Friday, August 1, 2014

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly......

Part 1:
The Good...
It's been nearly a month since little Phoenix was born now, everyone is settled in and getting used to the new baby. Michelle tried but she can't help herself, she has baby fever just like all the other ladies that surround Laura. So, Benjamin bought her a puppy, thinking this might sate some of her motherly instincts, but it's not the same. So now he is stuck babysitting a dog but thoroughly enjoying him....
It's now early in the day on a Monday morning and Justin Trudeau sits in his office and talks business on his phone. He is waiting on Benjamin and one other to arrive for a meeting.
*Justine* "Yes.....I will do that. Okay......Listen, my son just walked in, we'll finish this later..."
Then Justin ends the call and stands up to greet his son.
*Justin* "Benjamin! What the hell are you doing!? We got a meeting in about 5 minutes..."
*Benjamin* "I know, I know....that's why I'm here."
*Justin* "The dog, Benjamin! What's he doin' here?"
*Benjamin* "Awww, I can't leave him at home, he gets lonely."
*Justin* "He's a dog! He'll be fine...."
 *Benjamin* "Not according to the world wide web!.....Dogs are pack animals, they need to be with others, besides Michelle ain't too happy with him right now. He chewed up some of her favorite shoes."
*Justin* "Hey there little fella! What's his name again?"
*Benjamin* "It's Rocky...."
*Justin* "Hey there Rocky....I hope your on your best behavior today..."
*Benjamin* "He'll be fine....I made sure he took a tinkle before we came up here."
 Benjamin takes a seat and gets comfortable.
*Justin* "Don't get too comfortable, your the one who has to start this off and do the talkin'....."
*Benjamin* "I know that, I have been going over it in my head all morning!"
 *Justin* "Nervous, huh?"
*Benjamin* "A little....yeah."
*Justin* "Maybe you needed the dog more right now than he needed you?"
 *Benjamin* "Yeah, well......"
As the two are talking, Sarah, Justin's secretary comes in.
*Sarah* "Sir, Mr. Lavigne is here for your meeting...."
*Justin* "Good, send him in, Sarah...Oh! and take Rocky with you..."
She looks down at the dog who is already sniffing her out.  
*Benjamin* "Don't worry he won't bite.." *he hands her the leash* "..He's a sweetheart like me."
He smiles at her and it's the kind of smile that makes all the girls hearts flutter, it's sweet and dreamy and makes you wobbly in the knees.
*Sarah smiles* "Well, I would hope not..."
*Benjamin* "Just make sure he doesn't find anything the chew on...."
*Sarah* "Uh? Okay...."
Then she exits the office with Rocky in tow.
Then moments later Scott comes in and Justin greets him right away.
*Justin* "Scott, great to see ya!...How have you been?"
*Scott* "Good! Good! Glad I could make it down here....what's on your mind?"
*Justin* "I'll let Benjamin take it from here. You just have a seat and hear what he has to say..."
So Benjamin offers his chair to Scott then walks to stand in front of the long table.
*Justin* "Go on son, we're waiting...."
*Scott* "It's just me Benjamin, no need to be nervous...."
Benjamin steps up to the table and sets his hat down.
*Benjamin* "I want to ask Michelle to marry me...."
*Scott* "So you want my approval?"
*Benjamin* "Yes, Sir I do..."
Scott decides to grill him with some questions.....
*Scott* "You love my daughter that much? This is a big commitment, Benjamin...."
*Benjamin* "With every fiber in my being, I can't imagine life without her."
*Scott* "You two have been moving pretty don't think any of this will fade?"
*Benjamin* "Yeah we have, but we started out slow at the beginning. Your aware of how it all started for Michelle and I. She hated me and all I could see was a challenge."
*Scott* "Yes, I remember. My main concern is your track record. We all know your reputation with women, last thing I want is my little girl getting her heart broken."
Justin chimes in, he understands where Scott is coming from he has daughters as well and only wants the best for them.
*Justin* "Scott, I understand that you want what is best for Michelle, and I can vouch for my son. He truly does love your daughter."
*Scott* "You have my blessing, Benjamin..."
 *Benjamin* "Yeah?..."
*Scott* "All I ask is that you wait to propose till after Laura's wedding to Luke...."
*Benjamin* "That's fine....I wasn't planning on doing it just yet."
*Justin* "Perfect! Now that, that is settled I have a business proposition for you...."
*Scott* "I'm listening...."
Justin slides the packet of papers across the table so Scott can view them.
Scott skims over the paperwork then looks up at Justin.
*Scott* "Always the business man, this is an interesting proposition,  Justin. You sure about this?"
*Justin* "I think it's a good idea. It would ensure both our companies and have our children at helm."
*Scott* "A merger would be a major task...."
*Justin* "Yeah, but we would be strong with my construction crews and your architects...."
*Scott* "Or it could all backfire...."
*Justin* "I seriously doubt that, business is booming right now, buildings are going up everywhere. We could even start building houses with our merger..."
*Scott* 'True....So do you expect Michelle and Benjamin to run this? My daughter wants to be a courtroom lawyer not a corporate one."
*Justin* "That should be up to her. I have known plenty of lawyers who have moved on to corporate jobs, though."
*Scott* "Okay....Well I guess this merger would all be pending on if Michelle says yes."
*Justin* "Yeah, but I'm sure we can all say confidently that she will."
*Scott stands up* "First I need to bring this all up to my wife...then if she is okay with it. I will talk with my board of investors.....They will need more convincing than I."
*Justin* "We got time, like Benjamin said, he is not proposing to her just yet."
*Scott* "It all just seems a little premature....but I am open to the idea."
*Benjamin* "I'm more worried about Michelle getting wind of all this. I want to surprise her...."
*Scott* "My lips are sealed, Benjamin....I wouldn't want to ruin any plans you have..."
*Justin* "We'll makes sure it's all kept quiet, son.  Scott, just keep us in the loop on what 
you want to do..."
*Scott* 'I will, Justin....I better get going...."
They all say their goodbyes and Scott leaves to get his day started at work. Benjamin turns around to face his father glad that it's all over.
*Benjamin* "Boy, am I glad that is all over with...."
*Justin* "He sure hit you with some questions but I would do the same in his shoes..."
*Benjamin* "What you don't think I am serious about Michelle?"
*Justin* "No, Benji! I'm meant I would be overprotective too with your sisters..."
*Benjamin* "Oh!....Guess I jumped the gun there. You really think a merger is a good idea?"
 *Justin* "I have given it a lot of thought and I can see how serious you are about Michelle. I think this would be good..."
*Sir, um Rocky has had an accident....*
*Justin* "What kind of accident?"
*The large smelly kind, Sir...and you have another meeting in 10*
*Benjamin* "Shit!....tell her I got it..."
*Justin* "Sarah.....Benjamin will take care of it..."
Benjamin leaves to go clean up the mess his dog made and Justin prepares for his next meeting of the day.....
Later that day Scott comes home after a long day at work. He makes a B-line for the kitchen, so he can tell Krystal the news he just received this morning...
*Scott* "I got some interesting news this morning...."
*Krystal* "Oh yeah?...."
Krystal turns to face her husband.
*Scott* "Benjamin wants to propose to Michelle...."
*Krystal* "What?! Really?!....That's what ya'll talked about this morning?"
Krystal squeals with excitement...
*Krystal* "When is he gonna propose?"
*Scott* "I don't know...but I did tell him to wait until after Laura and Luke are married."
*Krystal* "Yes, their wedding is just around the corner, September will be here before we know it."
 *Scott* "That's not all..."
*Krystal* "Oh?"
*Scott* "Justin wants to merger our companies with the marriage of our two children.."
*Krystal* "Oh wow!...What did you say?"
*Scott* "I told them that I would need to talk to you and then discuss this with the board."
*Krystal* "I think it's great!...."
*Scott* "Assuming, Michelle says yes."
*Krystal* "Of course she'll say yes....she's is head over heels for that boy."
*Scott*"Let's go out for dinner...."
*Krystal* "Sounds lovely...let me go change."

To be continued in Part 2....


  1. Yeah for Benjamin! He and Michelle are a good couple. Love the dog too! Hope they can keep it a secret long enough for him to surprise her.

    1. Thanks Phyllis!
      I have been meaning to add that dog in figured now was a good time :)
      I hope Michelle doesn't find out either cause if she gets suspicious she is gonna start snooping around!

  2. i hope michelle say yes to both the marriage and the merger.

    1. If all goes I think so.....she is very happy with Benjamin :)

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  4. Sarah might make Benjamin be unfaithful to Michelle is all I'm sayin'

    1. Mmmmmm...... Well things like that do happen..... But I don't wanna give away anything else ;-) so gotta wait n see!

  5. Yes!!! I LOVE Benji and Michelle together! Business and relationships are a tough mix, so I hope all goes well should they decide to merge.

    I think Benji is a big ol' flirt but I think it's harmless. He's charming and can't help a wink, smile and saying..."Darlin', lol. He'll, I'd swoon too. :-)

    I wonder how Penelope is taking all of this commitment business with Benjamin and Michelle. Hmm....

    1. *hell, I'd swoon too* darn auto correct, lol.

    2. You you said it perfectly Tracy :)
      Your right it's just the way he is...and women drool over him no matter what he does.
      I'm glad Benjamin is finally deciding to settle down and too am wondering how Penelope is taking all this I need to show her one of these days. I always mention her but haven't shown her I had her dressed for New Years and she never showed up! Lol!

  6. I'm so happy with the direction your storyline went in. Now lemme see what Cade's fine self is doing with Phobe, I meant Fionna.

    1. Thanks, so gals you enjoyed it!
      As for Cade and Fionna I do plan on showing more of them but in the meantime you can check them out on my Flickr page I post short stories and updates on the characters there

  7. What an adorable puppy! So do we have two weddings to look forward to in the future or will they happen off camera?

    1. Thanks that puppy is a Christmas ornament and he is just the right size for the dolls :)
      For sure one wedding is in the works that will be Luke and Laura's coming in September
      As for Michelle and Benjamin well he's still gotta pop the question whenever that will be.... So just gotta wait n see how that goes, their wedding will probably be a ways away :)

  8. what head did ya use 4 Laura if ya don't mind me askin'

    1. Laura is a barbie basics model #4 from the blue jeans collection I put her head on an Angelica body from POTC doll :)