baby....I'm scared sh*tless but I'm happy."
*Laura* "I'm scared too, you know?....Especially when I thought you were fed up with me and wanted out...."
 *Luke* "Babe, I....I....was never mad at you. I was mad at myself and at Rufus....She was trying to drag me down into her sh*t again and I almost let it happen...I'm sorry that I caused you pain. Can you forgive me?"
*Laura* "I'm trying.....You really hurt me Luke! It's gonna take me awhile before I feel like I can completely trust you again...."
*Luke leans over her* "I'll take whatever you've got to give me right now....I love you, Babe."
Then Luke leans in further to kiss her on the lips and Laura accepts him kissing him back, things are finally getting back to where they should be...
*Luke* "I love you...Laura Ophelia Lavigne and I want you to be my wife...."
*Laura* "Say it again......."
*Luke* "I love you..."
*Laura giggles* "Not like that....the whole thing! Say it again...."

*Luke smirks* "I love you, Babe and I want you to be my wife....."
*Laura* "Good enough, I love you too but your still in trouble."
*Luke* "As long as you love me, I can handle it."
*Laura* "Good.......I'm starving I haven't ate since this morning."
*Luke* "Nothing at all?..."
*Laura* "No.....they wouldn't let me eat just in case I went into labor...."
Luke is about to reply when the door swings open and a lady in a doctor's coat comes in.
*Doctor* "Knock, knock! Hi....I'm just making my rounds for the night....."
Luke gets up. The Doctor walks to Laura's other side and extends her arm out. Luke reaches out to shake the 
doctor's extended arm.
 *Doctor* "Hello, I'm Dr. Kelly, I'm assuming your the husband?"
*Luke* "Yes I am....."
*Dr.Kelly* "How are you feeling?"
*Laura* "Much better...."
*Luke* "She's it okay for her to eat now?"
*Dr. Kelly* "Sure....I think it is safe for her to eat now. I'll make sure she is on the list for breakfast. There is a vending machine down the hall. The cafeteria will not be open till 5am."
Luke leans over to kiss her forehead.
*Luke* "I'll be back, Babe....anything in particular you want?"
*Laura* "Something salty and crunchy sounds good...."
Luke nods and leaves Laura with the Doctor while he goes in search for the vending machines.
*Dr. Kelly* "Everything checks out....You and baby seem to be doing great..."
*Laura* "I'm feeling much better...."
*Dr. Kelly* "You just keep doing what your doing and you'll be fine...."
Laura smiles at her and Dr. Kelly finishes up examining her, then heads off to finish her rounds.
Luke finally comes back arms and pockets full of junk food.
*Laura smiles* "You think you grabbed enough?"
*Luke* "I'm hungry too....I found you your favorite "Pirate Booty"...."
He tosses them on the bed and kicks the door closed.
*Laura* "Mmmm....this is perfect.."
*Luke* "I also got you Oreos...if you want them."
*Laura grabs the bag* "Okay....You know I can't drink soda...right?"
*Luke* "I know...the soda is mine..."
Laura digs into the bag of crunchy, cheesy goodness and Luke 
opens his soda.
*Laura* "Who's going to open up "Vintage Vinyl"?"
*Luke* "Nobody...I told Jacob to take the day off...I'm keeping it closed, so I can take you home."
*Laura* "Okay....You know, Fionna was the one who led Rufus down here....."
*Luke* "I know....I heard....and don't worry she is not coming back..."
*Laura* "Did you fire her?"
*Luke* "Not yet....I haven't talked to her. I don't think she is gonna be back. She'd have a lot of nerve showing her face again..."
*Laura* "I wonder if Peter knew she was the one leaking information to Rufus."
*Luke* "No, I don't think he did. Peter hates Rufus with a passion. Besides he would never do something like that."
*Laura* "I hope your right....I know you two are close."
*Luke* "I'm sure he'll be dumping her ass the minute he finds out..."
*Laura* "She is one person I can go without seeing ever again....."
*Luke* "Forget about Fionna I'm sure she is gone by now.... Your sister told me about
you two tracking down Rufus..."
*Laura* "She did huh?"
*Luke* "Yeah....after I got b*tched out by her for not answering my phone."
*Laura* "Luke!..."

*Luke* "Sorry....she calmed down after awhile. Then they made her leave cause
visiting hours were over..."
*Laura* "If my sister wasn't with me when I passed out then I might not be here right now! Or I might have lost he baby, Luke! Has that not crossed your mind?!"
*Luke* "I'm sorry......Yes your right and I am glad your sister was with you I don't want anything to happen to you but you never should have gone looking for Rufus. I told you to not go near her......"
 *Laura getting emotional * "Since when do you tell me what I can and cannot do! wouldn't talk to me! I had to do something!!"
*Luke* "I don't want to argue with you....."
*Laura* "Neither do I, but you brought it up!"
*Luke* "Alright....I just don't want you or my baby anywhere near her...."
*Laura* "Fine....just don't give me any reason to go do something crazy like that! Just tell me the truth!"
*Luke sighs he knows she is right* "I will....I promise. I'm sorry all this sh*t lead you here. It's not what I wanted to happen..."
 *Laura* "I know.." *she yawns* "...I'm still tired...lay with me till I fall asleep?"
*Luke crawls in next to her* "Just get your rest....I'll stay here next to you till you fall asleep." 
Laura gets comfortable and drifts off to sleep.
Luke wakes up about an hour later then goes to get more comfortable on the couch. Several more hours pass and it's now early morning. Dr Bratters was called in for a early morning delivery and is now checking in on Laura....
Laura being the light sleeper that she is, hears him come in and is awake when he turns around with her chart in his hand.
*Dr. Bratters* "Good are you feeling? Any more contractions?"
*Laura* "No...I'm feeling much better...."
*Dr. Bratters* "That's good to hear. Dr. Kelly said you were doing much better. Your going to need to stay in bed for the next month until it's time for your next appointment. Now... Kira tells me you were supposed to come in tomorrow for your six month checkup. Since I don't want you traveling at the moment. How do you feel about having your sonogram right now? Hopefully we can find out if its a boy or girl."
*Laura smiles* "That would be wonderful! Thank you!"
*Dr. Bratters* "Sure, let me get ready and we can begin." *he looks at Luke* "Looks like someone is a heavy sleeper, that might change with a newborn..."
Dr. Bratters turns to face the sonogram machine and get it ready. Laura calls out to Luke to wake up already. He finally opens his eyes and sees the doctor standing there.
*Laura* "Luke, get up and get over here....."
*Luke* "I'm coming.....what's going on? Everything okay?"
*Dr. Bratters* "Everything is fine.....Now you two ready to find out what your having?"
*They both respond in unison* "Yes..."
Luke leans in closer trying to make out what he is looking at on the screen.
*Laura* "Ohmygosh! Is that a leg!"
*Luke* "How can you tell?!"
*Dr. Bratters* "You are correct...that would be your baby's leg. Now let me see...." *He moves the wand across her belly* "Ahh...Yes there perfect view....Want to take a guess?"
*Laura* "Ummmm....I don't know..."
*Luke squints at the screen* "I can't tell what I'm looking at.....Wait! I see it! It's a...."

To be concluded in Part 3!


  1. Great save for Luke! I really enjoy how you pose your dolls, you bring them to life with that and the story line.

    1. Hi and Thank you!
      Posing them is half the battle then you have to worry about them falling over before you can snap a picture :) so glad to hear you are enjoying it I have a lot of fun with these two.....

  2. Hola, veo que la historia a tomado un guen giro, estaba nerviosa pensando en que Rufus se saldria con la suya.
    Estoy contenta por Laura y Lucas.

    1. Hola Linda :)
      Sí, las cosas están empezando a dar la vuelta por Luke y Laura. :-)

  3. I glad Luke came as soon as he could. I would have liked to see Michelle rough him up though lol. Was Luke seeing Laura as he was breaking things off with Rufus? If so this explains a bit.

    1. Hi :)
      Yes I thought about adding some sences with Luke and Michelle I might do a short story with some of that. No Luke didn't know Laura when he was still with Rufus. The dream he had was just a mix of past and present dreams can be weird that way...

  4. Luke BETTER had been humble or else! I guess we are having a boy! lol This hospital scene is so well put together and the dolls really come alive!

    1. Lol! Yes he needs to be answering her every beck and call now if he wants to be completely back in her good graces.....tha baby will be revealed next week in the last installment :)

  5. Whew....I'm glad Luke was dreaming! Lol
    I'm loving your hospital scenes. They're so realistic.
    Some men do have an issue separating awesome sex from enduring love. Glad Luke can see and know the difference. I once had a boyfriend tell me that crazy women have the best sex, but there's nothing else you can do with them. Poor Luke learned this lesson the hard way.

    1. Hi Veda :)
      Thank you I had fun with this episode I agree thank goodness it was a dream. Luke thought hooking up with Rufus would be fun ang it was for awhile until she started to want more....I think the only one who has his enduring love is Laura. I agree he did learn his lesson the hard way but that is how it usually happens...

  6. It is a good thing that Luke being with Rufus was a dream, otherwise I was gonna rough him up good! LOL! You sure know how to keep us on our toes! Another great episode.

    1. Hi Phyllis
      Yes a lot of us were ready to give Luke a beating. It's a good thing it was just a dream. Glad to hear you are enjoying it I have so much fun with them :)

  7. Well worth the waite! I'm glad that it was just a dream and not reality. I,m thinking boy as well. You should have a baby naming would be fun.

    1. Hi Will!
      So glad you enjoyed it :) Omg! You read my mind I was thinking the same thing! I have been thinking about baby names lately :)

  8. I love it, I'm super happy that everything was a dream! I wish it were a child but if the child will be great too.

    1. Hi Sonia :)
      It's a relief to know Luke didn't cheat on her. He loves her way too much even though he's been a jerk lately. ...

  9. Great story Miranda, I like very much the way you're developing the characters. The fashback gives us a precious insight on Luke's past. Given that Rufus is a true borderline girl I think Laura and Luke shall keep a watchful eye on her!
    ps. a special thank for this instalment: I was at the hairdresser and the hair dyeing was driving me crazy (yes I'm a natural blonde), then luckily I checked your blog and reading this I was able to go through the whole thing....LOL

    1. Hi!
      Thank you I do enjoy develping their characters. Luke was bit of a wild child before Laura I guess he learned some of that from his crazy mother lol! Let's hope they do keep an eye on Rufus.....I am glad you were able to pass the time at the hairdresser with this episode, I had fun with this one :)

  10. Glad to see Luke is on the scene and glad to see he was only dreaming. Doesn't the world seem to fall apart only when the cell phone has a dead battery or isn't working? Happens to me all the time. Great episode. Glad to see they are getting back on track.

    1. Me too, it's a good thing he was only dreaming.....I know...we get so lost without our phones now a days. It's crazy how much we rely on them...

  11. great attention to details you are just awesome love every minute of it