Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Peter and The Neighbor....

I posted this story om my "The_Boys_of_OnSixthAvenue" Instagram account about a month ago, and I've decided to post it here as I'd like to add it in with some new story line that I'm working on. So some of you may already have seen this and know what happens! 
Shelby-Lynn is Peter's neighbor from the down the hall. She often borrows records from him. She pushes her glasses back up her nose, nervous tick that she does very often....Since he works odd hours she had waited till late in the morning to come by...

She steps up to the door and takes a deep breath, then knocks...Preparing herself for when Peter answers the door. He makes Shelby-Lynn very nervous...
Peter stumbles out of his bedroom....
*Peter* "Hold on!...I'm Coming!..."
Peter swings the door open to see Shelby-Lynn standing 
there with a nervous smile...He smiles and says hello.
*Peter* "Hey Shelby...What's up?..
Shelby-Lynn thinks to herself....Gah! Why does he have to answer the door in his underwear?! Good Golly Molly! 
She waves nervously at him...
*Shelby-Lynn* "Hi Peter, I...uh just thought I'd stop by and uh maybe swap 
out these records for some other ones?..."
Peter scratches his head...He's still waking up. 
*Peter* "OH! Uh, okay...Come on in then...
So did you enjoy those?"
Shelby-Lynn pushes her glasses back up her nose, but her lenses are steaming up quick, from the flash of heat that just surged through her. Peter is so dreamy and well, it's been awhile for Miss Shelby and her hormones are on high alert!
*Shelby-Lynn* "Ummmm....Thanks! Yes I did. I...I hope I didn't wake you!..."
Then she steps in and makes her way to the stack of records.
Shelby-Lynn scuttles in, grabs a crate of records and sits down....
*Shelby-Lynn* "You have such a great assortment of records, you sure you don't 
mind if I borrow a few more?..."
Peter meanwhile is getting some water.
*Peter* "Borrow whatever you like, I don't mind...I know you'll bring it back."
Shelby-Lynn to herself...Plus it gives me another excuse to come 
inside your apartment. Hehe.
*Shelby-Lynn* "Oh yes! Of course, I'll bring them back...Um you have any ones that you recommend?"
Peter refills his glass of water then walks to 
stand by Shelby's side...
 Peter walks over to where she is sitting, his arm moves up towards the crate of records, inches from her face his scent floating on the air and filling her nostrils. She closes her eyes for a moment and tries not to sigh too loudly. Peter points down to the album cover she is looking at and talks....
*Peter* "That's a good one, if you're into alternative rock, total classic..."
*Shelby-Lynn* "Yes, I remember, when I was a kid my much older big brother 
listened to this album...He's about your age."
Then as soon as she said those last words she regrets it...Thinking to herself. Darn it, Shelbs! You're gonna upset him you doofus!!!
*Peter* "Oh, yeah...How old is your brother?..."
*Shelby-Lynn* "He's 29, well almost 30..."
*Peter* "Uh, okay...uh yeah we're close in age...And how old are you again?..."
*Shelby-Lynn* "I...I'm nine...20! I'm twenty!"
Peter looks a bit skeptical because she was obviously about to say 19!
*Peter* "20, huh?..."
Shelby-Lynn can see it. Crap! She thinks. He knows I just lied! You should have just told him you were 18! He probably knows already and now you look like a huge idiot for lying!
*Shelby-Lynn* "Actually...I'm 18, but I'll be 19 next month!"
Peter almost chokes on his water...
He coughs it out and tries to play it off. He knew she was young but not that young...Damn! No wonder she's always so shy and fucking giddy at the same time, probably still a virgin!
Ah! For fucks sake Peter! Are you insane?! She's  much too young for you and virgins are way too clingy. Yeah but she's got a cute face, and her body! MmmMmmm. Totally fuckable...I bet she bends into a pretzel real nice...Shit! I'm getting a boner just thinking about her...
Then Shelby-Lynn speaks and pulls him out of his thoughts.
*Shelby-Lynn* "Is this a good album?.."
*Peter responds quickly* "Yeah, yeah...Why don't you borrow that one and the
 Green Day for today, I'm sorry I gotta get ready for work Shelb..."


So....It's several day later, and Shelby-Lynn is heading back to Peter's apartment to drop off his records...As she always does when she gets nervous, she pushes her glasses back up her nose and gets ready to knock on Peter's door. Its' so early so she is hoping to catch sight of him in his undies again! 
So she knocks and Peter answers the door almost immediately.
 *Peter* "Hey Shelb, come on in....You wanna swap for some other albums?..."
 *Shelby-Lynn* "If you don't mind...Yes I'd like to. Sorry to come so early."
*Peter* "It's fine. I wasn't sleeping anyways..."
Darn! She thinks to herself...That's what I was hoping for...hehe! Well at least he's shirtless! Ah! Get a hold of yourself Shelb! But I'm so horny I could scream! He's bound to notice this...So Shelby-Lynn walks into the room and sets her bag down on the ottoman.
After she sets her bag down she bends over to get the albums out. Peter stops and stares as soon as he notices...ShaWing!...Peter to himself....FUUUUUUUCK! This chick wants it bad! Gawddamnit Peter?! Then why the fuck haven't you?! Shit! She is begging for dick!
Peter continues to think to himself as he stares down at Shelby-Lynn's derriere...That ass is so fucking round and tight! Shit! Oh hell, this boner is not gonna go away...Then Shelby-Lynn speaks.
*Shelby-Lynn* "I'm so sorry the zipper got a little stuck..."
She continues to fiddle with the bag, Peter manages to pull himself away from his X rated thoughts, imaging her ass pulled up against him as he thrusts into her. Instead he tries to go offer her some help with her bag.
*Peter clears his throat* "Uh...You want some help with that?..."
*Shelby-Lynn* "Oh it's fine I got it, it's just the bag, silly me the zipper always gets stuck.."
Peter cannot help himself but check her out again, then Shelby-Lynn suddenly blurts out "I got it!" And pops straight up, turns around and bumps right into Peter almost knocking them both over.
In her haste she nearly trips on her own feet but Peter quickly catches her, wrapping his hands tightly around her waist and Shelby-Lynn's body pressed up against him...
*Peter* "Don't worry I got ya..."
*Shelby-Lynn* "Sorry...I'm such a klutz..."
*Peter* "You have some really beautiful eyes, Shelb..."
Shelby-Lynn pushes her glasses back up her nose and blushes...
*Shelby-Lynn* "So do you!...And that mouth. I want to kiss it!...and bite it
and make out with it til my lips are raw!..."
Shelby-Lynn freezes, she can't believe she just blurted that out!
 Shelby-Lynn thinks to herself...Oh my gawd! I'm such a loser! I can't believe I just said all that!
*Shelby-Lynn* "You probably think I'm some freak!.."
*Peter* "What?! No of course not...It's cute..."
He turns her face to look at his. All the while Peter thinks to himself, Oh I'm gonna nail this chick! She wants it's bad! Just tread lightly Peter, he reminds himself, she's a bit on edge.
*Peter smiles* "Just be careful...I like to bite back..."
Shelby blushes and Peter goes in to make his move.
Peter goes in the for the kill but Lil' Shelby is not fazed and kisses back just as fiercely.
Peter grabs the albums from her grasp setting them down on the ottoman, they are blocking these two from pressing up against each other and Peter wants to feels her against him.
Both continue to kiss each other like a feeding frenzy just to get a taste of each other, neither realize that they have now moved to the couch.
 Peter is on autopilot his body just going through the motions to get him from point A to point B, which is in between those legs...And the couch is the closest place.
Then suddenly Shelby-Lynn pulls away...Peter thinks to himself..Crap! I pushed this little virgin too hard she's probably freaking out now!
*Shelby-Lynn* "Hold on, I need a minute..."
*Peter* "What's wrong?.."
*Shelby-Lynn* "Nothing, I just need to catch my breath, can you give me a
second and I'll meet you in the bedroom?..."
Peter pauses he thinks she wants to bail on him.
*Peter* "Uh...If you don't want to do this, then I'm not gonna force you. You can go if you want..."
*Shelby-Lynn* "Oh no! It's not like that at all...I just need a minute, my...my inhaler it's in my bag...And I... I'm sorry to kill the mood. Can you wait for me in the bedroom?..
*Peter* "Oh! Oh okay. If you're still game then I am too ,Babe..."
So Shelby goes straight to her bag while Peter ducks into the bedroom...She pauses at the door and takes one more deep breath before turning the knob. Shelby-Lynn comes in and Peter is lying there on the bed. She does that nervous tick again and pushes her glasses back up her nose.
Her excitement is building, she's been wanting to pounce Peter ever since she heard some other girls talking about him in the hallway of their apartment. Word travels quickly and now Shelby-Lynn is about to find out if the rumors are true. See if Peter is packing...
*Peter* 'C'mere babe, I'm not gonna bite!.."
*Shelby-Lynn* "Oh I know, but I need you to close your eyes..No peeking!"
Peter complies and decides to play along...
She slips off her shoes and her sweater.
*Shelby-Lynn* "No peeking!.."
*Peter* "I'm not...just get your sweet little ass over here..."
*Shelby-Lynn* "You ready for me?.."
*Peter* "Fuuuuuck, yes! Get your ass over here!..."
*Shelby-Lynn* "Okay, but keep your eyes closed till I say so..."
*Peter* "Shit, Shelb! You're giving me blue balls..."
Shelby-Lynn smiles smiles slyly and then makes her way to the bed. 
She stops at the edge of the bed.
*Shelby-Lynn* "Are you peeking?!.."
*Peter* "No! What the fuck?! Get on with it!.."
Shelby-Lynn continues her up the bed and straddles her body over Peter. He waits as patiently as he can, she can see his pants can't hold his erection for much longer.
*Shelby-Lynn* "Looks like someone wants out badly..."
Peter tries to peek but she catches him.
*Shelby-Lynn* "Hey, I said no peeking!..."
*Peter* "Shit, I'm not!
But Peter did catch a peek at her as she pulled the neck tie that she was wearing off...he thinks Damn! This is chick is kinky...but I wanna see some boobs! She pulls the tie up and over her head.
*Shelby-Lynn* "Put out your hands! But no peeking!"
*Peter* "Fuuuck, Shelb!...c'mon!"
*Shelby-Lynn* "You wanna fuck me?! Then gimme your hands! Ah, no peeking!..."
*Peter* "Fuck me!..."
Peter cannot believe what is happening and he thought she was a virgin. He holds up his hands and complies. He jumps a little when he realizes that she is tying him up.
*Peter* "What the fuck, Shelb?!..."
*Shelby-Lynn* "You wanna fuck?! We do it my way!..."
*Peter* "Damn, shit! You're a fucking freak! Ouch! Why so fucking tight?! Shit!"
*Shelby-Lynn* "That's so they won't come untied when I ride you into pound town..."
*Peter smirks* "Fuuuuck! And I thought I was gonna be pounding you..."
*Shelby-Lynn* "There! You're not getting outta that!...Now let's go
 find little Peter and see how he's doing..."
Peter just moans he hasn't been teased like this in a very, very long time...His whole body is so sensitive and on edge now. The slightest touch of her finger tips is making him ache...
*Shelby-Lynn giggles and runs her fingers down his chest* "You're so hot!...
Word is you're packing and I intend to find out and try it out."
*Peter smiles and laughs* "Ahaha! Damn, you're a naughty girl, Shelb! Where the fuck have you been all my life?..."
She shrugs then reaches down to unzip his fly.
As Shelby-Lynn reaches down, Peter reaches out...
*Peter* "At least show my some titties..."
But Shelby-Lynn stops him.
*Shelby-Lynn* "Nu Uh! I told you we do this my way..."
She slams his hands back down over his head.
*Shelby-Lynn* "Don't move them again!
Peter is all ready to go he is cocked and loaded. Shelby-Lynn runs her hand gently upwards and Peter just about looses his shit, from the sheer touch of her fingertips on his skin.
*Peter* "Fuuuuck me!"
*Shelby-Lynn snickers* "Oh I intend to..."
And just as Shelby-Lynn promised she takes him to pound town. Peter tries to move but she shoves his hands back down, he wants to grab at her so badly but she won't let him...She continues to ride him as they both reach climax. Then all of the sudden right at the climax of everything Shelby-Lynn smacks him across the cheek...hard!
*Peter* "Ah! What the fuck?!..."
She shushes him.
*Shelby-Lynn* "Quiet I'm cumming!..."
She moans and then without warning, she smacks him across the face again!! Peter kicks up but she's clenched on tight. 
*Peter* "Ah you crazy ass bitch! What the fuck?!
*Shelby-Lynn* "What the fuck did you think I meant by pound town?..."
She smiles deviously, and rolls off of him, huffin' and puffin'. Looks like she may need that inhaler again...
*Shelby-Lynn* "Well that was fun...Mmmm you are a big boy."
*Peter* "Uh...I'm still tied up!!"
Shelby is in a euphoric state and totally doesn't hear him.
Then she quickly pops up...
*Shelby-Lynn* "Crap! I'm late..."
*Peter tries to sit up* "Huh? Late for what?..."
Then as she talks she unties his wrists.
*Shelby-Lynn* "I'm late for school!...My mom is gonna fucking kill me,
 if I'm late again!"
*Peter flips out* "Mom?! What the fuck?! You're still in high school!?!...
Peter thinks to himself Oh shit! I'm so fucking dead! I just screwed this chick with no fucking protection and she's a fucking freak!
Shelby-Lynn quickly gets up and grabs her things, while Peter zips himself back up into pants...
*Shelby-Lynn* "Bye, Peter! Thanks for the fun!...Oh!
And I was never here, okay?!"
*Peter growls as her* "You're damn right you were never here!
Now get the fuck out!"
Shelby-Lynn leaves and Peter heads straight to the bathroom to take a shower and wash the shame away. He slams his hand on the doorway as he walks in the bathroom.
*Peter* "Fuuuuck!!! I shoulda never let her get to me!...Dammit!"
Well I hope Peter learned his lesson of judging a young book by it's cover and maybe he'll learn to steer clear of the young ones from now on. Hope y'all enjoyed it!

The End!


  1. So is it weird that I noticed that the painting of the woman over Peter's couch looks a bit like Shelby-Lynn?? Freaky town!

  2. No, no, no, Peter! What were you thinking? It's bad enough you didn't verify her age, but you also didn't cover up. This from a man who wants no children and always has a new woman in his bed. I hope Peter learns more from this lesson.

  3. Uh, oh! Peter may have messed up! Shelby clearly was not the virgin Peter thought that she was. He is too much of a playboy to not wrap it up. He was in the bedroom alone for a minute, he could slipped it on. He better hope that she is not doing this to other boys. She obviously didn't think or care that he is with multiple chicks.

    Great story Miranda!!

  4. I'm mostly interested in his man parts. Did you make that,photo-shop that or what?! LOL

  5. Wow! I did not see that ... coming ... (dodging eggs and apples, could not resist).

    Peter, Peter ... don't you think about STDs?

    (Realist privates. Well done ;-)

  6. How did you make a boys thing and the girls thing.