Friday, February 5, 2016

Brews and Brownies...A Short Story

   Trying a new way of story telling, lately I have felt stuck in a rut and needed to try something different! So this is a fun short story to keep some future story line going :)  
Some of you may have already seen this story as I have posted it already on others sites but I decided to go ahead make it an official episode since there will be more to this little story!   
Luke and Laura are having company over, just two of their closest friends, with Phoenix spending the night at Grandma's house its time for the adults to have some unbridled fun! 

Luke quickly heads to the door to answer it. 

Laura makes her way into the living room so she can great Willow.

Willow smiles and blushes, Peter loves her black magic brownies.

Back by the front door Luke grills Peter about some news he recently heard from Laura.

Luke is a little upset he had to hear it from his wife and not his best friend that he decided to move Willow into his apartment.

Peter tries to explain why he hadn't told Luke but then again 
maybe he really is unsure about it all.

The girls have made their way into the kitchen and Laura pours Willow a glass of wine. Laura is curious to know how it's going. These two have become really close since they learned they have a lot in common.

Laura probes a little farther and Willow beams with excitement!

Then the boys come into the kitchen, finally deciding the join them.

Luke heads straight to the fridge for another beer and asks Peter if he wants one.

Despite not being too crazy about kids, Peter has really come to like Phoenix and asks Laura how he is doing.
 Seeing how happy Willow is, Laura decides to put Peter to the test...

Speaking from her own experience, she continues to see where the conversation will take her...

But Peter reacts quickly and no one was expecting what he is about to say...

Dun! Dun! Dun!
 Gotta leave you hanging for now, but this will be continued 
I promise!!!
 But Enough about that!
I'm inviting all of you to join us for
Michelle and Benjamin's wedding
Yes is finally here!  
 So mark your calendars! ^_^


  1. Yay! I love weddings! This new way blocks the scenes/dios. They always give me a sense of realism.

  2. I saw this story and the invite on Flickr, but still was excited to see them here! I cannot wait for the wedding! It is on my calendar for the 14th! BTW, what did you use to add the conversation bubbles? Maybe you could make them a little smaller so they don't block the scenes so much?? I could read them without my glasses, so I know they were really bid, haha!

  3. Yay! We've been waiting for the wedding! I'm so excited!

  4. Oh-oh, Peter! He's so young to have had such a surgery! I look forward to the continuation of this story! I can't wait to see the wedding story either!!! Great post :-)