Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas at the Cabin

On Sunday Michelle and Benjamin make it safe and sound to the cabin after flying and traveling most of the day. They stop to get a bite to eat before checking in and heading to the cabin.  
It's starting to lightly snow and the sun should be setting shorty. They have just parked outside the cabin, Benjamin helps Michelle off the ATV, and they get ready to head inside.
*Benjamin* "We're here Darlin'..."
*Michelle* "It's just so beautiful!..I can't believe it's been a whole
 year since we were here."
*Benjamin* "Is it just like you remembered it?"
*Michelle* "'s absolutely perfect, and the snow..."
Michelle's sentence trails off and she is distracted by the falling snow. Benjamin busies himself unloading the luggage. 
*Benjamin* "Michelle..."
*Michelle turns to face him* "Uh?"
*Benjamin* "Take your bag, Baby...Let's go inside."
Michelle takes the bag, while Benjamin grabs their heavy suitcases, then he gets out the key to unlock the cabin door.
*Benjamin smiles, the one that makes all the girls go crazy* "You ready, Darlin'?"
*Michelle smiles and can't help but melt at the sight of it* "Of course..."
*Benjamin* "Close your eyes."
*Michelle* "Why?...I already know what it looks like."
*Benjamin* "I know...just trust me."
Michelle smiles, and closes her eyes. She trusts him completely and knows there must be something waiting on the other side. Benjamin quickly gets their luggage inside then guides her through the door, making sure she's not peeking.
*Benjamin* "You're not peeking are ya?"
*Michelle* "No..."
Then makes sure the door is shut and
 locked, with the key safely in his pocket.
*Michelle loosing patience* "Can I look now?
Then without a word Benjamin takes his hands away from her eyes, Michelle blinks then takes in the room.
*Michelle* "Ohhh! Benjamin! You remembered everything!
It's just like the last time..."
Then she stops, noticing the dress hanging from the door
 where the ski suit was hanging last year.
*Michelle* "A dress? Where are we going?"
Then she turns to face Benjamin. 
*Michelle* "I thought we were staying here the whole time?..."
*Benjamin smiles* "You'll see, Baby...right now lets just get settled in."
They get comfortable, removing coats, putting down luggage and such. Then Michelle grabs the champagne that was set out for them and offers Benjamin a glass as he comes out of the bathroom.
*Michelle* "Shall we make a toast?..."
*Benjamin* "Sure."
*Michelle* "I know last year, we didn't have much to say to each other, but this whole year has been amazing. And when everyone told me to run away from you as fast as I could, I just couldn't. I'm so glad, I didn't.." *she smiles* "..I love you so much, Benjamin and being here reminds me of when I finally realized that and realized there was more to you than what the others were saying..."
*Benjamin* "Wow, Baby....I...I...didn't expect a speech from you. I love you too, Darlin'...and I am definitely glad you didn't run...because I can't imagine this last year without you."
They both toast, take a sip, then Benjamin sets down the glasses...
And pulls Michelle in tight, both wrapping 
their arms around each other.
*Benjamin* "You still hungry?....I can order us something..."
*Michelle* "I'm not hungry for food..."
Michelle starts to undo the buttons on 
his shirt slowly, one by one...
*Michelle* " I just want to spend the rest of the night in that bed."
Then slides her hands under his collar 
and around his neck.
*Benjamin* "Not so nervous this time are ya?.."
*Michelle smiles* "Oh, Benjamin...You know I still didn't know what to expect
from you the first time we were here."
*Benjamin smiles that smile again* "I know, Baby..."
Then they both pull each other in close, knowing that it's time for a little less talking. They end up spending the remainder of their evening under the sheets and wake up to a lovely morning, with fresh snow on the ground. After breakfast they take advantage of the day and head outside Monday morning, enjoying the peaceful quiet, serene scene and each other.
*Michelle* "What do you want to do?"
*Benjamin* "Lets just take a hike and see how it looks, 
maybe we try some skiing."
*Michelle* "Okay..."
After they take a few steps off the porch, Benjamin notices something out in the thick of trees across from their cabin.
*Benjamin* "Look! There's a Mama deer and her baby..."
*Michelle* "Where?!"
*Benjamin* "Right, there straight ahead, hiding under the trees..."
*Michelle* "Oh! They looks so cute!..."
So Benjamin leads the way and they take a short hike up the slope to see how it looks. Then they decide to head back and get their skis on.
After spending a good amount the day skiing, they decide to call it a night, take a soothing bath, then order some dinner.
*Michelle* "So when do I get to wear that dress?"
*Benjamin* "Not to night, that's for sure..."
*Michelle smiles* "Not even a hint?"
*Benjamin* "Nope."
Michelle sets the finished tray of food on the floor then 
climbs up and straddles Benjamin's lap.
*Michelle* "Well if your not going to tell me then maybe I should tickle it out of you.."
*Benjamin laughs* "Oh really?! But I'm not even ticklish..."
*Michelle* "So you say..."
Then Michelle slides her hand across his side 
and Benjamin laughs. Then Benjamin turns the tables 
and pushes up to kiss her... 
The two get lost in each other arms and end up cozy under the sheets for the rest of the night, and Michelle never gets an
answer about the dress..
Tuesday they order up breakfast and decide to go out and ski some more. Michelle is getting better at it and enjoying herself very much.
*Benjamin* "You're gittin better on those skis, You want to do some more today?"
*Michelle* "It's really fun...And so beautiful! Can we try a harder one?"
*Benjamin* "Sure...If you want to."
After breakfast they get dressed then head out to put on 
their skis and hit the slopes.
When they get back both of them are pretty tired and exhausted, 
but had fun all the while.
*Benjamin* "I'm starvin' ready to call it a day?"
*Michelle* "Me too...I think I'm done."
They gravitate closer to each other and 
snow slowly starts to fall. 
*Benjamin* "Yeah, I think we better just head did good out there."
*Michelle* "Yeah? I really like it...We should do this every year..."
*Benjamin smiles* "Yeah...I'd like that. I love you, Baby."
*Michelle smiles* "I love you too..."
Once inside, Michelle orders them some dinner, after 
dinner they take a nice long relaxing hot bath. They sit quietly for awhile enjoying the warmth and each other, but Michelle starts thinking of her sister and starts to worry.
*Michelle* "I wonder if my sister and Luke have found out any news about, Ruby."
*Benjamin* "I don't know....but I highly doubt it. Stuff like that takes some time,
 especially around the holidays...
*Michelle* "You're right...they have a lot of legal hurdles to jump through,
especially if Ruby is Luke's."
*Benjamin* " is you sister taking it? She okay that last time you talked?"
*Michelle* "She seemed okay, but I think she was holding back..."
Benjamin kisses the top of her head, trying to reassure her that all is well back at home.
*Benjamin* "I'm sure she's fine...She seemed to be handling it well, the night Ruby showed up."
They stop talking and relax a little longer before getting out. 
Michelle is in front of the mirror, looking herself over, 
while Benjamin watches.
*Benjamin* "Baby...your beautiful, why do you look in the 
mirror like your worried?"
*Michelle* "Well isn't that what mirrors are for?"
*Benjamin* "No...they're for hanging on bedroom ceilings..."
*Michelle laughs* "Oh! Is this a fantasy of yours?"
*Benjamin* "No...just trying to make you smile, Darlin'. I find that quite tacky, actually."
*Michelle still smiling* "Good..."
Then he walks to stand behind her and Michelle 
turns around pulling the towel that was 
wrapped around him down. All the while Michelle is still smiling.
*Benjamin* "What's so funny?"
*Michelle* "Nothing...Just thinking about your butt and a mirror in the ceiling."
Benjamin chuckles then leans in to kiss her. 
Wednesday morning, Christmas Eve, Benjamin wakes up bright and early, the sun just starting to peek in. Michelle would rather sleep in some more, she's pretty tired from all the skiing and late nights, but it has all been amazing...
*Benjamin*"Wake up,'s Christmas Eve."
*Michelle* "Mmmm, can't we just sleep in? Stay in bed all day..."
*Benjamin* "We'll loose daylight if we do...and it's our last day,
 we leave tomorrow, Baby."
Michelle runs her fingertips across his neck and chest.
*Michelle* "Can I pursued you stay in bed with me all day?..."
*Benjamin laughs* "You think I don't know what game your playin'?
C'mon it's our last day and night here...There will be plenty of time for that later."
Then he gets up and excuses himself to the restroom. A few minutes later he is out and Michelle is up and slowly moving about.
*Benjamin* "Bathroom is all yours, Darlin'..."
Michelle smiles sleepily, he always seems to be energized in the morning and she is not. A splash of cool water on her face and a cup of coffee is what she needs before she feels that way.
*Benjamin* "I'll order us breakfast...what you want?"
*Michelle* "Pancakes and coffee..."
Benjamin nods and Michelle locks herself in the bathroom. She stops and stares at herself in the mirror splashing some water on her face. These last few days have been wonderful but Benjamin seems extra excited, she shrugs, maybe because it's Christmas Eve or maybe it has something to do with that dress hanging on the door. 
She has asked him a dozen times if it's time for her to wear it and he  keeps telling her no. So maybe it's tonight? She smiles and wonders what it could be.
After breakfast, two become easily distracted again...
Then a couple hours later they finally get up and get ready to go outside. Michelle wants to build a snowman instead of skiing today. Benjamin is waiting for her to finish getting ready so they can go outside.
*Michelle* "I'm ready!..."
*Benjamin* "Me too..."
So they stay right outside the cabin and gather some 
items to build a snowman.
Benjamin sets the second ball of snow on top of the 
other while Michelle watches. 
Michelle puts the final ball on the top to complete his little snowman body. Then they finish him off with some rocks and twigs.
*Michelle*  "There! He's perfect! What'd ya think?"
*Benjamin* "There is just one more thing needed to make this moment perfect..."
Michelle a little perplexed looks up at him.
*Michelle* "What do you mean? Did we forget something?"
Benjamin doesn't respond to her questions, he quickly gets down on one knee, he's never been so nervous about something in his life. Once he is kneeling before her Michelle can't help but let out a gasp of surprise.
*Benjamin* "Michelle, you have been the only woman I could never walk
away from...and you didn't make it easy either."
* he smiles that smile again*
Michelle knows where this is headed and 
tears begin to fill her eyes.
She tries to speak, her voice overwhelmed with emotion.
*Michelle* "Benjamin..."

*Benjamin stops her* "Hold on...Like you said in your toast....coming here last year I realized just how much I do love you.  How much better you make my life, your strength, your confidence, your feistiness,  how you can't walk past a mirror without making sure your beautiful...all of you, Baby and I want to spend the rest of my life showing you how much you mean to me. 
Then Benjamin lets her hand go and pulls the small black 
box out from behind him and opens it up.
*Benjamin* "Michelle Ava Lavigne, will you marry me?..."
Michelle can't contain her excitement anymore but when she tries to speak the only word she can get out is...
*Michelle* "Yes! Yes!..."
She leans into him and wraps her arms around him.
*Benjamin* "Say it Baby..."
*Michelle* "Oh, Yes, Benjamin!...Yes I'll marry you!"
Benjamin smiles, relieved to have gotten through it 
but he knew she would say yes.
They fall back into the snow, Benjamin still holding on tight 
to the ring, which is still in the box.
She kisses him, then Benjamin pulls away.
*Benjamin* "Let me I can put this ring on your finger."
They get back up on their feet and...
 Benjamin takes the ring out of it's box where it has been 
waiting for months and places it on Michelle's finger. 
*Benjamin* "There...fits perfect."
They lean in and kiss again then Michelle pulls away.
 *Michelle* "Oh! The dress! does this mean
were going to dinner now?"
Benjamin smiles, she wants to wear that dress so badly.
*Benjamin* "Yeah, but not tonight..."
Michelle looks confused it's their last night at the cabin.
*Benjamin continues* "Tomorrow night, Darlin' when we git home in time for Christmas dinner. You'll be the most beautiful woman in the room..."
*Michelle* "Oh, Benjamin..."
Then he takes her by the hand and the walk into the cabin for their last night before they leave in the morning.
             *Benjamin* "Merry Christmas, Baby...I love you."
            *Michelle* " I love you too...Merry Christmas."

The End!
Hope you all had a happy holiday season!


  1. Yeah! So perfect, so romantic! You did a wonderful job on this scene and story. You really know how to bring your dolls to life. Glad these 2 are finally engaged and cannot wait for the wedding!

    1. Hi Phyllis!
      Thank you so much! I wanted it to be special for them...I have been waiting to do this proposal since last year when they first visited the cabin. I knew then I wanted Benji to propose to her. :) So I'm so excited they are finally engaged!

  2. This was so perfect! I was thinking he'd do it with friends and family gathered but this was better given the drama back home. Now she'll always remember the cabin and the Christmas Eve.

    1. Thank you! I thought it would be the perfect romantic opportunity for him....Afterall Benjamin is my sweet, romantic cowboy! lol! I agree, she will always remember Christmas at the cabin :)

  3. I can see their country wedding now at Ben's dad's place and Michelle in her cowgirl boots lol!

    1. Lol! That is a possibility....I do know they will have a much bigger and fancier wedding than Luke and Laura did. ;-)

  4. I LOVED IT! That Benjamin has major swoon factor, I swear. I really missed out on buying him back when they were priced to clear. He's got such a dreamy face. I can't wait to see next episode, Christms dinner, the whole Ruby and Rufus much to look forward to.

    Thanks for posting a new story. :-)

    1. Hi Tracy!
      Thank you! So glad to have gotten through it...yeah Benjamin is a real sweetheart when you get down to it ;-) I hope to have another episode up by then end of next week, once the kids are back in school and I have more. me time :)

  5. what a wonderful story. Benjamin has that southern boy charm allofus find irresistible.

    1. Hi Lisa!
      Yes he sure is a sweet southern boy :) Glad you enjoyed it!

  6. Wow Very nice story! I really like the snow effect and also Ben is looking a little hot! LOL I'm so glad that these tw are finally engaged.

    1. Hi Will!
      Thank you! I was high time for some romance for these two ;-) I used to give the pictures a more frosty look... I love that website! Hehe! Yeah Benji is quite to hottie, I love him so much more after I cut his hair it was just to long and didn't look right. Me too! I am so happy they are engaged...I had been waiting so long to do it!

  7. i'm so happy for michelle and benjamin . the outdoor scenes are so realistic. everything is so pretty. happy new year to you and your dollies!

    1. Hi Shirley!
      Thank you! I had built the cabin last year for their first visit. I held up quite well stored in the attic all year! Hope you had a great holiday and Happy new year!

  8. Oh, this was perfect! I love Benjamin and Michelle! You know, your story is so good that I forget that dolls play the roles, you make your characters so real! Have a Happy New Year, and I look so forward to next year's episodes :-)!

    1. Hi!
      Thank you so much! Yes I really enjoy these two together...Oh my thank you! that is so sweetest compliment! I do enjoy this storytelling so much! So glad I have other to share it with :) I hope to have another episode up soon!

  9. Aww, that ending was super sweet! Ha, every girl's dream!!

    1. Thanks! Yes the most perfect romantic proposal lol!

  10. How romantical!!! and steamy woo! another great story.

    1. Thank you! I had fun with this one :)

  11. My congratulations to the happy couple. You shared a lovely story wih lovely photography.

    I wish Benjamin and Michelle! and you a Happy New Year.

    1. Thanks so much! I thoroughly enjoyed shooting this episode. :)

  12. OH My Goodness that was soooo beautiful!

  13. Yay he did it. Great story and the pictures were awesome. Loved the lighting.

    1. Hi Vanessa!
      Thank you! Yes, finally he proposed! Thank you I have really learned a lot with photography and lighting this last year!

  14. This was so wonderful! Everything was just perfection.

  15. Love this!! Hope Rufus doesn't hurt their wedding

    1. Hi Kristen!
      Thank you! Glad to hear your enjoying it! I don't think Rufus will bother Michelle and Benjamin she doesn't even know them really...

  16. ben and michelle oh, no Penelope and the others got a bad feeling about ben and i will
    have Michelle can do so much better!! And this ruby and rufus don't like where this story is headed happy ending for ben and michelle but poor luke and laura, would have like to see both sister have a hard time with their men . i hAve to say good bye cause i'm not happy w/ your stories anymore.!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi DarShawn!
      Sorry to hear, your not happy with the story :( but Benjamin really does love Michelle...Penelope tried to test him and it didn't work. As for Ruby, I hope you come back and check it out cause there is more to the story. Take Care! :)