Friday, May 9, 2014

At the Hospital....Part 3

Benjamin does his best to console Michelle. She is still mad that Luke has not shown up yet. They stand outside Laura's room in the hallway. Her parents are with Laura saying goodnight to her before they go home for the evening....
*Michelle* "I can't believe he is not here's been over an hour since he called."
*Benjamin* "'s you chance to ask him where's he's been Darlin'.....he is coming down the hall right now...."
Michelle quickly spins around and blocks him from entering Laura's room.
*Michelle* "Oh no! Your not going in there until you tell me where the hell you have been all day!"
*Luke* " let me get by."
*Michelle* "No! Besides my parents are with her right now, she's fine...."
*Luke* "Michelle....I have had a really bad just move aside so I can go see Laura."
*Michelle gets upset* "You've had a bad day!...." *She grabs him by the arm and pulls him back toward the waiting room*
*Michelle* "I want to know what was so damn important that you wouldn't answer your phone or respond to any of our text messages!! If I find out you were with Rufus this whole are seriously gonna regret it Luke! What you did today is unforgivable in my need to stop fooling around and get it together....."
*Luke* "I was not with Rufus! I haven't seen or talked to her since yesterday...and I don't want to have anything to do with her!"

*Michelle* "You better be telling me the truth! Cause I know what happened yesterday and Laura was devastated by it, she has been upset and on edge about it all day, especially since we haven't been able to find you!....Something bad could have happened today but luckily I was there....."
*Luke* "I know I screwed up Michelle, I don't need you to remind me of it. I have been regretting kissing Rufus from the moment it happened...but if you were there to calm her down then what the hell happened?"
Benjamin finally catches up to them after Michelle hauled Luke down the hallway so she could yell at him. 
*Benjamin* "Kissed Rufus!....What the hell?!"
Neither one pays attention to Benjamin's comment. Michelle responds...
*Michelle* "We went to take care of some business.....something that you failed to do! Now where have you been all afternoon?! Since you claim your weren't with Rufus!"
*Luke loosing his patience* "Like I said.....I had a really bad day. My phone fell out of my pocket and I drove over it! That's why I didn't answer the f*cking phone, Michelle...."
*Benjamin walks to stand by Michelle* "Whoa! Hey....don't talk to her that way! We have all been wondering where the hell you've been.....thinking the worst too!"
 *Luke glances quickly at Benjamin* "I wasn't with Rufus, Michelle!....I understand your upset but I really did bust my phone. I left the parking lot of the store I was at and headed straight to go get my phone replaced. I had no idea you were looking for me!"
*Michelle looking skeptical* "You really expect me to believe this?"
*Luke* "Yeah I do! Now what do you mean by business where did you two go?"
*Michelle* "We went to see Rufus...and told her to back off..."
*Luke* "What?!! That's!.....Who's idea was this?"
*Michelle* "Laura's, she wanted to set things straight with her since you obviously didn't have the balls to do it!"
Benjamin smiles and chuckles he loves her feisty nature...
*Luke a bit worried now* "Michelle.....Rufus is not the kind of woman you threaten and back into a corner. She'll tear your f*cking eyes out...and rip you limb from limb..."
*Michelle* "You underestimate, me Luke...My sister may be the sweet one but I'm not. When we left there Rufus was speechless, she was in a bit of shock...."
 *Luke* "I don't doubt your ruthlessness, my concern is Laura and how this affects her. Rufus thrives off of torturing people. This is why I didn't want Laura anywhere near her...."
*Michelle feels bad now* "I realize that, now.....I should have confronted Rufus alone...."
*Luke* "What exactly did you say to her?"
*Michelle* "I basically told her to stay away from you or we were going to expose her to the media, then they would learn how crazy she really is...She'd be so busy fighting them off she won't be able to go near you..."
*Luke* "You really think that is gonna stop her? If anything I think it is just gonna make her more determined because your buying into her game...Listen, Rufus is like that spider waiting for the fly, she is quiet and stealthy, You may think you have her right now, but...*Luke shakes his head he is at a loss for words*....."
*Michelle now looks uncertain* "I hope so, I just want you two to be happy. I will do anything for Laura....."
*Luke* "I know you would.....Laura feels the same way about you. I am happy with your sister. I love her....."
*Michelle nods* "......Oh! and that stupid little groupie you hired, Fionna, she was the one who put this all into motion....." 
Luke is about to speak when Michelle looks over his shoulder and sees her parents coming from the hallway of hospital rooms. Luke turns and Scott and Krystal are standing right behind him.
 *Krystal* "Luke!.....Laura has been beside herself wondering where you have been. We all have..."

*Luke* "I'm sorry Krystal. If I would have known I would have been here hours ago."
*Scott* "What delayed you for so long?"
*Luke* "I broke my phone. Of all days for this to happen too...."
*Krystal makes a face* "Really? Well, I hope you have it in working order now. Because if she goes into labor we need to be able to get in touch with you..."
*Luke* "Yeah I realize that..... it won't happen again....."
*Scott* "She is asleep now..... I think you should let her rest for the moment...."
*Michelle* "Do you believe him? About where he's been all this time..."
*Benjamin* "I can ask him, but I think he's telling the truth."
*Michelle* "Yes, ask him.....I'm gonna walk my parents out."
*Benjamin* "Okay, Darlin'...."
So, Michelle trades off with Luke and he is glad to switch places with her. Krystal looks like she wants to know more but is not pressing the issue at the moment.
*Benjamin* "So, tell really drive over your phone?"
*Luke* "Yes!! Why's that so f*cking hard to believe!!!"
*Benjamin* "Why are you getting so defensive? It was just a question..."
*Luke* "Believe whatever the hell you want, Benjamin.....I know it sounds ridiculous but I'm not lying about it...I was not with Rufus!"
*Benjamin* "Okay.....okay...."
*Benjamin continues* "But if you really were with can tell me."
*Luke swats his hand away* "Don't f*cking patronize me, Benjamin!"
*Luke* "I don't want to have anything to do with Rufus! I told you and Aric that, that
night at the bar..."
*Benjamin* "Fine.....Geez...I had to ask."
*Luke still upset* "Michelle put you up to this, didn't she?"
 *Benjamin* "So what if she did?"
*Luke* "I knew it! Your so f*cking p*ssy's insane..."
*Benjamin gets mad* "At least I'm getting some! It's obvious now, you ain't! "
Luke flops down on the seat behind him. Realizing he needs to calm down, Benjamin is another person who always knows how to tick him off. Even though he only kissed Rufus, guilt washes over him because his actions are what lead them all here......
*Luke takes a huge sigh* "SH*T!"
*Benjamin* "Your lucky I don't beat your ass into one of those hospital beds."
Benjamin takes a seat in one of the chairs across from Luke.
*Luke* "I'm sorry, Man....I have just been on edge all week with Rufus lurking around and then I find out Laura is in the hospital...."
*Benjamin* "I understand....just don't go talking sh*t again or I will have to kick your ass..."
*Luke* "Don't take it personally...."
*Benjamin* "I don't....that is until you start talking smack about Michelle...."
*Benjamin continues* "Did I hear you kissed Rufus?"
*Luke sighs* "Yeah....I let her get the best of me. She came to play hardball and nearly hit a home run...."
*Benjamin* "Holy sh*t! No wonder Laura and Michelle are pissed at you!"
*Luke* "I'm probably gonna be in the doghouse for awhile...." 
Benjamin gets up realizing Michelle hasn't come back yet.
*Benjamin* "Yeah you probably will.....just go be with Laura she needs you, even though she is upset with you. I need to go find Michelle and take her home we have been here for hours...."
*Luke* "Thanks, Benjamin...And sorry for loosing my cool...."
*Benjamin* "It's fine....We'll see ya tomorrow...."
Benjamin starts to walk away and Michelle comes around the corner making her way back to the waiting area. The nurse behind the desk stands up to speak to them.
*Nurse Jackie* "I'm sorry but visiting hours are over you two need to head on out..."
*Michelle* "I haven't had a chance to say goodnight to my sister!"
*Nurse Jackie* "You can come back at 9am tomorrow...."
*Benjamin* "Darlin'.....she'll be fine. Luke is here now, let's's been a long day and we still need to go pick up your car..."
*Michelle* "Your right....let's go."
So, Michelle and Benjamin turn and walk away. Luke gets up and goes to check in on Laura and stay with her for the night.


The next morning promptly at 9am....Michelle speed walking her way through the hospital, Benjamin trailing behind her.

 *Benjamin stops her* "Darlin' slow down....I'm sure everything is fine."
*Michelle* "I'm sure it is but, I'm still anxious to see her..."

Down the hall in Laura's hospital room....

*Luke* "It's a boy, right? That is what I think it is....."
*Dr. Bratters* "You'd be correct....Looks like you two are having a boy. He looks good....heartbeat is strong..."
Dr. Bratters finishes up on the sonogram and prints out a picture. He gets up and has a few more things to add before he leaves.
*Dr. Bratters* "Now that, takes care of that....I will have Kira call you later on today to make an appointment for your next visit."
*He continues* "Until then, I want you to get plenty of rest, drink lots of water, do not pick up anything heavy, try to keep your stress levels down, that is important, and of course your blood pressure. So, that means no strenuous activities till after the baby is born....And yes that does include sex....I know you don't want to take any chances on this baby coming too early."
He hands the sonogram picture over to Luke....
*Dr. Bratters* "Here's a picture of your boy....and I'll see you in a month. Any questions before I go?"
Luke and Laura both shake their heads no.
He smiles, says goodbye then leaves the room.
Luke hands the picture over to Laura so she can look at it.
 *Luke excited about it being a boy* "We're having a boy, Babe....."

*Laura smiles * "Yeah and I was so looking forward to buying that cute little pink dress I saw the other day....."
Luke laughs and Laura smiles at him....Luke's excitement about the news is putting her more at ease with all that has happened.
  *Laura* "Now we got think of what we're gonna name him...."
*Luke* "I love you, Babe..."
*Laura* "I know you do...."
Luke leans in to kiss her then the door swings open....
*Michelle* "Hey! Is everything.....O-kay...."
They both stop and look up at Michelle. Laura waves the sonogram picture and smiles.
*Laura* "We're having a boy!"
*Michelle* "Really?!"
Both Michelle and Laura squeal. Michelle quickly grabs the picture to look at it.
*Michelle* "Ohmygosh! *she turns the picture trying to make it out* " I can't tell what I'm looking at....."
*Laura laughs* "I know....but the Dr was sure of it." 
While the girls are talking Benjamin shakes hands with Luke and congratulates him on it being a boy.
*Benjamin* "All right! A did good, man...."
*Luke* "Thanks, Benjamin...I just want him to get here safe and sound."
*Benjamin* "Of course....we all do."
Benjamin wraps his arm around Michelle's waist and pulls her up against him.
*Benjamin* "I'm hoping for 3 boys and a girl, myself....what'd you think, Darlin'?..."
 *Michelle* "What?!....Benjamin!....4?!...You want 4 kids!"
*Luke* "Since when did you want kids?"
*Laura* "Yeah? I'm a bit surprised by that too..."
*Benjamin looking at Michelle* "I've always wanted kids....just had to find the right woman first....."
Michelle is speechless. Benjamin is the only one who does that to her. They haven't talked a whole lot about kids or marriage just yet. She just moved into his place. This is a new side of Benjamin no one has seen before.
*Laura* "Just don't drink the water I've been drinking you might turn up pregnant..."
*Michelle still trying to find her voice* "Oh....I....don't worry about me, Sis...."
*Laura* "All I'm saying is be careful....."

*Luke* " need me to go home and get you clothes or anything..."
*Michelle* "I all ready did....Laura gave me her keys last night. I had to go pick up my car at your place anyways....I got you some clean clothes, there in the truck, Sis..."
*Laura* "Okay....."

As Michelle and Benjamin are about to make their way out, a nurse comes in, smiling and cheerful.
*Nurse* "Hi, I've come to get you ready to go home....You ready to remove that I.V. ?"

About 30 minutes later, after the nurse takes care of Laura. Michelle brings her a set of clean clothes, so that she can shower and get ready to go home. Luke finally comes strolling back into her room after going down to the cafeteria to get himself a cup of coffee.
Luke pauses at the door, his eyes darken the moment he 
takes her in.
*Luke* " ready to go home?"
Laura runs her fingers through her hair and smiles at him.
*Laura nods* "Yeah.....I know that look....."
Luke closes the door and walks across the room to her.
*Luke* "What look is that, Babe?...."
*Laura* "The same one you giving me right now.....You heard the doctor. He said no strenuous activities, besides we don't want to chance anything..."
*Luke* "I know but I still can't help it. Your beautiful, Babe...All you have to do is smile and toss your hair like that. It gets me every single time..."
*Laura smiles* "I know it does.....and don't worry you'll get lucky again in about 4 months or by then I should have forgiven you completely..."
*Luke* "Your gonna enjoy torturing me aren't you?"
*Laura smiles* "Every minute of it...Baby."
Then the nurse comes in pushing a wheelchair through the doorway.
*Nurse* "You ready to go?"
*Laura* "Do I really have to get in the chair?"
*Nurse smiles* "Hospital policy....I can't let you leave until I've wheeled you out the door."
*Luke grabs her bags*"Just get in the chair, Babe.....Lets go home."

So Laura gets in the chair and lets the nurse wheel her down the hall, on the elevator and out the door. Luke gets her home safe and sound then sends her straight to bed. He doesn't want to take any chances with her health or their baby boy....who is still not due for another 9-12 weeks!



  1. Congratulations Luke and Laura!!!! Yay! They will make great parents.

    Wow, Michelle and Benjamin are moving pretty fast....she has moved in. I am not totally feeling old Ben. I need to get over his past behavior. Laura and Michelle has. Lol!

    1. Thanks yes I think they will b great parents.....Yeah Michelle and Benjamin have gotten more serious. There is a short story on my flickr page about the moving in..... it takes place the same night they are at the bar after hours. Michelle also briefly talks about it with Laura in the morning after episode. They have both forgiven Benjamin for his past philandering.....

  2. So excited!!! I wonder what they will name him, who he'll favor, and if he will be a little rocker like daddy. I could see a little "Bently" or "Phenix" now in his crossbones onesis sporting a faux hawk. Lol I just got carried away. Anyway, congrats Luke and Laura!

    1. Yay! Me Too!! Wow! You are totally seeing this baby the way I do. I was thinking about Phenix....and also a little onsie with a skull and crossbones. If I know Luke he is not gonna want his son in some cute little baby outfit ;-)

  3. Congratulations both Laura&Luke and You! :) It was a great story, I can't wait the next chapters! What are the plans about the wedding? It would be so great to see Laura in white and pictures somewhere outside :)

    1. Hi and Thank you! They are both pretty happy right now :)
      There will be a wedding eventually.....with Laura's fragile state right now. I don't think there will be a wedding until after the baby is born. I am hoping to set up an outdoor wedding for them....but It might not be for a while.....

  4. Hola, es una historia emocionante, que bien que Laura esta mejor, espero saber mas de ellos aunque he leido que es el final.
    Hasta pronto.

    1. Hola Linda :) Definitivamente será más historias por venir con Luke y Laura. Me alegro de que estén disfrutando de ellos, que son a la vez muy feliz en este momento :)

  5. Why on earth is Luke apologizing to Ben? Ben totally overstepped his boundaries, all in the name of "Michelle". Ben should have believed Luke when he answered the question the first time. Even if he didn't believe Luke, he shouldn't have badgered him about it. I was hoping Luke would slap him back to reality. I can understand Michelle being upset, but she too overstepped a bit. After all, she is the one who exposed Laura to the incident that caused the scare. Now that Laura has gotten the green light not to have sex, for the sake of the baby, it is even more important for her to increase the communication and make Luke feel even more loved than usual. She can't take that information and just leave him hanging in the lurch. Tell her to google "sex and at-risk pregnancies" to find out what she can do to help her relationship grow for the 5 months she and Luke won't be having sex P.S. I love Michelle's floral dress.

    1. Hi Vanessa :)
      You make some great points. Benjamin did press the issue more than he should have but I think he was a bit curious as well . I agree Michelle should have called Luke to maybe her mother to convince Laura's not to track down Rufus instead of tagging along. As for Luke and Laura lets hope Luke can behave himself and I agree Laura does Ned to increase communication between them if they are going to make it . Luke needs to understand that they can stil be intimate without having sex. I think it will be hard but I'm hoping they get past it. Michelle is wearing a dress I made ....I need to make some more :)

  6. Poor Luke, one wanted to buy the broken phone situation. Michelle is feisty and I love it but I must say, I'm proud of Luke for standing his ground. I think Ben was more upset with being called "P" whipped then anything else. Hey, it's true, he is a ill' whipped, LOL. It's good to see all ended well for now and I'm so happy for Laura and Luke! You can tell Luke is super proud. Great episode!

    1. Haha! Yeah they all had a hard time believing he broke his phone....Luke knew he was gonna have to face Michelle but he was not expecting her to tell him that they went to see Rufus. He should have made it more clear from the start n maybe Laura wouldn't have had to do what she did. I agree Benjamin is terribly P whipped at the moment. Luke knew what was going on there....yeah Luke is quite happy it's a boy....let's hope they can stay happy