Friday, April 29, 2016

All in A Days Work...Short Story

It's been a whole week since Luke told everyone about Ruby's paternity test results. Michelle is finishing getting ready for her first day at work. It was nice having the week to get the house in order she unpacked the remainder of their wedding gift but still has some bags to put away. She checks her hair one last time in the mirror before she heads downstairs...
Downstairs Benjamin sits with his breakfast and laptop, he's any early riser so he's always up and at it before Michelle is. Growing up on a ranch his Father had him do chores before school, so hard work is something he doesn't shy from. So now he sits and gets started on work before heading into the office.
 Rocky has come up to get some attention, Benjamin gently scratches his head when Michelle comes into the room, 
preoccupied with her phone...
 Benjamin looks up and smiles, feeling 
proud call her his wife...
 *Benjamin* "Wow! Look at you!...."
 Michelle looks up realizing that he's 
been checking her out. She puts her bag and phone 
down and strikes a pose.
 *Michelle* "You like it?...You don't think it's too much?"
 *Benjamin* "No, Darlin'...You look great!..."
 *Michelle* "I just want to make a good impression..."
Benjamin gets up so he can wrap his arms around her... 
*Benjamin* "I'm sure you'll make a great first day impression...In fact..."
 *Benjamin joking* "I may need to escort you to work to make sure no on
 hits on my beautiful wife..."
 *Michelle smiles* "I may have to take you up on that offer, so everyone 
can see the handsome man I'm married to...
Benjamin pulls her in for a quick kiss. These two are still completely over the moon for each other even though the honeymoon is over.  It's only been a little over 2 months since they were married, so they are still in that nauseating love sick phase.
 *Michelle* "Keep kissing me like that and I won't get to work on time...I better go, 
I don't want to get stuck in downtown traffic..."
*Benjamin* "Okay, but at least eat some breakfast before you go, Darlin'...It's the 
most important meal of the day."
 He turns and points to his bowl of cereal...
 *Michelle* "And dribble milk all over my new jacket?...I'll be fine."
 She begins to pack up her new bag, she got 
for work last week...
 *Benjamin* "Then eat a banana, I don't want you passing out cause you forgot
 to eat...I know how you git when you git busy with work..."
Michelle decides to grab an apple, she is feeling quite a bit hungry...maybe it's just nerves...While she's looking down at her phone looking at an email from her new boss, she talks to Benjamin.

 *Michelle* "If my day isn't too busy, you want to meet me for lunch? I won't be
 far from the little Asian restaurant you took me on our first date...That's if you want to..."
 Benjamin leans in against the bar height chair. That day was by far the best date he'd ever had, he couldn't get enough
 of her after that night and he still can't.
 *Benjamin* "Darlin' I'd bring that whole damn restaurant to you, if I had too..."
 *Michelle smiles* "Oh I know you would..."
*Benjamin* "I have a few job sites to check on not far from there, 
so I'll come by and see if you want me to take you..."

 *Michelle* "Sounds perfect...I better go. Love you, Baby..."
She gives him a quick kiss.
*Benjamin* "Love you too...Drive safe, Darlin'..."

So I had plans to make this the beginning of an episode but I have since decided to go a different direction, instead of letting what I typed up go to waste I just decided to leave it as a short story. These two are just too cute and I can't get enough of how much they are in love with each other at the moment.  I am so glad they are finally hitched after a year long engagement!

And since this story is about work, I figured I would go ahead and post that I will be reopening my Etsy shop. After about a year long hiatus.
I have plans to start by listing some pillows and cushions this Saturday. Next week I will be adding some lamps and hope to get some furniture going down the line.  

  This is a peek at some of what I'll be listing.
 The chair and bench were Hobby Lobby craft store finds in their Spring shop collection. This is what ultimately inspired me to get my shop up and running again.
 Kiara showing off this groovy floral print.
 Kenzie sitting on the new comfy cushion.
Renanta chillin' with a bunch fun blue print pillows.  
Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. I agree about the love stage. These two are so gushy. But it's cute and way better than not being in love and happy.

    I love those bar stools!

  2. Wuh, is Michelle pregnant already? Let's hope it's her nerves making her hungry after all. I think I new marriage and then a baby may be too much at once.

    1. I think you may be on to something. I noticed that too. Hmm, I would love a baby from them but it may be too early.

  3. I really love those wood and metal chairs buy the counter. Did you find them at Hobby Lobby?