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Peter, You're a Dick!...

This episode is rated R for adult content, language, and nudity.
Read at your own risk! 
And Enjoy!   

  It's late Friday night, and a few days before Willow shows up at Luke and Laura's house distraught and crying...
Luke just got home a little while ago from work, after a hot shower he's now in bed relaxing with his his new iPad.
 Laura had to get up to go take care of Phoenix who had woken up.
She quietly comes strolling into the room. 
 *Laura* "Okay, he's asleep...I think he may have some allergies, 
it's that time of year again..."
Luke looks up from his iPad, feeling a little concerned 
about his son's sniffles.
 *Luke* "You think you need to take him to the doctor? He's not running
 a fever is he?"
Laura gets out of her robe while she responds.
 *Laura* "No, he's not running a fever...."
 *Laura continues* "He's still so little that there's not much I can give him for his 
congestion, if it doesn't get better though I will have to take him."
*Luke* "Okay...Hope he's not getting sick."

Laura gets into bed.
 *Laura* "He'll be fine...Hey, have you talked to Peter since last weekend?"
*Luke* "No, I haven't, been too busy at the shop to call him
and he hasn't called me. Why?"
*Laura* "I talked to Willow the other day to see how she was...She said they
had a big fight, she ended up leaving and spending the night at her moms."
Luke turns to look at her.
  *Luke* "Oh really?!...Did they break up? That's probably why Peter hasn't called me,
he's not one to come crying on your shoulder."
*Laura* " No I don't think so. She had to go to California this week for an art gala
but she'll be back in a couple days."
 *Luke* "I'll try and call Peter this weekend if not I'll go see him at work on Monday. 
The club is closed that day but he's still gotta work."
*Laura* "I hope they don't break up, I think Willow is good for Peter. 
She seems to tame the beast in him a little...I can't believe he 
never told her he had a vasectomy."
Luke takes off his reading glasses and puts down his iPad.
*Luke* "I can, Peter doesn't do pillow talk, he's wham bam thank you ma'am. 
I'm surprised he's lasted this long with Willow."
*Laura* "But what about....ah Fionna? He seemed like he wanted to
settle down with her...god I'm glad he didn't!" 
 *Luke* "I don't know what the hell that was with Fionna...Like I said 
Peter doesn't like talking about it."
*Laura* "Yeah, I've noticed that...But that little Bitch hits
a sore spot with me too, so I don't blame him..."
*Luke smiles* "My Babe, resorting to curse words...I should
have listened to you."
Laura turns her body to face him leaning over him.
*Laura smiles and playfully speaks* "Yes, you should have..."
*Luke* "Don't worry babe, I've learned my lesson...I love you too much
 to ever do something stupid again to loose you."
Laura lays her head back down and Luke moves in for a kiss,
 his lips gently touching hers.
 *Luke* "Now let's get some sleep, I've gotta work the
shop all weekend, since Jacob is off."
Luke kisses her again this time on the forehead.
 *Luke* "Goodnight babe..."
*Laura* "Luke?..."
*Luke* "Yeah, Babe?..."
*Laura* "I think I'm ready to get pregnant again..."
Luke perks up a bit and rolls over. 
  *Luke* "Oh yeah?...You're sure about this?"
*Laura* "Yes, I've been thinking about it all week.
 I'm ready to have another baby with you.  Like you said, it'll be nice for
Phoenix to have a sibling to play with."
Luke slides his hand down her back grabbing her
 backside and pulling her against him.
 *Luke smiles* "Should we make it an all nighter?..."
Luke is getting way too excited and Laura 
wants to finish talking about it.
*Laura* "Slow down, I don't mean I want to get pregnant right this second."
*Luke rolls onto his back* "I'm confused...I thought you wanted to fuck."
*Laura* "Luke, you didn't let me finish..."
*Luke* "I'm sorry, Babe...You just got me all worked up."
 *Laura laughs* "It sure doesn't take much does it..."
He looks at her and thinks no it doesn't...
 *Luke* "No it doesn't Babe...that's because you're a sweet, beautiful, sexy woman and
 I'm the luckiest bastard on the planet, who feels like I sometimes don't deserve you."
*Laura* "Oh, Luke..."
She sits up and quickly kisses him,
  closing her eyes and relishing in his scent.
*Laura* "You're distracting me from what I wanted to say..."
*Luke* "Sorry what is it, Babe?"
*Laura* "I was gonna say that, I think we should both stop drinking alcohol
 and you need to stop smoking..."
 *Laura continues* "We weren't prepared when I got pregnant with Phoenix, I had
 a lot of wine that weekend I got pregnant. You had a lot of beer too!..."
 *Luke* "Yeah, that's true, but he turned out just fine..."
*Laura* "I know, but it was a rough pregnancy, and I'm hoping that if you cut out the booze and smoking, then maybe that will help."
*Luke* "Soooo....You mean I gotta go without beer till you get pregnant?"
*Laura* "Yes...And I'd like to wait a couple weeks before we try...
Think you can handle that?"
*Luke kissing her forehead* "Yeah, I can handle it, but what am I gonna
 do with this boner you gave me?"
*Laura snorts out a laugh* "Go to sleep Luke..."

Fast forward to Monday, Luke had a busy weekend being the only one at the shop, since Jacob had the weekend off.  Since his store is also closed on Mondays, he's not in any hurry to get there. So after he takes care of some errands he decides to drop by "The Tomb" to see if Peter wants to get lunch together.
Chris, the nightclub's head bouncer, goes over some paperwork with Coco, she is the sister to the owner of the nightclub, and is mostly a singer for the club, she gets the nights started.

In the back, Adam, one of Coco's band mates is auditioning a new guitarist. 
 Luke comes through the side door that is open during non-business hours. Chris greets him right away.
*Chris* "Luke! Hey man, what's up?..."
Luke walks up and shakes his hand.
 *Luke* "Hey Chris, Peter around?..." 
Coco knows exactly where he is...she jumps 
in to answer Luke's question.
*Coco* "Oh, he's in the back with Adriana, the new bartender..." 
  She rolls her eyes and Luke picks up on her
 body language right away

 Peter is up to no good again and he knows it...
*Luke* "When did you get a new bartender?"
*Chirs* "She just got hired last week, the other girl notice,
just stopped showing up to work. Coco had to tend the bar
and you know how much she hates dealing with customers."
*Coco* "That's why I have you to toss them out when they get too belligerent..."
*Chris* "Yeah, but you can't toss them out just cause you're backed up on drink orders,
 hopefully this new girl will stick around." 
*Luke* "It's hard to find good help that sticks around..."
Chris turns his head and sees Peter walking with Adriana.

*Chris* "And here she comes now...With Peter of course."
Everyone looks across the nightclub's dance floor to see Peter and Adriana, walking towards them deep in a conversation. Neither noticed they are being watched by the three over at the bar.
 Then once they get a little closer they both 
realize they are being watched. Peter walks ahead 
noticing Luke is standing there with them.
 *Peter* "Luke?!....What's up man?..."
 *Luke* "That's what I came here to ask you?..." *with sarcasm*..."You don't call,
you don't write, you breaking up with me?"
*Peter* "Uh...?
 Chris gets up off the bar stool he was sitting on.
*Chris smiles* "Let me get that box for you before you go pulling your groin..."
And everyone smiles and snickers a little...
 *Peter* "What the fuck are you all talking about over here?"
*Chris* "Just work...So you gonna hand me the box or leave me hanging?"
*Peter* ", take it..."
 Chris takes the box over to the bar and Peter 
introduces Adriana to Luke.
*Peter* "This is Adriana, our new bar tender, she just started last week."
*Adriana* "Hey, nice to meet you."
*Luke* "Hi....Peter a good boss so far?..."
 *Peter* "He's being an ass, you don't have to answer that..."
Adriana excuses herself to go work behind the bar, while
 Peter gets to the bottom of why Luke is really here.
 *Peter* "If you're here to lecture me about Willow, it's over already...
She caught me fucking Hannah this morning..."
 *Luke* "No!...I just came to see how you're doing since I haven't
heard from you in over a week!..."
 *Luke continues* "So shit got so bad, that fast that
you turn around and fuck Hannah! All I heard was, Willow just left town for work..."
 Peter smacks the top of his head, he was hoping to just focus on work today and forget about what happened this morning, but Luke will be expecting him to come clean and tell him the truth.
  *Peter in hushed fury* "Could you possibly say that shit any louder?!"
But no one notices...Adriana is busy behind the bar...
 Coco and Chris have also moved away from the bar 
and are busy talking to each other, across the dance
 floor over by the lounge seating.
Luke is not surprised that Peter has already cheated on Willow, after they had a blow out of a fight. But he was hoping that he might not screw this relationship up. Willow just seemed so perfect for him and in an instant he goes and throws it all away.
 *Luke* "What the fuck is wrong with you, Peter?!
You seemed so happy with Willow....Shit! she even bakes you your fucking favorite brownies!"
Peter turns his head and fiddles with the camera, he's totally feeling like a child who's being lecture by their father. But Luke is right, he didn't need to go breaking Willow's heart...
 *Peter* "I know, I know! You're right...I just got so mad at her for acting like
I don't have a choice in the matter..."
Peter turns his head back around to face Luke.
*Peter continues* "She was pissed that I never told her before, but I fucking swore I had,
I thought she knew. Then she starts rambling on that
if I love her and want to be with her and that I should get it reversed!"
*Luke* "Do you love her?"
*Peter* "I...I...don't know man. I just don't fucking know!..."
*Luke* "You need to think long and hard about it, cause a woman like that doesn't
 come around too often, she put up with your fucking crazy pot-head ass..."
*Peter* "I know she did..."
*Luke* "So why are you being a dick?! 
That new bartender....You've fucked her haven't you?!"
 Peter looks in her direction to make sure she's not paying
 attention to their conversation.
 Scratching the top of his head he 
reluctantly replies...
*Peter* "How'd you know?..."
*Luke* "It was written all over her fucking face, man! 
And everyone knows it too!"...*
*Luke imitates a woman's voice*..."Oh, Peter! 
F*ck me with your big dick!..."
 Peter puts up his hand up and pleads with him to stop.
 *Peter* "All right! I get it!...Just keep your voice down."
But Luke doesn't stop there, he wants to make sure Peter 
understands how much of a Grade A Asshole he is being.
*Luke* "Yeah, and if you keep it up worse shit might happen to your dick,
than just getting some chick knocked up!"
 *Luke continues* "Instead of you giving, you'll be receiving...So I hope you've been careful,
cause I know for a fact that Hannah is nearly as bad as 'Slutty Sally' was,
 you're damn lucky that she had something that could be taken care of with antibiotics."
*Peter* "I know, I know..."
 Peter grabs himself and flinches remembering what happened to him all those years ago. Luke was the only one who knew about it then, 
and he's the only one who knows now. Luke knows he has managed to knock some sense into him, and hopes 
he thinks twice about it next time.
Luke puts his hand on Peter's shoulder...
 *Luke* "Okay, I'm done bitching at you, you hungry?"
*Peter* "Starving..."
*Luke* "Good...It'll be my treat. You okay eating at Bull Tavern?"
*Peter* "Yeah, that's cool....I think she's working the 
late shift anyways..."   


Luke and Peter head over to Bull Tavern, it's Monday so the lunch crowd is not to big. Aric and Roxie are the only ones working the bar at the moment. Aric chats with one of his regulars...

 There are a few other early birds eating lunch.
 Aaron and Henry are chatting while sipping beer 
and waiting on their Bull Burgers.
Resident DJ Shelly and a new mystery girl are 
having lunch and drinks together.
Luke and Peter take a seat across from each other in their favorite booth. Luckily Peter was right, Hannah is not working till later so at least that drama is not here to cause any more trouble at the moment.
The two make small talk while they wait for Roxie to 
come take their order.
 *Peter* "How's work and family life going?..."
*Luke* "Fine..."
*Peter* "You have time to practice this weekend?"
*Luke* "Uh...yeah...where at?..."
*Peter* "Sunday Morning at the club..."
*Luke* "Okay..."
 After serving the two fellas across from them Roxie
 comes to say hello and get their orders.
 *Roxie* "Hey y'all! Can I get you your usual?..."
*Luke* "No beer for me just a water..."
 *Roxie* "Cutting back?..." 
Luke clears his throat he's not sure he should say anything  
*Luke* "Uh, yeah...Laura is ready to get pregnant again. 
So I'm quitting beer till she does..."

 *Roxie* "That's great news! I'm so happy for you two! Well, I'm sure you'll
be back to drinking beer in no time...So water and a burger then?"
 *Luke* "Yeah, that'll be great and thanks Roxie..."

 *Peter* "I'll take the usual..."
Roxie lets them know she'll be back in a minute with 
their drinks and puts the order in with the cook.
 *Peter* "So baby number two huh?..."
*Luke* "Uh, yeah..."
*Peter* "When did this happen? I thought you didn't want another kid..."
*Luke* "Why would you think that?..."

*Peter* "You never wanted kids before!.."
*Luke* "So?..."
*Peter*...See! That's why I got my vasectomy. 
I don't want to get suckered into being a father..."
*Luke* "I like being a Dad...It's actually quite rewarding, watching your child grow. 
Look I know you had a shitty example for a father as a kid, I had nothing. I've only seen pictures of him and got the occasional shitty birthday card!
 But having Phoenix changed all that..."
*Peter* "Yeah...he is a pretty awesome little dude. He's like 
a miniature version of you with red hair. I just don't think I'd be good at it and I respect you for sticking it out and going the distance with Laura but I don't think that life is for me...
But if you're happy then I'm happy for you man..."
   *Luke* "Thanks man, and yeah I am happy...
And I thought you were happy with Willow, So tell me 
what happened this morning..."
Peter takes a deep breath and lets it all out.
*Peter* "Like I said, Willow came in when I was balls deep..."
*Luke* "Shit, Peter...she's never gonna recover from seeing that..."
*Peter shaking his head* "I know, I still can remember the look on her face..."


Then Peter thinks back and remembers what happened
 this morning while telling Luke about it.
He never heard her come into the room
 till it was too late. As soon as she opens the door to 
his bedroom her worst fears are revealed.
 *Willow* "Oh my gawd! Peter, what the hell is going on?"
 Peter stops what he is doing and immediately looks back at 
Willow with panic, he's speechless, been caught 
red-handed and he knows it.
Willow starts to turn around to walk out.
 *Peter* "Willow!...Babe...Wait!...Lemme..
Hannah is in shock too, she thought they broke up.
 That's what Peter made it sound like but it appears that 
Willow did not feel the same way.
Willow storms out of the bedroom doorway, Peter gets 
 up to follow her not even bothering to grab a piece of clothing.
*Peter* "Willow...wait!"
Willow picks up her bag and turns to face him...
*Willow* "Really, Peter?! Now you want to talk?! 
 After I catch you in bed with another woman!.." 
Willow is doing everything she can to not claw and scratch and Peter picks up on it covering his junk just in case she wants to come yank it off. Then to top it off he has the nerve to stand there and
 try to come up with an excuse.
*Peter* "I called you! You never answered your fucking phone!"
*Willow* "Ugh! Did you not listen to anything I said that night! I said
we would talk when I got back!"
*Peter* "I left you a ton of fucking message, trying to apoligize for being an asshole! 
And not once did you try to call or text me back! 
So yeah! I assumed it was over between us!..."
Now both of them are infuriated with each other.
 Hannah sneaks off the bed and into the bathroom to try and get 
farther away from their argument. 

*Willow* "I told you I needed time! I needed time to process this relationship
 and decide if it was worth it!...I don't want to spend my life with a man who doesn't love me!"
Willow tries to hold back the tears but she can't any longer.
  So the rest of her words comes out in sobs...

*Willow* "I spent a whole year falling in love with you, Peter! 
And I thought you were feeling the same way!"Peter puts his hands up trying to find words but there is 
nothing he can really say to make it better.

 *Willow* "Then you let me move in here think we have a possible future together but all along never bother to tell me that you've had a vasectomy and then suddenly blurt it out in front of Luke and Laura and leave me standing there in shock! Why couldn't have you just been honest with me from the beginning? You knew I wanted kids! I know you do cause you always avoided those conversations...And all this time I thought that maybe you just weren't ready to talk about it, that you just needed more time to warm up to the idea."
*Willow* "Well....guess what?! You don't have to hear me talk about it anymore, cause it's 
 Don't call me! Don't text me! Don't fucking come near me!"
Then turns around and heads for the door, grabbing 
Luke's envelope on her way out.
 *Willow* "Oh, and I'm taking this to Laura and Luke since you have failed to be
 friend and take it to him! Have a nice fucking life being a lonely son of bitch!"
 Then she turns around and leaves slamming the door behind her. Then Hannah appears in the bedroom door have she heard the door.
*Hannah* "Peter?...
*Peter* "What?!.."
*Hannah* "You okay?..."
He's not but she is the last person he'll admit that to. 
Peter may have possibly let the best woman to enter 
his life just walk out of it.
*Peter* "I'm fine...It's probably best that you leave now..."
 Hannah crosses her arms and looks Peter over one last time, she figures this will probably be their last encounter. 
*Hannah* "Yeah it is..."
 Then she turns and walks back into the bedroom to get dressed.
 A few minutes later she comes out dressed in her
 Bull Tavern clothes from her shift from last night.

 *Hannah* "If you really love her, then you need to get your shit together Peter, because as much as I like hooking up with you, Willow was a really sweet person. And you not only really crushed her heart but you lied to me too! Telling me y'all broke up!"
 *Peter* "I wasn't lying, I really did think it was over..."
Hannah snorts out a sarcastic "yeah I believe that shit" kinda laugh. She is hurt but not deeply wounded like Willow just was.
*Hannah* "Oh, Please you knew good and well she might find us here together! And you knew I would come home with you, cause yeah, sex with you Peter is great! But you suck at relationships and one day you will end up lonely and sad because you can't work through your feelings."
Then she turns around and leaves.


After he is done telling him everything Luke is a little speechless, but still not surprised completely by Peter's behavior. He processes it for a moment then, asks Peter again....
*Luke* " you love Willow?"
Peter grabs his burger to take a bite.
*Peter* "I told you I don't know..." 
Luke takes a sip of his water, and kinda makes a face, 
boy does he miss his beer already... 
 *Luke* "I mean deep down somewhere have you realized she means a lot to you? 
You think that maybe that is why you sabotaged the relationship? 
Because you're afraid to get close?"
Peter gets a little frustrated...
*Peter* "I didn't fucking sabotaged the relationship!"

 But Luke snaps back right away...
*Luke* "Peter, you never confided in her about your vasectomy! Instead you 
fucking throw it out there and hope that everyone will laugh it off with you! 
You never even told me about it..."
*Peter* "Well, when you put it like that, you're right. 
I should have told her sooner...She was pretty pissed about that." 
Then Luke realizes that he never asked him yet 
when he had the procedure. 
*Luke*  "When did you have it done?"
*Peter* "After you knocked up Rufus and then left town, You know 
I was traumatized by some of the shit you went through with her, 
so I figured I don't want kids so might as well get snipped."
*Luke* "Oh, yeah but you can't compare what was going on between Rufus and 
I to any normal relationship. You know she's bat-shit crazy." 
Then he remembers him saying something about an envelope that belonged to him.
*Luke* "Wait, that envelope Willow took, it didn't happen 
to be Ruby's paternity test results?"
 *Peter* "Yeah it was..."
*Luke* "Is she taking it to Laura?"
*Peter* "Uh....I would assume so, since they are friends."
 *Luke* "Shit! Shit! I thought I threw that away..."
 *Peter* "Why would you do that?! Now who's the fuck up!"

  And just like that the tables have turned,
  now it looks like Luke will be in the hot seat.
  The envelopes results will be revealed next week! Voting is now closed! Thanks to all who voted and played along!


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To be Continued!


  1. Great story and cliff hanger! Your photos are so realistic. Peter was quick to point the finger back at Luke! Ha!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! And he sure was! Peter knows he's a screw up but with Luke he's always trying too hard and it backfires.

  2. Poor Willow! Peter is indeed a Dick! I am so invested in this story, I sometimes forget they are not real people! You do have a way of bringing your dolls to life! Can't wait to see what the envelope says!

    1. HI Phyllis!
      Yes, it's sad that they didn't work out but I think it's best they part ways it seems Peter has no intentions of apologizing for his man whore ways.
      I can't wait to reveal it's results!!! ^_^

  3. Luke have gone all "adult responisble man & good daddy" on Peter, poor guy, have to listen to this crap. Seems like Luke, after fucking up his life is ready to destroy the lifes of his friends.
    So Peter got vascetomy after Luke got Rufus pregnant? Very good choice, in opposition to Luke, who should have his driving license taken away for being reckless little punk (we have such saying in Poland, if you will get a few girls knocked up you should have your driving license taken away, because if you are such irresponsible you can kill someone while driving), Peter is responsible and intelligent guy who is learning from friend's mistakes and is doing everything that is possible to avoid them. Clever guy. Luke seems to be a bit thick, he's repeating same mistakes and never learning - he fucked without any protecting and get Rufus pregnant - any other guy would learn from this, but not him - he did exactly the same thing with Laura.

    Peter is definitely not ready to lead a daddy life, and good for him, why destroy something what is already good for something definitely worse? He doesn't even seem to be ready for a husband/long time boyfriend life, I don't understand why is Luke trying to talk him in the relationship with Willow again. She's clearly not the right girl for Peter, she's trying to change him. She should search for a Luke beta, get marry, have babies,lead her conformist lifestyle and stay away from the men like Peter - guys who just want to live their lives on their own rules.

    1. I agree Peter has taken responsibility by choosing to have a vasectomy. He knows he's not ready for kids and possibly never will be. I think most men don't want a vasectomy because the idea frightens them. With Peter I think an unwanted child frightened him more. lol! Which is fine, his body, his choice.

      Willow is not trying to change him, Peter was never honest with her so he let her assume they had a future in that aspect. Peter should have just been honest with her from the beginning, but he enjoyed her company and her brownies a little too much. I think he was selfish in that way because he knew if he told her the truth that it would be over. But that doesn't matter anymore, they are definitely over now and Peter can go back to being a bachelor and not have to worry about being tied down.

      As for Luke he's happy being a responsible adult, lol! Nothing wrong with it, most men do prefer to settle down eventually.

  4. Also Peter was pretty bold to chase behind Willow in the buff with
    Hannah's uhmm essence still all over him! He better be glad she didn't set that crap on fire! Lol.

    1. Ahahahaha! Yes he was lucky that Willow didn't go after him like that, but she's not one to turn to violence she's more peace n love kinds gal.
      I think it just goes to show too how big of an ego Peter has that he stands there flaunting himself in that way. Definitely best these two broke up.

  5. Great story! I love all the wonderful details. And Hannah posing in the MTM body is perfect.

    I agree 100% with jewel snake. I applaud Peter for knowing exactly who he is. He enjoys being a man-whore. He is being very responsible by not leaving a string of babies in his wake. I, too, am surprised that Luke would be trying to get him to stay with Willow. That would be disastrous. Clearly Peter doesn't want any children and Willow trying to force him to have a reversal and have kids isn't the right way to go. Not for someone like Peter. Luke should be trying to convince Willow to spend her time finding a great guy, who wants some of the same things she wants in life. Luke is doing both Peter and Willow a disservice.

    1. Hi Vanessa!
      So glad you enjoyed the story, this one was a lot to get through with the different scenes and dialogue. I really like Hannah much better now on the MTM body
      I agree Peter took the bull by the horns by choosing to have a vasectomy, especially if he wants to just sleep around. I think too Peter had everyone a bit fooled, he didn't start to panic till Willow moved in. So Luke just wants him to figure out what he wants and be careful. I think Laura will help Willow move on they're pretty close now. But Luke needs to heed his own advice now after that envelope has turned up. Cause Laura is not gonna be happy if he's keeping secrets...

  6. I hope Willow holds to her word and just leaves Peter alone. I'm glad Hannah isn't the type to like being the side chick. Too many of those in the world. Luke was stupid for not opening that envelope. So regardless of the outcome of what's in the envelope, I hope Laura gives him hell to pay for not opening it. All of that time claiming to rebuild the relationship and still he left something big and still potentially life changing sitting there. Shame on him!

    1. Hi Jaye!
      I don't think Willow will want anything to do with Peter's definitely over. Yeah Hannah is not into being someone's piece on the side, as much as she likes having a good time she has her limits, too.
      As for Luke we will find out the truth very soon! And why he never opened it.

  7. This was awesome! In Peter's defense... I thought it was over too. I guess because I was raised to be very clear with people so there's no misunderstandings. However...get the keys back! LOL...

    The more I watch Peter's character, the more I think he wasn't compatible with Willow. She's seems sweet but (like a lot of us) emotional. Peter needs a real ball buster type chick. Someone that has him guessing and calls him on his sh@t without the tears. He needs to have his heart strings tugged on a bit. He doesn't seem to know how to navigate a woman who takes control without being controlling. It'll be tough but...there's a doll out there for him. ;-)

    1. Hi Tracy!
      Yeah I agree but then again Peter could have not been to willing to jump into bed with another woman so soon... And yes he needs to get the keys back! Before she goes and does something crazy! Lol!

    2. Hit enter too quickly hehe! She is emotional and the longer we spend time with a man the more emotionally attached we women get lol! I think for now he just needs to stay single, and maybe one day he'll find his match! :)

  8. Whew1 What an episode! Luke is so very fine to look at! I am like Phylis I keep forgetting they are not alive! I think it has something to do with the poses you put them in like with Luke sitting with Peter and his arm on the back of the chair. The chain on Peters pants is cool. The love scene is sizzling! Coco's hair is awesome! Who is she...Carrie from Sex and the City? All in all you did it again. Cant wait until the next episode!

    1. Hi Grandmommy! Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it all! It's definitely challenging to put them in those poses especially since kens are limits in their posing. I made the wallet chains for my boys I love them so much :)
      Lol! Adriana is a phicen doll and so is chris they are some new characters how have came to onesixthavenue town and lol! She does look like Carrie ;-)

  9. WOW....! DANG GINA...... (Martain Lawrence show) G-O-O-D.... EPI
    Peter thinks thats what he wants, but wait til Willow falls in love, marries & have a kid. He will regret his decision! Hey but knowing what you want is a good thing.
    Luke oooooh.... Luke what know.

    1. Hi Ladonna!
      Lol! I can totally hear Martin's voice! Hehe...So glad you enjoyed it! Yeah Peter is pretty adamant about not wanting the family lifestyle and maybe that is best for him and his huge ego :) yeah Luke is in for it now!

  10. Holy Smokies! Peter is definitely an ass for doing that to Willow. I think that he is scared to tell people how he feels which leads to a bigger problem. Obviously the test results are bad for Luke to react like he did so i'm guessing Ruby was Lukes daughter ...oh the shade of it all! Great episode!

    1. Hi Will!
      Yeah he's an ass alright! And he's not good at the whole letting out your emotions thing So right now it's best that he stay single and not break another girls heart... Glad you enjoyed it!

  11. Shut the front door... This was awesome!!!! I can't wait for the continuation of the saga!!!