Sunday, July 10, 2016

Phoenix Turns 2!...

It's Monday the 4th of July, Scott and Krystal Lavigne are hosting a BBQ/Birthday party. Phoenix will turn 2 tomorrow so Laura and Krystal figured they would combine the two events this year.
Krystal has just wheeled out Phoenix's big birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa, she's now placing a big shiny bow on it.
*Krystal* "There! How's it look honey?..."
*Scott* "Perfect, Darlin'...but I still think you spoil him too damn much."
*Krystal* "He's my only grandchild at the moment of course I'm going to spoil him..."
As Krystal and Scott are talking, Michelle and Benjamin
 show up outside, they are the first guests to arrive.
*Michelle* "Hey, Momma!
Krystal goes to greet Michelle right away giving her a big hug, she doesn't see her too much now that she's married 
and starting her career. Benjamin goes to say hello to Scott.
 *Krystal* "How are you doin' sweetie?..."
*Michelle* "Good, work is keeping me pretty busy, but I'm enjoying it."
*Krystal* "That's good and how are you and Benjamin doing?"
*Michelle smiles* "Wonderful. He's really amazing Momma, I couldn't have asked for a better man."
*Krystal* "That's so wonderful to hear, married life has really suited both of you.
 I am so happy that you're happy."
*Michelle* "I know you are...I brought a gift for Phoenix..."
While Michelle was talking with her Mother, Benjamin 
says hello to his father in law.

*Scott* "Benji! How's it going?..."
*Benjamin* "Oh, good business is busy. This is quite a spread y'all cooked up here."
*Scott* "Yeah, well were expecting quite a few people. I think your Dad might
stop by for awhile too."
*Benjamin* "Really? He hadn't mentioned it but you know he's not coming
into the office as much as he used to."
*Scott* "So I've heard, is there an official date yet when he's retiring?"
*Benjamin* "No not yet..."
A short while later Shaun and Amari arrive. Amari sits down with Michelle while the guys grab beers and shoot the breeze 
around the BBQ pit.
*Benjamin* "Y'alls band is gettin' pretty popular, I took Michelle to see y'all the other week,
since her sister was there. Really got a great sound."
*Shaun* "Thanks, man...Peter has been a big help with that, his connections
with clubs has gotten us into places a lot quicker."
 *Benjamin* "Hard to believe he's a good businessman..."
*Shaun* "Yeah I know, Peter may be a dick but he's a smart man when
 he puts his mind to something."
 *Scott* "Peter was Luke's best man, right?..."
*Shaun nods* "Yes he was..."
 *Benjamin* "Is he still with that Cajun girl?...What was her name?"
*Shaun sighs* "Willow. Yeah, no they broke up a while back, Peter cheated on her."
 *Scott* "This is the same guy that picked a fight with Benji, he's the kinda
man you don't want your daughter's bringing home..."
Benjamin and Shaun chuckle briefly, but then nod in agreement, Peter has been on a bender lately and Shaun is worried he might 
really screw up this time around. At the back of the yard Amari and Michelle catch up with each other.
 *Michelle* "I am loving you new hairstyle! Looks so light and fresh..."
 Amari runs her hand through her newly cut hair, it has just 
been too hot and so she decided to cut it.
 *Amari* "Yeah, it's just too hot and I was tired of using a whole bottle of 
conditioner just to get it under control.
*Michelle* "I know it's been so miserable, I was thinking about cutting my hair too..."
*Amari* "What?! No! Don't cut your hair, it's gorgeous! It's so smooth and shiny and straight! Women kill to have hair like yours, girl don't cut it. And I'm sure Benjamin
 likes tuggin' on those long locks!"
 *Michelle smiles* "Well when you put it that way maybe just a small trim...So
 how are you and Shaun doing?..."
*Amari* "Good, real good..."
 While Michelle and Amari catch up Luke and Laura finally arrive with the birthday boy. Krystal is the first one to greet them, she is sitting at the picnic table chatting with Erica.
Phoenix looks up noticing the flags hanging.
*Phoenix* "W 'ook, mama!..."
*Laura* "You like those? Nana hung those up for your birthday!"
*Krystal* "There's my little birthday boy!"
*Erica* "Oh my goodness! He's a gettin' so big!..."
Krystal gets up and takes Phoenix from Laura's arms,
 she wants to show him the shiny new car she got
 him for his birthday.
*Krystal* "Look what Grandpa and I got you!...."
Phoenix perks up right away when he sees it, he loves 
cars they are his favorite toy at the moment.
*Phoenix* "Car! Car! W' ook, Mamma! Car!"
*Benjamin* "Damn! He's growing like a weed! What y'all feeding him?!"
*Laura smiles* "He is. He's just growing so fast, he's a great eater though, I sure
hope it stays that way."
*Benjamin* "Well I'm sure, he's got a great chef cooking for him..."
While Laura is busy with Phoenix and her Mother, Luke makes sure to say hello to Scott, the man of the house and his father in law as well.
*Luke* "Hey Scott, thanks for hosting this little get together, Laura really
wanted too but she's been feeling a little tired lately."
*Scott* "Oh sure! You know Krystal and I love hosting, sounds like my grandson is hitting those terrible two's, is he throwing any good tantrums yet?..."
They laugh because yes of course he throws tantrums he's a toddler.
*Luke* "He can have his moments, Laura wants to put him in a preschool
program for a few days a week."
*Scott* "Yeah, Krystal did that with our girls, it was a big help for her."
Luke finishes talking then goes to see what is going on with Phoenix. He's got the biggest look of awe on his face 
at the sight of this giant car!
*Krystal* "Open the door, Phoenix! You can get inside this car..."
*Luke* "Phoenix! You got a car?! Where's you driver's license son?
Can't drive without it."
*Shaun laughs* "He sure is growing up quick, man..."
*Luke* "I know, it fucking freaks me out sometimes."
*Shaun* "You two still...uh going for a second one?"
*Luke* "Yeah we are, been a bit slow lately, works got me busy."
Phoenix continues to take in the tiny car that is just his size, 
while Laura and Krystal watch him.
*Phoenix* "Car?! Mamma! Car!..."
*Laura* "Open the door pumpkin, sit inside!..."
 *Krystal* "Pull back on the door, Phoenix, it opens so you can get inside!..."
Phoenix is now understanding what they want him to do.
 *Phoenix* "N' side?.."
*Laura* "Yes, Pumpkin. Open the door so you can sit inside it!
Phoenix struggles for a moment then gets the door to open,
 pulling back on it and walking around the door to climb inside.
 *Benjamin* "Your nephew is gettin' big. Doesn't he make you want to have one, Darlin'?..."
*Michelle* "Right now?!..."
 *Benjamin* "No, not now but soon..."
*Michelle* "Soon as in like 2 or 3 years, right?..."
Meanwhile Luke helps out Phoenix as he climbs into the car.
 *Luke* "There you go, climb all the way in and close the door."
 Phoenix is just overwhelmed by this car, though! It's got a working door, and a steering wheel, and a horn that really honks! BEEP BEEP!
 *Phoenix* "Dadda! Car!..."
Phoenix pushes on the horn again and giggles.
*Luke* "Wow! you got a horn too?! That's one sweet ride little man...
*Luke continues* "Now get your feet all the way in so you can drive the car."
 Luke quickly walks around to the back to help Phoenix out. Laura, Krystal, and Shaun cheer him on as he takes it for a drive, 
with help from Dad, of course.
Back with Michelle and Benjamin the two are still discussing the topic of babies. They haven't spoke too much about it yet, been enjoying it just being the two of them, but seeing Phoenix makes Benjamin want to start thinking about it. They keep their conversation low and quiet...
 *Benjamin* "2 or 3 years?! Baby, I don't think I want to wait that long..."
*Michelle* "Why not? Besides I'm enjoying life with you right now, I'm not ready to give that up."
*Benjamin* "I know, Darlin' so am I. I'm just saying meet me in the middle
somewhere like maybe in a year or so from now."
 *Michelle* "A year? But what about my job? I just started a year is not long enough."
*Benjamin* "Don't panic, Baby...A year is a long ways away still. Just keep an open mind about it."
 *Michelle nods* "I can do that..."
*Benjamin smiles that crooked smile* "Good! Cause once we start, there ain't no going back."
 *Michelle smiles back* "No, there ain't, baby."
The cheering gets louder as Luke pushes Phoenix across the grass, and Michelle and Benjamin finally tear themselves away 
from each other to cheer on Phoenix too.
 After everyone fills up on BBQ its time for cake! Since Phoenix's birthday is the day after the fourth of July, they all gather around to sing happy birthday. Luke gets his phone out to make sure to get video.

 Happy Birthday to you!

 Happy Birthday to you!

  Happy Birthday dear Phoenix!
Happy Birthday to You! 
*Laura* "Blow out your candle, Sweetie!"
Phoenix blows on the candle with a little help from Mom, 
and everyone claps and cheers yay! 
 Erica turns to her grandson, and can't help but inquire when 
she may get a great grandbaby.
 *Erica* "So you and Michelle makin' any plans to start a family, Suga?"
*Benjamin* "Nana, I love you but you gotta stop asking..."

 *Erica* "Well, I ain't gettin' any younga dear, and I'm just so excited
 to meet my first great grandbaby."
*Benjamin* "Well, Michelle definitely ain't pregnant, and we ain't ready yet. So you gotta wait. I promise you'll be the first person I call when we do."
*Erica* "I look forward to it, Darlin' I really do!"
*Benjamin smiles* "Oh I know!"
Then they turn their attention back to the group. Everyone gets a slice of Laura's fancy homemade cake and enjoys it. Later on into the evening everyone gathers around sits and chats with one another.
All the young ladies are sitting around the picnic table while Chloe tells them all a crazy story, she is a great storyteller and everyone enjoys it. Luke stands and talks with Peter, these two never tire of talking to each other, best friends for a very long time they 
truly enjoy each others company.
At the back of the yard, Scott and Krystal sit with Jusin, his wife Ellie and their two small children. Plus Erica and Cynthia are there as well.
*Scott* "So when you retiring?..."
 *Justin* "I don't know yet, but Benji is pretty much running things now, so
 I probably should announce something soon. No point in dragging out too long I guess."
*Scott* "Yeah. Once the merger is complete
 I think I'll be ready to hang things up too. Be nice to spend more time at home."
 *Justin* "Can't disagree with ya there!..."
Meanwhile Krystal is introducing Cynthia to Erica.
*Krystal* "Erica, this is Cynthia, her son is married to my Laura."
*Erica* "Ah yes, I'm a so glad ta hear they worked thangs out, you ladies
have beautiful little grandbaby....I'm a waiting for that day Benjamin calls me
and tells me I'm a gonna be a great grandma!"
*Krystal* "Don't hold your breath too long, cause they ain't ready yet."
*Cynthia* "Oh! So Ben is your grandson?"
*Erica* "Yes, dear. His Momma died when he was verra young."
Meanwhile Ellie sits with her children while they roast
 marshmallows and weenies.
 *Ellie* "Quick blow on it! Be careful it's gonna be hot!..."
*Mason* "What about me Momma? Is mine done?"
*Ellie* "No, I think you need to let it cook a little longer, Sweetie."
Back at the front of the yard Luke and Peter talk.
*Luke teasing* "I'm surprised to see you showed up here stag...What happened
no more chicks to mac on."
*Peter* "What? Would you have preferred I brought Hannah?..."
*Luke* "Fuck no! No one here likes her...What the hell do
 you see in her anyways?"
 *Peter* "I don't 'see' anything. She's just a fuck buddy that's it.
Neither of us want it to be more than that."
*Luke not buying it* "Okay, man if you say so...So did you hook up
with Cheyenne again the other night?"
*Peter grabbing at some chips * "Just that one night after we left Bull Tavern...She's long gone now, back home in Ash Harbor. How are things going at the shop?"
*Luke* "Good, that new girl I hired seems to be working out, knows her shit
and gets along good with Jacob and I."
*Peter* "That's good. Is she hot?..."
*Luke* "You're not fucking her, Peter! She's my employee and
the last thing I need is you screwing that up."
*Peter* "I was just curious!..."
A few feet over Shaun is talking with Benjamin. Both of them like fast cars and big trucks so they're talking shop.
 *Shaun* "Yeah, I was talking with James, he's into muscle cars. Said he's
got a 'vette he's been working on for some years now."
 *Benjamin* "Oh yeah, I've seen it. He's done some great work on it. She's a beauty."
 As the two are talking Phoenix and Parker start to get into it. Phoenix is not wanting to share his car anymore with Parker.
 *Phoenix squeals at the top of his lungs* "NOOOOOO!!!"
Parker is trying to open the door so he can 
climb in there too. Everyone jumps at the blood curdling scream that came from Phoenix. Luke turns immediately thinking 
his son has been hurt.
 *Phoenix pushes his hand out at Parker* "No! My Car! My Car!..."
*Luke* "Phoenix, there's plenty of room in there for Parker too. You need to share."
 But of course he is not going to share, it's been a long day
 and it might be time to call it a night.
And a cranky toddler is often a biter, Phoenix grabs 
Parker's hand and pulls it towards his mouth.
*Laura* "Luke! Grab Parker! Phoenix is about to bite him!"
Luke reacts just in time. The boys are pulled apart and everyone decides it's getting a bit late for the little ones. So Chloe decides to go home with Parker, Luke and Laura decide to pack up and get Phoenix home to bed, and few others leave as well. Leaving Scott and Krystal to continuing hosting a smaller bunch.
*Peter swigs his beer and looks at the camera* "And that folks, is why
I don't want kids!..."
*Benjamin* "Damn that squeal sure was loud...."
 *Shaun* "Tell me about it, little man was not happy."
*Benjamin* "Can't blame him though, boys love their cars, ain't nobody gonna mess wit 'em."
*Shaun laughs* "Haha! Yeah, the love affair starts young doesn't it?"
After getting the boys separated, Krystal comes over to check
 and make sure everything is okay.
 *Krystal* "Everything okay?"
*Luke* "It's fine, the boys just got a little fussy with each other, especially Phoenix."
*Laura* "Yeah, he's tired, I think we're gonna go on home now, Momma."
*Krystal* "Okay, let me help you pack up some stuff to take home."
*Chloe* "I think we're gonna head home too..."
Krystal turns to Chloe, this was the first time they have met.
*Krystal* "Chloe, is was so wonderfull meeting you, thank you for coming by,
 Parker is a lovely little boy."
 *Chloe* "Thank you for the invite, we had a wonderful time."
 Krystal heads inside to gather some leftovers for Laura to take home. Luke and Laura say goodbye to Chloe and Parker.
 *Luke* "Tell Daniel, I said hello..."
*Chloe smiles* "Okay...Well thanks for the food and cake, I'm gonna take
this tuckered out fella home."
*Laura* "Thanks for coming, I'm glad Phoenix had his friend here to play with,
I'll call you later this week."
A little after Chloe leaves with Parker, so does Luke and Laura, a few others call it a night and some stay a little longer and continue to chat.
A little later that same evening, Luke and Laura get home with an exhausted little 2 year old. After getting home, unloading the car, Luke grabs Phoenix and heads towards the stairs.

*Laura* "Are you sure you don't want me to put him down?"
Luke stops and turns to face her smiling at her, as exhausted as she may be she is still beautiful, with her worried little look and persistent nature.

*Luke smiles* "It's fine, Babe I got it. You go relax, take a shower. I'll come find you in a little bit." 

*Laura* "Oh-kay..."

 Laura decides to go up stairs, take a shower, and wash away the BBQ smell. It has been making her nauseous the whole ride home, smelling it on her hair and clothes. After she gets undressed and makes her way into the bathroom the over whelming urge to regurgitate tonight's dinner hits her.
 *Laura talking to herself* "Ugh! This stomach ache..."
It's no secret that Luke and Laura have been trying to get pregnant again, stocked up on pregnancy tests Laura decides to reach for one, she made sure to buy plenty after not having any the first time around when she found out she was pregnant with Phoenix.
Laura grabs the box and looks it over reading the front and back, thinking well I do have some possible symptoms or it could just be a plain old stomach ache. The two have been having a hard time finding time for each other lately since that night at the tomb. All the experts say have sex every 2-3 days, not scheduled but just on a regular basis.
Luke has been working a lot and his band has been playing more too as they gain popularity locally. So this past month has been quiet for the two of them but no harm in trying...
So Laura decides to go with the one that spells it out for you instead
 of trying to read those faint blue lines.
She opens the box, double checks the instructions and 
gets down to business.
After peeing on one test trip, she decides to try the second one too, 
and see if they both get the same result.
 After completing her part of peeing on the test strips, Laura sets them down and waits. She sets the timer on her phone, so it will beep after 5 minutes has passed.
*Laura* "Well, all I gotta do now is wait..."
Meanwhile Luke is still with Phoenix, luckily Laura was able to bathe and change him at her parents house before they left. So on the car ride home Phoenix began to doze off.
But he's still giving Luke a little bit of a fuss. Laura is usually better at it but since she wasn't feeling well Luke said he'd take care of him.
Back in their bedroom Laura begins to pace the floor, she can no longer stand there and stare at the test trips. The wait is making her stomach even more queasy. The thought of being pregnant again fills her with joy and anxiety, she turns back to go look at the tests strips, her phone signaling it's been 5 minutes.
She walks into the bathroom silencing the alarm on her phone, she then looks down at the test trips, both giving her the exact same result. She picks one up and spins on her heels, to go in search of Luke.
Luke had just finished getting Phoenix asleep, and decides to go check on Laura, both round the corner of each doorway running into each other. Luke reaches out and grabs her, picking up on her anxiousness.
 *Luke* "Hey, Babe you feeling any better? Did you shower?..."
 Luke hadn't yet noticed the pregnancy test she had 
tightly clutched in her hand.
*Laura* "No, I haven't showered yet, my stomach is really bothering me, so..."
 *Luke cuts her off* "You think it was something you ate?...Your parents 
cook a mean BBQ, I saw you were enjoying it. It was good."
*Laura smiles* "Yes it was good.  I enjoyed it...but it's not that..."
*Luke* "Then what is it?..."
*Laura her smile brightens even more* "I'm pregnant!.."
She opens up her hand showing him the test strip. Luke 
looks down then up at her again.
 *Luke smiles* "You're pregnant?!..."
 *Laura* "Yeah, well according to this and the other one in the bathroom, I am!...
That would explain too why I'm getting nauseous."
*Luke* "You took two tests?..."
*Laura* "Yeah the box had two, so I figured I'd test both and see..."
*Luke* "And both came up positive?"
*Laura nods* "MmmMmm..." 
  Luke scoops her up lifting her on to her tip toes, and kisses her. He's just as happy as her about the news.
*Luke smiling brightly* "We did it, Babe!"
*Laura smiles back* "Yeah we did!..."
*Luke* "My baby is pregnant, this awesome, Babe. You have no idea how happy you make me."
*Laura* "Oh, I think I have some idea, you make me happy too, and I'm glad we're
doing this. I can't imagine being with anyone else."
 The first time this happened so much tension and stress was in the air, but this time around they planned for it and the news is exciting!
 *Luke smiles* "You know, I'm kinda bummed now cause you won't
 be texting me to come home now and knock you up, the deeds been done."
*Laura smiles back* "That's true but hopefully this time around will be different. 
I don't want to push you away..."
 *Luke* "I know, Babe, and I'm sure it'll all be fine. And believe me, things will be different this time around. I promise. I will be patient with you and if you need ice cream and pickles in the middle of the night. I'll go get them for you."
 Laura smiles at him and he tilts his forehead against hers.
*Luke* "I love you too damn much..."
*Laura* "I know you do...I love you too, Baby."
Luke kisses her again but they stay close to each other, soaking in each others joy and love for the other. This time around will be different, and it already shows, both of them relaxed and happy about the news.
 *Laura* "It's nearly 2 years to the day I had Phoenix. Now we're gonna do it all over again...
Maybe this time we'll have girl."
 *Luke smiles* "You still upset about that cute little dress you never got to buy?"
 *Laura smiles* "Maybe just a little...Come shower with me, you smell like BBQ as well, 
and the smell is just....Ack! yuck!!"
*Luke laughs* "Lets get you cleaned up then..."
 The two of them shower, with a little bit of a celebration added 
in there before they get out and go to bed.
 After a steamy hot shower to wash away the BBQ smell that was nauseating Laura, they lay in bed and talk a little longer
 before falling asleep.
 *Laura* "I guess tomorrow I'll call and get a Doctor's appointment..."
*Luke* "Okay, you want to wait to say anything till after you see the Doctor."
*Laura* "Um, yeah it's probably best we wait. Just in case."
*Luke* "Okay, you want me there?"
*Laura* "If you can't make it's fine, but If you can of course I'd love for you to come with me."
*Luke* "All right, guess will play it by ear and see."
*Laura* "Yeah..."
 Laura lays her head back down on his shoulder, moments like this is where she fell hard and fast for Luke, staying up all night in his arms, talking and making love. Her heart is so full and content now she couldn't think of anywhere else she would want to be, no matter what they have gone through in the past she can't
 imagine her future without him, and neither can Luke.
Laura sighs happily and nuzzles her head into his chest.
*Laura* "Mmmm, love you, Baby..."
*Luke* "Love you too, Babe..."
Luke kisses her forehead, and the two drift off to sleep it's been a long day. Looks like baby number 2 is finally happening!...

The End!

Thanks for tuning in! I'm planing on taking a break until the fall season is upon us it's just too darn hot down here is south Texas, and I need to do some serious purging on my doll collection. So I may post here n there, but keep  it simple. Also keep a look out to for my Etsy and Ebay. I will be listing items in the near future!


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