Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Pumpkin Patch...Part 2

The Trudeau family pumpkin patch is a buzz with many families couples and visitors from all over. The Allains finish paying for their pumpkin while Katniss and Skipper finally decide on the one they want. Single mom Lara arrives with her son Harry...
*Harry* "Over there! I see the perfect one!"
*Lara* "Okay, let's go look at it..."
Harry inspects the gourd carefully, he has a very specific idea
 in mind for his jack o' lantern this year.
*Harry* "I want this one, Mom! It's absolutely perfect!"
*Lara* "Are you sure honey? You haven't even looked at any of the others..."
*Harry* "No, this is the one I want. It'll make the perfect Pokemon jack o' lantern."
While Lara makes sure that this is what her son wants, Luke and Laura have finally made their way to the pumpkin patch after driving a good distance from their inner city home.
Phoenix leans in and reaches he wants to get down but Luke is not ready to let him explore the area. He begins to fuss, he wants to be free, after all he's been sitting in a car seat for the last 45 minutes. 
*Laura* "Honey, he'll be fine, let him pick out a pumpkin."
*Luke* "I just don't want him running off..."
Luke can't seem to help it but be a helicopter parent. He's never been around children much of his adult life and this is all very new to him.
*Laura* "He's not running off anywhere, we're both here watching him like hawks...besides there is plenty here to keep him busy."
Luke sets Phoenix down, and he stays close to Daddy for a moment, once he gets his bearings he then takes off towards the bales of 
hay and pumpkins.
*Laura* "Look at all the pumpkins, Phoenix..."
While Phoenix explores his new surroundings, Katniss and Skipper leave with the pumpkin they have purchased and Lara pays for the one her son harry has chosen.
*Skipper* "So you chose it, I get to carve it..."
*Katniss* "No way! I'm carving it..."
*Skipper* "I guess we'll have to settle this with an old game of rock, papers, scissors."
*Katniss* "Fine, 2 of 3 wins..."

*Bree* "Okay so that comes out to thirty-two dollars and thirty-two cents."
*Lara* "Wow! Okay, that is one big pumpkin..."
*Harry* "It's a gourd Mom, and I have to have it!"
*Lara* "Okay, okay..."
Lara pays Bree.
*Bree* "What are you gonna do with it?"
*Harry* "I'm making a Pokemon jack o lantern for the contest at school!"
*Bree* "Oh, cool! That will make an awesome Pokemon!"

*Laura* "Can you say pumpkin?"
*Phoenix* "Kin...Kin..."
So Phoenix takes inventory of every pumpkin within reach, touching each one and saying "Kin"...He's learning quickly!
*Laura* "See, baby, he's fine...and he's learned a new word too!"
*Luke* "You were right, Babe...He's enjoying himself."
*Phoenix* "Kin! Kin!..."
He tries to pick up the big heavy pumpkin but it's too large for him. His efforts land him flat on his bottom, but he is not deterred 
by this and tries again. He gets a little frustrated after the second try.
*Luke* "Pick up the little pumpkin, Phoenix..."
Luke points it out and Phoenix grabs it and heaves it up 
proudly holding the little pumpkin.
Luke and Laura both clap in excitement...
*Laura* "Yay! You did it! Good job Phoenix!"
*Luke* "Good job, little man!.."
*Phoenix* "Kin! Kin!..."
*Laura* "I think we should get that pumpkin, since Phoenix did such a good job 
picking it out. What do you think Daddy?..."
*Luke* "I think that's an excellent idea."
Phoenix wants to hand the pumpkin to Mommy...
*Phoenix* "Mama...Kin! Kin!..."
Luke comes in and picks up Phoenix so he can hand 
Mommy the pumpkin.
*Laura* "Oh, Thank you! Such a gentlemen..."
As Lara leaves with her son Harry, she stares off in Luke
 and Laura's direction. She can't help but look at Luke, 
and drool a little...
*Lara mumbles* "Mmmm, now he's DILF material..."
*Harry a bit louder* "What's a DILF?!"
*Lara* "Nothing, honey...Let's just get to the car..."
Luke and Laura don't even notice, they are too 
busy with Phoenix. 
*Laura* "Why don't we pay for the pumpkin then go on a hayride?"
 *Luke* "Sounds good to me..."
Luke starts tickling Phoenix, as they walk towards the counter. 
Then Laura notices a familiar face coming towards her.
  *Penelope* "Laura?! Ohmygosh, how have you been?"
 *Laura* "Penelope! Hi!..."
Luke stays looking down at Phoenix, he thinks "Oh great, I hope she doesn't cause a scene like she did at Benjamin's bachelor party, but then he thinks why would she?"
 *Laura* "Wow! I wouldn't expect to run into you here..."
*Penelope giggles* "Me neither!..."
 She gives Laura a big hug, but Laura doesn't feel as welcoming, after what Luke told her what took place at the bachelor party.
Luke says hello to the fella she is with.
*Penelope* "Is this Phoenix? He's so big now!"
*Laura* "Yeah, he's 15 months now..."
*Penelope* "Wow! So he's walking and talking, then uh?"
*Laura nods* "Oh yes..."
*Penelope* "Oh! I'm sorry where are my manners?...This is my boyfriend Miguel...Miguel, this is Laura, an old friend from high school...And her husband Luke."
*Miguel* "Hello...Nice to meet you."
Luke and Laura both say hello as well, he seems like a nice guy lets hope he can handle Penelope and her craziness.
 *Laura* "So y'all picking out a pumpkin?"
*Penelope* "Yes! We just moved in together, so we're getting 
a pumpkin for the trick or treaters..."
*Laura* "Oh, that's wonderful!"
Laura thinks "Well that's good, sounds like she's moved on then."
 *Laura* "Oh! Well that's...that's great!
*Penelope* "So how is Michelle doing? It's been what a year since I've seen both of you?"
 Laura and Luke both thinking "She had to ask about Michelle!"
 *Laura* "She's doing great! Her and Benjamin are getting married, right before 
Christmas, then they head off on their honeymoon."
Penelope does her best to hold back her jealousy 
but it shows all too well on her face.
  *Penelope* "Oh, well that's wonderful! I'm glad to hear they are still getting married...I thought the wedding may have been called off...I guess Benjamin has really changed his ways
 for your sister's sake..."
 It's obvious, Penelope wonders if Michelle knows about what happened at the bachelor party and so Laura decides to let her know.
 *Penelope* "Michelle and Benjamin are very happy, and your little act at the bachelor party has done nothing to change that! And yes Michelle knows all about it. We all know about it! And she is happy with how Benjamin handled the situation. She trusts him completely as he does her..."
 And of course Penelope plays the victim...
*Penelope* "Excuse me! He had his friends embarrass me at my workplace!...I
 was just trying to do my job...I thought you were my friend, Laura?!"
*Laura* "Well, I thought I was your friend. How come you never told anyone you
 were working at a gentlemen's club?..."
Luke wonders if he should step in and say something but Laura seems to have it handled and she plays it cool, while Penelope gets all emotional.

*Laura continues* "Besides, you could have declined the minute you knew it was Benjamin's bachelor party. That would have saved you from any embarrassment..."
*Penelope* "I have to work, I lost my job after Penner's went out of business, did Benjamin tell you that?! His company built the MegaMart down the road and Penner's couldn't
 make it anymore after that..."
*Laura* "I'm sorry to hear that, but still why didn't you tell anyone? Michelle or I could have helped you out. Are you still angry that Michelle and Benjamin are together?..."
*Penelope scoffs* "No! I could care less who or what Benjamin does...I moved on a long time ago. But Michelle will learn sooner or later he's a cheater and a liar!...She was supposed to be on my side, friends don't do that to each other!...And now you?!
*Laura* "She's my sister of course I'm gonna support her!
*Penelope* ''Vamanos Miguel, estupdia!"
*Laura* 'Oh-kay...Well, it was nice seeing you I guess..."
Penelope mumbles to Miguel as they walk away, Penelope 
flailing her arms around and speaking in Spanish...
*Laura* "Wow! Well I guess we're not friends anymore?..."
 *Luke* "You okay, Babe?"
*Laura* "Yeah I'm okay...Just can't believe she can't get over 
all that, but it is what it is, I guess."
*Luke* "Yeah, she's f*cking nuts..."
*Laura* "Luke! Don't say that! Little ears remember?!"
*Luke* "Ah sh*t!...I...I mean damn..."
*Laura* "Luuuke!!!..."
*Luke sucks in air* "Sorry...sorry...bad habit, remember?
 Should we go on that hayride now?"
*Laura* "Yeah, definitely, I'm not letting her ruin my afternoon."

The End!
And thanks so much for tuning in!


  1. Laura handled things well. Penelope is nuts. Phoenix is so cute with his new word.

  2. Awesome as usual. Kudos for Laura! I love how she shut down the bogus act that Penelope was putting on. I say confront foolishness head on. Looking forward.....

  3. I agree.... Laura & Luke both handled it well

  4. [High five Laura] I love the way these two sisters have each other's back. I don't know what Penelope was thinking...bringing up Michelle and Benji and in front of her "boyfriend..." If Miguel hasn't sign the lease while you can! LOL...

    This was an awesome episode. I was super excited to see one up. Especially on a Sunday evening...gave me a good read. :-)

  5. " *Lara mumbles* "Mmmm, now he's DILF material..."
    *Harry a bit louder* "What's a DILF?!"
    *Lara* "Nothing, honey...Let's just get to the car..." " ROTFL

  6. Yaay Laura! She handled it very well!
    Looking forward to your posts next year!
    Merry Christmas xxx