Friday, June 29, 2018

Baby Fin's Big Birthday Bash...Part 2

Hi everyone just want to thank y'all for all your patience and your support. It encourages me to keep going forward even when life is busy and it seems like I will never get back to the blog, but here I am! So here we go, picking up where we left off with Baby Fin's birthday back in mid February.

If you want to read a few episodes before to catch up then here is a few links to get you there.

We begin at Luke and Laura's house, the Cooper clan is waiting on party goers to arrive for Fin's first birthday. Laura is last minute dusting while they wait for people to show. Luke meanwhile is watching the boys and snacking on the food Laura has just laid out for the party. 
Almost as if she has eyes in the back of her head, what mom doesn't?
She senses Luke may be snacking on more 
food than she can set out again in time for the party.
The silence begins to make her wonder, it's no secret that Luke and the boys love her home cooking, they flock to it when it's time for dinner. That same silence always fills the room when they are all eating.
*Laura* "It's awfully quiet back there, you better not be eating all the food..."
Luke stops and looks up across the expanse of the two rooms, their house has again gone under renovations to bring it more up to date and to accommodate their growing family. Laura loves her new open concept living space, hehe... 
Luke replies to her realizing but never admitting, he could have easily devoured the whole plate had she not said anything.
*Luke* "Just getting a little snack, babe...."
*Laura* "Uh, huh....If you're that hungry then make a sandwich to hold you over. 
 People should be arriving anytime now, my mom said she's already 
on her way...So they should be here soon."
Luke reaches down again, to grab another. It's all so yummy, which in  turn makes it so hard to stop! Then on top that, it's all displayed so wonderfully one can't help but gravitate to it...
*Luke* "Okay, just grabbing one more, then I'm done..."
He proceeds to walk over into the living room, with 
Baby Fin slung across his right arm, while chewing on the that last tender morsel he swiped off the serving tray. Phoenix 
follows Dad's lead, with his carton of milk in hand.
*Luke* "Babe, the house looks good you don't need to re-clean every single surface."
*Laura* "Doesn't hurt though...Plus after all the remodeling dust 
is still constantly settling in the house...."
*Luke* "The kids will just dirty it up again today...Just take a break for 5 minutes..."
Men will never, ever get it, a mother's job is never done. Five minutes? Are you kidding me? I can do five things in those five minutes...
 Then the doorbell chimes letting them know they 
have guests at the door.
*Laura* "That's probably my parents...."
*Luke* "Yeah it is..."
Then Luke heads to the front door greeting his in-laws. They are very punctual people. Laura is a lot like her Mom in some ways, 
but punctual is not always one, especially now with two small boys. You know how it goes when you are almost out the door then it is change a diaper or find that other shoe!!
*Laura* "Go say hi to Nana and Pawpaw..."
*Phoenix* "Nana?!..."
He peers cautiously waiting to see who it is 
that comes through the door.
*Phoenix* "Mama!...I see Nana!
*Laura* "Go say hello Pumpkin..."
They shuffle in after Luke opens the door, Scott immediately greets the man of the house and Krystal comes in brightly beaming
 with a smile and large gifts bags hanging from her wrist.
*Laura* "Hey mom..."
*Krystal* "Hi, sweetie..."
*Phoenix* "Hi, Nana!!!"
*Krystal* "Hello, my sweet angel...How have you been? 
I've got something for you."
*Phoenix* "Prweasants?!..."
*Laura* "Mom, you didn't have to..."
*Krystal* "It's just a little something. Here let's sit down and I will show you."
Laura moves on to grab Fin from Luke while he chats with her Father.
Scott inspects the work done on the house he helped
redesign the floor plan some, with Laura's approval and input first.
*Scott* "Looking good, always nice to see it go from draft into
 reality...You use the new fireplace yet?" 
*Luke* "Yeah we used it the other week, last weekend, right babe?"
*Laura* "Yeah, it was last weekend..." 
Meanwhile Nana is talking with Phoenix....
 *Krystal* "I got you something you wanted in the store the last time we went shopping together...And I promised you if you're good at school that I'd get it.
You remember that?.."
 *Phoenix nods* "Uh, huh!!!"
Krystal reaches down in the bag and pulls out a
 big blue bear, it's Grumpy Bear!
 *Phoenix* "Gumpy bearor!!!!"
Back to the other three,  they continue to talk
 about the remodel on the house.
*Scott* "So did they finish everything in time for the party?"
*Laura* "No, my kitchen still needs upper cabinets and counters...they didn't have the 
cabinets in yet and since they had to go work on another job they will be back 
to finish once the rest comes in..."
*Scott* "Okay, just make sure you stay on top of their asses and don't let them
forget about you..."
*Luke* "I'll keep track of it, heard too many horror stories already..."
 *Scott* "Yeah, you used the company I recommended?..."
*Luke* "No, they were booked solid. So we went with a company
they recommended to us."
*Scott* "Okay yeah those guys get busy....Is the product shipping
 here or to the contractor?"
 *Laura* "Um, the cabinets are coming here I believe...."
 Phoenix is so excited about his new Care Bear! He turns 
and runs with it so he can show it to Mom and Dad.
 Krystal just loves spoiling her grandkids, they are such a joy in her life. Now if only Michelle and Ben would get on the ball and 
start a little family as well, hehe.
*Phoenix* "Mama, wook, wook!! Gumpy Bearor!"
 *Laura* "Oh, my is that what Nana brought you?..."
*Phoenix nods with a huge grin* "Uh,huh!!"
*Laura* "Did you tell Nana, thank you."
Phoenix rushes up and with extreme enthusiasm
 and thanks his Nana.
*Phoenix* "Thank you, Nana!!"
*Krystal* "You're welcome sweetheart..."
Laura steps in closer to her mother, she needs 
someone to watch Fin so she can go and 
check on things in the kitchen.
*Laura* "Momma, can you take him while I go finish up in the kitchen?..."
*Kryatal* "Of course sweetheart! I was gonna ask to see that birthday
 boy anyways...C'mere my little angel! Is he walking yet?"
*Laura* "Almost...any day now probably..."
*Luke* "Hey you want a beer?..."
*Scott* "Yeah, sure..."
So Luke and Scott follow Laura into the kitchen 
while Krystal watches the grandkids.
*Scott* "The kitchen is looking amazing, even though it ain't done..."
*Luke* "Well I know Laura is ready for it to be finished...She's tired of packing 
away her kitchen  every time."
Luke turns around and hands Scott a beer while 
they continue to chat and catch up.
*Scott* "So how's work going?..."
*Luke* "Good. Business is steady. Keeping busy..."
*Scott* "Yeah, that's good....Laura told me your band is still struggling?"
Luke huffs out a sigh and steps in
 towards the kitchen island.
*Luke* "Eh, I dunno...more like an unspoken hiatus, I guess. Things just
haven't been the same since Shaun left...Peter can't seem to get past shit that happened 10 years ago. So I wash my hands of it, I've got plenty on my plate with my family and my business."
Laura turns around as she dries her hands. This is news to her, she is so surprised to hear Luke say their friendship is over. I mean Laura of all people, you would think, would be jumping for joy at this news. Lord knows she has always stressed about his friendship with Peter since the day she met him, but she loves her husband and she knows Peter is like a brother to him. He could never just completely cut ties, could he?!
*Scott* "I'm sorry to hear that it's hard to loose a life long friendship but sometimes moving on is best. Life is always changing, you have to keep moving forward..."
*Luke* "Yeah I thought he'd call and apologize but he hasn't. So I'm leaving it at that."
Laura can't stay silent any longer, knowing full well Peter 
may show up with Willow to the party. 
She invited both of them.
 *Laura* "You know I invited him and Willow for today's get together. I think he may
 be coming with Willow, she RSVP'd with a plus one..."
 *Luke snaps* "What?! Why would you do that?!"
 *Laura* "Because he's always invited and he's still your best friend despite all this!"
Laura steps in closer, she can see Luke is about to
 blow his top on the matter. She knew they were in a tiff but Luke 
never stressed to her he was done with their friendship.
 *Luke*  "I invited Shaun!...I can't fucking have them both here creating drama. It's bad enough  trying to mediate what is going on between Mari and him..."
*Laura* "I didn't know that. So you just assume Peter won't show?!
*Luke* "Yeah I am..."
*Laura* "That's ridiculous..."
 Scott can clearly see these two need to chat without him standing there. He's been married long enough to know...
*Scott* "Er, I...uh, I'm just gonna go check on things in
 the living room. Let y'all be."
 *Laura continues* "Well, I invited them long before Shaun was in the picture again and was still away in LA. You and Peter were still talking. I can't just say 'Oh by the way Peter is univited!'. You know I can't do that! It's rude and besides, the three of you need to get past all
this macho crap and move on!"
The two are so focused on each other that they 
do not even notice Scott's exit.
 *Luke* "I am not fucking attempting to play mediator between these two again, Babe...and at my son's first birthday party no less! You could have nicely told Willow that Peter is uninvited..."
*Laura* "Well I didn't....And you could have told me you invited Shaun. I didn't know. I just assumed you and Peter would go back to acting like everything is normal like you two always do!"
 *Luke* "It's different this time...."
Laura is still a bit shocked she just assumed that they would 
move on and be best buds again. Especially since Peter and Willow are back together now, she enjoys their double dates...
 *Laura* "Different how?...You two always fight and make up. 
Peter is like a brother to you."
Luke never went into detail about his fight with Peter and Laura has been so busy she just assumed they would get over it and get back to normal eventually. Luke attempts to explain it now...
 *Luke* "We both said some shit that could have been laid out a very long time ago, 
but now the wounds have festered too long. I don't think he wants 
to forgive me and I'm not fucking sure if I can either...."
Luke then turns to walk away and head upstairs.
 *Luke continues* ",,,,but I don't want to get into that right now...I need to make some 
calls, do damage control."
*Laura* "You're not gonna uninvite Shaun are you?!..."
Luke bites off a short response to her 
plea and continues walking for the stairs.
 *Laura* "Luke, please don't uninvite Shaun! He needs to see Leila..."
*Luke* "Just let me handle it...
 Laura then follows him into the living room...
 *Krystal* "Is everything okay?..."
*Luke* "No, it's fine...I just need to get a hold of Shaun, make a call. 
I'll be back down in a bit."
 *Krystal* "oh...."
Luke begins to climb the stairs
 and Laura stops him.
*Laura* "Luke, please...."
*Luke* "I got it handled, Babe. Just worry about the party..."
Then he heads up the stairway and out of sight only the 
thumping of his boots can be heard as he enters the third 
 level of their house and closes the door behind him.
*Scott* "Careful now someone has found Nana's necklace..."
Krystal turns and looks down to find Fin is finding
 her necklace to be an excellent and very 
satisfying sensory toy
*Krystal* "Uh, oh....I don't think I want you playing with that..."
But Fin don't care he's a baby everything goes 
straight to his mouth, lol! Granny gonna have pull it 
from his tiny grip before he lets it go!
Cuteness overload! Who can say no to that face?! hehe...
Laura walks over and sighs, she too is a bit fed up now 
with this whole Luke, Shaun, and Peter business. It's been a lot of ups and downs since Amari found out she was pregnant.
 *Krystal* "What's going on sweetie?..."
 *Laura* "Oh nothing new really, just Luke, Peter, and Shaun are still at
 odds with each other...."
*Laura continues*"....And somehow they both got invited to the party but Luke and Shaun are not on speaking terms with Peter now. I invited him and Willow over a month ago, well not formally but you know. So I sent willow a reminder they were invited and she RSVP'd for both of them"
 *Krystal* "Are things really that tense between all of them?..."
 *Laura* "Yes! Well according to Luke it all is...ugh, men and their egos!"
 Laura throws her hand up and sighs one more time....Both 
her parents try to assure her that it will be okay these
 things usually do work themselves out.
*Scott* "Darlin' I'm sure they will figure it out, if not then maybe 
going their separate ways is for the best..."
*Krystal* "Yes, just be patient and communicate with Luke that you are here 
for him no matter what. I'm sure things will settle
 into a comfortable rhythm again."
 *Scott* "There is always drama in families and with close friends. Hell, your mom and I went through it too, but look where we are at now! Your sister married the son 
of her ex fiance...So just relax, Darlin'..."
*Laura* "I know...It's just. It's different this time. Luke seems to really not 
want to work it out with Peter..."
Then the doorbell sings it's little ascending chime song announcing 
new guests are at the door....

And that signals the end of our episode! 
So stay tuned y'all!
Thanks so much again for being so patient and as always I am overjoyed my stories are enjoyed by so many. 
You guys make it special for me...
Also I may have to keep these episodes a bit shorter than usual. Just so I can keep my weekly routine for posting and my sanity, lol!


  1. Excellent job my friend. I sure hope they can resolve their issues. They been friends way to long, but like Scott said they may need to go other paths. Laura look amazing as always, the work on the house is beautiful you are beyond talented. Your giving me ideas for Cheyenne and Pauls house big it hun can't wait to read more

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
      You know I've had a blast working on their house cannot wait to get more done...

  2. I love the renovations. Did you make those stairs yourself? I love them. You know I love the door. The kitchen looks great too. Did you say there's a room between the living room and the kitchen Can we get a tour, please?

    Okay, I'll stop asking so much now. I love to see new episodes.

    1. Hi Jaye!
      Thank you, and yes I made the stairs as well. The door was such a challenge, but worked out in the end. No, there is no room between the living and kitchen. I plan to convert the space under the stairs into either a closet or half bath, but it's not done yet. Still so much work left to do on this house! I plan to do tours of completed rooms on my YouTube channel.
      Glad you enjoyed the episode! :)

  3. Oh the tension 😬
    Welcome back.

    1. Thanks, feels good to be back :)
      Yes, the boys are still at odds with each other...more to come.

  4. Welcome baaaaack!!! Everything happens for a reason. I'm sure Luke and Peter can work things out... Now it's hard to say the same for Peter and Shaun :|

    1. Hi Rebekah!
      Thank you, so happy to finally get the blog out and dusted off again, hehe. We will see more story unfold and play out as this party gets underway!...

  5. Oh the drama! The house looks great, I bet Laura is so thrilled! I love her little fridge.

    1. Hi Erin,
      Thanks! Yes Laura has been so patient with me, lol! The fridge is Gloria furniture from ebay that I customized...
      More drama is about to unfold ;)

  6. Great story as usual !! Welcome Back I’ve missed you!!

    1. Thanks Jennifer,
      It feels good to be back. So glad you enjoyed the episode:)

  7. Finn is so darn cute!!
    Not gonna lie, so jealous of luke and lauras house haha wish i had your skill
    Cant wait for the next part!

  8. Oh my, more drama! Hope the boys get get over their differences and get the band back together again. Is it me, or did you change Laura to a MTM Curvy body? She looks great in it! Excited for the next episode to see the sparks fly at the birthday party! I do hope the guys can remember that this is a kids party and they don't do anything too stupid in front of the kids! I really like your home renovations for Luke and Laura too. Construction blues too, just like in real life!

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  10. I found your blog a few weeks ago and was eagerly waiting for more stories once I got caught up. I love the house and how there is so much detail in everything. You think of it all, I don't know how you do it, but I love it. You are an amazing artist and story teller. Enjoy every minute.

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