Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Pumpkin Patch...Part 1

Howdy, and welcome to the Trudeau Family Pumpkin Patch!
This is Josh Trudeau, along with his family they run this lovely little farm and every fall they open the farm to the public...
 Josh is off to get more bales of hay for the hayride.
*Josh* "Nice to meet y'all....An' I'm sure y'all find the perfect pumpkin here."


Across the lot, Josh's sister Bree works the counter. While her parents James and Marilyn Trudeau, make sure the pumpkins and other items for sale are stocked. James is Justin's older brother but only by a couple minutes, they are twins. James had a fallout with his parents many years ago because he did not want to work in the family business, but instead wanted to marry a sweet little country girl and buy a farm.

 As you can imagine, this did not go over well with Erica, she wanted both her boys to take over the family business, but James wanted nothing to do with it. So there was a lot of bickering over it, James went off and eloped against his parents wishes, pretty much ending the feud, but he hasn't been as close to his family since...
*Marilyn* "Do you need me to stay and help you with the customers, Darlin'?"
*Bree* "No, Mama, I'll be fine for now. I'll call ya if it gets too busy."

*Marilyn* "Okay, well just holler at me if ya do..."
*James* "I need to help Josh with the hayride, so..."

*James continues* "If you want help with the rest of your home
goods Darlin'...We better go now..."


The first customers to arrive for the day are the Allain's, Daniel and Chloe, with their son Parker. Daniel is chief of staff at the hospital and a very talented surgeon. Chloe currently stays at home with little Parker, but she plans to go back to work, in the near future.
*Daniel* "Oh look they have hayrides...You think Parker will like that?"
*Chloe* "I think he's still a little to young...He might not sit still the whole time."

*Chloe continues* "Let's just let him pick out a pumpkin. I think he'll like
 exploring around here."
*Daniel* "Okay...Oh look at this pumpkin...Parker."
Daniel bends down to pick it up.
*Chloe* "Oh! Look at the pretty pumpkin, Daddy found."


While the three of them search for the perfect pumpkin, 
another family has arrived at the pumpkin patch. 
It's Marissa along with her two little ones...
*Julian* "Look Mama! I want that big one up here!"
But Janessa has her eyes on the little one.
*Janessa* "Awww! I like this one! It's so tiny and cute!
*Julian* "No! That's to small! Let's get the big one!"
*Marissa* "Hold on you two, one at a time..."
Marissa decides to pick a pumpkin that is not too big 
and not too small.
*Marissa* "How about this one? I think it'll fit perfect on the 
front porch steps..."
The kids get excited and everyone agrees that, 
that one is the perfect pumpkin for them.
*Marissa* "Well let's go pay for this then..."
*Kids* "Yay!...."


Meanwhile Daniel, Chloe, and Parker are still picking out their perfect pumpkin. Chloe puts Parker down so he can explore.
Parker loves the tiny little pumpkin it's small and light enough 
for him to carry. 


Marissa pays for thy pumpkin and a pair of local girls that are sisters arrive. They take a selfie with the 
scarecrow under the arbor.
*Chloe* "I think he's found the perfect one!"
*Bree* "That'll be twenty-five dollars and seventy-nine cents."
*Katniss* "Say "Pumpkin Pie!"
(Katniss and Skipper are my daughters dolls, they love to visit OneSixthAvenue from time to time)


Janessa and Julian are so excited about their new pumpkin.
*Kids* "We got a pumpkin! We got a pumpkin! Woohoo!
Woohoo! We got a pumpkin!"


Meanwhile James talks quietly with his wife Marilyn. He's the tall, strong, and silent type with a deep smooth voice.
*Marilyn* "You know we got an invite to your nephew's wedding?
I think we should go..." 
*James grunts a little* "Mmmm...I'll think about."
*Marilyn* "It's been years since we've seen your brother, don't you
think it's time to let it go?"
*James* "Marilyn...don't forget how my Mama disowned me after marrying you,
she's still never apologized for it."
*Marilyn* "Just think about it, your Mama ain't gettin' any younger and neither are you..."


Katniss and Skipper finish snapping a few selfies, then get up 
to go find their own pumpkin.
Marissa finishes paying for the pumpkin and the kids follow.
*Bree* "Bye and thank you for visiting!"
*Janessa* "Can I help make the jack o lantern?"
*Julian* "No! I'm gonna help!"
*Marissa* "You can both help Daddy later this evening after he gets home from work."
*Kids* "Yay!..."
*Janessa* "Mommy? What time does Daddy get home?"
*Marissa* "When dinner is ready...Remember sweetie?"
*Janessa* "Oh...kay.."


*Daniel* "Say Cheese!!!"
*Chloe* "Cheese!"
*Daniel* "Hold one...One more...Parker blinked...
Look at me Parker,
*Daniel* "Perfect!..."


*Katniss* "Oooo! Let's get this one!"
*Skipper* "No way! That one is ugly..."
*Katniss* "Oh come on! Use your imagination. That one could be a fun jack o' lantern."
*Skipper* "Let's keep looking..."


*Chloe* "Take it to Daddy so he can pay for the pumpkin."
*Daniel* "Wow! You carrying that big pumpkin all by yourself?!
Good job buddy!" 
Parker walks tall and proud carrying his 
With Mama following close behind making
 sure he's okay.
*Bree* "He is too adorable!.."
*Daniel* "Good job! Now let's give  the pumpkin to the nice girl, 
so we can pay for it."

*Katniss* "Okay, how about this one?"

*Skipper* "I like that one."
*Marilyn* "I think it be nice to see your brother and his kids..."
*James* "You really want to go don't you?"
*Marilyn* "It's just a wedding James...not a private family gathering, there's
gonna be lots of people there..."
*James* "Is it formal?"
*Marilyn* "No Darlin' just your Sunday best..."
*James* "All right then, go ahead and RSVP."
*Marilyn* "Really?! You sure?.."
*James* "Yeah. Why not?...Who's the bride?"
*Marilyn* "Michelle Lavigne, I believe?"
*James recognizes the name* "Lavigne?!"


To Be Continued!
Thanks for tuning in y'all!

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