Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Halloween at The Tomb...

So Halloween crept up and got away from me real fast, lol! I was bummed I didn't get to take too many pics of the dolls this year but we did have a fun Halloween. I hope y'all all did too.
So to undertand some of what is going on in this episode you might want to read this one first. It was series I posted on IG and decided to post it here too.

Peter and the neighbor 

It's last Monday night on All Hallow's Eve and the nightclub "The Tomb" is packed with party goers dressed in costumes for this festive night....
 And the song that is playing at the moment...

Maroon 5-It Was Always You 

 Everyone is enjoying the music and completely entranced by it, 
swaying arms and dancing in their costumes.
Even super model Katya is here, she is accompanied by her 
supermodel boyfriend Philip, and her best friend Dominique.
The girls scream and go wild when the lead singer looks in their direction. He's a handsome fella and resembles a quite 
famous real life singer, lol!
Luke, Shaun, and Amari are hanging out around one table, they did the opening set for this band. And now they relax a bit have a few drinks.  Laura stayed home with their son, being six months pregnant a nightclub is not the best place for her. So Luke went stag.
*Amari* "So how did Phoenix enjoy going trick or treating?.."
*Luke* "Oh he picked up on the context real quick. He was throwing a fit when
 I left cause he wanted more candy. It was the first time he's ever had any."
*Shaun laughs* "Hahaha! Little man's got a sweet tooth now!..."
Earlier that evening, Luke and Laura took Phoenix trick or treating for the first time in their neighborhood. They went early before it got dark and have just came back home. Laura is getting ready for the wave of more trick or treaters.
 *Laura* "I'm gonna put some of this candy Phoenix got to give out. He's too little 
to eat most of this anyways..."
*Luke* "Okay...Babe..."
*Phoenix* "Dadda! Can-dy!"
*Luke* "Yummmmmy! It's good isn't it?...You gonna share that?"
*Laura* "Luke don't let him have too much of that lollipop. He's really 
not supposed to be eating hard candy."
*Luke* "I know, Babe...I'm watching him..."
Then Phoenix tilts the big 'ol lollipop towards Luke's mouth and Luke chomps down like a big monster making sounds grunting and playing like the lollipop is so yummy.
 *Luke* "Nom!...Nom!...Nom!...HmmHmmm! That lollipop was good but I bet 
little dragons taste even better!..And I betcha they're ticklish too!"
 Luke tilts Phoenix back and goes in to tickle him. Phoenix giggles and wiggles and ends up dropping the big lollipop onto the floor.
*Phoenix* "Candy! My Candy!..."
*Luke* "Candy?! Who needs candy when we've got the claw!!! The claw!!! Argh!.."
Phoenix squeals and giggles as Luke tickles him. Trying to 
wiggle away and fight Daddy off at the same time.
 *Laura* "Luke let him catch his breath...He probably feels like he's had the
 wind knocked out of him."
 Luke puts him down and picks up the dirty lollipop, handing it to Laura. She sets it on the table next to her while she continues to sort the candy. Phoenix hasn't forgotten about his candy and wants it back. Daddy's tactic to distract him only worked so long. So Phoenix is now climbing the chair to get to his candy.
*Luke* "So you plan to pass out candy, then?
*Laura* "Yeah I do. Did you happen to notice the gaggle of moms staring in your direction? All of them undressing you with their eyes! Ugh! And me looking fat and frumpy, all them probably wondering why you're married to me..."
 Meanwhile Phoenix has just about conquered the chair. It was a bit of a struggle in his costume but he finally got himself up there.
 *Phoenix* "Mama! Candy!..."
 Luke sidles up next to her and kisses her softly. He knows Laura can't help but feel that way, it's always been a struggle for her to see how other women react to his presence. Especially now as she approaches her third trimester. He also knows too that she's the only one for him and she has nothing to worry about.
 *Luke smiles* "Awwww...Babe, you know you're the only woman I have eyes for...
And you're sexy as fuck right now..."
*Laura* "Have you looked at my belly lately? And all the stretch marks?!"
 *Luke* "Yeah I have and I love all of you, Babe... that's my son you're carrying." 
Phoenix attempts to pull the bowl of candy closer while to two are distracted by each other.
*Luke continues*  "Besides, You know why they're staring at you like that?.."
 *Laura smiles a little* "Why?..."
*Luke* "Cause they know that's my baby you're carrying and their standing there wishing it was them...But what they don't know is that I'm the lucky one, Babe...They have no idea how much of a wonderful woman you are." 
 Laura smiles, and Luke kisses her again. Sending a warm tingling sensation through her body. He is right, she is just being a little hormonal which is normal, but she feels better now. 
Luke can see that too.
Laura swats Phoenix's hand away from the bowl.
 *Phoenix* "Ma! Ma! Candy!..."
 *Laura* 'No, Pumpkin...that's it. This candy is for other trick or treaters."
 *Phoenix squeals* "Noooo! Mine! My candy! Gimme my candy Mamma!..."
 Luke drops his voice lower and scolds Phoenix
 for throwing a fit.
 *Luke* "Phoenix! Mamma said no more, candy!"
 Phoenix looks up at Luke. Dad hardly gets mad at him but when he hears that deep voice, it makes him take notice a little.
 *Phoenix sobs it out this time* "Dadda, my candy?..."
*Luke* "Mama has your candy in that bag, Phoenix..."
Laura taps her hand on the bag.
 *Laura* "Yes, your candy is in here, Pumpkin. You can have one more 
piece tomorrow but that is it for today."
After that tantrum was derailed a little, Luke turns to face Laura. 
He's gotta go play with his band tonight at Peter's nightclub. 
Laura is staying home with Phoenix.
 *Luke* "Babe, I better take off..."
*Laura* "Okay...Have fun and tell everyone I said Hello."
Luke leans in to kiss his wife goodbye and Phoenix reaches
 on tippy toes to get to the bowl of candy.
This little dragon is gonna find himself in more trouble 
if he doesn't listen.

The next song to play is...

Meanwhile across the dance floor, Peter is stumbling through Hannah helping him to walk straight. Leave it to Peter to be 
drunk as a skunk already...
Hannah looks up at him catching his eyes through the mask...
*Hannah* "So you want me to come back to your place 
after my shift at the bar?..."
She can't really see his reaction through the mask 
but she can hear his voice.
*Peter's muffled voice* "You have to work?..."
*Hannah* "Yes! I told you that earlier, I got to work the closing shift...So
 do you wanna see me later?..."
*Peter* "Oh?!...Uh...yeah whatever..."
Peter and Hannah make it over to the table and Amari gives her a slight glare she and all the other girls don't like Hannah. She only hangs out with Peter cause it's convenient for her.
*Hannah* "Hey Amari, I love your costume..."
*Amari with sarcasm* "MmmmHmmm...Yeah me too."
Peter pats Luke firmly on the back...And yells loudly over the music.
*Peter* "You fucking killed it out there, you ready to
 do some touring?..."
*Luke* "You know I can't tour right now!..."
*Peter* "Well this band wants us to open for them, that could lead to bigger opportunities!..."
*Luke* "I thought we all agreed that this was just a hobby!...You know 
I don't want to leave my wife and kid!.."
The two continue to shout back and forth at each other till Hannah tells Peter she needs to go and that she'll see him later.
Peter shouts out one more time at Luke...
*Peter* "I'm going to the back for a smoke!..."
Luke nods and stays to hang out with Shaun and Amari and 
enjoy the music with the rest of the crowd.
The next song to play is...

Maroon 5- Animals

Before Peter can make his escape, he is stopped 
by a familiar voice.
*Shelby-Lynn* "Hey, Peter!..."
Peter quickly spins around when he hears her voice....
*Peter* "Shelb, what the fuck are you doing here?! Isn't it a school 
night for you?..."
She giggles that little laugh that made him think 
she was an innocent little virgin.
*Shelby-Lynn* "It's Halloween silly...I'm here to party all night and 
hope maybe you'll join me."
*Peter* "Well party all you want but without me, you and I cannot happen again..."
*Shelby-Lynn pouts* "But I thought we had fun that day?...
She she sidles up closer to him, touching his chest.
*Shelby-Lynn continues* "Didn't you like fucking me?..."
*Peter* "Fucking you?! As I recall, you were the one doing all the work, 
you had me tied up."
*Shelby-Lynn* "Oh come on, you know you liked it...Maybe this 
time you can tie me up?..."
She bats her eyelashes at him and smiles, while a soft giggle comes through her parted lips. The girl is good. She knows how to get to Peter and it's working. Peter grabs her by the arm and
 turns her, her body resting against his.
*Peter* "You'd like that wouldn't you?!...You'd like to think I'd fall for your fucking game again?..."
Shelby-Lynn closes her eyes and takes in his scent, Peter is tantalizing and amazingly sexy. He brings out the beast in her and now that she has had a taste of him, she is hungry for more.
*Shelby-Lynn* "From your rigid stance I'd say you have...So why don't you take me 
somewhere so I can help you with that..."
*Peter* "The only place you're going is home! You shouldn't even be here..."
*Shelby-Lynn* "Oooo! Even better, yes take me home, 
good thing we're neighbors huh?..."
*Peter* "No, you're going home, I'm staying here..."
*Shelby-Lynn* "Oh I get it now...You haven't told anyone about us, and how I tied you up and had my way with you. Did you have to lie about the bruise on your cheek too?..."
She giggles again...And Peter is baffled by her insanity. His mind is telling him to turn and walk away, but his body is wanting to do another.
*Peter* "No one cares who or what I fuck..."
*Shelby-Lynn* "Oh I think your blond little girlfriend does..."
*Peter* "Hannah is not my girlfriend...Now let's go!"
Peter then has Chris escort Shelby and her friends out of the club, somehow they snuck in, and it was mostly likely fake ID's since all of them are only 18. So Peter finally gets to go outside 
and have that smoke.
 Shaun and Luke have been so busy with their own lives that sometimes Peter feels a tad left out. So smoking a small joint always helps to relax him and forget about life for a moment. Sometimes he wishes he could live a more normal life, but then again he does enjoy being single.
  Things were so good with Willow before everything went to shit. And DAMN he misses her black magic brownies!...She complimented him so well but yet they still couldn't see eye to eye on some things. The side door opens and someone begins to step out from behind it.
At first Peter thinks he's seeing things, then as the figure emerges out of the darkness from the club and into the grainy light of the back alley he sees her more clearly...."
*Peter* "Willow?!..."

*Willow* "Peter?..."
Peter leans out and begins to walk away...
*Peter* "I'm sorry...I'll go. I don't wanna upset you or anything."
*Willow* "Oh!...No, it's fine...I...uh...I just needed some fresh air...But since
you're out here, can I have a hit of that?..."
She points to the joint that is in his hand. Peter blinks,
 thinking he must be hallucinating all of this.
*Peter* "Uh...yeah! sure!..."
Peter hands her the joint and she takes a drag. She closes her eyes and breathes out. Peter can't help but watch her, she's gorgeous from head to toe and one of the sweetest women he's ever been with.
*Willow* "Damn! This is good shit, you always have the good stuff..."
*Peter smiles* "You know I smoke nothing but the best, Babe..."
She smiles at him, and Peter thinks, shit! I shouldn't have 
 called her that...So he changes the subject.
  *Peter* "Came back to see your favorite band again?..."
*Willow smiles at him* "Yeah, they're just so awesome. I really do enjoy seeing them live...."
 Willow passes back the joint then continues talking.

*Willow* "Y'all did great tonight too. Your sound is really coming together, and Luke's voice....
Wow!...Ya'll got any groupies following you yet?..."
 Peter grabs the joint and responds to her question. He's still kinds in shock she's standing here talking to him after the hellish shit he put her through. But Willow was always a forgiving spirit, 
she tries to see the best in people.
 *Peter* "Thanks...Um yeah a few, it's been going good for us so far....I don't
 recall seeing you out in the crowd earlier."
 *Willow* "Yeah, we showed up a little later, y'all were already on your last song, I think..."
 *Peter* "We...means you came with Nathan?..."
*Willow sighs* "Yeah, I did..."
*Peter* "So how come you're out here and not in there with him?..."
He passes the joint back to her and she takes another 
drag, then speaks...
*Willow sighs* "I'm a fool Peter....I should have never got back with Nathan..."
She passes the joint back again...There was a reason she came out here to be alone and now she's about pour her heart out to the man that broke it. Then again Peter was always easy to talk to most of the time, and he's easy on the eyes, especially when his full attention is on you and you just cannot help but be caught up in it all.

*Peter* "No you're not. I'm the fool for ever letting you walk out of my life...I was
a fucking asshole and you never deserved to be treated that way."
He lifts the joint to his mouth and sucks in. 
Shit! He thinks, I am an idiot! Look at her standing here?! 
She's a fucking goddess!
*Willow* "Yeah you were, but I still should have never went back to Nathan. I'm an idiot for thinking it would work between us. Shit! I cringe now at the thought of having children with him...
Why am I so weak for a man to love me?!"
She begins to break down, maybe Peter is not the best person to be telling all this to, but then again maybe he is. Peter grew up in a volatile household, no one ever knew who or what would set his father off. Peter hated the man, and swore to himself he would never be like him, and it's one of the main reasons why he never wants to have kids.
*Peter* "Fuck, Willow! Is that son of a bitch, hurting you?!...You know I won't stand here and take that shit. My father was an abusive drunk...Is he inside? I'm gonna kick his fucking ass!..."
Peter leans forward to walk towards the door and Willow 
puts her hands up stopping him.
 *Willow* "Peter, no! There's no need for violence. He's not hurting me, we're just fighting way too much lately, I dunno...I'm sorry I should not be telling you any of this it's none of your business...
You know what I should go."
Peter pauses trying to find a reason for her stay out here with him. Talking to her these last few minutes made him really realize how much he wishes he hadn't screwed things up.
 *Peter* "Willow, wait...don't..."
 *Willow* "Peter...
But before she can get past his name, Peter leans in pressing her against the brick wall and kisses her. Willow responds back pulling his body closer against hers and taking the kiss a little deeper.

As the two continue to kiss, Peter drops the joint that was 
in his hand and lets it fall to the ground then
 pulls off his mask tossing it down.
 Next to go is Willow's witch hat, Peter pulls it down off her head, both continuing to kiss each other intensely
 Until they finally pull away to catch their breath...Peter stares into her pale ice blue eyes. Her eyes, her pale alabaster skin, and jet black hair is what made him notice her that day they first met in the grocery store.
 Willow whispers out his name, still reeling from their kiss.
 *Peter* "Gawd you're beautiful!..So fucking gorgeous!..."
 *Willow blushes a tad* "Peter...I....This..."
But before she can form a sentence Peter speaks. 
*Peter* "This can't be a mistake, Babe...We ran into each
other for a reason..."
 *Willow* "Peter, you don't really believe that?...Do you?"
 *Peter* "Maybe not, but I do know I've been fucking miserable without you..."
 *Willow* "So miserable that you've stopped fucking that slut Hannah?..."
 *Peter* "Oh come on, you know you came here tonight hoping you would see me...
you know I come out here for a smoke sometimes, don't fucking deny that, Babe."
He's right, Willow knew there was a very good chance he'd be out here.  All the good times she's had with Nathan wouldn't amount to one night of passion with Peter.  Her body is quickly reacting to his touch and Peter knows it. Yes ladies he is that good. Haha!
 *Peter continues* "Your body is betraying you...."
 Peter runs his thumb over her left breast, and Willow's eyes flutter, and she heaves a sigh of pleasure. He pulls back the halter top on her dress exposing that same breast to the cool air, and the touch of his warm hand sends her more into a tizzy.
Most likely these two are a bit high and inebriated, and Peter 
can't help confess how much he misses her. 
*Peter* "Shit hasn't been the same since you left. I miss you. I miss
fucking you....Say it, Babe. Say you want me."
*Willow* "Yes, I want you..."
And the second those words leave her mouth, the two are in a tangle of arms and legs, Peter pulls her leg up, pressing his 
body and his erection against her.

They move and wiggle and get into a more comfortable position. Then when the deed is about to happen, Willow stops him dead in his tracks. No entrance, DENIED!

*Willow* "Peter, stop!..STOP!."
*Peter* "What? Why?..."
*Willow* "This is wrong on so many levels! I can't....I just can't..."
*Peter* "What?! You can't cheat on Nathan, again?...It's me isn't it?"
 *Willow* "No...Yes...No...I gotta go, just forget I ever came out here.
Willow pushes him off her then smooths her dress back down and grabs her witches hat. She's too scared to look back at him and quickly scrambles to get the door open and get away.
Crap! She thinks, I should have never came looking for him...He'll only break your heart again, don't let him. 
And Peter is left there in the lurch with a gawddamn hard on. He thinks to himself as well, Shit! I probably deserved that after all the horrible shit I put her through. He finishes his joint, tosses it down then grinds the remainder into the ground.
 Peter then heads back inside to finish the evening with his friends and later on heads home. None of them knowing what happened that night between him and Willow...

The End!
Thanks so much for tuning in!
I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!


  1. Wellll, Peter! Lots going on! Peter has a lot of irons in the fire, so to speak! As always, you keeping me wanting to come back for more!

  2. Peter it just too much. Willow seems a little confused. Phonix's costume is so cute.

  3. Phoenix's costume is adorable! That candy dish is so realistic. I see we are getting really hot and heavy these days. Hormones, hormones!