Friday, March 25, 2016

So This Is It?...

I'm trying to get the wedding reception going but keep running into bumps in the road on how to do the diorama, so right now we're coming back to Peter and Willow's house.
You can get a refresher on the story here...
After Peter dropped a huge bomb on everyone at Luke and Laura's house, about having had a vasectomy, these two didn't stay much longer. The ride home was quiet but as soon as they got into the apartment, Willow speaks.
 *Willow* "I can't believe you just dropped that on all of us!..."
*Peter* "I've told you about it before!..."
 Peter walks to the table and sets down his coat. 
Willow turns around to face him.
 *Willow* "No you haven't! I would have remembered something like that! Plus, I have told you numerous times, that I look forward to having a baby one day and not once have you said you had a vasectomy! Plus the way you are with Phoenix... I...I thought that you felt the same...."
*Peter tries to laugh it off but doesn't succeed* "Awww c'mom, Babe... 
Phoenix is not my kid...I play with him and then pass him off to Mom or Dad."
*Willow* "So is that it? You just don't want kids?!"...*Peter shrugs*..."Not even if you think you found some one you want to spend the rest of your life with?..."
 *Willow continues* "I sold half my furniture to live here with you and now you decide to tell me you've had a vasectomy!!!"
Peter tries to think hard, he swears she knew, 
he's almost sure of it. He scratches his head 
trying hard to remember...
 *Peter* "I f*cking swear I thought I told you! I think we were lying in bed, I don't know! 
Shit! I must have been dreaming it or something...F*ck! now I can't remember, the details"
Willow shakes her head, she can't believe this.
*Willow* "You were probably in a drunken high state, you smoke way too much pot, Peter..."
*Peter* "I thought you liked that about me?..You like to hit it just as much as me!"

 *Willow* "Yeah I like it but you go overboard sometimes!.... And now you can't remember if you had a conversation with me or if you were dreaming it?!...
Maybe it's better you can't get me pregnant."
*Peter* "It's not that I can't. I just f*cking chose not to, besides I had it done long 
before we ever met!"
 *Willow* "I know but you could have told me about it!"
*Peter* "I just did!.."
  *Willow* "Would you be willing to reverse it?"
*Peter* "What?!...No!...C'mon, Babe..."
*Willow* "Why not?! I thought you loved me, Peter! These past few weeks I've been thinking, you're the one! That I can see myself spending the rest of my life with you, having kids, growing old together..." *her voice breaks*..."Don't you want any of that? Don't you love me Peter?"
 Peter reaches out and pulls her closer...He'd prefer
 if they dropped this whole argument.

 *Peter* " know that I do!...That's why you moved in, right?"
ow* "If it is, then say you love me..."

*Peter* "C'mon know I do."
Peter pulls her into him, he has a hard time vocalizing 
his emotions. He'd rather show her how he feels under the sheets in a dark room. Being pressured to say those 3 little words,
 is terrifying him.
*Peter* "Don't I show you?"
*Willow* "Yeah, but I want to hear you say it. If you really do then 
it's not that hard, Peter..."
*Peter* "Babe...I do..I..I care about you a lot..."
 Willow's arms go flying up to break his hold on her.
 *Willow* "Either you do or you don't, Peter!"
 *Peter* "It's kinda hard, when you keep pressuring me!"
Willow wipes a few tears from her face. 
She doesn't want him to see her cry, see how much it hurts her
that he can't even say 'I love you'.
*Peter* "Willow...C'mom...Stop putting me on the spot!"
Peter is at a loss for words, he doesn't know what to 
do and he can't bring himself to say it.
*Willow* "If you can't say it then why are we even together?!
She takes a deep breath then heads for the bedroom door. She can't stay here another night, she needs some time to think 
about this and if he's worth all of it in the end.
*Peter* "Babe? What are you doing?"
*Willow* "Don't follow me, I just need a minute."
Peter lets her go, he's not feeling too comfortable 
right now either.  So he heads to the fridge to get a beer and hope it calms his nerves. 
He stands there for a moment a little spaced out.
 He's known to sometimes blurt things out, and this time he managed to make a big mess. He was so sure he told her, maybe Willow is right, he does tend light it up a little too much. Even Luke told him he needs to take it easy.
 Then the door to the bedroom opens and closes, Peter turns to see Willow with her business travel suitcase. He thinks to himself, 
"Shit! This can't be good..."
 *Peter* "What are you doing?!"
*Willow* "I'm leaving...I need sometime to think about us."
 *Peter* "So soon?! Can't we figure it out now?"
 Willow begins to pick up some of her belongings that 
are scattered around the living room.
 *Willow* "There's no point, I'm leaving to L.A. tomorrow, remember?
I have that art gala I have to be at."
She bends down to look for her other shoe. It helps not having to look at him, otherwise she might break into tears.
*Peter* "Yeah but I thought your flight isn't till midday tomorrow."
*Willow's voice slightly muffled* "Don't worry I can take of myself."
*Peter* "Aren't you gonna be gone like a whole week for this?"
*Willow* "Yes, should be enough time for you to decide how you feel about me."
She finds a couple more items under the couch. 
 One is large envelope.
*Willow* "What the hell is this?
Why'd you stuff mail under your couch?"
 *Peter* "That's not mine. I've never even seen it before...*he smiles trying to lighten the mood*..."But I did stuff those panties of yours under the couch earlier today."
*Willow* "I know but being cute isn't gonna change things...I'm still upset with you."
She quickly gets up so she can see what the 
mystery envelope is, making sure to hold it just right
 so Peter can't see what it is just yet.
*Willow* "Oh, shit! Wow! I can't believe this has been down there all this time! And of all things for me to find, I find this!..."
Peter is as antsy as ever! He wants to rip the envelope from her grasp but doesn't want to add fuel to the flames, 
so he refrains from doing so.
 *Peter* "What?! What the f*ck is it?!"
 *Willow* "Do you really want to know?"
 *Peter* "Yes!....What the f*ck is it?!"
*Willow* "They're Luke's paternity test results, and it looks like he never opened the envelope..."
*Peter* "Whaaaaaat! No way...It can't be that!"
*Willow* "I'm dead serious!...I just can't believe he never opened it."
*Peter doesn't believe her* "You're full of shit! It can't be that...Now you're just f*cking with me..."
Willow begins to get more upset from his remarks, of all the things for her to find. She finds something like this and it is not helping 
the situation at the moment. It's like a sign from the heavens that she needs to stop and think if Peter is the one for her, and Willow doesn't take it lightly.

She shoves the large envelope at his chest.
 She's done and had enough.
*Willow* "I'm not f*cking with you, read it yourself, assh*ole!"
 *Peter* "Now I'm an assh*le?! C'mon..."
*Willow loosing her patients* "Just read the damn envelope..."
Then she begins to grab her items again. Peter 
takes a quick peek at the envelope. His eyes widen when he sees that she was telling the truth.
*Peter* "What the f*ck?! This shit has been under there all this time?!"
*Willow* "I told you I wasn't lying..."
Then Peter snaps. This was exactly why he got a vasectomy, after he saw what happened between Luke and Rufus, and Luke's final decision to leave the band. He made damn sure nothing like that would ever happen to him.

Willow continues to grab her stuff.
 *Peter* "This shit is exactly why I got a vasectomy, I don't wanna be some
crazy ass woman's baby daddy!...I've known too many guys who've had their
lives ruined because of it and Luke is one of them!"
*Willow* "Good for you Peter, for actually doing one responsible thing with your life!"
Then she walks back across the room the fetch her suitcase.
 *Willow* "God knows, you need help with everything else."
*Peter* "I too f*cked up to be a Dad..."
Willow walks to the front door of the apartment.
*Willow* "Well I guess you, you don't have to worry about that..."
Then she turns and  tries to open the door 
but her hands are too full.
  *Peter* "What, so that's it? I tell you I've had a vasectomy and you're done with me?!
 *Willow* "'s more than that..."
 *Peter* "I'm trying, Babe...When did sh*t get so serious with you?"
*Willow* "When we moved in together, Peter!....If you don't love me then why are we even here?!"
 *Peter* "Shit, babe...slow down."
*Willow* "You can say every other 4 letter word in the book! But you
can't tell me you LOVE me?!"
  She stops it there, and decides it's time for her to go. She needs to focus on work for the next week to come.
 *Willow* "I'll be back in a week...Now can you open the door?..." 
*Peter* "Yeah..."
Peter opens the door so she can leave and
 closes it behind her.
He turns around and slams his hand on the counter in anger. He's a bit stunned by all that just happened but knows he could have easily kept her from leaving if he had just told her he loved her, but he can't.
*Peter* "F********ck!...."
A couple days later...

After he tried several times to call and text Willow, she never responded to any of them. Peter ends up finding himself at Bull Tavern getting drunk and later stumbling into his apartment with Hannah hanging off his neck.

Then a couple days after that, Peter ends up hooking up with Adrianna the new bartender that was hired recently at his workplace the nightclub, "The Tomb"...
 *Adrianna* "Hey, I'm gonna jump in the shower before work,
wanna join me?"
 Peter turns around after taking a swig of beer, he's 
been numbing himself on it all week.
 *Peter* "No...and don't expect a ride from me either, best we don't show
up to work together."

To Be Continued! 
Thanks for watching and reading!

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  1. It's getting juicy. Now I have wonder if Rufus' first child really is Luke's and he just avoided the answer totally. Even though the nanny/caretaker (can't remember her name) said it wasn't his too. Hmmm... That's all Luke and Laura need right now. Just when they are getting better.

    Peter is just cruising for solidifying the end of his relationship with Willow. He's so ridiculous and that isn't love. SMH!

    1. Hi Janainah!
      Yes it's getting juicy again! The nanny's name was Margaret, and yes she told Luke that Ruby was not his child....
      As for Peter, I believe he is definitely on a path to destroy his relationship with Willow...We'll see :)

  2. I never really paid attention to Peter, but now I see it was a mistake! He seems like a really cool guy! Poor Peter, Willow is a crazy bitch. I didn't see her telling Peter that she loves him, why she expected it from him? Go on, woman, equality means that he doesn't have to be the first to tell those four letter word. Also, so what that he had a vasectomy, it's very intelligent of him, not everyone wants to breed. I stopped to like Luke after that, all those babies, wifes, home made food, ect is no really my thing, I'm so dissapointed with him, he seemed to be smarter than this. But it just made my disliking of Laura 100% valid. Hopefully Peter and Cade won't finish like that too. Good for Peter that Willow left him, at the beginning he can sleep around but maybe after that he will find a woman that have other values in her life than becoming a mother.

    "I've known too many guys who've had their
    lives ruined because of it and Luke is one of them!" I love Peter for this! I so agree with him, Luke is in a deep shit right now, and it seems that he got a "diaper encephalitis" as we are calling it in Poland ( it happens when a young parents are delighted with everything their baby do, from staining diaper to babbling some nonsense, and this is becoming their whole life. Such people are boring their friends with talking about the poop their baby did, are daily posting same looking photos o bald anonymous looking todler, ect). Poor guy.

  3. Well, I guess Willow is getting out while the getting is good! Peter is a bit of a boy slut, isn't he? Drowning his sorrows in beer and women. That will get him no where fast! If he really wanted to stay with Willow, he wouldn't be doing that.

    1. Hi Phyllis,
      Yes I agree it's smart for her to end it now, before she became more attached to him. Peter is obviously not ready for a major commitment, and it seems the both have a different view of how they want to live out their lives, so it's probably best they part ways.

    2. And yes! Peter is a total Manwhore! lol! He can't live like that forever eventually it has to get old and boring.

  4. This is some good writing! OMG...I'm dying to know if Luke is the father of Rufus' daughter. I'm proud of Willow for leaving...too many times women accept things hoping they can change a guy. Peter might realize he lost a good thing...

    Can't wait for next episode!!

    1. Hi Tracy!
      So glad you enjoyed it! It appears that this is the end for Willow and Peter...I think he does realize he lost a good thing but I don't know if they can work it out having such different views about the future.

  5. Oh, Miranda, you're a genius!!!! Your guys are so believable, even for the masculinity flaws (emotional immaturity, difficult in put their point of views in words...). I believe Peter loves Willow, but she was very push and that paralyzed him.

    And before I forget: Hope you write more to Willow. She's so beautiful, stylish and strong! She eclipsed Rufus!

  6. Whew.... This was loaded! Peter Peter'on brother..Don't lose you lady ( I hope you put a cap on it this week while you're lady hoppin). Staying tuned......

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I feel sorry for Willow, but at the same time, Peter is obviously not the kind of guy you settle down with and start a family. In a way, she should have known better, but I don't think this is all her fault either. Time away from Peter is probably a good move for Willow.