Friday, October 9, 2015

Wedding Bells...

It's late afternoon and a small group has gathered outside the countryside chapel where Michelle and Benjamin will be exchanging vows. Benjamin stands and chats with his father Justin and his step mother Ellie. By the chapel doors Aric and Hayden idly chat to each other.
*Justin* "I almost can't believe you're gettin' married, son."
*Benjamin* "Oh come on! You know I just had to find the right
woman first." *joking* "Y'all worry too much."
*Ellie* "Well, your persistence paid off, Benjamin. She's a lovely woman inside and out. I think you are a match made in heaven."
*Benjamin* "Thank you, Ellie..."
*Justin* "She is a lovely woman, Son. I'm glad to see you are marrying one of Krystal's daughters."
*Benjamin* "Yeah....You know I still can't get over the fact that you
almost married the mother of the bride!"
By the chapel doors Aric and Hayden talk.
*Aric* "This tux is tight! Yours isn't botherin' you?!"
Aric yanks on the bottom of his jacket as if trying to 
make more room for himself in it.
*Hayden* "It's supposed to be fitted, not loose and baggy.
*Aric* "Plus, it's hotter than hades out here...Lets head inside."
*Hayden* "Sounds good to me..."
While Aric and Hayden head inside to cool off. Someone else 
has arrived at the tiny little chapel, with two handsome fellas by her side.
*Benjamin joking* "I was startin' to wonder if you would show up..."
*Erica* "Darlin' a lady would rather always arrive fashionably late than 
not fashionably dressed at all."
*Erica continues* "I'm guessing your lovely bride isn't here yet, if y'all are all
 hanging around outside..."
*Benjamin* "Like you said...a lady always prefers to fashionably late..."
*Erica* "Touche, Darlin' touche..."
Erica breaks away from Colton and Jacob, and heads straight to Benjamin. While, Colton and Jacob greet Ellie and Justin.
Benjamin smiles that big, heart melting smile that 
gets all the ladies.
 *Benjamin* "You look beautiful...You sure you're my Nana?"
*Erica* "Smiles, always the charmer..."
Justin shakes hands with Jacob, Colton's steady 
boyfriend for the past year. 
*Justin* "Jacob, how you doing?"
*Jacob* "Good...Thank you."
 *Erica* "Well? Are you ready for this? Gettin' any cold feet?"
*Benjamin* "Now why would I get cold feet, Nana? I'm marrying the most
 perfect, beautiful woman on earth, no way I'd get cold feet...I don't have any doubts what so ever."
*Erica* "That's wonderful to hear Darlin'...Now you need to get you butt inside. No seeing the bride before she walks the isle! It's back luck!"
Back at Luke and Laura's house...
 Laura is scrambling to get ready and out the door on time. She needs to be out the door and at the Chapel, to be there when her sister arrives.
 Luke stands at the bottom of the stairs and hollers up to her...
 *Luke* "Babe! We need to's getting late!"
Phoenix meanwhile wiggles in Luke's arms, 
he wants down so he can play...
*Phoenix wiggling* "Da! Dada!...Dada!"
Luke looks down at his son. 
*Luke* "Where's Mama?"
*Phoenix* "Mama?!"
*Luke* "Let's go sit down, I have a feeling Mama is gonna be 
longer than five minutes."
So Luke grabs a toy, and sits with Phoenix on the couch.
He chose the 'see n say' a classic toy, that's always fun. Luke pulls the lever and the dial spins landing on the cow. "The Cow says Mooooo!"
*Luke* "Mooooo!..."
Phoenix looks up at Luke, with a quizzical look on his face. 
Then he sees Daddy's beard and reaches up to grab it and yanks.
Luke rears back his head like it really hurt and cries 
out in a playful tone.
Phoenix giggles with pure joy and excitement at the 
reaction he got out of his father.
*Luke* "What's so funny, little man? That's not coming
 can yank all you want."
Phoenix talks but it's all just jibberish still and Luke 
nods as if he understands every word.
Luke doesn't notice Laura has made her way downstairs 
and is ready to go.
*Laura* "How do I look?"
*Luke looks up at her* "Like a fox, read...Ahhh!"
*Phoenix giggles he really got a reaction now...*
Luke jumps and turns to Phoenix, who has yet again yanked Daddy's goatee, but Daddy wasn't looking and this time it really did hurt.
Phoenix tries to reach for his beard again, getting that 
reaction out of Daddy was fun!
*Luke* "Phoenix, no! That hurts!"
*Laura trying to hold back a few giggles* "You okay?"
*Luke* "I'm fine...You ready?"
*Phoenix* "Dada! Dada!
They get up and head to the door. Laura puts a few
 of her things in Phoenix's diaper bag.
*Laura* "I'm not taking my purse...just leaving a few things in his bag so don't loose it."
*Luke* "Yes, Babe..."
*Laura* "I sure hope he doesn't get fussy during the ceremony..."
*Luke* "If he does I'll just walk him to the back of the chapel....He'll be fine."
*Luke looking at Phoenix* "You ready to see Aunty Michelle get married and eat some cake?"
*Phoenix* "No!..."
*Laura digging in the bag, double checking everything* "That's his new favorite word..."
*Luke* "No?! No cake for you?..."
*Laura* "Let's go....last we need is to be late."
Lastly we check in on Michelle and how things are going for her.
She sits still while Dinah finishes up her makeup.
*Dinah* "Almost done...then we can get your hair done and veil on."
Krystal's phone chimes and she grabs it to take a look.
*Krystal* "It's your sister, she's on her way to the chapel."
*Michelle* "That's good..."
Krystal texts her back, then turns her 
attention to Michelle.
*Krystal* "Love the color palette! You are gonna look stunning once we
get you in that dress!"
*Michelle* "Erica, worked wonders getting that dress to me...I don't think I would
have been able to acquire it without her."
*Krystal* "Erica has some great connections in the fashion world, you wouldn't think so,
but she does. I'm glad she was here to help."
A short time later Michelle's hair has been pulled back in an elegant braid with a few flowers interlocked into it.
Dinah finishes pinning the veil in place, and checks to 
make sure it is perfect.
*Krystal* "You look absolutely beautiful sweetheart. Benjamin is gonna be grinning
from ear to ear when he sees you."
*Krystal continues* "Getting nervous yet?"
*Michelle* "I've been nervous all week! I just don't want to trip or faint...
that would be the worst."
*Krystal* "Oh, you'll be fine...besides your Father will be there with you every step of the way. I think he's gonna burst into tears when he sees you. Our baby girl gettin' married."
*Dinah* "And we are done! Let's get you in that dress..."
Krystal heads upstairs to retrieve the dress, and a few 
minutes later Michelle has stepped into it.
*Krystal* "Oh my goodness!!! Everyone is going to love you,
the most beautiful bride..."
Krystal helps fluff out the dress while Dinah closes 
up the back.
*Michelle* "My boots, Mom, can you get me my boots..."
*Dianh* "Suck it in girl...almost there..."
Michelle takes a breath in.
*Dinah* "There! I got it!..."
Krystal can't contain her excitement any longer...
*Krystal* "Now all we gotta do is get you to the chapel on time!"

To be Continued!!!
Thanks so much for tuning in...


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    1. Heehee! It's about time right? lol!

  3. Oh my gosh, I'm super excited and a little nervous. :-) Krystal and Laura look beautiful! Michelle looks gorgeous with hair pulled back and vail on. I can't wait to see her in her dress She is marrying one hot cowboy, so boots makes sense. :-))

    1. Me too! I'm excited and nervous to get this wedding going! ;-) I was iffy about Laura's dress but the color scheme and print is perfect. Oh you know she's wearing some boots... ;-)

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    Hugs and kisses from the Philippine Islands,