Saturday, May 17, 2014

Taking it Easy....

This episode contains some brief adult content...

Laura has been, for most of the time, stuck in bed for the past four weeks. She is now in the second week of her 7th month and seeing the doctor every two weeks from here on out. Not wanting another scare everyone has been dutifully watching over and caring for her, since the emergency trip to the hospital. While Luke is gone during the day at work, either Laura's Mom or Luke's Mom stays with her during those hours that he is gone. His days at work have been longer now since he is short an employee. It is early morning and the two take what little time they have to focus on each other before Luke leaves for the day. They stand in the shower and finish washing up while discussing baby names.....
 *Laura* "How about.....Xavier?"
*Luke* "No...I knew some one by that name, hated the guy...."
*Laura* "Okay, not that one....what about Oliver?"
 *Luke* "Mmmm...maybe, it's okay...."
*Laura* "Let's see....what about Gage?...."
*Luke* "I like that one...and Gavin or uh Phoenix?"
*Laura* "Yeah? I like those too.... "
Luke switches places with her to get to the stream of water...
*Luke* "You know we still have plenty of time to get it figured out...."
*Laura* "Yeah....but it'd be nice to have it narrowed down to a few choices."
*Luke* "You're always worrying too much, Babe...."
 *Laura* "I try not to....but it's our baby's name....I just want to make sure we pick the right one."
*Luke* "We will...I think you'll know when we find it. We don't have to decide on a name before he is born...."
*Laura* "Well, I was hoping to decide before the girls throw me a baby shower...."
*Luke smiles* "Ahhh, I get it now.....That's in a couple weeks isn't it?"
*Laura pouts a little* "Yes....that's why I need you to help me narrow it down..."
*Luke can't resist* "We'll go over that list you made tonight and see if we can't narrow it down some more..."
*Laura smiles* "Promise?...." *Luke nods* "....Oh! and don't forget, I think the crib and some other things are being delivered today. I'm gonna need your help putting it together and moving it...."
*she continues, her hand moving across him* "....So don't get home too late tonight." 
*Luke* "I'll try to get home early but..I..Babe, what are you doing?"
*Laura smiles* "Touching you...You want me to stop?"
 *Luke* "No, not really, but if you keep it up, I'm gonna have to scoop you up and take you to bed."
*Laura smiles and continues her gentle assault* "I wouldn't mind...."
*Luke* "Yeah, well I'm not taking any chances, the health our baby is more important than my pleasure at the moment.....and besides I think you just like teasing me."
*Laura* "I know but you don't think any of this is hard for me too?"
*Luke let out a throaty laugh* "Don't say's not helping."
 Laura laughs at his suggestive comment and Luke pulls her in close to kiss her, trying not to, but getting more and more excited by her touch. This past month has been like getting to know each other all over again.....

 Like two horny teenagers pawing at each other but having to show restraint, cause they know it's just not the right time yet.
They both release a breath as they break away from their kiss.
*Luke lets out a breathy sigh* "As much as I want to stay here with you. I gotta get out..."
 *Laura pleads* "Just a few more're gonna be gone all day."
 *Luke* "You missing me already, Baby? I haven't even left yet..."
*Laura* "I just hate that you are gone for so long...."
*Luke* "I'm sorry, Babe. I can't slack off right now...*kissing her*...I'm doing this for you, you know?"
*Laura* "I know you are, I understand but I still miss you....." 
So, they stand under the rain of warm water and just hold each other in blissful silence. Softly kissing and caressing each other. Finally getting out of the shower once the water starts to cool......
 Laura stands and looks at herself in the mirror.....
*Laura* "So?... have you found anyone to replace Fionna?"
*Luke* "Not yet, but I have a few people I'm calling back, so we'll see."
 *Laura* "I hope you find some one before he is born."
*Luke* "I'm taking care of it.....Don't worry, Babe, I'm not gonna miss any calls this time around..."
Laura continues to take in her appearance.....
*Laura* "You better not...Oh my god!...I am getting so huge! I cannot believe I still have like 2 more months to go...Am I looking fat to you?"
 *Luke* "Babe, you're not fat!.....remember what that book said? All of this is completely normal...."
*Laura* "I just don't see how I can get any bigger! I feel so crowded already...I think he's starting to feel it too..."
*Luke leans in to steal a quick kiss and reassure her* "I think is pretty f*cking amazing....That big round baby belly of yours is gorgeous....Looking at it makes me feel proud you're having my baby...."
 *Laura* "Really? No regrets?"
*Luke* "Not a single one, Babe...."
*Laura* "It is is pretty amazing, isn't it?"
*Luke hangs up his towel* "Yeah, it, I'm gonna head downstairs to make me some coffee."
Luke pulls on some underwear and heads for the stairs. Then he turns around before heading out the bedroom door.
*Luke* "While I'm down there you want me to bring you anything?"
*Laura* "A glass of OJ would be nice...."
*Luke* "Just the OJ? Anything else?"
*Laura* "No, that's good for now....."
Luke nods and waves his hand in acknowledgment then heads down the stairs to start a pot of coffee. As he is coming down the stairs Krystal is coming in through the front door with 2 bags of groceries. She stops as soon as she sees Luke, her eyes wide while she takes in his appearance. Luke stands there at the the bottom of the stairs in just his underwear.
*Luke* "Krystal?! What are you doing here so early?"
*Krystal embarrassed* "I....I...thought I would bring you two some groceries..." *she quickly walks 
to set the bags on the table* "....I got done a lot quicker than I thought."
 Keeping her back to him. She stays busy unloading the bags of  groceries.
*Luke* "Oh! Okay...I just came down to make some coffee and...."
*Krystal interrupts* "I'll do it! just go ahead and finish getting dressed...."
Luke doesn't say anything and heads back upstairs realizing she is embarrassed by his near nakedness.
He walks into the bedroom and Laura is nearly completely dressed herself.
*Laura pulling on her shirt* "Is my Mom here already?"
Luke walks across the room to her and speaks in a low tone.
*Luke* "Yeah, and I don't think I have ever seen her at a loss for words before..."
*Laura* "It's because she saw you in your underwear...She is not as laid back about
nudity as you are...."
*Luke* "Well, how was I supposed to know she would be here so early.....she should have called first. Good thing I didn't go down there completely naked....she might have dropped her bags of groceries."
 *Laura* "Luke! Behave yourself...I better go downstairs and check on her."
  *Luke smirks* "What?! It's just....I've never seen your Mom get embarrassed like that before. It's usually the other way around..."
*Laura tries to be serious but busts out laughing* "Pfff! Hahaha! Yeah, it usually is....She was probably in shock!....Especially, after seeing all your tattoos, I don't think she realizes how many you have....."
*Laura* "Just get dressed, Baby....I'm gonna go see what my Mom is doing...."
Laura gives him a quick kiss on the cheek then heads downstairs.
Krystal is finishing up putting away the groceries she brought over.
 *Laura* "Morning, Mom!..."
*Krystal turns around* "Hey sweetie!...You hungry?"
 *Laura* "Starving!!..."
*Krystal* "I poured you some orange juice....I'll get some breakfast started."
Krystal smiles and then stands over the stove to start some breakfast. As Krystal works on breakfast, Laura grabs her glass of orange juice and goes to sit on the couch to watch some TV.
*Laura* "The crib should be getting delivered today....and a couple other things."
*Krystal* "That's's time to start getting that together."
Krystal begins cooking breakfast while Laura watches the television.

A few minutes later Luke comes downstairs dressed and ready for the day. He spies Laura sitting comfortably on the couch and walks in her direction.  
*Luke* "I'm taking off so I can get back as early as I can...."
 *Laura* "Already? What about breakfast?...."
 *Luke* "I'll be fine..."
 *Laura* " me up...."
Laura holds out her hand and Luke pulls her up. Getting up off the couch these days is not all that easy....
  Krystal turns and sees them, eyes locked on each other, she watches them for a moment waiting to speak....
*Laura*"I'll miss you..."
 *Luke* "I will too, Babe....but you want me home early right?"
*Laura* "Yeah...I do."
*Laura* "Call me when you take a lunch break...."
*Luke* "I'll try, that's if I have time to take a lunch break."
*Laura* "Okay...just don't forget to always get grouchy when you starve yourself...." 
Krystal still feeling a bit awkward but trying to not let it show....
*Krystal* "Breakfast is ready if you two want to eat...."
Luke and Laura both turn their attention to Krystal.
 *Luke* "Thanks, Krystal but I need to get to the shop and get some stuff eat with Laura, I'm taking off."
*Krystal* "Are you sure? There is plenty of food...."
*Luke* "It's fine, thanks though...."
*Krystal* "Oh, okay....well, have a good day at work."

Krystal turns and walks back to the stove to finish up, relieved that, that is over.
Laura turns back to face Luke and kiss him goodbye. 
*Luke* "You need to let me go if you want me home early..."
*Laura sighs* "I'm trying to but my fingers don't want to let go."
 Luke smiles at her and kisses her one last time.
*Luke* "Bye, Babe....I'll call you if I get a chance..."
Laura says goodbye and Luke walks out the door. The second he disappears she turns and goes to take a seat at the table. Krystal has already prepared a plate for her, Laura digs into the eggs and takes a bite.
*Krystal* "You two are looking very happy again....I'm glad all this ex-girlfriend stuff is over and done with. She sounds like a real piece of work...."
*Laura* "We are....I'm glad it's all behind us too...."
 *Laura continues* "Things seemed a little awkward for you there when you were talking to Luke..."
*Krystal pinches the bridge of her nose* "I'm sorry, I just....I thought ya'll would still be asleep still.
*Laura* "Mom, Luke is okay, so don't worry about it....just call us next time."
*Krystal* "I will....I just....He...."
*Laura* "Has a lot of tattoos?"
*Krystal* "Yes! And I find myself staring at them and it's embarrassing......"
*Laura* "Mom, don't worry about it! He's used to people looking at his tattoos."
*Krystal shrugs* "I guess so....What about when your little boy wants to be like Daddy and get tattoos?"
*Laura* "Um, I don't know I didn't think about that....I guess we'll just tell him he has to wait till he gets older...."
*Krystal* "How much older would that be?.....When did Luke start getting his?"
*Laura* "I think he got his first one when he was 16...."
*Krystal* "16! Good lord! Did his Mother know what he did?"
*Laura* "No...she found out afterwards..."
*Krystal* "My goodness...."
Laura finishes her breakfast and spends the majority of the day with her Mother. Then by late afternoon, Luke's mom arrives so that Krystal can go home and do whatever she needs to do. Cyndi stays with Laura for the remainder of the day till Luke gets home.
Laura and Cynthia are upstairs looking at Luke's old baby album. Cyndi finally found it after she was able to go through some boxes she had packed months ago when she moved down. Her and Laura are looking at the book and giggling and oohing and awing at all of Luke's baby pictures....
*Luke* "What's so funny? I could hear you two all the way from downstairs..."
*Cynthia* "Hi, Sweetie! I found your old baby book. We were just looking at it."
Luke walks across the room to Laura's side of the bed.
*Luke* "Oh, really? Lemme see..."
Laura and Cynthia scoot over and Luke sits down on the bed to take a look at the book.
*Cynthia* "Oh! Look....he was so chubby there...I think he's about 9 months in that picture."
*Laura* "Awww....he was a cutie."
*Cynthia* "Everything would go straight into his mouth at that age....I had to watch him like a hawk...."
*Luke leans back* "I thought you said you lost it....Where'd you find it?"
*Cynthia* "I never said I lost it...I said I couldn't find it."
*Laura turns the page* "Oh my gosh! Is this Luke? His hair is pretty long there."
*Luke* "*t! not that picture!"
 *Cynthia giggles* "Yeah it is and naked as a jay bird. I couldn't bring myself to cut his hair it was so gorgeous....."
*Cynthia continues* "..... That was the summer I potty trained him, he ran around naked half the time. Every time he went to sit on the toilet he had to take all his clothes off, so after awhile he just gave up trying to put them back on. I would have to chase him down to get him dressed again."
*Laura* "You are so adorable, Baby....and look at your hair. Still wild and crazy...."
*Cynthia* "He was a toot but so much fun at that age!"
Cynthia get up and puts on her boots.
*Cynthia* "Well, I'm outta here. I'll let you two look over that book and it's yours to keep. I do have doubles of most of those photos. I'll see you later, I got a hot date tonight!"
*Luke* "Another one? Didn't you just go out last night?"
*Cynthia* "I'm seeing someone new and....We really hit it off!"
*Luke* "Just be careful....and call me when you get home. So we know your safe."
*Cynthia* "Wow! Who sounds like the parent now? I'll send you a text...."
*Luke rolls his eyes* "Mom! Just be safe there is a lot of crazy people out there..."
*Cynthia* "I will. Bye bye!"
Luke and Laura both say goodbye, then she spins on her heel and walks out the door and down the stairs to let herself out.
*Luke* "Where's that list of baby names?"
*Laura* "Behind you, on my nightstand..."
Luke grabs the paper and holds it up so both of them can look at it.
*Luke* "Looks like you narrowed it down some....Ryley? that sounds like a girls name."
*Laura* "I like it...."
*Luke* "I'm not feeling Oliver either...."
*Laura* " neither. I like it but then I don't."
*Luke* "I see you wrote full names for these...." *he reads them out loud*
"Gavin Ezra Cooper.....Gage Henley Cooper....Phoenix Elis Cooper...."
 *Luke* "I still like these, the ones we talked about this morning..."
*Laura* "Me too...but which one is your favorite?" 
*Luke* "I don't know....which one is your favorite?"
*Laura* "Luke!....I asked you first..."
 While they are discussing baby names Cynthia was downstairs primping one last time before she heads out the door for her date...
While she is maneuvering around the cluster of boxes that were delivered earlier that afternoon. She bumps them and the the large mysterious envelope that was set on top of the boxes tips and falls back down into the basket behind them.  
 Cynthia does not notice and just keeps on going....
What's in the envelope and who is it for? 
I guess we'll have to wait and see!!

But for now, Luke and Laura need your help on deciding on a baby. Vote for your favorite of the 3!

Gavin Ezra Cooper
Gage Henley Cooper
Phoenix Elis Cooper

Voting will close on May 31st!

Scroll past the comments to cast your vote!!!


  1. What a wonderful episode! So nice to see Luke and Laura enjoying each other again. Krystal was so funny. The tattoos had her mesmerized. I love those plastic bins on the top shelf in the closet. They're so cute. Love the boxes, too. That envelope sounds like bad news. I like all three names, but I'm leaning towards Phoenix.

    1. It is good to see them happy again....She sure was stunned by his appearance. The bins I found at dollar tree in the plastic food storage area. The boxes were fun to put together. As for that envelope....just gotta wait n see :) I like all three names too. It's so hard to decide....Thanks for voting:)

  2. I'm personally a fan of Gage Henley... I think it suits their family. :-)

    1. Thanks! It's really hard to choose sometimes.....

  3. Hola, me alegra que todo vaya mejorando. Se que la vida real es dificil, y una pareja atraviesa reveses pero espero aprendan de esto y pongan todo en su lugar, nadie es perfecto pero si perfectible.
    Besos, bonito fin de semana.

    1. Hola Linda, estoy de acuerdo de vida y las relaciones se ponen difíciles, no importa lo que hacemos. Ellos son felices en este momento, pero la vida siempre se las arregla para traer más sorpresas. No hay más que seguir!

  4. I'm definately glad to see laura and Luke putting their lives back into order. Laura definately looks very pregnant from those shower pics. I found it funny that Lauras mom was embarrased by staring at Lukes tattoos. This story keeps getting better and better by each episode. Oh and i have to say I definately like the name Gage alot!

    1. I agree, it's nice to see them happy. Laura is getting much bigger as she gets closer to her due date...Yeah Krystal was a bit thrown off by walking in on Luke in his undies and seeing all of his tattoos. I like Gage too, but I also like the others....I hope you voted in the poll down below :)

  5. I vote for Gavin Ezra, Gavin is such a nice name :)

    1. Btw, Am I seeing things or Luke became anatomically correct? :D

    2. Me too I like Gavin a lot as well...
      Yes, Luke is anatomically correct. :) I sculpted a few parts for him out of polymer clay.

  6. I'm leaning towards Gage Henley....this was incredible photography, and so tastefully done! The poses also cause the viewer to feel the emotions in the storyline, you are so talented!

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Thank you, it's important to me to try and get the pictures to set the mood of the story and help tell it to the viewer. I hope you locked in your vote below :)

  7. Wow, Miranda its gets better and better! I love your storytelling. The shower scenes are totally awesome! I actually laughed out loud at Krystal. Lol! Great seeing Luke's Mom again. The gold enevelope.....can't wait to see what Rufus is to. Gavin or Phoenix equally are my favorite.

    1. Hi Georgia Girl :)
      Thanks so much. The showers scenes were not easy. I had a pan of soapy water nearby to dip them in and that made them slippery and even harder to pose :) Lol! Yeah Krystal knows now she better call first....I have been wanting to show Cyndi again but then she always gets bumped out. That envelope is a mystery all right....gotta wait n see on that ;-)
      I hope you casted your voted down below :)

  8. I like Gavin. Whew! It is great to be able to relax after all of that drama...or is it...(QQ @ that envelope)

    1. Hi :)
      It has been a nice change of pace things being quiet n all.....but that envelope has something that could change that!!!
      I hope you voted on Gavin in the poll down below :)

  9. I love Phoenix, especially if he turns out to be a little red head like mom. I loved the photography in this story and how you edited their seams just so, it made them more realistic. I love how much more responsible Cyndi is becoming. She is going to be an awesome Glam-ma!

    1. Lol! Glam-ma prefect for her :) yeah Cindy is becoming a bit more's nice edit out there seems sometimes, I agree it adds to the realism :)

  10. I love this episode! The shower scene is romantic and very realistic looking, love it. Sorry for the late comment and vote. I'm torn between Gavin and Phoenix but leaning more toward Phoenix, Lol. I hate to say this but Gage was the name of the little boy in Pet Cemetery (movie)...scared the crap outta me. :-). Good luck with the voting! Will be watching to see what name they select.

    1. Hi Tracy :)
      Glad to hear you enjoyed the episode....I am terribly torn between all three :)
      Lol! I was wondering if someone would mention pet cemetery. It's a creepy movie all right but I still like the name ;-)