Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Life With Baby.....

Laura has her hands full now with little Phoenix and keeping up the house. He is now a month old and growing by leaps and bounds. Laura comes in to check on him, he just woke from a nap, after a trip to the pediatrician. Laura had her checkup as well some days ago and everyone is healthy, her and baby....
*Laura* "Hey there!....Did you have a good nap?"
Phoenix still waking up, yawns....
Phoenix wiggles and Laura gives him some help, turning
 him onto his back....
Phoenix starts to fuss, he wants to be picked up, 
not rolled over.
*Laura* "I think someone is hungry....let's check your diaper first."
Phoenix cries.
*Laura* "Okay, okay....You can nurse then I'll change you."
She scoops him up and heads for the rocking chair.
She sits back and relaxes while he nurses. Nursing is a calming 
state for both baby and mother....
A short while later Luke comes in, just getting home from work. 
*Laura* "Hey! How was your day?"
*Luke* "Fine... Didn't Phoenix have a Dr. appointment today?"
*Laura* "Mmhmm...He got his first shot and the pediatrician said he is a healthy baby boy!"
 *Luke* "Good..."
*Laura* "I got dinner ready....lemme just change his diaper and we can eat."
*Luke* "Okay....I'm gonna take a shower then meet you downstairs."
Laura nods then Luke kisses them both.
She gets up and takes care of diaper business.
A few minutes later they are sitting and eating the dinner Laura made, while little Phoenix is strapped into his car seat nearby.
*Laura* "How is Kenzie working out?'
*Luke* "She has been a lot of help, but I only have her for a few more weeks
before she goes off to school."
*Laura* "If it's filing or office stuff, I can help out..."
*Luke* "Sort of, she's been sorting and organizing records in the store.  Just take care of Phoenix, I'll find someone else.
*Laura*"Okay, just let me know if you want my help, you know I'm an organizing freak.." *she smiles*..."and you don't have to pay me!"
*Luke laughs* "Yeah I know, Babe...but don't worry about."
They finish eating and continue talking. Then Phoenix starts 
to fuss towards the end of their meal.
*Laura* "You tired of sitting in there?"
*Luke* "You want me to take him so you can finish eating?"
*Laura* "I'm gonna nurse him again, I think he's still hungry...."
So, Laura heads to the couch to take care of Phoenix, while Luke
 cleans up in the kitchen. When he is done, he comes and sits by Laura, they try and decide what to watch.
*Luke* "How about that one?"
*Laura*  "No....I'm not in the mood for comedy."
They finally decide on something to watch....
*Luke* "You ready to go upstairs?"
*Laura* "Yeah...I gotta change him and bathe him."
*Luke* "I'll get his tub ready for you.."
*Laura* "Okay..."
*Laura looks down at Phoenix* "You ready for your bath?"
*Luke* "Did he just smile?"
*Laura* 'Of course, he loves his bath..."
So they get up and head upstairs for the remainder of their evening.

Luke snaps some pictures of Phoenix, while Laura is bathing him.
*Laura* "I hope you didn't get me in those pics....I look a wreck right now!"
*Luke* "You look fine....Besides all you can see is your boobs."
*Laura* "Luke!...
*Luke* "What...no one will be looking, they're gonna be looking at Phoenix."
Laura grumbles a bit under her breath, but Luke doesn't notice he is too busy viewing the pics he just took.

After the bath Laura climbs into the bed to nurse Phoenix again. Luke decides to join her, he checks his emails and surfs the internet while they lay there quietly.
Then Luke heads off to bed, while Laura falls asleep with Phoenix.


Later on, late into the night Laura gets up to go take care of Phoenix, who is crying his little heart out.
*Laura* "Awww, what's the matter....c'mere."
So she picks him up. She nurses him but he is still fussy....
So she pats his back and paces the floor trying to calm him.
She does this for quite a while.....
Once he seems to be calm and asleep she sets him down 
in his crib again....
But the second his head touches the mattress his eyes fly open and he starts to cry again. So Laura tries to nurse him, but he's still full.
So she goes back to pacing and patting...he starts to calm down but the second she tries to lay him in his crib he cries out again.....
After picking him back up the last time, Luke comes in....
*Luke* "That crying is enough to wake the dead....why is he fussing like that?"
*Laura* "I think he is just cranky from his shot..."
 *Luke* "Is he hungry?"
*Laura* "No...I took care of all that already...I changed him too."
*Luke* "You...."
 But before Luke can finish his sentence...
  Laura passes Phoenix over to him.
* Laura* "Yes! Take him....I need a break...."
*Luke* "But, Babe....I..I don't know what to do!"
*Laura* "Just hold him, rock him, sing to him, or all three......"
She starts walking away before he tries to pass Phoenix back to her.
*Laura* "Call me, if you need me...."
Luke looks down at his little boy...
*Luke* "Looks like it's just you and me, little man..."
Luke grabs the baby blanket and goes to sit 
in the rocking chair.
*Luke* "I don't know any baby songs...."
 But just hearing the sound of his voice is starting 
to soothe Phoenix.
*Luke* "I can sing you one of my favorite songs..."
So, Luke begins to sing to him, a very sad song, but Phoenix 
doesn't mind....
♪ ♫...I know someday you'll have a beautiful life
I know you'll be a star in somebody else's sky
But why, why, why can't it be, can't it be mine?... ♫ ♪
A short while later Phoenix is asleep. Luke carefully gets up and 
sets him down in his crib. He silently walks backwards and sneaks out of the baby room...
Laura sits up as soon as she sees him come into the 
doorway of their bedroom.
*Laura* "Is he asleep?"
 *Luke* "Yup....out like a light."
*Laura* "Really?! What did you do?"
Luke climbs into bed.
*Luke* "I sang a Pearl Jam song..."
 *Laura* "Oh, yeah? Which one?"
*Luke* "Black..."
*Laura* "Good choice...but I think he just likes the sound of your voice. Must be from all that singing and talking you did while I was still pregnant with him...."
 *Luke* "Guess so or maybe I just got the magic touch..."
*Laura reaches down* "Or maybe I do...."
*Luke already getting aroused by her* "Yeah you do.... "
*Laura* "It's been too long, make love to me, Luke...."
Luke doesn't need anymore encouraging, he pushes up 
and rolls Laura onto her back.

*Luke* "What if he wakes up?"
*Laura* "Then you should stop talking and start kissing me...."

Luke shuts up and leans into to kiss her.
Looks like we should let these two have their privacy.....


Laura is startled by the cries coming through the baby monitor.
 Luke is still snoring.....
It's early morning the sun just barely starting to come up.
Same stuff, new day....

The End


  1. Baby themed post almost scared me away, but then I saw lyrics to Black and simply had to stay. I was hoping Luke likes Pearl Jam, he looks like this type of guy :) Why is Luke singing such a sad song? Doesn't he have his own star on his own sky already?

    1. Lol! Glad you stuck around to read it ;-)
      Oh yes! Luke is a huge Pearl Jam fan his fav band ever ;)
      He chose it cause it's one of his favorites and he knows the lyrics by heart even without music...
      Oh he definitely has his star ;-)

  2. Nice story, cute baby Phoenix. Looks like Luke and Laura are settling into to being new parents.

    1. Thanks Phyllis
      I agree they are definitely settling in....
      My daughter was like "oh no! Now they can't go to bull tavern!"
      I said why?
      She said "cause the baby isn't 21"
      She is excited about the little baby as well :)

  3. Miranda so happy with Laura & Luke and now baby Phoenix . I'm so happy everyone is in good health. I had a thought for a new blog if u don't mind hearing it. I was hoping u could do a blog where Laura gets like the stomach flu or something. And Luke has to take care of Laura and the new baby until Michelle comes N' takes care of Phoenix just to see how Luke would handle a sick Laura and a new baby.

    1. Hi DarShawn!
      So glad you are enjoying Luke, Laura, and the baby:) I'm having a lot of fun with these three.
      You have a great a idea for short story or to incorporate into an episode :)
      We'll see sometimes it's hard to fit in all the ideas I have n gotta pick n chose :)

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Luke is one hot dad! I love this lil' family. That is the cutest baby I've seen...did you make him? You really did a fantastic job on Lukr and Laura's place, it looks so real. I feel like I'm being invited into someone's comfy home every week.

    This was a pleasant treat to have a story so early in the week. Live it! :-)

    1. Hi Tracy!
      I agree! Luke is a hottie :) Glad you are enjoying them I am having fun with the three of them
      I didn't make this baby. I found him on eBay. It's like it was date I was about to give up cause I couldn't find any that I liked. S I was the
      Hi king I might just have her loose the baby cause I couldn't find one then I found this little guy and was in love. I was lucky enough to win him. I hope to buy another baby from this seller again
      Yeah I thought it would be fun to post a bonus episode with the baby I still plan on posting the next part of the other one

  5. Great story! I hope to see more of Luke spending time with baby Phoenix....so precious. : )

    1. Hi Georgia girl :)
      Glad to hear you enjoyed it! We will definitely get to see Luke spend more time with Phoenix :)

  6. i love this story! love baby phoenix.

    1. Hi Shirley!
      Thank you so glad you enjoyed the little peek into their day :)

  7. Great story. You know I love babies. You did an awesome job on Phoenix. He's a real cutie.

    1. Hi Vanessa :)
      Glad you enjoyed it! Yes I do always enjoy your post with your little ones :)
      This baby I didn't make...I found him on eBay :)
      I was so excited to win him I hope to buy another baby from her in the future :)

  8. Phoenix is the cutest little baby and luke is turning out to be a great dad.

    1. Thanks he is adorable and Luke seems to be handling it all pretty well :)

    2. instead of Luke having Michelle there to help him out
      why not have Luke alone w/ sick Laura and Phoenix?
      Great stories. <3

  9. KIsses to little Phoenix!

    Tell Laura to take it easy! A new mom needs all the and pampering she can get!

    Ok Luke...this is where you bring home prepared food, flowers and give frequent rubs---back, feet , temples etc. ! :-)