Friday, April 22, 2016

What's In The Envelope?!...

This episode is rated R for adult language and content.
  So the results are in and it's time to reveal the truth about the envelope! Whoohoo! Let's get started...
So, picking up right where we left off with Luke and Peter eating lunch at Bull Tavern and Luke has just realized that, Laura will open the envelope and read the results of the paternity test.
Luke scoots his butt out of the booth as he 
speaks to Peter.
 *Luke* "Shit! We need to leave! I need to get home now!..."
 *Peter* "Can't I just finish my burger first?..."
 *Luke* "Bring it with you..."
 Luke gets up and pulls out his wallet, leaving some 
cash on the table to pay his tab.
*Peter* "Awww, C'mon just give me five minutes..."
*Luke* "I don't have fucking five minutes! She could be
opening it right now! And the longer I take the more her little red
head will fume...So let's go!"
*Peter* "Why are you so fucking antsy? I thought Ruby
wasn't your kid?"
*Luke* "Just grab your shit so we can go!..."
Then Luke turns to wave to Aric at the bar, letting him know 
he's leaving. Peter then quickly swigs down his beer 
and grabs his burger, following Luke out the door.


Back at Luke and Laura's house Willow has handed over the envelope and Laura opens it immediately, she is hoping it says that Luke is not the father. As much as she understands that this happened before she knew Luke, the fact that he has chosen to ignore this makes her livid. How can he be so careless! She feels her body shaking with nervousness and adrenaline...
 *Laura* "It says DNA was a positive match!..."
Luckily Michelle is there to help her look over the papers, being a lawyer she has seen and read them before. Willow looks on in curiosity, she remembers Thanksgiving day when Ruby came into the bar and clutched onto Luke's leg. 
She had just started dating Peter and was so happy...
 *Michelle* "Yeah, it does...and if you look down here.
It shows you why..."
 Laura looks up at Michelle, she's starting to
 freak out a bit...
*Laura panicking* "Oh my gawd! Does this mean
 he's her father?!..."
*Michelle* "Ummm...."
Michelle is about to respond when Luke and Peter 
come bursting in...
 *Luke* "Michelle....don't answer that! Let me explain it to her..."
Michelle looks a little annoyed but steps back an lets Luke speak. She knows the truth after looking at the paper so, she wants to see if he'll give it to her straight, but Laura is the one to speak first she is so mad at him for never opening the envelope!
*Laura* "How could you be so stupid and never open this! If she's your daughter
 Luke you should be taking responsibility and not running from it!..."
*Luke* "Babe...Just let me explain..."
 Laura gets she can look him straight in the eyes.
*Laura* "Explain what? How can you stand there lie to me again?!...
How long have you known she's your child?"
Luke leans in, raising his voice in response back to her.
  *Luke* " LAURA, SHE'S NOT MY KID!!!"
 *Laura* "Why should I believe you?!..."
*Michelle* "He's right, Laura...Luke is not Ruby's father."
*Laura shakes her head* "I...I don't understand...But the DNA?..."
*Luke takes in a deep breath* "This is what the lab tech told Hayden and I....The
 DNA is a close match because we share the same FATHER,  Babe!..."
*The girls collectively gasp* "Oh my gawd!"
Even Michelle, who knew some of it by just glancing at the paper, 
but to hear it out loud is another.
While Peter who was also listening freaks out.
*Peter* "Holy fuck, mind blown!...."
All the while imitating his head exploding.
Laura continues to stand there in shock, she was so sure
 that Luke was the father.
*Laura* "What?!, oh my gawd! And you're sure of this?"
*Luke* "I was assured that those are the results...That was
just my copy to keep."
Luke points to the envelope.
Peter too is reeling from this new piece of news.
*Peter* "That means she's your little sister!..."
*Luke* "I know!..."
*Peter* "Talk about keeping it in the family...Shit!"
*Laura* "Peter, little ears!..."
*Peter* "Oh! Sorry..." 
Then Peter locks eyes with Willow, who's been sitting 
quietly there on the couch. He can see the hurt and anger in her eyes, everything from this morning too fresh in her memory.
Then he looks away turning his attention back
 to Luke and Laura. Laura is still upset, and rightfully so. Luke could have told her this, and all this time he chose to keep it to himself, why?
 *Laura* "Luke, I'm your wife...why can't you just tell me these things, 
why would I be upset if she's your sister? I don't get it..."
 Luke scratches the top of his head...

*Luke* "I....It's not something I like to talk about or think about..."
Then Peter recalls something that happened years ago and 
he knows now why Luke doesn't want to say anything.
 *Peter* "Oh shi...I mean...I know! Vegas! Right?..."
 Luke turns to look at Peter, his eyes saying everything, of course he's talking about Vegas it's the only time he's ever seen his father his whole adult life.
 *Laura* "Vegas?!....I thought you haven't seen your father since you 
were a kid! How would she know where to find him?..."
*Luke* "Because the last time I saw him I was with Rufus..."
While the three of them are talking Michelle and Willow 
just listen, both sucked in by this bit of juicy info.
   *Laura* "So is that where you dad lives? In Vegas?..."
 *Luke* "The last time I saw him yeah..."
*Laura* "So she's met your father..."
*Luke* "Um...yeah she's met my father..."
*Peter while clearing his throat* "AAhhhem!! Trailertrash!!!"
 *Michelle* "Now we're all really dying to know!..."
*Laura* "Just come out and say it, Luke..."
 *Luke* "Yes! Okay?! Rufus and my dad hooked up that night!...But that's
 not when she got pregnant!"
*Laura* "So what's the big deal? Did you have a threesome with
Rufus and your father?!"
*Luke* "What?!...No!..."
*Laura* "Did you think I would be mad cause she's met your Dad
and I haven't?"
*Luke wondering at bit* "Are you?..."
 *Laura* "Yeah I kinda am..."
"Luke tries to reassure her* "Babe, he's not worthy to meet you, I know he's my Dad but after what happened between the 3 of us.....I...I just wouldn't want him to think that I'm okay with that, with you....because I'm not."
*Laura* "Okay with what?..."
Then Peter turns to face Luke him and Michelle realize
 that these two need their privacy now. 
So it's time for them to go.
*Peter* "I need to get back to work..."
*Luke* "Yeah, sure, do you need me to take you back?"
*Peter* "Naw, man...I'll hit up Uber for that...Hey don't forget 
practice at the club this weekend..."
While Luke talks to Peter Laura checks up on Willow, the emotion between Luke and Laura got to her a bit, everything with her and Peter is still too new and the fact that he's standing there in the same room has her wondering how this will work when they are both friends with the same married couple.
*Laura* "Hey are you okay?..."
*Willow* "I'm trying...Kinda hard when he's like 6 feet away from me,
but I'm trying my best to pretend he's not here..."
*Laura* "Awwww, Sweetie, I would have gladly kicked him out,
I'm sorry I just got so distracted by this letter..."
 *Willow* "No it's okay, I think I'm gonna have to get used to seeing
him sometimes if we stay friends..."
*Laura* "Yeah, that is true...Oh! I'm so mad at him for hurting you!"
*Willow* "Another time, you've got your own stuff to deal with, I'll call you later."
*Laura* "Okay..."
As Willow gets her things so she can go, Michelle has let
 Phoenix down to go play with his toys, 
so she can talk to Laura...
 *Michelle* "You want me to stay?..."
*Laura* "Oh,'s fine...Thanks for helping me figure out
this paperwork,  though."
 *Michelle* "I guess you're relieved he's not Ruby's father?"
*Laura* "Um, yeah....I am but I guess I would have been okay otherwise..."
 Luke stops Willow at the door.
*Luke* "Hey, just give him a second to get down the street and catch his ride...
And I'm sorry he hurt you, I thought that maybe he was past
all that kinda shit already..."
*Willow* "You don't have to apologize for him... I'll be alright.
At least I found out now, rather than later..."
*Peter* "Yeah, you're right..."
 Willow leaves then shortly after so does Michelle. 
Luke closes the door behind them and walks back towards Laura.
*Laura* "So are you gonna tell me the rest?..."
Luke walks the rest of the way up to her and 
points to the couch.

 Laura sits down and then Luke takes his place 
next to her on the couch.
 *Laura* "I'm waiting..."
 *Luke takes a deep breath* "Um...Okay, so it was our last night there, and
 Rufus remembered me telling her that my Dad lived in Vegas.
 *Laura* "So how come you've never told me this before?...I just don't
understand why you'd think I'd be mad about it."
*Luke* "Because I don't want you to feel like you need to meet him just because Rufus did..."
*Laura* "What's wrong with me meeting him?"
*Luke* "Because he's not a good man Laura...and I don't want him around you."
 Phoenix comes over with his toys looking for some attention both of them are so preoccupied with each other they don't respond right away...
 *Laura* "How long ago did this all happen?"
*Luke* "Oh, I don't know like a year before I left her...
 She was bored, and decided to look him up. I really didn't want to but you
know how she gets when she puts her mind to something...
So she called him, convinced him to come party with us and before I know
 it he was there in our hotel suite..."
Luke pauses for a moment...
*Laura* "And?..."
*Luke* "I'm getting there....So he shows up with some people, biker type...
at first it seems cool, he seems cool, we all start drinking and doing lines."
*Laura* "Who brought the drugs?"
After Laura doesn't respond Phoenix tries to 
gets Luke's attention.
*Luke* "He did. He brought the whole party...exactly what Rufus wanted..."
*Laura* "So what is he, a drug dealer?...Is that why you don't want him around?"
Laura reaches out to pick up Phoenix, he's now getting fussy, it's getting to be past his nap time.
 *Luke* "Um...Yeah I don't know he's definitely not on the up and up when it comes to making money. The reason I really don't want you around him, as if that's not reason enough, is that he is manipulative and he knows how to get what he wants. That night he came in
 determined to nail Rufus and he did.
*Laura* "But your relationship with her was different...I would never..."
*Luke stops her* "Yeah, but he just came in and took what he wanted, he didn't care that I was his son, or that she and I were together. He has no boundaries,  he just does whatever the fuck he wants, Babe!...That's why I don't like to talk about him, he didn't give a shit about me, that night was all about him profiting from that party that Rufus wanted. You and Phoenix are the only family I need. I love you and he has no place in our lives even if he is Ruby's father.
That's between him and Rufus not me. "
*Laura* "Luke, if he is this bad of a person wouldn't you want Ruby to be safe and raised away from any of that? What if he takes her away from Rufus? She's just a small child..."
*Luke* "I knew you'd feel that way, Rufus can afford to keep Ruby safe and I
don't think he knows about her much less cares either..."
*Laura* "Ruby is such a sweet little girl, I just hope Rufus keeps her safe..."
*Luke* "I know she is, but my priority is keeping you and our son safe..."
Luke turns to look at Phoenix he's never loved something or someone as much as he loves his son and if that means 
Phoenix will never know his grandfather then so be it...
*Luke* "You're looking sleepy little man?...You
need to take a nap."
*Phoenix* "No! No...swleep!!! Da-Da! Airopwane! Airopwane!"
Laura is still thinking over what Luke just told her...
*Laura* "So your just gonna leave it at that then?.."
*Luke* "I think for now that's the best thing to do, I don't want him or Rufus back
 in our and lives and there's no reason for us to get involved...."
*Phoenix* "Da-Da! Airopwane! Airopwane!"
*Luke* "Airplane?!  You want to fly huh?!..."
Luke scoops him up and Phoenix smiles...
*Luke* "You like that don't you?..."
Phoenix giggles, and Luke lifts him up and down several times and flies him back and forth. While Laura quietly watches them. Luke is so good with him despite not having his own father, and after what she learned today it's probably best he wasn't raised by him.
*Laura* "Okay you two, time to break it up..."
*Luke* "Mama says it's your nap time..."
 *Phoenix* "Noooooo!!!"
 He gives Phoenix a quick kiss then Luke hands him off
 to Laura and he begins to fuss.
 *Luke* "I'm gonna take off and get a few things done at the shop before we open tomorrow.
I'll be back by dinner time..."
 *Laura* "Okay..."
Laura gets up and and wrangles with a fussy Phoenix.
 Before she can get to the stairs Luke stops her.
 *Luke* "Babe?..."
Laura stops and turns to look at him.
*Laura* "Yeah?..."
 *Luke* "I hope you're not too mad at me for never telling you any of this. I know I should have but at the time I was too afraid to, and we were still trying to work through our own problems..."
*Laura* "I'm fine...We'll talk more later. I need to get him
down before it's really too late."
 Later that same Monday evening, Laura is finishing cleaning up the kitchen while Luke puts Phoenix to bed.
 He has now come downstairs to check on her.
 *Luke* "Phoenix is asleep...You coming to bed? You've been down here for awhile."
*Laura* "Just trying to get this kitchen tidied up...."
She continues to scrub the wooden kitchen island 
as hard as she can.
*Luke* "Babe? You okay? You usually start deep cleaning when
something is really bothering you. You still mad at me?" *Laura* "It's just I thought we were past all the secrets...why didn't you tell me
this when we were in counseling?"
 *Luke* "I told you why I didn't want to say anything...and I'm sorry. I know I should have..."
 *Laura* "I was ready to accept if she was yours but the lying and the secrets is what gets to me...Do you really think that I would hate you for stuff that happened in the past? I thought we went through all this already....Luke, I love you and nothing has changed that....I just want to be able to look at you and know that you're not holding back..."
 Luke unexpectedly pulls her in, catching Laura a little by surprise, he kisses her forehead, holding her there for a second, then pulls away.
*Luke* "You're right, and I'm sorry I betrayed your trust again, and I swear that
was the last thing I wanted to do. But at the time all I wanted was for Rufus to be gone.  If she knew I knew that could have caused an issue and so I didn't want anyone to know. There was just too many reasons not to tell you at the time."
 *Laura* "But that's just it, I don't want you to be ashamed, embarrassed, or forced into a corner not to tell me anything, I'm your wife for better or for worse remember? I know that's not how it was when you were with Rufus. She's very petty and I can see why you held back sometimes but I will never do that! I mean goodness she went and had a child with your father because you wouldn't give her what she wanted!"
Luke reaches up brushing her hair back...
*Luke* "So does this mean you forgive me again?...
 *Laura* "Yes Luke...I forgive you...What happened is not worth fighting over and naturally I'm a little upset but I know you were just doing what you could to hold on to me at the time...I have to
think I might have done the same if I was in your place..."

Luke kisses her relieved she's not too upset about it all.
*Luke* "I swear I don't deserve you..."
The End! 

So the mystery of the envelope is now resolved. Hope you all enjoyed! The votes were so very close with only a handful more voting for Luke to not be the father.


  1. Well, isn't this a strange turn of events! I am glad that Luke wasn't the father. The fact that Ruby is SISTER is drama enough! Laura took it pretty well after they talked it out. Poor Luke, he did come from quite the disfunctional family, didn't he?! I can understand why he wouldn't want a relationship with his father.Great story as usual! Thanks for letting us vote!

    1. Hi Phyllis!
      It sure is! Luke being the father would have definitely complicated things, but yes, Ruby being his half sister is crazy enough!!! lol! Yes, Luke did have quite a dysfunctional childhood, and so did Peter that's why the got along so well...Yeah, he really doesn't want anything to do with his Father, and rightly so...Glad you enjoyed it ^_^

  2. You really had me there with the DNA being positive. I really thought they were about to walk a different path. I'm glad Ruby isn't his daughter though. It's cool Laura would have been okay with it, but that would have opened up a whole can of worms with Rufus.

    Great episode.

    1. Hi Jaye!
      I was trying to string y'all along as long as I could, lol! I think it's good she is not his child. I think at first Laura would have been okay but things might have gotten strained over time...

  3. OMG! Ruby is Luke's half-sister by his ex-girlfriend...eww.

    1. Ahahahaha! Yep! Crazy right?!
      Soap opera drama for sure! ^_^

    2. Lol More like a Jerry Springer moment!

  4. Thank youuu for not making Luke Ruby's father and making it a whole lot better story instead! ��

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!! :))))

    2. On the second thought, i think it's good that Peter got vasectomy, otherwise, Luke might gonna have another step sister from his mom and Peter. Toooooo crayyyyzeee! Hahahaha..

    3. I lol'd so hard on that one! Yes it's good he's had a vasectomy! Luke doesn't even know about his Mother and Peter that's bad enough! Lol!

  5. Next they're gonna take in Ruby as their own because Rufus can't take care of her right? Would make an interesting story, what with them trying to get pregnant again.

    1. I don't know, we'll see! I agree it would definitely make for good story telling ^_^
      Last thing Laura would want is to be pregnant again and have Rufus around, oh lawd!

  6. Wow, what a twist! Luke's father is interesting! I can't wait for you to introduce him. I love this couple, so I am very happy to see them getting past another hurdle.

    1. Hi Georgia Girl!
      I am glad they are past this hurdle too! As for Luke's dad, we may see him in the near future! ^_^

  7. YES........ Luke you are not Ok, ok ......:) I only hope lil Ruby will be ok. Great story & shots sooo good!

    1. Hehe! So glad you enjoyed it! yes I hope too that Ruby will be okay! She's a darling little girl ^_^

  8. Oh yes! I can live with this! His sister! :D I agree with Poppies, this is even better this way!

    Now let´s bring the daddy into this story! I know he´s on his way! Loving all this!

    1. Hi Susanna! I' so glad you enjoyed it! hehe! Oh I know you can't wait to see him! ^_^