Sunday, April 3, 2016

So This Is Definitely It!...

I'm rating this episode R for adult scenes and partial nudity but then again I guess most my episodes now are...
And since I have officially decided to skip the wedding reception or any honeymoon pictures I have decided to start here ^_^ 

It's early evening around five o'clock, Michelle and Benjamin have just gotten home, their arms full of luggage from their month long honeymoon.
Benjamin made sure Michelle would have a honeymoon she would surely cherish forever, they traveled and saw beautiful places, while enjoying their time alone together, setting their bond and love for each other even deeper.
Michelle walks ahead with Rocky pulling on his leash.
*Michelle* "It's so nice to be home...Wow, the place looks spotless."
*Benjamin* "I told the maid to come and clean up before we got here..."
Benjamin always had a maid even before Michelle had moved in with him, but Michelle is not the neat freak like her sister Laura is so Benjamin still has the maid come to do most of it. Besides Michelle is gonna be hard at work, now that she is a trial lawyer!
Rocky is equally happy to be home, he has been staying with Michelle's parents. He pulls on his leash, excited to back in familiar territory. Michelle drops the leash so she can put down her bags. Rocky takes off to do a sniff check around the house.
*Michelle* "What do you want to do for dinner? I could cook
something, unless you're starving already...Benjamin?"
Benjamin leaves the large suitcases by the entry so they 
can be hauled upstairs...
Then makes his way to Michelle.
*Michelle* "Are you hungry?"
*Benjamin* "Let's git settled in first..."
Michelle leans back and nuzzles into him...
*Michelle* "Mmmmm.....Okay."
*Benjamin* "You know, it's been like twelve hours since we left London."
*Michelle* "Yeah? Are you sleepy?"
*Benjamin* "A little jet lag I guess, but I was thinking...While we were gone we 
had sex at least 3 times a day..."
Michelle turns to face him...
*Michelle smiles* "Oh really? Have you been counting?"
*Benjamin* "Always Darlin'....If you do the math that's at least every 8 hours..."
*Michelle laughs* "Oh, me get the luggage upstairs..."
They head upstairs and get comfortable, settling in back 
home after being gone for so long.
*Michelle* "I think I'll go visit my sister tomorrow, since I don't start work for 
another week...Are you going back to work tomorrow?"
Benjamin removes his hat and sunglasses then
begins to unbutton his shirt.
*Benjamin* "Yeah, they're all expecting me back tomorrow...I can't take anymore time off, I've been gone for nearly two months and my Father is ready to retire already."
Michelle watches him from the reflection of her mirror.
*Michelle* "Has he said when he is gonna retire?..."
Michelle walks and sits down to remove her heels and
 Benjamin turns to face her.
*Benjamin* "He hasn't given anyone an exact date yet, but I think within the next year,
 the company will be left completely for me to run."
*Michelle* "A year will go by quick, I thought he'd be running it a little longer..."
*Michelle continues* "Especially with the merger still underway..."
Michelle stands up and start to take off her pants, 
which catches Benjamin's attention.
*Michelle continues to talk* "So you think he plans to retire right after the merger is finalized?...You still want me to come work with you?"
Benjamin takes off his shoes and walks up to Michelle
 taking her by surprise, just a little.
He pulls her in and kisses her then pulls back to look at her.
*Michelle* "Honestly, I don't think I could get any work done, if you were popping in and
out of my office all day..."
*Michelle kisses him* "Mmmmm....I feel the same way."
Benjamin pulls on her pants, pushing them down.
Following his movements Michelle lays back onto the bed.

Benjamin grabs her foot and slowly pulls on her pants leg.
*Benjamin* "The more I think about it, it's probably not a good
idea if we work together..."
*Michelle being coy* "Oh, really...but there's no beds at your office..."
*Benjamin* "But there's desks, and conference tables, and long leather couches..."
He finishes pulling off her pants, tossing them on the floor. 
Michelle slides back a little as he climbs onto the bed.
*Michelle* "Wouldn't you be nervous we might get caught?"
Benjamin leans over her.
*Benjamin* "That's what locks are for Darlin'..."
 *Michelle* "Someone would surely hear us..."
*Benjamin* "Then I'll have to make sure to go nice and slow..."
The Benjamin dips his head and kisses her collarbone.
 Kissing her in just the right places, sending a jolt of pleasure through her body. Michelle squirms underneath him trying to reach for his pants zipper, but with almost all his weight on her she can't move him.
Benjamin unbuttons her shirt and moves down to her breasts.
 He moves in circles around her nipple,  Michelle arches her back
 trying to meet more of her body with his mouth. She moans out his name and he knows then he has her completely under his spell.
*Michelle* "What's wrong?..."
*Benjamin smiles* "Nothing Darlin'....Lemme just get more comfortable..."
*Michelle* "Okay..."
Benjamin gets up and switches off the lights. Michelle watches him closely, memorizing his movements and the muscles how they move under his clothing.
Benjamin then turns and switches on the bedside lamp all the wile Michelle continues to watch him, her eyes now focused on his large erection.
 Benjamin grabs his shirt and pulls it up over his head. He's not moving slow but he's not moving quick enough for Michelle.
 She reaches out to touch him, trying to bring him closer...
 Benjamin pulls his shirt all the way off then looks down at her.
 *Benjamin* "You ready for me, Mrs Trudeau?..."
*Michelle* "Listen here, Mr. Trudeau...If you tease me any longer, I'm gonna
have to get started without you..."
*Benjamin smiles* "I think I like the sound of that....."
If you want to see the remaining love scenes they can be 
viewed on my Tumblr account 

OneSixthAvenue: After Dark

Michelle and Benjamin don't get out of bed again until the next morning. Both feeling tired from their long trip, they skip 
dinner and fall fast asleep.
Michelle is unpacking their luggage and she is admiring some of the clothes she bought while in Europe. Benjamin has come upstairs to find her, he stops and watches her for a moment.
  *Benjamin* "I'm leaving Darlin' gonna kiss your husband goodbye?"
 He walks into the room and Michelle turns to face him.
 *Michelle* There's no way you can take one more week off?"
 *Benjamin* "I can't Darlin'....As much as I want to stay here with you I gotta git back to work, or Dad will have my hide. Well....more like Nana will have my hide..."
*Michelle* "What about today? You can just go in tomorrow..."
 *Benjamin* "You're a persistent little one...Just
enjoy your last week off. I'll see ya when I git home tanight..."
 Then he pulls her in and gives her kiss before heading out the door
 and off to work.
 While Michelle was trying to convince Benjamin to let the honeymoon  last one more week, Laura is hard at work getting some routine chores done a round the house, before she heads out to run errands.
 Phoenix meanwhile entertains himself with his favorite toy, his big red Jeep that is just like Daddy's real life big jeep. He pushes it back and forth from the kitchen through to the living room.
 Laura moves onto the couch, when the doorbell chimes...
*Laura* "Hmmmm, I wonder who that could be?..."
She looks through the door's peephole to find that it is 
her sister. So she quickly opens the door.
*Laura* "Hey! Come on in! When did you get back?"
*Michelle* "Last night..."
*Laura* "You look gorgeous! Come in, tell me about the honeymoon..."
As they are walking towards the couch, Phoenix 
comes roaring in with his toy.
 *Michelle* "Oh my goodness! You're getting so big, Phoenix!"
*Laura* "Say hi to Aunt Michelle..."
Phoenix waves his chubby little toddler arm, then 
goes back to driving his jeep.
Laura fixes up the couch so they can sit down, while 
Michelle sets her things down.
*Laura* "That coat is amazing! Is?...Is it real?'
*Michelle* "No, is the best faux fur out there, I absolutely love it. Benjamin
 bought it for me while we were in Paris..."
 Michelle grabs the red bag that she came in with 
and turns to face her sister.
 *Michelle continues* "Speaking of Paris...While we were there I found this
for you in one the little shops..."
*Laura* "Oh, didn't have to do this..."
The girls walk around the couch and take a seat.
*Michelle* "The second I saw it, I knew I had to get it for you...I know how
much you love Paris and everything about it. So, go on open it!
I know you're gonna love it..."
Laura reaches in and pulls out a large, vintage book, but 
it's still in excellent condition for it's age.
 *Laura* "This is amazing!...Oh my gosh, thank you Michelle!"
*Michelle* "Isn't it cool?...They don't make cookbooks like that anymore, it's all on the iPad now
and they're all traditional french recipes...."
Laura turns to her sister and gets a little teary eyed.
 *Laura* "Thank you, Sis. This is really thoughtful..."
*Michelle* "Awwww, don't cry you know I love you..."
 Then Michelle pulls her in for a big hug.
 *Michelle* "If you hadn't convinced me to fess up to Benjamin that Halloween, we might not be married right now...You know how stubborn I am."
 *Laura smiles* "I'm so glad you're happy, that's all I ever wanted for you."
 Laura gets up, it's time to give Phoenix his snack.
*Laura* "You want something to drink, I need to feed Phoenix his snack..."
*Michelle* "Sure, water is fine with me..."
*Laura* "Okay, lets go in the kitchen."
The girls head into the kitchen, Laura hands Michelle a glass
 then starts to load up the dishwasher. Phoenix sits in his
 highchair and eats his snack.
*Laura smiles* "So tell me...How was the honeymoon?"
*Michelle* "Oh my god it was absolutely amazing!...We saw London, Paris! You gotta see Paris someday, it was gorgeous!..And Benjamin....he's amazing! Spending this
whole month alone together was like a dream..."
Laura turns and looks at Michelle she is absolutely smitten. If they were cartoons Michelle would have hearts for eyeballs, she so smitten...
*Laura* "I'm glad to see you two are so happily married..."
*Michelle* Yeah...Ben had to go into work today and it was hard seeing him go,
 not being able to spend all day with him."
Laura closes the dishwasher and they go take a seat at 
the table, while Phoenix finishes his snack.

*Laura* "Don't you start your new job soon?"
*Michelle* "Next Monday...."
*Laura* "You getting nervous?..."
*Michelle* "A little, but I'm excited to start my career."
*Laura* "You're gonna do awesome...You were always great at getting out of being
 in trouble with Mom and Dad. You know how to win an argument."
*Michelle giggles* "Yeah, that's true...I'd really have them sometimes.....You know,
 if it wasn't for Benjamin's Dad, I wouldn't have this job.
He's got a lot of connections with the city."
*Laura* "Yeah I think Mom told me he helped out, so I guess this means that
you won't be working for Trudeau Construction?"
*Michelle* "No, at least not anytime soon, I think for now I'll work for the city for awhile,
then once we have a couple kids, I can work for the company later on down the line."
*Laura* "Sounds like a plan to me...Is Benjamin on board with it?"
*Michelle* "Um...the job part we've talked about, but we haven't talked about kids yet."
*Laura* "Speaking of kids..."
*Michelle interrupts* "Oh my god, you're pregnant!"
Laura reaches out to stop her. Michelle is getting all excited 
and she hasn't even gotten a word in.
*Laura* "No!...No, at least not yet. We decided a couple days ago we want
 to start trying. Just don't tell Mom anything yet. "
*Michelle* "Yeah, you really ready for another baby? It seems like y'all just
 got back together. Is Luke really ready to have another child?"

*Laura* "We've been back together for almost a year now, and I love him, life has been great since we worked things out. In fact he told me on our anniversary he was ready to have another, I was the one who wasn't ready. Plus, Phoenix will be two years old soon and we
want to keep them somewhat close in age.
*Michelle* "Really, it's been a year already?...So have ya'll started 'trying' yet?"
*Laura* "No, not yet, I told him that he's gotta cut out the beer and smoking the occasional joint.
And I'm not drinking wine. Once we've cleansed our systems then we'll start.
I'm hoping that if I go in more prepared with this pregnancy that maybe
it won't be as rough, but you still never know."
*Laura sips her glass* "So I've been drinking lots of water too."
*Michelle* "Wo..."
Before Michelle can speak the doorbell chimes. 
 *Michelle* "Sounds like someone is at the door...
Are you expecting someone?"
*Laura* "No, watch Phoenix for me. I'll go see who it is."
Laura goes to open the door to find that it was
 Willow who rang the doorbell.
 *Laura* "Oh my gosh, is everything okay?..."
*Willow sobbing a little* "Peter cheated on me!.."
*Laura* "What?!...."
*Willow* "It's over between us...a whole year! And just like
that he moves on!..."
 Laura gets her to the couch and hands her a Kleenex.
 Willow blows her nose and Laura is curious what 
exactly led to them breaking up.
*Laura* "Does it have anything to do with what he said last week?"
*Willow whimpering* "A little..."  
As Laura is trying to console Willow, Michelle comes
 in with Phoenix on her hip.
 *Michelle* "Is everything okay?..."
*Laura* "You want to talk about it?"
 *Willow* "Peter and I had a big argument that night we got back home.
It started when he blurted out he had had a vasectomy. I was so upset that he never thought it important to tell me...So, I left that night to sleep at my moms, to give us some space."
 *Willow continues* "I told him that we can talk again when I come back from my art gala in California...We were both so upset I thought it would be best. He tried calling me while I was working but I just couldn't bring myself to call him back. I just wanted to focus on work.
And so I come home this morning to find him having sex with Hannah!"
 Willow buries her face in the tissue, 
sobbing hard her body heaving.
Laura shakes her head, of course it's Hannah, that girl is always his rebound. Just when Laura thought he might be settling down too.
 *Laura* "He's a fool, Willow...Oh, sweetie...I'm so sorry."
*Michelle* "If he runs that quickly he's not worth it,
better to find out now than later."
 Phoenix notices too how upset Willow is, he's gotten quite used to her being around since Laura has become good friends with her back when she was going through her separation with Luke.
*Phoenix looks at Michelle* "Weewoah chying! Weewoah chying!"
 *Michelle* "She is, she's very sad..."
*Laura* "Would you like to give Willow a hug Pumpkin?"
Phoenix nods yes and Michelle passes him to Willow.
 Phoenix gives Willow a big hug, she has definitely grown 
close to him over this past year.
 She looks at Phoenix and smiles.

 *Willow* "Thank you, Sugar...I feel much better now."
*Laura* "Why don't you go play with your toys now, Pumpkin..."
Willow puts him down, so he can go play. Then she
 remembers something else important about that night.
*Willow* "Oh, I also brought this, Luke left it at Peter's. I figured I'd bring it.
Cause Peter didn't seem in a hurry to give them to Luke."
*Laura curious* "What is it?"

To be Continued!

Let's take a vote! You decide what fate the envelope will bring!
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So do you vote...
Yes! Luke you are the father!
No! Luke you are not the father!


  1. Great story Miranda!! Uh oh. Just when Luke and Laura are getting things back on track, here comes trouble. I am going to vote that No he is not the father, because I want to see this couple blossom. They do not need anymore hiccups in their marriage. I love your scenes! Very detailed!!

    1. Hi Georgia Girl!
      I'm glad you enjoyed it! For a while there I wasn't sure if I was gonna get this episode posted soon enough ^_^

  2. I want to say yes....hopeing they would raise the lil girl. But nooooo (they can try to adopt her Hmm...) I do want them to have there 2nd, 3rd ect... child together.
    NO, Luke U r NOT the father!!! :)

    1. Hi Ladonna!
      I'm so glad you enjoyed the episode! I was a doozy for me to get through. ^_^ I'm excited to see how this turns out!

  3. Oh.... I forgot I was all caught up in the question.
    GREAT story.

  4. YES, YES, YES. It could add some drama to the story. Obviously nothing major, since it's already a past but still.

    1. Hi Jewel Snake
      And I knew what your vote would be, Thanks for chiming in! ^_^

  5. Noooooooooo...that would bring Rufus back into their lives and that girl is Major Trouble.

    1. It would definitely mean trouble if Rufus came back ^_^

  6. Noo! They don't need that drama!!!!

    1. I thought you might go that way ... ^_^
      This will be interesting for sure.

  7. Oh wow, this episode was heavy! I bet Luke is Ruby's father and this is going to interfere with Luke and Laura's plans for another child somehow. If Ruby is Luke's child, this will also cause problems between Laura and Rufus again.

    1. Hi Champagne Star!
      Yes this episode was a lot to get through. I wanted to be able to merge several different things into one episode. ^_^
      So does that mean you vote Yes?

  8. No, Luke you are not the father

  9. This was a great episode! Loved it. As much as I like a little drama to keep me on the edge, there are other ways to get it. So, I vote Luke is not the father. I don't think this family needs that type of stress again.

    1. Hi Jaye!
      Thank you, I"m glad you enjoyed it! I have been on the fence with this idea so I'm letting y'all decide! ^_^

  10. Please, no Luke is not the father!!!!!!!!

  11. No. Please don't. Let Luke and Laura be boring yet happy and content couple. Let's move on to another characters. Pleeeaaseee.. Luke and Laura could be bothered by his estranged father? But please be so kind and no more other woman and/or man.

    1. Hi Petitepoppies!
      I like your arguemnt! But we'll see how everyone decides! ^_^

  12. Well, it would certainly add a lot of drama for Luke and Laura, but I think they have had enough of Rufus being in their lives. I vote "NO, Luke is not the father!"

    On another note, I loved Michelle and Benjamin's homecoming! Very hot indeed!

    1. Hi Phyllis!
      Yes there would no doubt be drama with Rufus around!
      I'm so glad you enjoyed their homecoming! I just wasn't feeling it with the wedding reception. I thought this way would be a nicer more enjoyable read, and that way the newlyweds get some attention too ^_^

  13. I say Yes to him being the father of little Ruby because if memory does serve me laura was coming to grips with the fact that little Ruby might be lukes!It will give him peace of mind since he lost a child with Rufus. As for it effecting their relationship I dont think it will because laura and luke have a strong bond now so.....thats my opinion! :)

    1. Hi Will!
      That's a good point! And yes Laura was okay with Ruby being his child, at the time, since she was born before they ever met... We'll see how everyone votes, I keeping track! ^_^

  14. No! Luke you are not the father!

  15. Yes! It would be nice to see some unexpected twist :D

    1. Got it, Thanks so much for your vote! ^_^

  16. Loved everything about this post. Especially the way you pose everyone. It is so realistic it makes me giggle a little. Like the closed eyes...was that with a program?
    I say maybe yes, but only if Rufus dies so she will not be a part of their happy life.

    Otherwise No...let them be happy. Michelle has the money. Let Laura have the loving family. :-)

    1. Hi Grandmommy!
      I'm so glad you enjoyed the episode! It was a lot to get through, and I'm glad I did...
      Yes, I edit the photos in my photo program on my Macbook.
      getting them in those realistic posing can be challenging at times but I always try to take lots of pics and from different angles. so I get the right mood for that particular picture ^_^

      That's for sure! Michelle definitely married the money! lol....


  17. i want Luke to adopt the kid but also plan another with Laura lol. as you can see i'm 50/50 about it

    1. Hi Keeta!
      lol! that's exactly how I feel 50/50 ^_^
      but its sounds like you're leaning towards Yes!

  18. Hello from Spain: fabulous pics and great outfits. They do not need anymore problem in their marriage. they have to be happy. Luke, you are not the father. Great story and very real. Keep in touch

    1. Thanks you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! And you're right they don't need more problems but life always throws us curve balls... ^_^

  19. Why would not Luke open the envelope in the first place? If Rufus was 100% sure she'd surely push the issue. Unless she's traumatized from the attic and wants nothing to do with him. She could also be enjoying owning this piece of him (said child) to herself.

    They seem so happy now. Being a off again on again soap opera watcher making Ruby his daughter would add many dramatic storylines. But since I'm vested in the couple I vote Not the father!

    1. Those are all good questions! Hopefully we'll find out why he never opened it, cause I'm sure Laura will be asking the same questions ^_^

      Lol! I do model my stories after Soap Operas, I'm a Days of Our Lives fan myself... And thank you for voting!

  20. oh wait! I mean no, he is NOT the father. I got mixed up thinking it was for Phoenix! lol, just a bit excited. Laura and Luke deserve some happy and peaceful times together

    1. Hi Haana!
      Thank you for voting! And I'm so glad you enjoyed it all, and they do deserve happiness but sometimes you gotta look past all the crap to achieve it...

  21. Loved this Miranda! I say YES to more drama/story because things aren't always wrapped up in bows. ;-) I have a lot of faith that Luke and Laura will work thru whatever it is but I also enjoy and have faith in your story telling. Bring it! ;-)

    1. Hi Tracy!
      I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And yes it would bring much more drama for sure. Thank you so much, it means a lot knowing that you enjoy my storytelling. We'll see what happens I plan to reveal the truth in a couple weeks! ^_^

  22. No! Luke can't be the father! We have to focus on more love scenes and making another baby!!! :)

  23. I vote, yes. Because unless Luke has some stellar and true reasoning as to why he didn't open the envelope, he STILL has some growing up to do. Him just not opening that envelope is selfish. It determines little Ruby's future. Hell, maybe he had a good reason? Looking forward to seeing how this turns out.