Monday, March 5, 2018

Baby Fin's Big Birthday Bash!...Part 1

This episode is rated PG-13 for mild 
language and situations

Hi everyone! Life has again made it a challenge to stay on top of my day to day tasks and keeping up with my dolls lives, lol! So we are picking up right where we left off. Baby Fin's Bday would have actually been on Monday Feb 12th...So this particular set of stories will take place the Saturday after...I am having to break them up into smaller pieces because I just don't have the time right now for longer episodes. 
So here we go!

It has been almost a month now since Shaun made his presence known that he is back in town and the guys had that very unsuccessful lunch together. They all went their separate ways since that day and now the silence is taking it's toll on Peter. Especially when it comes to Luke, neither one has bothered to call, text, or contact each other in any way. Luke is usually the one to breakdown first and will try to mend things between the two old friends but not this time. 
 Peter comes home early Saturday morning tired from a long night of work at the nightclub. Too mentally and physically exhausted to do anything else he strips down his clothes and just wants to climb into bed with Willow. Without her he'd be a even bigger mess right now, she is the only one keeping him grounded in all of it. 
*Willow* "How was your night?..."
*Peter* "Fine, same shit, different night...oh, well we did have a 
pretty good new band play tonight..."
 *Willow* "Oh, yeah?...The one that took your band's time slot?"
*Peter*  "Fuck...yeeeeah...but the crowd liked them so that's good."
Peter sighs and enjoys Willow's delicate fingers as they 
comb through his hair. She looks down at him with a
concerned look upon her face.
*Willow* "You still haven't seen or heard from Luke?..."
*Peter sighs* "No...and at this point. I guess our band is on ice for good now."
*Willow* "Well you don't know that for sure. Peter just call him! Stop being so stubborn."
Peter turns on his side. His mind goes back to that day at the bar 
when he finally told Luke how hurt he was about him leaving 
Rock Candy and never telling him where he went.
*Willow* "Peter, c'mon don't just give up on a friendship that has lasted this long.
You two are like brothers...."
*Peter* "Yeah well he fucking started this shit when he chose to side with Shaun..."
*Willow* "So you expect Luke to choose sides? The three of you are all good friends.
You need to get past that. Everyone makes mistakes..."
Peter  just stares straight ahead. He is trying to forgive Shaun,
 he really is, but it is Rufus he cannot get past, cannot let it
go that he chose her over everything else. And who can blame him? I mean Shaun has made some very questionable decisions but then again so has Peter he has made plenty of mistakes in his past.
*Peter* "I'm trying, babe...but I can't, I just can't...not with Rufus
 being the root all of this. You've never met her, you've never had to deal
 with her, that woman is just plain evil..."
*Willow* "Okay I get you don't like Rufus but can you just put her out of your mind for now?
 She's not the reason Shaun chose to leave, he made that choice all on his own. Just as you are making the choice to not let things go and move on...Peter all that negativity is gonna eat away at you. I 
can see it already is. Please just call Luke and patch things up with him at least..."
*Peter* "You know Fin's birthday was on Monday..."
*Willow* "Yes, I know....Laura sent me an invi....oh!..Oh Peter...."
Willow leans over more so she can see his face. 
He really is taking this hard, but she is surprised too that he remembered that Fin's birthday at all!...
*Willow* "Peter...You know Laura invited both of us to the party.
And it's actually later today around noontime..."
*Peter* "You sure about that?..."
*Willow* "Yes, silly....your name is on the invite with mine.
So you gonna come with me?"
Peter rolls back over and looks up at Willow. She is beaming with 
a loving smile across her face. And the warmth of that love fills 
Peter up and gives him some reassurance...She really does ground him.
*Peter* "What about Luke? What if he doesn't want me there..."
*Willow* "Peter that is just bullshit and you know it. You're his best friend 
I'm sure he is hoping you'll be there."
*Peter* "It's just I thought he would have called me by now to invite me or something, 
 maybe say he was sorry..."
Willow shifts around in the bed so her body is 
laying in line with Peter's.
*Willow* "So then come with me later to the party and you two can kiss and makeup..."
*Peter* "The only one I want to kiss is you babe..."
 *Willow smiles* "Peter, I'm being serious... Luke is just as busy as you with work and his personal life probably a little busier since he has a family, so don't read into it so much..."
*Peter* "Luke hardly ever looses his shit like that with me. He was fuckin' pissed, babe."
*Willow* "Yeah but you know he was just as upset about Shaun too, I think he 
just holds it in longer where as you just let it out immediately...So I think you two
 just need to talk it out and see that....So you gonna come with me?"
*Peter* "Ugh...I dunno..."
Peter sighs yet again. He has been extra antsy this past month, Willow has been insisting he cut back on the pot smoking. He thinks maybe I'll just stay here and get baked...Then he sees her face beaming with life and light, waiting for a final answer.
*Willow* "So?..."
*Peter* "Yeah, yeah I'll go..."
*Willow* "Really?!..."
*Peter* "'re right I need to make it right even if I don't agree with all of it."
*Willow* "Good. I'm glad. Hey, how did you actually remember that is was Fin's birthday?"
*Peter smiles* "Uh, well because Fat Tuesday this year was the day after Fin's birthday
 and last year it was at the end of the month remember?..."
Peter slides his fingers back and forth across Willow's thigh.
 She smiles at him sweetly and recalls that night perfectly well. That was the night her Peter slept together again after she had gotten back together with Nathan.

*Willow smiles* "Oh yes, I remember...that night really changed everything, didn't it?"
*Peter* "Yeah it did. I'm just fucking thankful you're here with me. I love
 you so much, Babe you have no idea..."
*Willow* "I know you do, I love you too, now get some sleep. I'll wake you up 
when it's time to leave."
So Willow gets up to get her day started and Peter finally lays his head on the pillow to get some much needed rest which never seems to be enough anymore...Then some hours later they get ready to stroll out the door. Peter stops and notices the wine bottle in the
 bag along with Fin's birthday present.
*Peter* "Why are you bringing wine to a children's party?..."
*Willow* "It's not for the party. It's just a new wine I found
that I thought Laura might like."
*Peter* "Oh, okay...for a second I thought it was like B.Y.O.B. or something..."
Willow laughs and they walk out of the apartment. Peter
 begins to close the door and lock it with his keys.
*Peter* "Hey maybe I should bring that pack of beer as a peace offering to Luke..."
*Willow* "To a kid's party?..."
*Peter* "But you're bringing the wine...."
*Willow* "Yeah, because I told Laura I was bringing it since I'm gonna see her today."
*Peter* "Oh...."

*Willow* "Peter I'm sure Luke will be happy to see you no matter what. Just shake it off baby..."
Peter tries to do as she suggests but he still feels weird, him and Luke have not gone this long without talking since he moved to town. Even if they were mad they still kept in touch.
And with that they take off and make their way to
 Luke and Laura's house. 
Thanks so much for tuning in 
and hopefully I can stay on track, haha!


  1. excellent!!! So glad Willow is around and so loving to Peter. She really does ground him. Hopefully the boys will make up... i know in time they will excellent my friend. no worries were all busy!!!

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  3. Awesome story as always!! I love love Peter’s car!! I am glad that Luke and Peter will make amends.

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