Friday, August 26, 2016

Peter and Cheyenne...A Crossover Story

Some months back on my Instagram account I did a crossover story with a good friend I have gotten to know over the past year. She just recently opened a blog and has a few stories on there.  So pop on over and check it out!  And welcome her :)

Cheyenne one of her main characters came to visit OneSixthAvenue for a week. This is that story...which took place a little after Peter's Birthday.
We start off at Baked with Love, a lovely little coffee shop in the town of Ash Harbor, Cheyenne's hometown and current place of residence.
 *Cameron* "So glad I got you to meet me here before you head to New Orleans, you hot stuff."
 *Cheyenne laughs* "I know, I'm excited...been awhile since I have been there. I'm looking forward to visiting some of my old stomping grounds.
*Cameron* "Maybe I could hide in your bag and come along..."
The girls laugh. 
*Cheyenne* "I wish but I promise to text you and let you know how things are.
*Cameron* "Well I would love details if you see him, I am ready to write another novel and maybe if you have some juicy details, I can add to a current novel."
*Cheyenne is a daze* "Yea..."
*Cameron* "Girl you there or you dreaming of Peter's peter?..."
*Cheyenne* "No!!! I'm fine. I'm flying out tonight so I better get home and get packed and ready to go."
*Cameron* "Well, if you see any sexiness send a pic...especially Peter's you know."
*Cheyenne* "No I will not, you dirty thing!"
The girls laugh, and then say goodbye 
to each other.        
 It's Friday night and the boys are having a late 
night drink together.
 Little do the guys know a familiar face from the past 
is a about to show up...
 *Luke talking to Shaun* "Shit! I didn't know things were that 
serious between you two!..."
 *Shaun* "Well, kinda I's been off and on for over a year now...But all this baby bizness has got Mari in a buzz and I don't know about that!..."
*Peter huffs out a laugh* "Good fucking luck with that man!...If you move her in she'll find a way to get herself knocked up...My advice, don't do it!..."
  While the guys are talking a cute little blond enters the bar. She politely asks Aric for a drink.
*Cheyenne* "Martini Please..."
*Aric* "Yes, Ma'am, coming right up..."
 *Luke ignoring Peter's remake and adressing Shaun* "Do you want to settle down with her?..."
*Shaun* "That's the problem, I don't know if I'm ready to yet..."
Behind them that cute little blond is getting eyeballed 
by one of Bull Tavern's resident drunks.
 While Aric fixes up her martini...Derek can't help 
but inquire about her...
*Derek* "Yous not from round here...hic...I'd member a purdy face like yurz!..."
*Cheyenne smiles remembering her southern manners despite 
wanting to run for the hills* " I'm not from around here..."
*Aric* "Derek, don't go badgering her, eat your burger and sober up..."
 Aric passes her the drink...
 *Aric* "Here you go, one martini.."
*Cheyenne* "Thank you..keep the change.."
Aric smiles and nods, Cheyenne grabs her drink and turns around... looking for a quiet place to sip her martini...
 *Peter* "So just get a vasectomy like I did..."
*Shaun* "Fuck no!... I don't want no scalpels and shit near my boys..."
Shaun is done wanting to talk about his love life.

Meanwhile Cheyenne scans the bar for a seat...
 At that same moment Shaun looks up, recognizing the young lady standing there. He couldn't have asked for a better distraction and change of subject.
 *Shaun* "Hey, isn't that Cheyenne Henderson?!..."
The guys all turn and look.
 *Peter* "Holy fuck! It is her...Dayum...She looks good!..."
*Luke* "Didn't you hit that shit already?!..."
*Peter* "So?!...I'm calling her over..."
Before Luke or Shaun can protest to inviting her over, 
Peter shouts out her name...
 *Peter waves his hand* "Cheyenne!..."
Cheyenne whips her head in the direction of the voice
 she just heard speak her name...
 *Cheyenne* "Oh. My. Gawd! Peter? Peter Morissey?!"
*Peter* "Yeah, it's me, come sit down with us and catch up."
 Peter gets up and greets her with a warm hug pulling
 her n firmly but still friendly..."
 *Shaun* "How are you doing? I was so sad to hear that Rock Candy broke up..."
*Shaun* "It was for the best,  Peter, Luke, and I started our own band."
*Cheyenne* "Oh yeah? So ya'll all living down here now? Where y'all playing at?"
 *Peter* "We usually play at the club I manage, how long are you in for? 
We're playing this weekend..."
Cheyenne sips her martini and looks up at Peter...
 *Cheyenne* "Well, I'm in town till next Sunday...I'm here for fashion week here in the big easy..."
*Peter* "Perfect we play this Saturday night. You should come, be a good way to end your trip."
 Cheyenne decides to probe a little more, see if Peter is still single, 
she didn't notice a ring on his finger.
*Cheyenne* "So any of y'all get married n settle down yet?..."
Both Shaun and Peter reply in unison.
"Luke did!..."
 *Cheyenne turns to Luke* "Oh yeah? Did Rufus finally get you to marry her?..."
*Luke* "No Rufus is old news, I met a girl her in town, got a son who's almost 2 now..."
*Cheyenne* "Awww! You have any pictures?!..."
Luke quickly pulls up a pic of Laura and Phoenix.
 *Luke* "That's my wife Laura and our son Phoenix..."
*Cheyenne* "Awww, he's just adorable..."
*Peter* "What about you? Husband? Kids?..."
 *Cheyenne smiles* "Nope! I'm still single, been busy with my career, 
so not much time for anything else..."
 They all talk for  a while longer before Luke and Shaun decide they've become the third wheel. So they both call it a night leaving Peter and Cheyenne to continue flirting with each other...
 The two chat a little longer before Peter gets straight to the point. 
*Peter* "So you want anther drink or head back to my place?..."
There is no doubt these two have an attraction to each other, Cheyenne always enjoyed her time with Peter in the past when she was working for Rufus. He was a wonderful distraction 
from a stressful job at the time.
 *Cheyenne* "Tell you what, lemme go use the girls room then we can head back to your place..."
 Peter just nods in acknowledgement. Cheyenne grabs her purse and quickly heads to the back of the bar where the restrooms are located.
Peter gets up to go settle his tab with Aric, but before he does he turns back to watch her before she disappears behind the door. 
*Peter under his breath* "Damn that's a sweet ass!!!"
 Peter and Cheyenne make it back to his apartment,
Peter opens the door and welcomes her in.
 *Peter* "Come on in, make yourself comfortable..."
*Cheyenne looks around* "Love the old charm of this place..."
Peter walks over to the fridge.
 *Peter* "Care for a beer?..."
*Cheyenne* "Um sure yeah..."
Cheyenne notices a familiar item in the room...
 *Cheyenne* "I see you still have the album I got for your birthday all those yeas ago..."
*Peter* "Fuck yeah, you know ol' blue eyes is one of my faves..."
Peter walks over and hands her a beer, thanks him and takes it.
 *Peter* "So where's home these days?..."
*Cheyenne* "Back home in Ash Harbor...I've been there for awhile now."
 *Cheyenne* "It's quite surprising seeing you, I had heard you may be living down here but not in a million years did I think we'd cross paths..."
She giggles and Peter smiles.
*Peter* "Looks like you walked right into mine, Babe..."
She giggles again, a very cute and flirtatious laugh.
*Cheyenne* "Sure does...Honestly I'd thought you'd be married and settled down by now."
*Peter* "Naw, no Mrs Right for me."
 Cheyenne and Peter chit chat for a good while. They both thoroughly disliked Rufus so they would always confide with each other about her and that's how their friendship went from friends to friends with benefits...
 *Peter* "I'm glad to hear you're doing so well, it was a bit rough after Rufus cracked and lost her shit...Luckily you weren't there to see it."
*Cheyenne* "I remember it being all over the news...Such a shame, she was talented."
Peter leans in a little more and Cheyenne licks her lower lip. Peter pulls her in he's been dying to bite that lip all evening.
 The two don't say anything else to each other. Peter's eyes dart from her mouth then back up to her big blue eyes...Seeing that she wants him just as bad as he wants her, Peter pulls her in and crashes his mouth down onto hers.
 In their haste to get a taste of one another Cheyenne forgot that her beer bottle is quite full. As she reaches up her hands around Peter's neck the beer sloshes onto hi and onto her below.
 *Peter* "Ah shit!...."
*Cheyenne giggling a little* "Oh my gawd! I'm so sorry!..."
*Peter* "I'm fine...not like you'd be the first to pour beer on me."
 *Peter* "Did you get wet?..."
*Cheyenne* "A little..."
*Peter* "Guess we should get naked then..."
 Peter gets up setting their beer bottles on the coffee table, then pulling his shirt up and over his head tossing it on the floor beside him. Cheyenne watches and smiles with delight.
 Cheyenne gets up and turns around.
*Cheyenne* "Help a girl out and unzip me..."
Peter slowly unzips her dress.
Peter pulls the dress down over her shoulders before spinning her around to face him. Cheyenne steps out of her dress completely, then jumps up wrapping her legs around Peter.
Bumping into the door frame on their way into his bedroom...
Then next morning, Cameron is at Bake with love. She is there often to drink her coffee, write her books, and gossip with friends.
 So Cameron is sitting in the coffee shop, she hasn't heard from Cheyenne, she's dying to know what's going on with her.
 Darren sits down at the table and about leaves Cameron in a lurch!
*Darren* "Hey Cameron, sorry I didn't mean to scare you..."
*Cameron* "Ohhh that's ok Hun how are ya? Didn't know you were in town."
*Darren* "Yea, I'm here for a month. Say have you seen Cheyenne? I haven't seen her she won't answer my text or calls, unlike her..."
Cameron hesitates, she's not sure what to say.
*Cameron* "She's way on business..."
Thinking to herself, "Oooo Cheyenne did you meet 
up with Mr. Hunky and do the funky?" 
*Darren* "Oh, okay well thanks Cameron. I'll see ya around, if you hear from her
 tell her I'm asking for her."
Cameron nods and smiles. 
Meanwhile back at Peter's place, Cheyenne is already awake.
 Cheyenne gets up, leaving Peter to snore away. She wants 
to check her phone for any missed calls or messages.
 *Cheyenne sits and checks her phone* "Looks like Darren is in town,
he left me a zillion messages..."
 Cheyenne decides to call Cameron her best friend 
back home in Ash Harbor...
Ring! Ring!
 *Cameron* "Girl, omg! how the heck are ya?! By the way the big D was just here!!"
 *Cheyenne* "Oh, I'm so glad you answered! Yay, I saw his messages. Girl
you are never gonna believe who I ran into last night!!!"
 *Cameron* "Omg! Gurrrl, did you do the nasty with Mr. Sexy?!?"
*Cheyenne giggles* "I can't believe I ran into him. He's as good in bed as I remember! hehe. I'm sitting in his living room right now, he's passed out asleep."
*Cameron* "Girl, you naughty thing you! Call me later with more details,
I'm meeting my Granny here, haha."
*Cheyenne* "Oh my, you would want Granny to hear you talking dirty, hehe!
Catch ya later girl."
 *Darren* "God I hope she answers this time, I'm dying to see her..."
 Cheyenne finally decides to answer the phone it's been vibrating nonstop. In a hushed tone she answers...
*Cheyenne* "Hey, Darren..."
Darren now so relieved to hear her voice.
*Darren* "Hey beautiful, where are you? I'm in town for a month, I was hoping to surprise you but when I  showed up at your condo, no answer. I've been calling and texting..."
 *Cheyenne continues to talk in a hushed tone* "I'm out of town on business, I'll be
back home next week. I thought you knew?"
 *Darren* "Well, I do now. I'm at Baked with Love and I ran into Cameron, she told
me you were gone. I wanted to surprise you maybe spend the day in bed..."
 Cheyenne gets up to get some water her throat all
 of the sudden feeling dry.
*Cheyenne* "Um...yeah will maybe when I get back? I'm really swamped 
with work right now and...You know."
 Darren smiles from ear to ear, but feels  a little like she's avoiding him.
*Darren* "Yeah, that's fine. So are you laying in a big fancy hotel bed?
Wish you could video chat with me to show me..."
Cheyenne turns quickly at the sound of Peter's voice, seeing him standing there in the doorway of his bedroom Peter smiling half asleep.
*Peter* "Morning Chey!..."
Cheyenne quickly needs to end her phone call, she 
doesn't want Darren to know where she is. 
*Cheyenne* "Um, yeah I'll have to take a rain check on that too, I'm sorry Darren
I gotta go I need to finish getting ready for work."
*Darren* "Uh, okay. Please call me again later, I miss you Babe..."
Without a promise to call back Cheyenne quickly says goodbye.
 *Cheyenne* "Bye, Darren..."
Then she hits the end call button.
*Darren* "Hmm, I'd love to know what hotel she is at. I'd love to send her flowers. Gosh, when she returns I can't wait to tell her I'm buying a condo here."
Cheyenne rocks up on her tip toes to kiss Peter good morning.
 *Cheyenne* "Hey sleepy head, mind if I shower here before I go?"
 *Peter* "Naw, go ahead...Hey who's Darren? I thought you were single."
 *Cheyenne smirks* "Oh he's just a guy I know, sometimes we hookup, like I just did with you!
*Peter* "Ah! I see, still the same Cheyenne I know..."
 Cheyenne puts her things down, then heads for the bathroom.
*Cheyenne* "You want to join me?"
Peter scratches his head intimacy is not his thing, the last girl who got that out of him was Willow and he's not ready to go there.
*Peter* "Uh, I'm gonna make coffee and check work emails, you want some?"
*Cheyenne smiles not at all upset he turned her down* "Yeah, sure I'll be out in a jiff!"
 Cheyenne pops out of the bedroom fully dressed 
again and ready for work.
*Cheyenne* "Wish I had time to stop at my hotel room but I don't. You know how to get to downtown from here?..."
*Peter* "We're in downtown, Babe. Where are you headed?..."
 *Cheyenne* "The Marriot...that's where I'm staying too..."
*Peter* "Oh that's just around the block or so. You could easily walk it.
*Cheyenne stuffs her phone into her purse* "Oh perfect! I better get going."
 Peter gets up to open the door for her. 
*Cheyenne* "I had a great time last night..."
*Peter* "Yeah?...Me too, it was good seeing you again."
*Cheyenne* "Maybe if I have time I'll catch your band playing before I leave."
*Peter* "Sure, just let me know, I'll put you on the list so you don't have to pay to get in..."
And with that they say their goodbyes.
*Cheyenne* "Later, Peter..."
*Peter* "Bye, Chey..."
 It's been a long week and Cheyenne decides to have a quiet lunch at a lovely little cafe. She plans to sit, relax, and call her bestie Cameron.
After getting a table, her tea, and a sandwich, she 
decides it's time to give Cameron a ring...
Ring! Ring!
*Cameron* "Heyyyy, you naughty girl, you! I've been waiting for your call.
Now spill, what's up?!"
*Cheyenne* "I've been wanting to call you all week but I was just too exhausted after work.
Anyhoo, I ran into Peter my second night here, small world huh?"
*Cameron* "Oh yea, how was that? I bet he couldn't resist you!!!"
*Cheyenne* "Girl, he was all over me the minute he saw me, hehe....I ran into him at a bar, then we went back to his place for the night. I might see him one more time before I head back, his band is playing at some nightclub..."
*Cameron* "Girl, you're so bad! You know my latest book, I'm putting some these details, changing manes tho!! If you see him again Cheyenne he is liable to pull you in a back room and...well."
The girls giggle at Cameron's remark.
*Cheyenne* "Well that would be okay by me! hehe. Sex with Peter is always good. I'm so glad I ran into him. I really needed what he's got to give, if you know what I mean. I'm like Darren who?!..."
*Cameron wispers* "You're not like in love are you?!..."
*Cheyenne* "With Peter? No. I mean I may have at one time but not anymore. We're just friends. Oh?! I almost forgot Darren called me right after I hung up with you the other day. He seemed really sad, I feel bad I just hung up on him after Peter came into the room!..."
*Cameron* "What? Omg, he called! Ahhhh, I haven't seen him but I think the boy loves you. I saw it in his eyes. Oh here I wanna read you a part from my book! 'Amy and Brian were good friends, but when they met up the tension was so intense he had to have her right then and there!'
What'd ya think?!
*Cheyenne* "Awww, sounds like the start to a great love scene!... Darren is sweet, I do feel bad. I kinda hurt his feelings, I think. He wanted me to do some sexting and I blew him off, told him I was in a hurry. Gawd! I hope he didn't hear Peter's voice on the other line...If you see him see if he leads onto knowing anything..."
*Cameron* "I will, well all the girls miss ya. Layla and Gabriella are here they told me to say hey to you. Soooo you going to ummm taste Mr. Sexy Pants before ya leave?? hehe..."
*Cheyenne* "Tasty pants?! hehe! Girl, your crack me up. Well he is tasty. He told me to let him know if I wanted to hang out again. You think I should call him? And tell the girls hello for me!"
*Cameron* "You're asking me?!?! Ugh duh! yeah call him, haha. You know you may never get the chance again. He's liable to be married and well you only live once. Get one more good luck ummm ya know I don't wanna say, hahahaha. You know what luck rhymes with!?..."
*Cheyenne giggles* "Okay, okay you talked me into it! Hehe. Besides, it'll be nice to see him play bangin' on those drums, all hot and sweaty...MmmMmmm...Yummy eye candy. Now I can see why you called him tasty pants, hehe."
*Cameron* "haha! You think you could send me a pic of this stud, I mean I could at least drool. Damn was he that good??? Is he ummm a good size? Ya know what I mean, haha!"
Cheyenne covers her mouth she doesn't want other to hear her.
*Cheyenne* "Straight and to the point aren't we? Didn't I already tell you about his um...Well you know the saying about guys with big feet? For Peter it's all very true!" *she snickers* "I'll send you a pic of him if I see Mr Tasty pants this weekend."
*Cameron* "Ohhhhh! So he is, well deal, send me a pic. So when you get back how's
the loving you got from the Big boy going to compete with Stud?"
*Cheyenne* "Girl, why you asking such hard questions? Hehe. Peter is great in bed but I don't think he will ever be the marrying kind, but with Darren I don't know. He's sweet, I do care about him. But he's no Peter! In all seriousness, Peter's just a fling, he's not the guy you take home to daddy."
*Cameron* "I'm just asking, haha. Well if he's not the marrying kind but you're right, Darren is sweet and Chey I think he's nuts about you. Y'all are so cute, Oh! by the way...I met Paul Finnick last night, Ivey was like on a date with him here this morning. Wendy was here getting coffee before going to work, she said y'all went to school together. Girl, good god all mighty, sweet jezus he's beautiful!..."
*Cheyenne smacks down her tea cup* "Oh. My. Gawd! Paul is back in town?!
And he's hooking up with Ivey?!..."
*Cameron* "Well I don't know if they did it but she was sure glowing. Wendy said he lovvvveee the ladies...She said he had a hair appointment with her today! Oooo is he fine!!!..."
*Cheyenne* "Wow! I can't believe he's back in town! I had such a huge crush on him in high school, but I was a little too young for him. Has he, uh asked about me?..."
*Cameron* "Not that I'm aware of...Whyyyy you didn't sleep with him too did you!?! Wendy said to me that he loved Jenna, which Jezus all the guys think she's awesome, I mean she is but geeze!!"
*Cheyenne* "Oh no! We never...Just kissed. He was a good kisser! I bet he's
 an even better one now!..."
*Cameron* "Hahaha, you're killing me. Well, I guess with Darren you'll never
have a chance to find out, huh?"
*Cheyenne* "Yeah that is true, maybe I need to have a talk with Darren when I get home.
I don't want to string the guy along..."
*Cameron* "Well, I mean do you love him, do you want to see where it goes?..."
*Cheyenne* "oh, um I don't know if I love him, I do care about him. Yeah he'd be a great husband and father...But if Paul is in town I gotta see him at least see if there's a park...
Please tell me I'm crazy?!...Hehe."
*Cameron* "You're not, you're just scouting your options. I say go for it but what about Ivey?
Wait! OMG, girl! He's back in the cafe!..."
*Cheyenne* "What?!..He's there?! Quick snap a pic and send it to me later...Girl, I gotta run.
I need to finish my day, I'll catch up with you more when I get home."
*Cameron* "I will. Bye girly, love ya!..."

*Cheyenne* "Bye Cam...I'm glad we got to chit chat, see you soon!"
Cameron snaps a pick and sends it to Cheyenne.
*Cameron* "Okay girl, here is Paul the hunk!..."
Before Cheyenne got up to leave her phone buzzed 
with a text from Cameron...
*Cheyenne* "Oh my! He's even hotter that I remember!..."
Back at Baked With Love, Carla is taking Paul's order.
 *Paul* "Good morning, Carla!
*Carla* "Hey Paul, what can I get you today?"
*Paul* I'll take a house coffee and a glazed donut."
*Carla* "You got it. Have a seat, I'll bring it to you."
*Paul* "Okay, thanks!..."
 Paul walks away and sees Kaylee, he waves and approaches her.
*Kaylee* "Hey, Paul."
*Paul* "Hey, mind if I sit?"
*Kaylee* "Nooo, go ahead. How are ya?"
*Paul* "Good. Gotta head into work, but other than that I'm good."
 *Paul* "I'm glad to be back, everything's changed."
*Kaylee* "Yes, I've been back a year, but it sure has!"
*Paul* "I've seen everyone it seems. I went to dinner with Ivey the other night, she came back to my house and we chatted about old times, it was cool."
*Kaylee* "Oh, you interested in her?"
*Paul* "No. Actually she's beautiful, don't get me wrong, but I was really hoping to run into someone else."
*Kaylee* "Yeah?...Jenna right?"
*Paul* "Naw, I saw her yesterday when Wendy trimmed my hair. I actually was curious if Cheyenne is still around? Jenna said she is out of town on business, that she'd be back on Monday."
*Kaylee* "Yes, she is in New Orleans, I think till Sunday she comes back....but yeah."
*Paul* "Maybe I'll run into her."
*Paul* "Is she married?..."
*Kaylee* "No, she's not actually she's busy in her life with her job."
*Paul* "Oh yeah, I know that. I got married for about 3 months and walked in on her screwing my buddy and that was it. I was so pissed but that was 7 years ago."
*Kaylee* "Oh gosh! I'm sorry that's terrible."
*Paul* "Ahh it's alright, I'm fine. Hey I got a silly question."
*Kaylee* "What's that?"
*Paul* "Do you think I could have her phone number? I'll text. I won't call and bother her. I'd just like to say hey and maybe we could meet for coffee when she gets back. I'd love to see her."
*Kaylee* "Well....I....I"
*Paul* "Please Kaylee, I won't harass her, I swear."
*Kaylee* "Okay, just don't do anything crazy."
*Paul laughs* "I won't."
*Paul* "Okay text it to my number, it's 422-786-1000."
*Kaylee* "Okay, sent."
*Paul* "Thanks so much...I hope you have a great day. I better get gone! Glad to see ya!"
*Kaylee* "You too, Hun. I'll see ya!"
Paul gets up to leave. His hearts fluttering, she's not married, she is single, wow! The one who I liked so much. I may have a chance with.

Friday night at "The Tomb" Luke Peter and Shaun are jamming away, and it looks like Cheyenne decided to come see Peter play...
Cheyenne stands next to Laura and enjoys her last evening 
here before heading back home.
Cheyenne is gettin' into the music now and 
enjoying the performance.
Laura and Cheyenne saddle up next to each other 
and sway to the music.
*Cheyenne* "Ooooo! That's my jam!..."
And that's a wrap, last song of the night...
Cheyenne finds a seat at the airport while she waits for her flight to board. Last night was a wonderful way to end her stay in Nawlins'. She saw Peter, Luke, and Shaun perform  and also got to meet Laura and Amari, as well.
 Since peter had to stay and close up the club and Cheyenne has to be up early for her flight, they each said heartfelt goodbyes to each other, wishing one another the best..."

Meanwhile, back in Ash Harbor Paul debates on calling Cheyenne. There is no way she would probably talk to him, but he decides to go ahead and call. No one is around at the pool this afternoon to see the worry on his face. 
*Paul* " goes nothing!..."
Cheyenne jumps in her seat. She didn't expect her phone to ring. Looking at her caller ID she notices an unfamiliar number from back home. Something tells her she should answer it."
*Cheyenne with hesitation in her voice* "Hello?...'
His heart is about to erupt from his chest, her voice is so sweet...
Now he is feeling a little relieved.
*Paul* "Cheyenne? It's Paul...Paul Finnick, remember me?...
Cheyenne presses her hand to her chest...
*Cheyenne* "Oh my goodness!....Paul?! Hi, how are you?..."
*Paul* 'I am good, real good. I'm back in town to stay. I got a condo in Egret Village and
I'm working for International Computer and Software..."
*Cheyenne* "Oh yeah? I live not far from there in Shell Cove...Hey, just
curious but how'd you get my number?..."
His heart begins to sink, has he lost his chance?
*Paul* "Oh...Haha...I uh. I saw Kaylee in the coffee shop the other day and....
Well I asked her for it. I'm sorry I hope I haven't upset you."
Cheyenne figured one of her friends must have 
given him her number...
*Cheyenne* "Oh I'm not upset, it's fine. So you just calling to catchup? I don't know if Kaylee told you but I'm out of town, well actually I'm at the airport waiting to fly home.
 I was in New Orleans all last week."
A little sigh of relief, she's not mad, whew!!!
*Paul* "Yeah, She said work brought you there. That's awesome! Traveling is the best.
So your flying, are you coming back here or onto another destination?"
Cheyenne leans over and looks out the window, seeing if 
the plane is almost ready.
*Cheyenne* "I'm coming home. No more traveling for a little while but it was
nice to get away. You travel a lot for your job? Computers, right?"
*Paul* "Yeah, computers. I travel some not alot though, which is nice. I'm here for good. No more moving, I'm so thankful. Sooo, when should you be back here? When does your flight land?"
*Cheyenne* "We should be boarding here real soon, once we're in the air, I'll
probably be home in a couple hours or so..."
As Paul thinks quickly his mouth is getting dry but 
he says I better just try.
*Paul* "Well, do you have a way of getting home? You know it's Sunday night
I could come get you and we could have a bite to eat?..."
Cheyenne wants to jump up and do a happy dance, 
she refrains and answers his question.
*Cheyenne* "Oh, I was just gonna take a cab back home,
but dinner sounds really nice...."
Paul's heart is fluttering, he's smiling and well other places are tingling too but he's afraid to get his hopes up. She may just wanna be friends.
*Paul* "Do you like sushi? I'd love to try the place over on Main Street!..."
*Cheyenne* "I love sushi and that place on main is great..."
Then a voice comes over the intercom system 
saying they are now boarding.
*Cheyenne* "Oh! Sounds like we can board our flight now!..."
*Paul* "Okay, awesome! I'll be there...Ummm say 6:30 at the airport?
Cheyenne, I can't wait to see you."
Cheyenne gets up and does as everyone else who has been waiting.
*Cheyenne* "Okay! I'll call you too, right before we land. I'm excited to
see you too and catch up. Bye Paul."
*Paul* "Bye, Chey. Be careful!..."
He hangs up and he's feeling so excited to see her!
Cheyenne also hangs up and gets on her flight back home 
to Ash Harbor!
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And I hope you enjoyed this fun crossover story! 


  1. Nice crossover story. Cheyenne seems like Peter to me. Hit it and quit it.

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