Saturday, June 7, 2014

Some Things Never Change.....Part 2

Picking up where we left off Luke has been bullied into staying and partying with Cade if he wants Rufus and Fionna shipped off and out of his life for good.
Over at the bar, Isolde just recently showed up with her now steady boyfriend James. Aric is not liking what he is seeing, the only thing stopping him is the disagreeable look on Luke's face. He's just hoping he gets that floozy off his lap pronto!
*Isolde* "Is that Luke? What is he doing?" 
*Aric* "Yeah it is. This Cade fella he is with is trouble...."
*Isolde* "Then why is he hanging out with him?"
*Aric* "I have no idea...but I intend to find out"
While everyone at the bar is watching, Luke kindly asks Desiree to get off his lap and take the other chair.
*Luke* "Listen,'re not gonna get anywhere with me so just take a
 seat in the chair next me...."
*Desiree* "Playing hard to get? That's okay with me..."
*Luke getting upset* "If I was interested, you would know it, but I'm not, so get the f*ck off!"
*Desiree* "Ugh! Well you're no fun..."
So she gets up and sits in the chair next to him and sips her drink in silence...
Cade meanwhile has turned his attention towards the blond who is sitting next to him.
*Cade* "Ever sleep with a Samurai Master before?"
*Girl* "You mean those guys with those big swords?"
*Cade* "It's a called a katana, Babe..."
*Girl* "Oh! So are you gonna show me your katana?"
*Cade laughs* "You will if you play your cards right...."
Across the table Peter is in engaged in conversation with the third girl of the group.
*Peter* "I'm Peter....and you are?"
*Girl* "Paige...." *she giggles nervously* 
*Peter* "What's so funny?"
*Paige* "Our names both start with "P"..."
*Peter* "Oh, are you from around here?"
*Paige* "Yeah. You?"
*Peter* "I just moved here about 8 months ago.
*Paige* "Oh, where from?"
*Peter* "Seattle I guess, well that's where I grew up."
*Paige* "Your a long way from home...."
*Peter* "Yeah, but I haven't been there in years, I used to tour with the band Rock Candy and a few others...."
*Paige* "Really!? Are you a musician?"
*Peter* "Sometimes, I worked behind the scenes....I do play the drums, though."
*Paige* "That must have been an interesting job..."
*Peter* "It was but I got tired of all the drama."
*Paige giggles* "So, I guess it's true then, rock stars really can be drama queens?..."
*Peter laughs* "Oh, yeah! They can get down right ridiculous."
They both laugh and then grab their drinks to take a sip. Luke sits in his chair next to Desiree and gulps down his beer. Luke is mulling over how he can get through the night and keep his deal with Cade. Desiree is not happy either, her two girlfriends are chatting it up and she is stuck with "Mr. Hands off! I'm not interested!"....Luke turns to speak to her.
*Luke* "Cade seems to forget I'm already spoken for...I don't blame you for your boldness."
*Desiree with some attitude* "Yeah? Or he just doesn't care...Cause he made you sound like you were down for anything."

*Luke* "If you're just looking for a good time....You need to find it somewhere else."
*Desiree* "Your loss....not mine!"
Luke is about to respond back but....
 Then his phone starts buzzing in his back pocket, he grabs it and sees it is Laura calling him.
*Luke* "Sh*t!....I gotta answer this...."
 He ducks into the hallway that leads to the restrooms to answer his phone.
While Luke is leaving the table. Hannah is quickly approaching.....
*Hannah* "You're an a**hole, Peter!"
*Peter* "Whoa...What!?"
*Hannah looks a Paige* "He was flirting with me just minutes before you and your 
friends got here..." 
 *Peter* "I was just being nice, you're our waitress! Besides, we all saw how you stroked the neck on that ketchup bottle...."
Hannah fumes and grabs Luke's unfinished mug of beer and sloshes it all over Peter, also getting Paige wet as well.
 *Hannah* "You're a jerk, Peter Morrisey! Argh!"
Then she sets the mug down and storms off into the kitchen...
 Peter and Paige are in shock....The other 2 are laughing at what just happened. Cade then sends Desiree to fetch Luke....
  While what is happening on the otherside, Luke is on is his phone talking with Laura.
*Luke* "Hey, Baby! Is everything okay?"
*Laura* "No! Where the hell are you? It's nearly one o'clock in the morning. You said you were going for a few drinks..."
*Luke* "I'm sorry, Babe. I just lost track of time. My Mom is still there right?"
*Laura* "Yes she's here. Are you coming home?"
*Luke* "Um....Yeah. In a little while. Just go back to bed."
 Desiree pops her head in the door...

*Desiree* "Hey! Cade is wondering where you coming or what?"
*Laura* "Who's that!?" 
*Luke waves Desiree to go away* "Nobody....I...I gotta go. I'll see you in a little while."
*Laura* "No!....just come home! Like right now!...."
*Luke* "I will soon...I promise...I'm just gonna ride out this buzz and then I'll drive home."
*Laura huffs* "Fine! But do not drink anymore! You better be home soon, Luke Allen Cooper!"
Luke promises to be home soon, then he ends the call with Laura. 
 He is feeling even more stressed now, she is not happy, spitting out his name like it's a threat to his existence.
Luke takes a deep breath and exits the hallway. He's gotta figure out a way to get home and get Cade off his back.
*Cade* "About damn time, Cooper! I thought maybe you were trying to disappear on me."
*Luke* "I'm still here, Cade....."
Luke sits back down and Desiree plops down on his lap again.  Luke is about to tell her to move.....
 *Cade* "You need to loosen up, Cooper and have a good time...let her stay on your lap."
*Luke* "What the f*ck, Cade! I told you I don't roll like I used to."
Cade fills up Luke's mug with more beer after Hannah threw it all over Peter and Paige. Without even thinking, he grabs it and takes a sip.
*Cade* "I told you....tonight you do, if you want to keep our deal."
Luke moans with frustration and 
Desiree runs her fingers through his hair, like she is trying to soothe him.  She whispers to him in her tiny, tipsy voice.
*Desiree* "Don't worry.....Your friend scares me a bit, too...nnnn...Besides....I feel safer with you."
*Luke loosens up and laughs* "Yeah.....He is a bit scary isn't he?"
 Desiree just nods her drunk little head. 
Over at the bar, Isolde and James say goodnight to Aric. It's getting late and decide it's time to go on home.
 *Isolde* "I'll see you tomorrow...."
*Aric nods* " G'night you two.....and be safe..."
They leave and some other patrons take their place at the bar.
*Chip* "Hey, man can I get four cold ones...."
 *Aric* "Sure, but its the last call. We close up in 30 minutes."
*Chip* "Damn! Is it that late already?"
*Aric* "Afraid so...."
The group ponders whether to stay or not and decide to just call it a night. The group of college boys that were playing pool are now eating a late night snack and Peter notices the pool table is now available.
*Peter* "Hey, the pool table is free....Let Luke beat you at a round of pool, Cade, just like the old days....."
Then it hits Luke. He knows how to get out of this tense situation and back home to Laura.
*Luke* "Yeah, man.....If I kick your ass at game of pool then I get to go home, no more bullsh*t."
*Cade ponders for a second* "Okay....but the red head has got to play for you. You show her what to do..."
*Peter* "That's so unfair! Your just afraid to loose...."
*Luke counters* "I'll play your way, but only if blondie plays for you, Cade. If I win. I go home by myself. If you win then our deal is off...."
*Peter* "What about Rufus? If you loose she is still gonna be harassing you!"
Luke just oh well..what else can I do?
*Cade* "You gotta deal, let's play some pool."
So Luke gets up and sets up a game of pool. 
While Peter and Paige both decide to finally get up to go clean off some of the beer that was spilled all over them....
*Peter* "Hey, I'm sorry you got beer spilled all over you...but she started flirting with me the
 minute I got here."

*Paige* "It's fine....and I don't care if you were flirting with her. It's a bar, that's what people a bar."
*Peter* "I'm just surprised she got so quickly too."  
*Paige* "It's cause she likes you...I like you too, ya know?"
Paige turns to face him and Peter pulls her closer pressing her against him.
 *Peter* "Oh, Yeah?"
 *Paige* "Mmmhmmm....She also gave me a good reason to get those
 jeans off you a whole lot sooner."
 *Peter* "Wow! Be still my f*cking heart!" 
*Paige laughs* "Oh really?"
*Peter laughs*  "No, not really, it's not my heart that's throbbing right now...."
Paige laughs again and then they both lean in closer to each other.
Neither one holds back and they quickly lock lips. Then Paige pulls away making him want more. She turns to open the door to the restroom...
*Paige* "Come on, lets get you cleaned up...."

 Peter follows her into the restroom.
Meanwhile back out in the bar Luke and Cade are getting ready to play their game of pool. 
*Luke* "You and blondie can break...."
*Cade* "I wasn't gonna let you anyways, Cooper."
*Luke* "Yeah, I figured that...."
*Cade pulls the blonde in up against him* "You ready blondie, we're gonna break."

*blonde* "Break? But we haven't started...."
*Cade* " get to hit the balls first, Babe...."
Peter and Paige have now made their way back out and sit down in the booth.
*Blonde* "Oh....I told you my name was Sally...."
The guys all laugh and say " Slutty Sally!" all at the the same time....
*Luke* "Oh, sh*t! I totally forgot about her...."
*Peter* "Me too! Oh, man, she was uh one of hell of ....well...ya know."
The girls all look a little upset and confused by their sudden laughter.
*Cade actually kinda smiling* "I liked her. She was fun...."
*Luke laughs* "Only you...would see it that way...I wonder whatever happened to her."
The guys all shrug off that trip down memory lane and the Sally that is standing there blurts out...
*Sally* "Hey! I'm not a slut!...."
*Cade* "We weren't talking about you, Babe......"
*Luke* "Well.....You didn't happen to live on the west coast about 10 years ago, did you?"
She looks confused like she is trying to figure out where that is. Cade hands her the pool cue and directs her how to try and break.
*Sally* "Like this?"
She pulls back her arm with Cade's help and clumsily hits the balls barely breaking them apart. She turns to look at Cade bobbing up and down...
*Sally* 'I did it! I did it!"
*Cade isn't looking at her face* "Yeah you did, but it's their turn now you didn't sink any balls."
Luke is hoping that his girl is a little smarter otherwise he's gonna loose this bet. He hands Desiree the pool cue and shows her how to hold it.
Then stands back he is not getting up close and personal like Cade just did. He points to a ball that is close to one of the pockets. 
 Sally turns to speak to Paige.
*Sally* "Hey, Paige! Did you see me?"
*Paige nods* "Mmmmhmm...yeah I did."
Desiree strikes and sinks a ball.
She squeals in delight but Luke is distracted by Aric approaching him.
*Aric* "Hey, Luke. I'm closing up all ready. It's late, man."
*Luke* "Can't we stay till we finish this game?"
*Aric* "It's going on 3 o'clock in the morning, man!....You shoulda been long gone by now. Things okay with you and Laura?"
*Luke* "It's a long story Aric, but just trust me, I need to finish this game so I can get Cade of my case...."
*Aric* "Fine! But no more drinks....I'm closing the bar. You finish your game and then get on home. You never answered my question about Laura...."

*Luke* "She's fine....we're fine. I just wasn't expecting to see Cade. I thought I was only meeting Peter for drinks. Cade is a bit of a party animal."
*Aric accepting that explanation for now* "We'll talk about this another time....just hurry and finish your game."
*Cade hollers* "Cooper! Let's go! Red is waiting for your help...."
Aric turns and walks away, going back behind the bar to start cleaning up. Roxie comes out of the kitchen to check on what's going on in the bar.
*Aric* "Where's Hannah, she alright?"
*Roxie* "She's okay....I went ahead and sent her home."
*Aric* "I warned her about, Peter."
*Roxie* "Honey, she'll be fine...she needs to learn not to wear her heart on her shoulder."
*Aric* "I hope your right, Darlin'....she's a good waitress, I would hater for her to quit."
Roxie heads back into the kitchen to finish up and the last group of guys walk out and wave goodnight to Aric.
Back around the pool table, Luke instructs Desiree on how to make her next move. This time he helps her get the shot just right.
She bends over and her backside bumps into him and Luke stumbles trying to back farther away. Cade watches the whole awkward mess and laughs.
*Cade* "WoW! Cooper, you really are off your game with the ladies...."
*Luke glares at him* "F*ck you, Cade.....All I care about is winning the game."
*Cade* "Don't get to cocky, Cooper. We just started."
As they talk, Desiree attempts to hit the ball but the shot doesn't go.
So Cade and his gal Sally attempt to sink one. Cade slides out of his shirt and vest...
 *Cade* "Time to get serious....if we want to win this game.."
Luke and Aric are rolling their eyes at Cade, and the girls are glued to his every move.
 *Cade* "Well don't just stand there, Blondie....get over here."
She snaps out of her daze and walks over, letting Cade show her what to do.

 Peter and Paige could care less about what is going on and are only focused on each other.
Luke loosing patience with Cade who is taking his sweet time.
*Luke* "Hurry the f*ck up, this isn't a groping session."
 Cade shoots him a glare and then lets Sally try and hit the ball he instructed her to focus on. By pure luck the ball rolls and slowly falls into the pocket. She gets excited and swings around, pool cue in hand, nearly whacking Cade with it. 
*Sally* "I did it!"
*Cade* "Good....let's see if you can do that's still your turn."
*Sally* "Okay!"
She gets lucky with another but on her third attempt she doesn't. 
*Desiree* "Let's show them we mean business...."  
She tries to pull his shirt off.
*Aric* "Just finish the game's gettin' late!"
*Luke* "You heard the man...."
 Luke shrugs her off of him and they take their turn. After about another hour later Desiree is now on her third attempt at sinking the eight ball to win the game.
 *Luke* "Looks like your gonna have to hold up your end of the deal, Cade."
*Cade* "The game isn't over yet Cooper. She's already missed twice."
Desiree hits the cue ball and everyone watches as the eight ball rolls and teeters over into the corner pocket. She jumps up in excitement and spins around pulling Luke into kiss.
*Cade* "Damn!"
*Sally* "The game is over? Did we win?"

 *Cade* "No...we didn't we but you still get me..."
Luke pushes her away as quick as he can.
*Sally* "So we going to my place or yours?"
*Cade* "Yours..I just rolled into town."
 *Aric* "All right, game's over everyone out! It's late...."
 Everyone gets up and gets ready to leave. Cade slaps a wad of cash down for Aric and they all exit the bar. Luke says thank you and goodnight to Aric as he is the last to step outside.
The girls are laughing at Sally who is sprawled across Cade's motorcycle trying to get his attention.  
*Peter* "That was an interesting game fellas...."
*Cade* "It was pure luck that you won Cooper...."
*Luke* "Just admit it, my girl was better coached than yours..."
*Peter* "Can't you two just shake hands and make up...."
*Luke* "So we still have our deal right?"
*Cade* "We made a bet and you won. I'll have Rufus out of town by the end of the week."
*Peter* "See? That wasn't so hard..."
*Luke* "Shut the f*ck up Peter....Remember Cade, don't call me. I don't wanna know what's going on."
*Cade* "Fine by me.....and Peter?"
 *Peter* "Yeah?"
 *Cade* "Your still gonna owe me for taking care of that other one...."
*Peter* "Ah sh*t! I thought that maybe you forgot about that."
Luke and Cade laugh he never forgets. Especially if someone owes him.
Cade zooms off with Sally wrapped around him. Peter and Paige jump into his car, and head back to his place. And poor Desiree is left standing there... She walks over to Luke.
*Luke* "You're still here...."

*Desiree* "We took a cab here...your friend didn't look to happy he lost."
 *Luke* "He is not my friend...and he's never happy."
*Desiree* "Whatever...why don't we go back to my place...and celebrate our victory."
*Luke* "I told you already....I'm not interested."
*Desiree* " But I helped you win your got to thank me somehow."
She tries to slide her hand down to the zipper on his pants.

*Luke steps away and moans with frustration* "Sh*t! What is it with women lately!..."
*Desiree* "Your friend said you liked red heads. So what's the problem?"
*Luke turns back around* "Are you f*cking kidding me!? I already told you why!..."
*Desiree leans into him* "I don't care if your married or have a one has to know."
 *Luke* "I didn't come here tonight to hook up..."

 *Desiree* "It's a're too hot to be unavailable.  We made a good team tonight...we could do it again back at my place...."
Luke looks her over, it's been way too long, and he is struggling to not have dirty thoughts about what he would do to her if he was single and available....He mentally shakes them off.
 *Luke* "Desiree, your a pretty girl..... but you need to give it up."
*Desiree* "Did I just sense some hesitation?"
 *Luke* "No! Just let it go."
*Desiree* "Fine...."
*Luke* "Since you helped me win the bet. I'll take you home, but that's it."
She tells him where to go and they get on Luke's bike and take off. 
She holds on tight and enjoys every bit of the ride home. Luke finally stumbles in the door right before the crack of dawn. Sneaking past his snoring Mother and queitly assending the stairs.....

The End


  1. Holy cow this episode was well worth the waite. I thought I was actually watchinga televison episode. Cade seems to be someone not to mess with. I have a feeling that he is going to mess with Luke in the near future. The photography in these shots was totally awesome. i cant waite to see what unfolds next!

    1. Hi Will!
      So glad you enjoyed the episode. I felt like I hit a wall several times getting through this one....
      Cade is not some one you screw with. Him and Luke have some unsettled things between them, just gotta wait n see how that plays out :)

  2. I'm so glad he got his butt home okay but he has some major damage control to do. Luke and Laura should get out of town for a few days, that should get them back right. Hey I know a surprise wedding would be cool.

    1. I have to agree with doll crazy, a suprise wedding or getaway would be fun to see.

    2. Yeah he finally got home safe and sound. I agree he is gonna need to do some serious damage control. Laura is going to be so mad at him.

      It would be nice if they could get out of town, but Laura can't travel at the moment. All wedding plans have been put on hold since, she had that emergency trip to the hospital.

  3. Poor Luke. He's catching it from everyone. Cade is quite the shady character. And poor Hannah. What a basket case. She didn't know if Peter was available or not when she started flirting with him. That's what people do when they are in a bar. They flirt. No harm. No foul. What she did should have cost her her job. I loved the pictures of Laura through the window. It will be interesting to see how Luke recovers from not coming home sooner. Great episode!

    1. Hi Vanessa!
      Lol! Yeah, he is getting hit from all sides. Cade is one mean guy for sure. Hannah still has some growing up to do. Aric will let this one slide. He doesn't want to be down a good waitress. She knew Peter was recently single so she put herself out there hoping he would notice her. But Peter isn't looking to be in a relationship again, not at the moment.
      Laura is definitely not happy with Luke and he will have a lot of explaining to do...

  4. Oh Luke, I'm on your side bro but...he's gotta learn how to not let people back him into a corner. I'm beginning to wonder if his deal with Cade was worth tonight, LOL. I'm glad his mom stayed with Laura, that was really sweet. Awesome, awesome episode! I guess we'll learn if Luke gets to live another day next episode. ;-)

    1. He has been stuck in a corner lately I agree. I think all these things coming at him at once are making it hard for him to focus...
      Just gotta wait n see how it plays out with Cade.
      Luke is a lot of sucking up to do if he wants Laura's forgiveness. He still seems to be struggling with this whole relationship thing
      Glad you enjoyed it!

  5. I don't know if I got busy or what but I had to go back and read part I then this one. LOL. Excuse me I need to talk to Luke---
    Luke, Luke, Luke! When are you going to learn? Just stay away from folks like Cade and those girls!
    I love how simple minded they were "both of our names begin with P" ahahaha. You have lovely ladies in your life Luke...don't disappoint them!

    1. Lol! You tell him! He keeps having his past come back to haunt him.
      He is still learning....let's hope he gets there. :)